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  • Herobrine


    the following book is about minecraft herobrine and info of the unknown HEROBRINE!



  • Herobrine {Minecraft}

    Herobrine {Minecraft}

    Video Games ACTION

    Lets Dive right Inside The Unknown! Shall we? This is a story about HEROBRINEAnd this is also My first book

  • Minecraft Chronicals

    Minecraft Chronicals


    This is not a simple Minecraft cringe book it is a bit different there is kingdom and city building, gods and herobrine who is a chill guy. In this book Minecraft isn't a game it is basically life. Everyone lives in Minecraft there are thousands of different servers you can go on anarchy server faction servers and survival servers you get the point.Anyone can create a server and once you do that you get your world and you are God on it you can summon walls of obsidian and create castles in an instant shoot fire balls and control mobs at your fingure tips.It is a lot different to what you would think it is and a lot more funner then the rest of the other Minecraft style booksIn this book everything you can think of will happen it might take a while but it's worth the wait.Give the book a chance it will get much much better.In volume 2 there will be planets and dimensions

  • The Story Of Herobrine

    The Story Of Herobrine


    Herobrine Is Dead. But he is reincarnated.But this isn't just about his story this is a revenge story. The story is how the the Herobrine is working hard to kill each and every villagers and anyone who comes in his way.

  • (Herobrine x Reader)...'s Sister

    (Herobrine x Reader)...'s Sister

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    Lyla's little sister, (Y/n), is taken from her peaceful life at home by the dreaded immortal: Herobrine. Lyla, having no idea what to do in order to get her sister back, teams up with a man who goes by the name of Steve, a loner when it comes to traveling. The only question is, can they survive the Trudgers and make it to (Y/n), before it is too late? What if Lyla isn't strong enough, isn't good enough, to save her sister in time?Since there are, like, hardly ANY Minecraft book, I figured yall over here on this side of the internet might have no idea what an xHerobrine book even is! So allow me to grace you with one of my own... The one I wrote like a year ago to make fun of the genre... Still fun though! XD

  • Born A Soldier (Reader X Herobrine)

    Born A Soldier (Reader X Herobrine)

    Fantasy Romance ANIME

    Your father was a soldier: a brave man who fought in that legendary war against Herobrine. You always dreamed of becoming a soldier too; killing monsters and fighting for your home and family. Finally, you do become one. You become one of the best! However, not even you could expect what is to come.Meh cover. Plz, don't steal it. :> (Not the typical "romancy" book, let's just say.. mainly because I like doing things a little differently, if you can't tell by looking at my many other books :] ..)

  • HeroBrin - Transfered

    HeroBrin - Transfered


    This story is put on pause due to lack of interest and need for revision.An AI tries to survive in a futuristic world of Games and full Virtual Reality immersion.

  • herobrine's life

    herobrine's life



    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY


    What would you do if you get everything you wanted the second you lost everything you had. Our protagonist loses the one person who was the most dear to him only to find out the secrets that were kept away hidden from him. It’s a story of how he became a billionaire overnight and how things in his life turned upside down. He didn’t ask for what was coming his way but it was about to change everything around him, for better or for worse, who knows? Read his story to find out.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake - I love you so much

    Strawberry Cheesecake - I love you so much

    Contemporary Romance SWEETLOVE DRAMATIC

    Life is not always fair but one thing that can be said for certain is that it can be monotonous. For corporate people, things can’t be more true. Working with their sanity on balance and mental health up their sleeves 6 days a week. To escape the repetitive torture, drinking gallons of alcohol on weekends to slow time in hope that the phenomenon “Ah fuck! it's Monday again,” never takes place. However, drinking gallons of alcohol comes bearing gifts such as nausea, headaches, puking in the alley, and Ah everyone’s favorite. The blackout; it's the trial of what serenity feels like. It’s a time machine that takes you ahead in time (depending on the amount you drink, the mileage may vary). It’s the medium that produces the best candid shots. It makes memorable memories that you won't remember, but your friends will. A similar incident happened with Iris When her responsible friends left her at a STRANGER’s house, intoxicated; fully blacked out. This is the story of Iris Merryweather a very diligent hardworking engineer and how she avoided a potential murder from the likes of her neighbor.

  • Fortune Favors The Brave

    Fortune Favors The Brave

  • mikhail


    ainda em desenvolvimento

  • Minecraft Stories (The Courage Spin Off)

    Minecraft Stories (The Courage Spin Off)

    4 Personaggi di Minecraft, Herobrine, Steve, Notch e Jack, decidono di iniziare a viaggiare e affrontare tante avventure molto pericolose, riusciranno a scamparla? (2016-2017)

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