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  • The Satan CEO's Woman: He Unexpectedly Fell in Love with Her

    The Satan CEO's Woman: He Unexpectedly Fell in Love with Her



    (Caution: Errors Ahead. But I'm slowly editing them. Thank you for understanding.) This is the first edition of my Chance Encounter Book Series. (No minors allowed, read at your own risk.) This is a kind of slow-paced novel. So if it's not your cup of tea, you're free to skip this. But for those who stayed despite my warning, this Author will be forever grateful to you. Now let's go to the story. *** She was the daughter of the leader of the League of Mercenaries. She was an S-Class Level Assassin and was on a league of her own. As the future successor of the Organization, she was raised to be ruthless and merciless at the very young age of five. Her future was already laid out in front of her. Little did the people around her know, she never wanted all of this. She never wanted to take the lives of people, innocent or not. Yes, she might have been trained hard to have a heart as hard as diamond but deep inside, her soul and conscience were screaming for her to do the right thing. On the day before her eighteenth birthday, she asked her freedom from her parents. Her parents was against her plea for freedom as the only way to attain it was the most painful and cruel way... Death. They had struggled and did everything to be on top of the heirarchy just to protect their most precious jewel. Their beloved daughter Anastasia or Sia in the Mercenary's World. But Ana was determined to free herself. Therefore, she took the drug that she developed inside her laboratory for years without anyone's knowledge just for this day. She is willing to die just to gain her freedom. Why? Because she knew that when she came back from the dead, a new life awaits her. *** He was a nobody but became the owner of a Multi-billion dollar business empire in a span of six years. Because of this, he was labeled as a Monster in the Business World and was feared by many because of his ruthlessness and tyranny towards his enemies and competitors. His subordinates called him Satan which he didn't mind. Despite his success, he felt lonely inside. He had been in great sadness and pain and had drowned himself on work just to forget the woman who was responsible for what he became. Because of her, he despised women and treated them as his toys and just to warm his bed. The quote that said 'Changing women just like changing his clothes' perfectly described his current set-up. He'd rather be bad than give his dumb heart a chance to fall in love again. What will happen if their two paths crossed? Will she found the freedom she had been looking for after her death? Will he kept his vow to never fell in love in his lifetime? *** Feel free to talk to me on discord: OrieNovel#9306 The photo on my book cover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.




    THE dangerous GRAY LOPEZ was sent to CITRINE ACADEMY to ensure his safety against the suspected heirarchy war.APPOINTED as president in his school or should i say 'COMMANDER' of the student body, he got the privileges and people fearing him...except her, except XAMIRA from CASA PALMEIRA.

  • System of King of Wolves

    System of King of Wolves


    What happens when a Trash tier adventurer who doesn't have an ability, in a world where abilities are everything, gets a system.But not just any system, rather a Werewolf System.Follow Arden as he tries to control the power granted by the system to him and climbs to the top of the heirarchy.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE NOTETHIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL AND IT MIGHT HAVE SOME MISTAKES BUT I AM SURE THAT IT WILL DEVELOP INTO A GOOD STORY, PLEASE GIVE IT SOME TIME AND DON'T HATE IT.

  • The Underdog- Fight For Change

    The Underdog- Fight For Change

    A world where your strength and potential establish everything? Where a hierarchy exists even in schools? Where the weak are suppressed while the strong are lifted on pedastals? A world like this only benefits the strong while putting down the weak. Looks don't matter and neither does your smarts; only your ability and how good you are at using it!!This is a world where abilities are commonplace and people only use it selfishly instead of helping others. However, its apparent that things need to change and fast.The strong bully the weak without anyone stopping them while the weak are beaten brutally if they ever stray from the hierarchy. This world is unforgiving and ruthless, where stepping over others is the only way to survive.Rex Tracer is a kid with a mysterious ability. Yet despite his unknown ability people have declared him as weak due to his unwillingness to fight. He's slandered and made fun of more than anyone else in his school and is constantly abused. He is regarded as the Underdog.What happens when someone who refuses to fight is pushed to the limit? What will happen to the heirarchy if the one who is given the title of "The Worst One" snaps and shows his power? The power of the Underdog is shown!!

  • Oracles



    The world where I live is brutal. The leadership isn't pronounced by patriarchy like that of our twin planet, 'Earth'. We reside in a sphere with heirarchy. Where beggarly can become the supreme leader and the affluent can turn to rags in just one night. It is how it's obliged to be to say the least. In our world, we have 'Oracles'. Oracles are identical to what people on earth call 'spirit animals.' To face the supposedly 'cut-throat' rivalry, everyone gets their designated Oracle at the annual Oracle festival after they turn eighteen. Each designated Oracle represents the temperament and demeanor of a person. They reveal the darkest enigma of an individual. Some have to cage the Oracle while some flaunt it. Initially Oracles decided the leadership but now they are just an attribute. Every sphere has the wicked and sinful individuals. Which in this sphere are 'The Tuas'. The noble family with blue blood.My ancestry had always been as faithful as a dog to the Tua's to acquire the substantial position. Not a soul managed to acquire or tame their Oracle as vigorous and herculean as that of our supreme leader, Shon Tua. I learnt at a young age. In the world of thorns, Only roses can bloom. You need to be piercing and beautiful with a sharp little mouth.

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