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  • Pink glasses

    Pink glasses

  • Behind The Glasses

    Behind The Glasses


  • Raise your glasses

    Raise your glasses


    what would you choose?to love a person unconditionally, but they never feel the same.orto have a person love you unconditionally and never feel the same.Mingzhou smiled. Self-destruction was not a new concept to him. Even in the form of love.

  • Glasses and Hearts

    Glasses and Hearts

    Ariadne Gonzalez is your typical type of teenager, that is only if teenagers had mental and emotional issues and very much suicidal. But she's trying to get by through everyday life, from her toxic family to school. Honestly, she's just getting by life one day at a time, that is until she finds love which wasn't part of the plan, right? Let's blame it all on Eros

  • Uchiha with glasses

    Uchiha with glasses

    Martial Arts ISEKAI NARUTO

    Reborn in Naruto and become Uchiha Shisui brother, the descendant of Uchiha Kagami. Uchiha Lue opening sign in is Aizen Sōsuke template! Third Hokage: Lue, is a good boy with good character. Uchiha Fugaku: Lue, you have to become the link between the family and the village. Uchiha Shisui: Brother! I want to use Kotoamatsukami to change your wrong thoughts! Uchiha Itachi: No matter how dark the village is, I will always be Uchiha Itachi a Konoha ninja . Uchiha Lue took off his glasses, and brushed his hands up with the hairspray—— “From now on, I will stand in the sky!”

  • The Bear With Glasses

    The Bear With Glasses



  • The Jin With Glasses

    The Jin With Glasses


    According to old history its been that there are thee type of intelligent life forms First the Human made of earth and emotions second the Angel made of order and light and the Jins made of the Elements...But three races never meddled with on and another.,.,..its a story of the Jin who wanted to see the world...............come lets go

  • Broken Glasses

    Broken Glasses

  • @hidayat _ glasses

    @hidayat _ glasses

  • My Cute Glasses

    My Cute Glasses

  • I lost my glasses

    I lost my glasses


  • The Lady Behind The Glasses

    The Lady Behind The Glasses

  • Glasses Over Crown

    Glasses Over Crown

    "To struggle for freedom within this elegant atmosphere suffocating me is simply too masochistic. But what can I do? Freedom doesn't come without me paying the rent."- Glasses Over Crown, Amelia Clove

  • Behind This Glasses (Tagalog)

    Behind This Glasses (Tagalog)


    Behind This Glasses [BTG SERIES #1](ON-GOING)a Tagalog story of a girl name Aliviyah Reign who always experience bullying since she was young. And the reason is her physical appearance, they called Aliviyah ugly because of her non-trendy clothes, pimples, and big eyeglasses and yeah that simple description makes them bully her pathetic isn't it? And then she decided to transfer schools after her high school graduation because she really can't handle the bullies anymore. When she entered the senior year in the new university she thought that students there will treat her fairly but she's wrong because after the accident everything has gotten worse because she met the five big man of the campus and the person who makes her life living as hell is there too. Will she be able to handle it? Would it be good or bad for her to meet those four jerks?

  • Truth Behind The Glasses

    Truth Behind The Glasses

    “Lalaki lang ako, mahina sa tukso.” This kind of reasoning did not work well with Ashene Lei Castro. Bukod sa galit siya, ito rin ang unang heart break niya sa kanyang first boyfriend na si John Kenneth Guzman. Gusto niya rin naman subukan na patawarin ito, ngunit ni isang “sorry,” walang lumabas mula sa labi ng binata. Mahal niya ito, ngunit hindi niya hahayaan na masaktan siya muli. Simula noon, pinangako niya sa sarili na wala nang makapananakit pa sa kanya. And her way of doing so is kind of peculiar – wearing thick glasses. Ayaw niyang may lumapit pa na lalaki sa kanya at subukang suyuin siya, kung sa huli ay magloloko lang ulit. But there is more behind the glasses. Maiintindihan kaya iyon ng lalaking gusto muling subukan na maging parte ng buhay niya? O tuluyan na siya nitong bibitawan?

  • Behind Her Nerdy Glasses

    Behind Her Nerdy Glasses


    Akiesha Lorraine Frenielle Behind her nerdy glasses, there are lot of secrets. Secrets that are hide and will reveal. Masyadong maraming ganap. Ang gusto niya lang naman ay magawa ang mga misiyon niya, pero bakit pinahihirapan pa siya ng tadhana? Magulo na ang buhay niya pero mas naging magulo pa 'yon nang dumating ang mga hindi inaasahang tao. Si Akiesha na yata ang pinakamalapit sa kamatayan, pero kahit gano'n, she will do everything for her friends. Her messed up life, sacrifices, and not so beautiful love story are behind her nerdy glasses. Warning: This story contains grammatically errors, typographical errors, plot holes and other.

  • Those Eyes Behind Those Glasses

    Those Eyes Behind Those Glasses

    Josh and Sky are from very different families and backgrounds. Josh doesn't like Sky at first when they met through their friend and tend to pass her without even giving a single glance at her, which is about to change at one night on a college campus party. A night that changes everything between and about them and teaches both of them a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

  • Letters to Romeo.

    Letters to Romeo.



    [Mature Content. No Rape] 'All it took was breaking one rule that she was not supposed to' He was the bad boy with tattoos. She was the good girl with glasses, and she was his. — When Julianne Winters decides to move to the dormitory of the reputed University, she has everything planned so that she can complete her graduation and leave the place. But her plan is quick to catch fire from the moment the eyes of Roman Moltenore from senior year lands on her. And his appearance screams nothing but TROUBLE. "What rules?" Julianne asked with a frown as she read through the page. She was sure she hadn't seen any rules of the campus mentioned on their website. # 4. No using cell phones. # 12. Students should not roam outside the campus after eleven in the night. The further she read, the more bizarre it turned out to be. Her friend turned the page and then pointed at the last rule # 29. Listen to Roman Moltenore. "This is made up. Look, the last one is even written in pencil." Julianne couldn't believe that her friend from the next dorm thought she would fall for it. "And no phone?" "It is important you abide by all the rules. Especially number twenty nine," said the girl in a serious tone. "Remember not to get involved with Roman. If you happened to see him, run in the other direction. There is a reason why it is written down here." With the rules of the campus, she resorts to sending handwritten letters to her uncle. But who knew it would end up in someone else’s hand! 

  • The Mysterious glasses In The Mysterious Shop

    The Mysterious glasses In The Mysterious Shop

    a person who's name was jack got eaten by a mysterious thing.

  • Behind Those Glasses (On-Going)

    Behind Those Glasses (On-Going)