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  • Fatherless



    After the roller coaster in Kentucky, Mr. Davies leaves Kentucky for Nigeria alongside his wife and daughter. Mr. Davies opts in for a white-collar job in Nigeria. Little did he know that his life would be shortened in the greener pasture. The chucklesome and great storyteller, Mrs. Evelyn, tries her best to train her fatherless daughter, Joyce, in school. Between all these, Joyce is a witty, consistent and determined fellow. Joyce promises to make her mum smile someday. How will she do this? Can this ever be possible?

  • Fatherless Olympian

    Fatherless Olympian


  • Story of a fatherless child

    Story of a fatherless child

  • ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby

    ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby


    Jeanne was only 18 years old when her stepmother and step sister framed her and caused her to lose everything. She was thrown out of the house by her father for trying to resist. 7 years later, Jeanne came back for vengeance with a mysterious son by her side—George. People mocked her for being a single mother and called her son a fatherless child. “Who are you calling a fatherless child? You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad,” George threatened. “Lay low, George! Don’t ruin the fun! I haven’t had enough,” Jeanne said as she wanted to enjoy her revenge, leaving the boy speechless. Jeanne later met the infamous Fourth Master Swan at a charity ball. The man with the handsome looks and cold temperament called her to a corner and said, “I like you.” Everyone was shocked, including Jeanne. “I’m a single mother and I have a child. Are you sure you like me?” she said. “I actually… like your child!” Everyone else was shocked when Fourth Master Swan married Jeanne but only his sly self knew that he had gotten not one, but two, important players to this chess game that he was playing.

  • Witches Curse and Fatherless Child

    Witches Curse and Fatherless Child

    Should one reverse the past? Prevent the pain, the betrayal, and a broken heart that will never mend? I can’t. That’s what someone told me, anyway. But don't underestimate me. I will have my second chance. And you will get the ending I never will. A happy one.

  • Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan [BL]

    Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan [BL]



    Born a fatherless bastard and with an impoverished, ravaged Province to Govern, Nox ZaiWin has more than enough on his plate. And so yeah, the last thing he wanted was to become some Celestial's Chosen One. And is that even a Celestial? Hasn't the brat just murdered more than one-hundred of his men with a single scream? Aren't Celestials supposed to be holly, pure beings, that abhor all forms of death and killing? No other choice! No matter how sinful it may be, the brat must die! Snow has lived most of his life locked in a dark room, explored and sold for his miraculous blood. There are a lot of things he does not understand about the outside world. But one thing is certain. He does not want to have anything to do with some scary dark monster. He wants to be free! And he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goal. And yet … Shit! Aren’t they stuck together now? Their life-lines intertwined? Wait! If the dark monster wants him dead, that’s easy enough to solve. All he has to do is to successfully kill him first! ** Can't promise it will be so forever, but, for now, updates every day! Thank you for reading! ♥ ** WARNING: This is BL novel, including Boy x Boy Romance. If you're not up to sailing such waters happily turn around and search for something else to read. :)

  • Paper Hearts

    Paper Hearts

    Tragedy can strike anywhere and at any moment, to anyone. In a moment life can change. It can leave you so drastically altered as to leave you with permanent scars. Meet Jaxsen Michaels and Sebastian Green. A parentless child and a fatherless son each get a chance to have the family that was lost to them both as they get to know one another and help each other past the darkness of each of their pasts with love and patience. This is book one of three.

  • Young master Xu alluring wife

    Young master Xu alluring wife

    After being rejected by her so called family and her childhood sweetheart after her mother's death. Xi bie seeks revenge in every possible way to prepare a life for her fatherless son.Xu beichen a demon in the business world, a king in the underworld and an undefeatable monster in an unknown kingdom " How does it feels to be back?" Shen fie asked when she saw her starring blankly at an unknown direction. " The familiar land, the familiar air I can feel my blood boiling" Xi bie said coldly as the latter shuddered.What happens when this two cross path and fight hand in hand to protect their belove ones.First book on webnovel

  • Grimoire of the Immortal Emperor

    Grimoire of the Immortal Emperor

    (Discontinued Until Further Notice )Motherless at a young age and fatherless at an even younger age Maximus is thrown into the world of Gaia.A world full of magic, intrigue, and tragedy influenced by the gods who created it.His only option in life is survival through the only viable option. Power.

