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  • Fates



    History says that humans encounter an eye of destiny whenever they are in the midst of dying. It's either a blessing or a curse, a destiny or a mistake.The eye is given to you, as a sign or reward that you just strive through death. An eye where you can see when a human's death awaits.But will you intervene in the things that are already arranged just to save someone? In exchange for your life?An eye who can see Fate,Fate that deities already planned.Is it a blessing or a curse?Fate.

  • Tangled by Fate

    Tangled by Fate



    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "You don't know what love is? I will teach you." his deep, husky voice made her shiver. His hot hands were roaming freely around her body, making her jolt in a unique sensation she never felt before. ____ She is a curious student who wants to know about pleasure and he is a patient teacher who knows everything she wants to learn. ____ Growing up in the temple, the troublemaker and yet pure-hearten and innocent Veronica decided to go outside the walls. Her first time experience ended with something disastrous. She learned about a unique part of male body she never heard of its existence. He found out about her deepest secret that no one should have known, That's how their fates tangled. She soon realized, her heart pounded whenever he touched her. His hot gaze would give her goosebumps. ____ Video trailer: https://youtu.be/c_9Soy4ODuM [ Webnovel - Tangled by Fate - Flow07 (Trailer) ] ***Top 10 VOTERS and GIFT GIVERS will get Veronica and Arthur's Chibi with Author's letter. ^_^ ------------------------------ To get spoilers and urgent announcement, follow, me on: Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MaJMCyb Also, you can follow me on: FB: HappyGoLuckyAuthor (Flow07) IG: flow07.author Support me- Patron: https://www.patreon.com/Flow07 Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Flow07 My other books on Webnovel: 1. Handsome CEO's Darling Wife (completed) 2. My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses (ongoing) 3. My Beloved (ongoing) -------------------------------- Book cover: Doesn’t belong to me. REAL BOOK COVER IS COMING AFTER THIS BOOK REACHES 50K READERS ^^

  • The Entangled Fates

    The Entangled Fates



    It is said that angels and demons walk on Earth in human forms. But what if it's not just a myth and they actually are present around us, keeping a low profile? What if it's the boy you bully in school, or the girl who always keeps to herself in class are not humans and waiting to creep into your dreams. What if it's a girl who always tops the class and her brainiac image is actually a part of her superpowers, the bullied boy is keeping chains around his ire, not letting his unstable powers to unleash and the world doesn't lack such beings. Aden and Amara are such two lost souls which are fated to be together. But is it really that simple for them to be together? Or destiny has something else written for them. What will happen if these two finally cross each other's path after walking for decades on Earth. Or is it really the first time they will run into each other? -------- Other books of the author: •My Little Sunshine [Completed] •The Return Of The Beguiling Beauty [On-going] •Tales Of Love [On-going] You can join the discord server for updates and picture references: https://discord.gg/tHARRPX Instagram: dumdum.007 Twitter: _dumdum007 Facebook: facebook.com/dumdumwrites Patreon: patreon.com/dumdum007 [In case you want to support the author.] *P.S.! The cover DOESN'T belongs to me. Credit goes to the original artist!*

  • The Immortal Fates

    The Immortal Fates



    “If I know what love is, it’s because of YOU.”….Unwilling to accept his real identity, Ivan Carter strives to be someone other than what he is fated to be—a cold blooded vampire.After looking for multiple ways to keep himself away from the mess and constant nagging of his family, he stumbles across Amber Carlton, a well known therapist who believes there are things beyond any kind of humanly explanation.Trying to find answers for the weird things that were happening in her life, Amber's life gets even more complicated when fate brings her closer to Ivan. Keeping everything aside, will Amber and Ivan manage to find love or will a deep hidden secret from the past ruin their relationship? ….Excerpt: Gently caressing her cheeks, Ivan sighed, "You have no idea what you're stepping into." With her black eyes drilling into his, she inched closer. "There is something that keeps drawing me towards you and no matter how hard I try, I cannot take you out of my mind." "I am fire Amber, I am dangerous," he warned. "You make me curious Ivan, everything about you makes me curious." Running her finger gently through his face, she added, "You are the kind of danger I am willing to face." …..Other books:-[COMPLETED]i) Trapped in Her Heartii) Unexpected Encounter: They are meant to be together. iii) One last time[Ongoing books]i) The Devil's love.....Ways to contact the author: Instagram: author_sofia05Discord: https://discord.gg/w6s2uM8Ynv....P.S: The cover doesn't belong to me. All credits to the original owner.




    Meet 20 years old Alexis Dennis Torsney, the doted princess of the American mafia. The girl who prefers to not use her last name in public, and loves to stay low key.Now meet 24 years old Alessandro Cencio Alfonso, the Italian mob boss, who loves the face of danger, and shows a deathly aura to those other than his friends and family.What would happen when these two characters clash in unknown circumstances?Read to find out!

  • Connected Fates

    Connected Fates

    One terrible night, changed their lives....But how?? But every dark tunnel leads to a bright end. So how 'Mariposa Williams' and 'Daniel Walton' will find their happy ending. Or will there be no end of their sufferings.? Join their journey to find out!

  • Against the Fates

    Against the Fates


    Faith Heming a happy, bubbly girl falls in love with the son of her mother's friend. However, fate is not in her favour as she ends up marrying his best friend before eventually divorcing him. Adi Grenier has silently loved the girl who was the reason he was able to survive the depression he faced as a young adult. However, before he could confess, she was married off to his best friend. And now that he has finally tried to move on and married another woman to get an heir, she has declared she is going to divorce her husband. Andrew Heming: Even if you divorce me, I will woo you back Faith, I promise.. Adi Grenier: I will continue to love you silently forever. Ross Kudrow: move over, oldies. I may be younger than her but I am going to be the one for her. A quiet childhood friend: Am I so easy to forget?

