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    akira homura was an average fighter training to be the strongest,but when he realise that he is one of the 4 clan who saves the world 1000 years ago he had a mission to recruit allies for the upcoming war.

  • Strongest Priest

    Strongest Priest

    Cyan have played the once popular virtual reality game Planet Fantasy for five years.One day, the game became real and he found himself in the body of his high level character, a priest!

  • Mages Are Too OP

    Mages Are Too OP


    As one of the first players to gain access to World of Falan—the first immersive game worldwide—Roland creates his character as a Mage. However, playing as a Mage is not as fun and easy as he thought. His head even explodes after he casts the very first spell in the game. Stubbornly sticking to his class when most Mages decide to create a new character, Roland gradually discovers tricks of the trade and his unusual talent. This allows him to change people's stereotypes on Mages and to explore the deeply-buried secrets of this game…

  • Flame eternal Flame

    Flame eternal Flame

  • Worlds' Apocalypse Online

    Worlds' Apocalypse Online


    The end of all worlds approach. The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings. Within this darkness full of despair, a single person bypassed Space-time and returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past. But as time went by, he gradually found that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thought… ------------ Translator: La0o9 Link to the WAO glossary page for possible confusing terminologies, a short character list and overall minor spoilers (I recommend not to check the page out until you reach the latest chapter): https://otakutl.blogspot.com/2020/02/wao-glossary.html

  • The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise

    The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise



    Pinning her tall body against the hard wall, he looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes as he spoke in a deep voice, "I have two options for you," his body came closer to hers as he continued, "Be my girlfriend. Or," his lips turned into a sly smile as he whispered close to her ear, "Be my boyfriend." He even dared to wink right before her as his dark orbs glinted amusingly.-----There are plenty of things that break not just a heart but a person as a whole. Some people get broken by love and some by family. But she was broken by life itself. She left her clan to discover the world but she forgot something her grandfather once told her, 'The world outside is a scary place. It's filled with people who would want to befriend you only to devour you alive. People like us are an anomaly. And the world calls us monsters but they forget; they are also the monsters wearing a mask of an angel.'To grow stronger, she seized as much power as she could by Ruling Europe under the disguise of a man- Lord Alev Knight. But now, she's forced to come back to China where she buried her memories along with herself over a decade ago.What will happen when those buried painful memories will come to haunt her again. Will she choose the path to destroy the people who betrayed her or someone will alter her idea of revenge? And what exactly pushed her to live with multiple identities? What made her disguise herself as a man? Will she be able to find the hidden truths of her own existence? Or she'll be buried herself with those truths?Xiao Zhiren left China when he was a teenager. Now, he's back in China to find the answers that were left unknown as he watched his mother being murdered before him.Will he be able to find the enemies wearing the masks of friends? Or he'll have to wear a mask himself? 'I can conceive death but betrayal is not allowed.' She had left those words behind for him. Will he be able to find the person who left him with a promise to come back? Or like every promise, he'll be forced to believe that promises are only made to break you?----------Side Note: This book is actually a standalone book. You don't have to read my other book to know this one's story.~~~~This is the original work of the author, Xiao MeeHee. All rights are reserved to the author-san herself.~~~~~Other Works from the Author:"Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty" Completed"Imperfect Desires" Ongoing~~~Join Discord Channel:https://discord.gg/pxpTjqrInstagram: amaya_meehee

  • Romance Of Flame And Ice

    Romance Of Flame And Ice



    The story of two couples in a parallel universe, the couple in the modern world finally met each other after years of separation, after the man she loved broke her heart, he decided to take his chance to get back his woman but an accident in both worlds involving the female leads causes their souls to merge.With one body lying in a vegetative state in the modern world and the other in the historical world, which one will survive to start another love story with the mysterious fourth prince.?Read to find out!

  • The Flame Queen And Her Sly Lover

    The Flame Queen And Her Sly Lover

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION


    Excerpt:Kinsey grinning widely made Katie suspicious at him."Do you know something? Your friends intend to punish me if I don't win today. It seems they want to prank me afterward."Katie snorted. "As if I care.""Do you know the punishment that will be given to me?" Kinsey leaned over the table causing Katie to move back and put down her scoop of ice cream. "Looks like I'll be ordered to run around the forest all day... naked." Katie's eyes bulged, hearing this. "What if I pass your cottage? Or do you want to see me naked?"Katie's cheeks felt hot as the color was as red as a tomato. But she didn't know whether her face flushed due to anger or embarrassment to hear the vulgar words of the man. Her angry was skyrocket when she saw the cunning smirk on the man's lips."YOU....!!""I don't mind if you see me naked. Should I go to your room?"BANG!***What it feels like to have your emotion controls the weather? That's what happens to Katalina van Oostven. Since she was small; every time she cried, the rain would fall. If she were angry, lightning would strike. If she were happy, flowers would bloom. But this power hinders her dream; thus, at the age of 16, she sealed her power in exchange of losing her memory of Kinsey, her childhood first love. Years passed, and they both meet again at a wedding reception, but only Kinsey remembers Katie! Not only that, but Kinsey also broke their promise years ago and misunderstanding occurred, separating them again for the second time.Six years later, fate pulled them together, but Katie's seal of power already broke. She only had six years left to live! Can they resolve their misunderstanding and reunite? Can Kinsey find a way to save Katie's life? Don't forget about those people aiming for Katie's power! Read the rest at: 'The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover.'Come to talk to me inhttps://discord.gg/a7ypnYw7TF***Second Identity series:My Only Love: The Targeted Heiress (complete)The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover (complete)Ice Prince: Rewrite the star (new)Watch Out, Dad! Mom's Here To Kill You! (coming soon)The Heir's Beloved Is Not A Human (coming soon)The Prodigy Boy Is Actually A 25 Old Girl!? (ongoing)*the cover isn't mine so the credit belongs to the owner*Feel free to check my another works called 'Elementalist: Time Controllers'Support: paypal.me/vorstinstory