  • The Light Behind Darkness

    The Light Behind Darkness

    Contemporary Romance ABANDONED

    The story of an orphan girl whose fate made her reach a brothel at a very tender age. At that time, her pure heart failed to understand the filthy things going around her. On hitting puberty, she was forced to turn into a nasty sex worker by the landlady of the place. Crying on her fate, she accepted her defeat. After some years, she became mother to a fatherless daughter. But then she decides to fight with the society to conserve the rights and respect of 'a lowly courtesan's daughter'.



    Life was difficult for Zara who had been living with the scar of a memory loss. She became shattered when her adoptive father died, leaving her in the wicked hands of her adoptive mother and brother. She had no choice but to flee home and unfortunately ended up in a night party which brought unforeseen trouble.Being left with a fatherless pregnancy, she couldn't ask for more as her heart beats for her boss.




    What happens when you wake up in another body?What happens when the body you have waken up from belongs to the Empress of the Ming kingdom?These questions can only be answered by Ying Xiaofan. A young girl from Beijing, China.***Ying Xiaofan: A young girl of 25years. A model. She's nameless and fatherless but what happens when she disappears on her birthday?***Qing Xiuying: The current Empress of the Ming kingdom.She's married to the great Emperor Ju-Long but is only occupying the sit.***Ju-Long: The youngest Emperor in the Ming kingdom, Who's name means "As powerful as dragon" depicts that very impact as he has conquered many battles and brought home the victory.***Jin Yushen: The man in Xiaofan's world. Powerful and aloof, are the best words to describe him with. ***This story is a time travel novel... Both MCs are from different world, do not get confused! ***"Your highness..." The head maid bowed to her, "Your bathtub has been prepared... This way." She indicates to the door and Xiuying eyesight follows.Thirty Seconds...One Minute...Three Minutes... The maid looks up to see the Empress inspecting her every being and her heart leaps..."Your highness... His Royal Majesty has arrived!" The eunuch announced the Emperor's arrival.He walks in and the head maid moves to the side, she bows and flee.Empress Xiuying hoists her eyes up from his neat white socks and slowly but gradually it gets to his eyes... Their eyes meets for the very first time and her heart leaps at the sight of the great Emperor before him.He was adorned in a red robe with dragon beautifully embroidered on his flat stomach.—She decided to take a stroll around the palace.In a field, she examined the young lads with eyes filled with lust. She bit her lips seductively and narrowed her eyes."These young boys are sexy...I want to taste and ravish them all! Ahhh! They look delicious! Yum!"Maid Yue watched with her eyes popping out.'What is the Empress spouting?'"Hey you!" Xiaofan raised her voice and all eyes turned toward her, "Not you, you!" She raised her head arrogantly. "Come serve me tonight and I will reward you!"Everyone: "..."____A domineering Male Lead but read along as THE EMPRESS tames him! ____A man with authority and power, but the little affection from Xiaofan swayed him. There's comedy, love, war, schemes and a slow paced romance, please do not get bored!Corrections are always welcome!***Join the discord fanmily: https://discord.gg/sPJ3yyj and leave your complaints.The more the collections & votes the more the chapters.(shameless)###Let love lead!




    Aurora Eleena Fernandez, a seventeen years old High school student who lives with her mother and little sister, Isabella. Fatherless. She lives with her own life and thought, people start to see her in weird ways of how she behaves after her Papa death. The family keeps supporting and surviving to each other since what the Husband/the Father left. Until this Angel came to her, got to know her more, since the last time the Angel saw her in Heaven. But there's a prohibition on the Angel falling in love toward Humankind, when one of the Angels finds out there will be a War between the Angel, Heaven, Hell and Earth. Will she accept the Angel's love?

