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  • Special individual in apocalypse

    Special individual in apocalypse

  • story of an indian individual

    story of an indian individual

  • And So, The Individual Who Knows Life

    And So, The Individual Who Knows Life

    People say the world is finite yet it has infinite choices to make one’s life fulfilment. However, I don’t partake in this stupidity. Life might just be a game, or should I say, “it’s the best way to describe it”.

  • An Individual's Power

    An Individual's Power


    Harrison Lawford was broken inside and outside, having lost his mother and being on the brink of losing everything he has, he felt so hollowed that the world lost its colors to him. Coincidently, on the same day that the bastard of his father died, the new opportunity that he had been looking for appeared in the form of a woman called Sabrina.Follow Harrison in this world where science and magic come together to form a world where both myths and scientific innovations walk together. From aliens to monsters, and everything in between, this story has all.

  • The adventures of a not-so suspicious individual

    The adventures of a not-so suspicious individual

    In a chaotic world... a not-so suspicious individual decides to explore, experience new places, meet new people and will have to get himself out of unfortunate situations.. whether for good or bad he will be remembered..Shall this man become a famed hero? or perhaps something else.. let his journey begin.. ***Author's note: Novel's are meant to be light-hearted and unique. I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.Please be Kind. Feedback if appreciated. Thank you!

  • Individuals Love

    Individuals Love

    Do you hear the whistling of the water? The force and wind of the water? The magic and aura that swirls inside the water? The high and low tunes following the ups and downs of the tides and waves. All in all there is whistling in everything. The sea whistles has a more foreign melodic tune rather than the chiming and soft wood whistles. Fast paced, a low then high range, and tumultuous waves it's none other than Aercia Gwondlon, just another average mermaid.

  • Martial Universe

    Martial Universe

    Eastern Fantasy CULTIVATION


    The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own family, in hopes of one day being recognized again by the Lin Clan, and rejoining them… Hailing from a banished family of the Great Lin Clan, when Lin Dong was very young, he watched, powerless, as his talented father was easily crushed and crippled by the overwhelming genius of the great Lin Clan, Lin Langtian. With a despairing father, a heartbroken grandfather, and a suffering family, ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been driven by a deep purpose; to take revenge on the man who had taken everything and more from his family. Armed with nothing but willpower and determination, join Lin Dong as he unknowingly discovers a destiny greater than he could ever hope to imagine when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman…

  • Banned Individualities

    Banned Individualities

  • Ancient Tears BloodLine

    Ancient Tears BloodLine



    After the Guardian God's demise. Zack inherited his legacy. Zack is a driven individual who wields a lot of power. Will he follow the Guardian God's trail of footprints? Or Will he continue to forge his own legacy? He is intelligent, calm, and composed. When it comes to making decisions, He is decisive. In the world of Humans, Monsters, and other unknown species, He learns and grows. "I know you were the most powerful bloodline warriors dispatched to assassinate me. However, in the end, it makes little difference." With a slight smile on his face, Zack ridiculed. "Anything that stood in my way will be obliterated by my lightning," I commented in my heart. "Lightning is Absolute!" ****************************************************** Current Plan- 7chaps/week. For more release, Vote with Power Stones. Target: 1st level- 100PS/Week. Result- 14chaps/Week. ******************************************************* Support me via: Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy novel. Everything about this novel is Fictional. *******************************************************

  • Extraordinary Individuals: Josiah Rising

    Extraordinary Individuals: Josiah Rising


    In a parallel universe, most of humanity has begun to exhibit superhuman powers once hitting puberty. On the day he hits puberty, Josiah Smith awakens the power of tactile telekinesis and lives his daily life swearing to never use his powers unless absolutely necessary. After Josiah beats his best friend Braxton in a sparring match, their friendship slowly devolves into a bitter rivalry as Braxton's ego sends him on a power trip to prove he's just as strong as Josiah. Things take a turn for the worse when Braxton's ego causes him to go off the deep end and start rampaging, causing Josiah to cut ties with his best friend and Braxton to snap, leading to a confrontation where only one of them will walk away.

  • I want to share my ideas with every individual around the world

    I want to share my ideas with every individual around the world

  • Eternity between two separate individuals

    Eternity between two separate individuals

    Detesting yourself (with the spectrum that is logic) isn't the most greatest accomplishment one can essentially bear for the purpose to remain pure...for ALL eternity!