  • Chained Fates

    Chained Fates

    Above is always dark. Below is always ground. I was trapped, lost with no way home. I don't know anyone but anyone who knows me wants me dead, or worse. I was chained to this realm with no mercy, even death cannot free me completely. ----------It's been a whole month. When it began, he shrugged it off as a dream. Now, he knew something is afoot. He didn't expect anything but when the Google searches produced actual results, he has to reconsider what he must do now.

  • Fates amusement

    Fates amusement


    Harry Potter dies at the end of his first year at hogwarts, the fates are so bored that Harry potter finds himself reborn in the World of ninjas as the Third Hokage's grandson

  • Seventh Fates

    Seventh Fates


    The war between Meister Maximus and Berzerker has been going on for years. Amelia Shimizu, a girl from Crystalhill always dreams to become a Meister Maximus alongside her adoptive brother Shiori Shimizu, they head to Starsea City and head to Seventh Star Academy in order become a Meister Maximus and meet Milla James and Elias Moonfall. Join them on their journey!

  • Eight Fates

    Eight Fates


  • Tangled fates

    Tangled fates


    This is a fanfiction, created by my imagination after watching the whole series of Inuyasha. I know that the majority of you ship Kagome and Inuyasha and some ship Kagome and Koga, but because of Akitoki Hojo's vocal feelings towards Kagome, I made this story for you guys to see how I would have wanted them to end if they were the main couple characters on the series. Anyway, enjoy the story and let me know your thoughts about this one. I hope you will like it. Btw, a sequel of Inuyasha is coming this year. Let's support its comeback, guys. Arigato!

  • Fated



    *****Warning: this book contains mature content which may not be suitable for younger audience. Elena Lockser didn't know who she was until she encounters Aiden Crook. Aiden Crook never believes in a second chance at love until Elena walked through his office. As soon as we stepped into the living room, I breathed out deeply and gazed at him. "I meant, I want to go back to Renee, to my friend." I said."You are not going anywhere." He stated calmly as if afraid he would lose his temper anytime soon. "You can't tell me to stay here. I don't know you. I don't know what you are. I don't know if I would be your next prey. Please just let me go in peace, please." I didn't realize I was crying until I tasted the saltiness of the tears."Shut up, I don't want to lose my temper here." He pinched the bridge of his nose, before exhaling slowly. His broad shoulder moved with each breath he took. "Why are you detaining me here? Do you want to kill me? Who are you?""So many questions in a sentence." He tutted. "Just tell me who you are and why are you keeping me here? I want to fucking know!" Aiden stared at me with uncertainty before stepping towards me. I scurried back, slamming into the door. He pushed me to it violently and I winced in pain at the force. His eyes flickered from the blue it was to a golden yellow and a fang appeared in place of his canine. I shrieked as he continued pressing his elbow in my neck."This is me, sweetness and you are fated to be with me don't forget that. You are to be my Luna!"

  • Changed fates

    Changed fates

    Qin jichen and Harohi Chan were lovers from ages but somehow something disastrous happened to their relationship and after few years they get to meet each other again. This is a mystery that what happened to them few years back and what their destiny leads their relationship to.

  • Fighting Fates

    Fighting Fates


    "I will tell you my story now... no matter if you want to hear it or not. As long as I live, I will not let it be forgotten. I was never meant to be your hero, instead I was fated to be your destroyer. But I was determined to change that. I refused to be the monster that so many people called me. I was fighting fate to be a hero." _________________________________Amethyst fought her whole life to make people believe she wasn't the monster that her fate told her she was. Her mother believed in her, but he father left when he heard the unfortunate prophecy of her life. She resented men after that, until one saved her. Well, even after that. Her "savior" annoyed himself into her life. _________________________________Story being told in past tense, first person. Amethyst is telling the story to her grandchildren while on the front porch. Includes scenes of violence.

  • Interwinded Fates

    Interwinded Fates

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Grim Fates

    Grim Fates

    Lore is the power that some are born with. There are three main classifications. The classifications are not based on the type of ability but rather the persons conscious and unconscious choices. Harley is the only person to contain. all three classifications. The youngest ward Lore master in history, who is tainted by his own past, and unfair accusations. Edward Song comes from a well know Blade Lore family, without any knowledge of his father. Upon entering Fate Society academy, he was casted out. As a child he tried to fit in nicely, but was unable to do so. A boy with far to many privileges and not enough answers. There may be gods and the fate of the world at stake, but these two will raise to the challenge.

  • Coincidental fates

    Coincidental fates

    Best friend are actually the best thing ever happens to someone lonely, why is love complicated ? When you love someone , the person you love is in love with someone else while aomeone is dying to your love .Enjoy the story

  • Dead Fates

    Dead Fates

  • Guide of Fates

    Guide of Fates


    Theo would never imagine he would get reincarnated like the other main character. But, isn't his system more unreliable than the others?"Ai, why can't I use this item?""Because only The Fated Ones, the one whom The Guide choose to guide can use this item.""But I'm the one who crafted this item!""If so, then Guide needs to send the item to The Fated Ones. It was only after the Fated Ones used the item ten times, that Guide can use the item once.""How can he used this item ten times when he only wanted to use it to evolve his pet beast once!?""Then, it's the Guide problem isn't it?""Sometimes I felt I was never the main character in this story.""You are never the main character in the first place. You are merely a Guide after all.""@#%×!?"