  • Beauty of Innocence

    Beauty of Innocence

    BEAUTY OF INNOCENCE Yasawathi gets pregnant unexpectedly as a teenager from Victor, the son of a co-owner of the estate where her father worked. Her appearance was disfigured due to a birth defect. She gives birth to a fatherless daughter who is socially stigmatized. Her disfigured mother was in constant conflict with Nandana Menike, who grew up inheriting the image of her father. She attends a mixed school and comes of age a little late. Samantha takes pity on her, who is constantly ridiculed by her school friends. Since Victor had emigrated to live abroad, control of the estate passed entirely to his uncle's son, Bernard. Bernard marries Victor's sister, Sandra. Nandana Menike, who is coming of age, is very similar to Sandra, proving that she is Victor's daughter Koinmenika, Nandana Menike's grandmother, cooks at the ‘Three-story stone bungalow’ where Bernard and Sandra live. Kapilasena, the son of Coin Menika's sister, and Yasawathi are secretly dating. Samantha Yasawathi who comes to meet Nandana Menike is chased away causing a lot of conflict. Yasawathi turns her head away as her daughter finds out about her relationship. Reservoir is being built along the Dumbara Hills with the assistance of the British Government for the development of the country. Bernard is under a lot of pressure as most of his property is supposed to belong to the reservoir. Sandra, who is attending a cousin's wedding in Australia, finds her first boyfriend back in the motherland in a precarious situation. Bernard becomes in charge of the care of Nandana Menike after Koinmanika died suddenly of a heart attack. Periyaware, the well-to-do servant of the three-story bungalow becomes the only savior of Nandana Menike, The book depicts the challenging life of Nandana Menike, who grew up in the company of Bernard, Sandra, Yasawathi and Periyavar. ‘Beauty of innocence’ is an in-depth study of human behavior.

  • At Crossroads

    At Crossroads


    Adelynn is forced to marry a CEO's son in order to clear off her father's huge debts. Six months into their marriage, she encounters her exboyfriend, Jensen. Jensen becomes dangerously obsessed with getting her married to him. With this agenda on his mind, he tries to get rid of Dominic, Adelynn's billionaire husband. When, Adelynn realizes that she's in love with both men, she's forced to make a decision. Who will she choose? Her husband or her boss who is also her exboyfriend?Excerpt:"Don't!" She hissed, clenching her fist. "And to think that I was going to divorce Dominic because of someone as despicable as you are!""And here I thought that Dominic was the manipulative one. I had no idea that you are the devil himself!""I had to get rid of him, Addie!. I love you so much and I should be your husband, not him! But, he always finds a way to ruin things.""So, you tried to kill him?! Not once but thrice! You were going to make my child fatherless! I hate you! I have been blind to my feelings for Dominic and now, thanks to you, I have realized it. I love him. He's a much better man than you will ever be! Now, you're going to rot in jail. Goodbye" she spat and stormed off. His face morphed into a monstrous expression. "It's not over yet, Addie! You will be mine for better or worse! I will get out of here and when I do, you're going to regret telling me you love Dominic right to my face!"

  • Son of Thunder and Lightning

    Son of Thunder and Lightning


    In the mystical world of Amoria there is magic in abundance and lot's of wild spirit dæmons roaming free . The people of this world awaken their spirit power at age 6 and gain a spirit dæmon through strong bloodlines and can awaken only one element ( fire, water, lightning, plant, earth etc ) during their teens .Being a magi ( cultivator of magic ) is considered the most elite profession and acquiring the title Spirit Emperor means status and power to move continents , burn oceans to ashes and break open the sky.___________In Amoria City of the HOLY GALTAE EMPIRE lives a young boy with an innate dæmon Born with strong spirit power but no spirit dæmon, becomes the laughing stock of the city A fatherless child , bullied by people Through hardwork and determination , follow young Aiden Valice Greyonn of the Greyonn Family as he strives to become strong and powerful and acquire the title of Spirit Emperor whiles facing off against rivals , enemies and villainsfollow Aiden Valice Greyonn as he conquers the continent and becomes Galtae's greatest Spirit Emperor.

