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  • Death Guns In Another World

    Death Guns In Another World



    Alexander, a young billionaire, died unexpectedly during a school trip. He was reincarnated with some of his classmates in a fantasy world—a world of Sword and Magic where power called Gift existed. However, while everyone awakened wonderful Gift, Alex only awakened two guns. One is silver-colored while the other is black. To make matters worse, Alex couldn't even use magic. "I will stand at the top again; in this new world, I shall become the strongest; I want the power to control my fate and others." Alex's eyes shone as he vowed to himself to succeed at any cost. He will see the end of the road and stand above everyone. This is Alex's story with his two guns in the other worlds. The story of his struggles until he became the strongest of the worlds. The tale of a journey towards the top. The story of the master of Death gun who reappeared after many years of slumber, the worlds shall tremble once again. †††††††††††† Nickaido's here with D-Guns, do not expect the smartest MC because he was once a billionaire, is still young, he has his flaws, he will learn and grow, so will the other characters. At the beginning other characters are stronger but worry not everything will change starting from around chapter 80 onward. Also sorry in advance because some of the female characters have strong backgrounds but it's for the sake of the future story, this book is just the start, I'm still improving. Sorry in advance, English is not my first language, so they may be grammatical errors and misspelled words. Please bear with me. I'm trying to improve to provide a better story. Starting from chapter 200th, I have started using Grammarly premium to help me with the English, so I think it's become better. As for the earliest chapters, I have started to re-edit them slowly; I will do more as I get more time. Maybe hire a professional editor when I can. Once again, this is not some sophisticated story; it has many flaws, which I'm trying to learn from; however, this doesn't make the story less enjoyable. Would you please give it a try? Check Alex's original art on our discover server. The current picture is that of Typhania, the Elven goddess also empress, she better known as Elseria, the guild master of the Adventurer guild. Discord Server:

  • Gun to Gun (Fanfiction)

    Gun to Gun (Fanfiction)


    si Yaomi Samatha Yeles ay isang sindikato, pinaplano nilang patayin ang isa sa mga mafia na si Evan Scenario Tuazonsiya ang lalaking kayang humawak nang baril nang kutsilyo o kahit ano basta nakakamatay gumagamit din sya nang pana na may lason na aabutin kalang nang 5 segundo patay kana, hindi rin natatapos ang lahat nang pag ta-training siya nang kanyang ama na patay na, tinuruan siya kung paano depensahan ang sarili at paano mag hawak o humawak nang maayos na baril, inensayo din siya kung paano malalaman kung may lason ba ang kakainin niya, nang maayos na lahat, nag simula na siyang pumalit sa upuan nang kanyang amaisa sa mga katangian ni Yaomi ay ang pag hawak nang baril. Kutsilyo at baril lang ang kaya niyang gamitin, di rin siya marunong depensahan ang kanyang sarili kaya meron siyang laging dalang baril kahit bawal pa ito sa publikonapagplanuhan nila Storm o tinatawag nilang boss na patayin si Evan Tuazon na isang Mafia Hindi rin lubos na maisip ni Yaomi para saan ang pag papatay sa kanyaHindi rin aakalain ni Yaomi na magiging magulo ang buhay niya pag tinanggap niya ang trabahong iyon, anim na buwan lang ang binigay sakanyang araw para patayin ang lalaking iyonbaril at kutsilyo? Ayos naba yon para mapatay ang sya?Saksihan natin ang galaw na gagawin ni Yaomi Samantha Yeles sa isang Evan Scenario Tuazon-HOPE YOU READ IT!!..UPDATE: TUESDAY AND SATURDAY

  • Gun Slinger

    Gun Slinger


    Shawn woke up in a new and crazy world where monsters and beasts rome the land killing, while humanity breeds heros of great caliber to combat these demons. But where exactly does Shawn fit in this new world with his extraordinary gifts, only time will tell.

  • Gun X Gun: New World Life

    Gun X Gun: New World Life

  • Gun Elf

    Gun Elf

    Edelweiss is a young elf living in the Port district of Drakhaven. She makes a living as a Freelancer, which basically means she'll do pretty much anything for money. She's done bounty hunting, private investigations, smuggling, mercenary work, and even some covert intelligence gathering. Unlike other elves, Edelweiss can't use magic. So, in order to protect herself and do her job, she uses what many would consider an antiquated weapon: the gun. This has earned her the moniker of the Gun Elf. A sci-fi spin on the usual D&D world of elves, dragons, and magic.