  • Housemates: The Good, Bad and Sexy

    Housemates: The Good, Bad and Sexy



    What happens when people live together? James and Mira have been friends since they were kids, so maybe they could live without killing each other, but what about Rachel and Noah? Having to live with her brother and his good-looking narcissistic best friend, Rachel wanted nothing more than to get rid of him. It was either he got rid of her or she got rid of him. There were no other options left for Rachel. But what if there were other options? ~~~ Mia has her life all figured out. She was able to rise to the top on her own. All she wanted was for her boyfriend to return so they could have their happily ever after, but what happens when a baby shows up from nowhere? ~~~ Chloe is the typical example of a cold CEO. She was always business-oriented and kept a straight face. A lot of men wanted her. But everyone knew she only had eyes for one boy.  How the very innocent Jeremy manage to steal her heart, no one knew.  They will all face problems. Will they overcome it? Add this book to your library. I assure you, you'll enjoy their individual stories.  The Good The Bad and the SEXY

  • Extraordinary Individuals: Deep Cover

    Extraordinary Individuals: Deep Cover

    Two months after his battle with Braxton, Josiah is hoping for a bit of a break. But when he gets pulled into a world of espionage and secrecy, he’s forced to once again but everything on the line. Recruited by the Sentinels, Josiah is tasked with investigating an illegal drug that could tip the balance of superhuman society if it gets in the wrong hands. Taken under the wing of the Sentinel’s leader, Josiah comes face to face with a ghost from his past who threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

  • Muchuan and Xiang Wan

    Muchuan and Xiang Wan

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY


    Aspiring author Xiang Wan was deemed hopeless by her family and better off married when her fourth novel still did not do well. Just as she started to doubt herself and wonder if she should continue to pursue her dream as an author, things take an unexpected turn when a dazzling guy appears before her and she was taken away by the police as a prime suspect of a murder case. A murder had taken place and the details were eerily similar to her mystery novel. From then on, her life turned topsy-turvy. ........... Translator Review: This is a novel encompassed with mystery, ethics, family ties, and romance. Of course, the highlights of this book are the murder cases. Although it’s a modern setup where none of the characters have a system or any other cheats, the Author managed to delight me with her writing, creative plots and a good pace without dragging her story. I marvel at the way the Author links up the clues and plot to explain the individual cases as well as paving the way to unravel the huge conspiracy behind the individual murders. Romantic plots are light-hearted so readers could take a breather from the plots of gruesome murders. Frequency of release: 1 chapter/daily

  • Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals [BxBxBxBxBxMxMxMxM]

    Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals [BxBxBxBxBxMxMxMxM]


    Everyone knows Jinx Blackwell. He is a cold and sexy bad boy with a knack of finding himself in trouble. After he is accused of murdering his adoptive father, he is expected to be shipped off to prison, however fate has other things planned. Jinx is offered an opportunity to attend Ashwood Institute for Troubled Individuals. The Institute was created 5 years ago to help troubled individuals overcome their problems with the goal to reintroduce them into society. Jinx accepted the opportunity because anything is better than prison, right? After arriving at Ashwood, Jinx finds that his barriers that he painstakingly built around his heart to protect himself start to crumble as eight charming boys enter his life.

  • Fate of two individuals of different countries

    Fate of two individuals of different countries

  • Swimming is useful for individuals, everything being equal. From assis

    Swimming is useful for individuals, everything being equal. From assis

  • For what reason DO Individuals Need TO LEAVE EACH OTHER?

    For what reason DO Individuals Need TO LEAVE EACH OTHER?


  • Wild Erotic Adventures

    Wild Erotic Adventures

    This book is a collection of short stories of the wildest wild erotic adventures and fantasies. Adventures to some and fantasies to others. Please be advised, words and scenes can be very, very steamy. Sex is delicious.No one in their perverted mind will claim otherwise. So when a chance for a too good to be a true moment of one's life knocks at its door or when what happened a while ago was something you would never think it would have happened, some people grab these chances, while some regret it for a lifetime not indulging. A one-night stand or a quickie with a consenting individual is an easy fix.Please be advised, words and scenes can be very, very steamy.