  • Olivia Milan - A Bad Girl Story

    Olivia Milan - A Bad Girl Story

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE VILLAIN


    Olivia Milan... She is classy, bad, ruthless and sophisticated... But naive in the emotional world, stranger to the feeling of love, can't differentiate between like and love... Doesn't even know what that is... This is her story, Sneak peak: She is 7. She was born a sadist. That's just who she is. She is a child no one wants to get anywhere close to. She is the kid all the other kids hate yet are too scared to do anything to her. She has the most bizarre family out there. She has been called fatherless but that didn't annoy her. On the contrary, she was all the more happy when those same people would somehow get hurt. And that 'she' is just who I am – the dreaded Olivia Milan I am happy when I see them feel pain. I am hated by all but that's par for the course, since I also hate everyone else. I have never cared for their well-being and that is why I am seen in such a hostile way. I always exact revenge, sooner or later and most often even both. I know that life is bullshit. I receive all this hate, but truth be told... I like it. I am merely getting attention after all. ***** Now her life is about to go to a stage she would never have thought she would reach. When emotions that 'aren't hers' come at her at a fast pace, barreling her and confusing her to the stage of no return... What would she do? Would she change herself to fit into the emotions or would she....? **ALERT** It's gonna be fun ride, trust me... kinda rollercoaster but fun all the wayNote: This story is a pure work of fiction and has a tendency ti have slight errors. Kindly gice constructive criticism where and when needed.And also this story has only one main character and as we know without a subordinate character there is no main so therefore there would be an occasional change in point of view (POV).This is done like that so that reader would understand the story better and I hope you do so.I know I'm being shameless butthis is the part where I ask for your support.Kindly like, vote, comment and most importantly, add to your library.You may choose to do one or two of those but kindly try to do all.Lots of love from me..You guys could listen to Little Mix's WASABI, I feel like it goes with this novel ;)

  • Pure love of Queen and twins

    Pure love of Queen and twins


    Her fate was complex, complicated and horrible and she knew that but she still did what she could to ease her pain and heal her wonder heart and troublesome life. She found solutions and medicines for plagues and diseases but all her good deeds were swallowed by the greedy people's. All the praises she should have recieved were other people's . But she didn't find back instead tried to find a way to live her life as normally as possible. But God didn't give her what she wanted. she found a man she would love but found out he betrayed her and was only using her . When she layed on her dead bed she thought she would not have to worry anymore who knew that her fate was not so simple it actually became even more twisted and all in all . She was reborn as the daughter of a cold blooded ruthless Queen, The twin sister of an adorable goofy brother and the fatherless princess Avalyn . Her fate became more twisted and now she has only one thought."I bow before you fate now can you explain. why a normal life is so difficult for me?"

  • The Guy Next Door.

    The Guy Next Door.

    A sweet naive girl Ni na's life revolves around the family and family problems she faces. A girl who is fatherless. Tries to become a protector, family binder for her people. The one who is beautiful but is not aware about her own beauty and always feels low about herself. Her life starts changing when he comes across a handsome but annoying neighbour who recently gets shifted in her neighbourhood. Who becomes a bright light for Ni na's life. Author's Note: Its my first novel and i am trying for the first time. so my dear readers please be patient if i make small spelling or grammatical mistakes while writing here and there. I would like you to write comments knowing your opinions & reviews. As i have seen people write 800+ chapter novels and due to lack of spirit stones sometimes people lose interest in between. Therefore I have decided to finish my novel under 100 chapters. Lastly, speaking about this novel its a sweet love tale with lots of pure love and with little tragedy. I am sure you are going to love it.

  • RyuTar, YinYuan

    RyuTar, YinYuan


    Born a fatherless bastard and with an impoverished, ravaged Province to Govern, Nox ZaiWin has more than enough on his plate. And so yeah, the last thing he wanted was to become some Celestial's Chosen One. And is that even a Celestial? Hasn't the brat just murdered more than one-hundred of his men with a single scream? Aren't Celestials supposed to be holly, pure beings, that abhor all forms of death and killing? No other choice! No matter how sinful it may be, the brat must die! Snow has lived most of his life locked in a dark room, explored and sold for his miraculous blood. There are a lot of things he does not understand about the outside world. But one thing is certain. He does not want to have anything to do with some scary dark monster. He wants to be free! And he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goal. And yet … Shit! Aren’t they stuck together now? Their life-lines intertwined? Wait! If the dark monster wants him dead, that’s easy enough to solve. All he has to do is to successfully kill him first! ** Hi there!! If you've found this novel and you're interested in reading it, please search for the original post here at Webnovel - Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan. There you'll find a lot more chapters there (presently 58 and I update daily). I only created this repeated novel because the original one seems to be bugged and doesn't appear on any of Webnovel's updates. Also, I appreciate that any votes, comments and reviews be cast there. I'm so sorry for the trouble and thank you for reading it ^_^ ♥ **