  • Flame Of Ambition

    Flame Of Ambition

    Zexel Uenna Giovanni was a Mafia Queen back to her place. She conquers the world with her wits and strength. Nobody could even par on how she deals with her enemy.She is a scheming and vicious lady that you cannot mess with. With her inhumane IQ, she also excels to medicine from traditional to modern which can make you tell that she was perfect. But everything is all in dark.Nobody knows who she really was. She always wants to pretend as a normal girl who did not exceed to something.In the end, she makes a wrong decision, a beautiful mistake she could ever have.

  • Heaven's Flame

    Heaven's Flame



    Update Schedule : Once weeklyENJOY !!Fifteen year old Adriana's home is destroyed before her eyes along with everything that holds a sliver of comfort for her and is held captive for 3 years by a necromancer. She escapes the clutches of the necromancer and necromancy as an art, or so she thought. She soon realizes that she is drawn in inexorably by the complexities of magic, power tussle,and love. As a new evil arises, she must join forces with other preternatural beings to find the flame keepers (who are sworn to fight against evil). With a determined necromancer in pursuit of Adriana, would she able to defeat this new evil before it's too late?

  • Scarlet Flame

    Scarlet Flame


    PAUSED: SCHEDULED FOR REVAMP (Winter 2022 - 2023) She has a vendetta against the man who killed her parents. The man who burned their empire to the ground. She had to get stronger. She made a vow to the heavens and she would fulfill it. __________ 'Weak?' You'll see the definition of weak Emperor Liao. From my land of ashes I'll arise and your empire will meet its demise. Update Schedule (GMT+9) •*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*• Weekdays & Sundays: 5:30 pm / 9:00 pm

  • Flame of Power

    Flame of Power



    Little Mara was born a thousand years ago. Her mother risked everything to keep her in a deep sleep. Until seven years ago, growing up as a child with the current leader of the Vampire Clan, who tells her half-truth of the story of what happened hundreds of millennia in the past. Ever since then, they have forbidden the love between Lycans and Vampires, but the hatred between the two races does not stop them from protecting the supernatural world. The Flame of Power can not only grant them the authority to rule not only over the supernatural world but over the human world as well.Grow up with little Mara to discover the best way to coexist with both humans and supernatural creatures in an academy created in order to create a new kingdom in today's society.The Vampire Clan, under the leadership of the younger Mara, reaches new heights.The Teen Jeremiah has the Lycan Clan under his clutches. Giving a new beginning for every Lycan and Werewolf......*Author Notes:*Any resemblance with places, names, and others to reality is pure coincidence.*Wanna buy a cup of coffee for this poor author?> https://ko-fi.com/blueflame_meccJoin me in Discord: https://discord.gg/nx92VWBPTv

  • I Have A Martial Arts Panel

    I Have A Martial Arts Panel


    In a world entrenched by monsters filled with myriad factions, state disputes run wild. Amid these troubling times, martial arts have come to prominence and prosper. Xu Ning transmigrates to this world with a Martial Arts Panel and becomes an ordinary villager. He only has one goal in mind: to become a master of martial arts. Spend three energy points to level up Gale Knife Technique? Yes/no Yes! Hell yes!

  • Flame Lord

    Flame Lord

    A infamous info-broker was dragged into a gang war caused by none other than himself, dying in the worse way possible and finding himself reincarnated in a similar but magical fantasy world.

  • Death Flame

    Death Flame




    A Travel across the cosmos to find the Truth.A boy orphaned by the destruction of his homeworld. Now, he is faced with a harsh reality about the so-called cultivation and how humans are struggling to survive a world that is dominated by a higher level of civilization.Follow Bhram on his journey to explore the cause and effect of a universe.

  • Winter Flame

    Winter Flame

    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION

    A woman gets reincarnated into the game of thrones world.This is a game of thrones fanfiction. All rights go to the creators.

  • flame goddess

    flame goddess


    first novel many mistakes will show up read at you own risk uploads may be every day or every week NOT ROMANCE This is the story of a girl named Shula who has the power of flames and has some mystery background

  • My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

    My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own



    When Fang Yuan was transmigrated into a world where Gu Breeder was the main profession, he found that he was not gifted. Not only that, the Gu in his body could cultivate on their own. [Your Iron Skin Gu has trained profoundly and has achieved the Gold-grade!] [Your Bloodthirsty Gu has begun to multiply itself into a swarm of Bloodthirsty Gus!] [Your Sunlight Gu has been absorbing the power of the sun for years and has gathered the Truth Flame of the Sun!] [Your Drunken Gu has evolved into a Soul-reaping Gu. Your control over it has risen by 100 folds!] [Your Flying Sword Gu was hurt in battle. Amid its desperation, it has evolved into a Sword God Gu!] “Heck, even Gu undergoes involution as well now?” Fang Yuan let out a sigh.

  • Forsaken Flame

    Forsaken Flame


    A short story that might lead into a novel. In a world ruled by a Lord of Ice, one man and his Faer stand against the onslaught. The Forsaken Flame, the last agent of Sha, the Lord of Flame, tries to drive back the Everlasting Winter and the Eternal Night.Also available on Royal Road