  • World gun

    World gun


    Ryan Phoenix was on the brink of death in the monster war otherwise know as the core extinction. Being trampled by hundreds of beasts and thousands of beast flying and running around him.Ryan said “so This is how die” but then he heard a ding in his mind.[Ding, the gun system has chosen you as its host, Host will be transported 3 years into the past][Transportation started]28% done48% done68% done79% done87% done96% done100% done[Transported complete]Ryan then woke up in his bed and said “what the fuck just happed”.Follow Ryan on his journey to power, adventure, and DeathP.S hi.




    diakhir 2023 sejumlah game virtual mulai bermunculan dan genrenya pun bermacam-macam salah satunya adalah GUN STORM. salah satu game fps yang sedang trend di tahun 2024.***ronny jensen seorang pemuda yang memiliki darah keturunan prajurit pembela negri, memulai karrer nya sebagai pemain profesional di-game tersebut bagaimanakah aksinya dalam GUN STORM? ikuti aksi heroiknya hanya di GUN STORM.

  • Gun/Savior



    Four years in the row nang consistent UNDER CLASS agent si Stanley Weller. Hawak lang naman niya ang pinaka mababang ranking sa hanay ng mga "Alter Agents" magmula nang pumasok siya sa Military Allied and Defense Forces of America, na mas kilala sa bansag na MADFA---ang pinakamalaki at pinakakilalang Military Organization sa bansa He's always been the BIGGEST LOSER among the losers... Disaster Maker... At palpak sa lahat ng bagay. But his fate comes into a totally different turn nang aksidente siyang ma-i-pares sa Top Rank, consistent STAR CLASS Agent na si Ruwi Nightroad--a man who was known for his exceptional intelligence, perfectionism, proficiency and good looks. However, he prefers to DO THINGS on his own... Cold Hearted... At walang pakialam sa ibang bagay maliban sa kaniyang sarili. Will these two completely different Alter Agents can create a perfect partnership? Gun/Savior ©2019 (©2006 From the Original Manuscript) Written in Tagalog/English Original Story: Written by Rosencruetz

  • Son of a Gun

    Son of a Gun

  • A bullet for a gun

    A bullet for a gun


    ~Welcome to A11urea's deep and dark mind~

  • Gun Survival: Legendary Sniper

    Gun Survival: Legendary Sniper

    Video Games SYSTEM


    This was a world where games were the center of attention and where a FPS survival game had taken over the world by storm. Maas, a college student, suddenly found out that he had a sniper system. [The more players you killed, the more powerful your sniping ability will become!] From that day onwards, a weird player that only used snipers appeared in the game. … When a well-known streamer ran into the said sniper, a bullet shot through his skull before he could even boast. When a female streamer ran into the sniper and begged for her life with a cute voice, a single shot from a 98K broke her Level 3 Helmet and made her cry. When a professional player with an AWM noticed Maas, he quickly ducked and kept his head low, knowing well that the moment he peeked, he would die. … It didn’t take long for people to come to the conclusion that the only way to defeat Maas was by picking up all the snipers on the map. If Maas was able to find a single sniper, the victory would be his. As long as one landed on the same map as Maas, the only way to get into the top 10 was by hiding in the corner of a house and keeping their heads low until the game ended.

  • Demon Gun

    Demon Gun

    As the Gun Kills demons He Gets stronger. (Coming soon)

  • Blazing Gun

    Blazing Gun

    Cassidy Jenson's a cowgirl at heart and life, she grew up in the town of Bozeman, Montana. Her parents were part of the church community, as well as her father a rancher Long horns his specialty. Her mother a typical ranchers church wife, small town gossiper and ran the local cafe. Betty's Grill, she heard everything and anything that runs threw town. Nosy nellies of town all talk, but when it comes to certain things it's hush hush. Especially when the owner of the gossip is around. Ryan Brixton was a small town boy from Belgrade, Montana smaller than Bozeman but humble. He learned to cuss and fight and shoot. Played basketball in high school and learned his lessons hard. His daddy died working the rodeo circuit and his momma being injured in a barrel racing competition couldn't afford the big ranch on her own so Ryan took up working on a construction crew. He was determined to fight for his home, the one place he felt safe. Cassidy and Ryan cross paths one Sunday when she crosses the street from church. Ryan almost hitting her and the fire starts, angry and frustrated. A fight of wits and battle of attraction they find them selves closer. Threw out the battle of Cassidy's ex, the gossip, and finding the truth, odd dates popping up. Sparks fly like the forth of July for these two, in an unexpected falling in love.

  • Silent Gun

    Silent Gun

  • Gun Shot

    Gun Shot

  • blue gun

    blue gun

  • Gatling gun

    Gatling gun


    Comment down if you want

  • Infinity GUN

    Infinity GUN

  • Phantom Gun

    Phantom Gun

  • Gun Mage

    Gun Mage