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Author: Almun_

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In 'Only Wisdom Awakened,' the world bears the arrival of monstrous threats and the emergence of awakened individuals wielding extraordinary powers.
Hans Richter, a young man burdened by the weight of debt he had to take to cover up his family's medical expenses, inherits the 'UNKNOWN' class {Knowledge Seeker} on the somber night of his eighteenth birthday.
Unlike his peers, Hans's abilities stem from his relentless pursuit of knowledge, and his boundless imagination, unaffected by the limits set by the 'system' for others.
As Hans navigates this perilous world, he grapples with moral dilemmas and confronts formidable adversaries, driven by his longing to once again see his loved ones and unveil the truth behind the catastrophic events that reshaped his world.

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    Hello there 👋 I am the author. I just wanted to tell everyone who has been asking for an editor that the whole story is currently getting a rework. The story will not change by any means but since some of the phrasing will be modified then all comments will be deleted🥲. Unfortunately, I do not know any way to keep the comments, so I apologize to all of you. Also, I'm giving my story five stars because I think it will deserve them after getting a rework.

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    not terrible and when reading you probably won't mind it much but it lacks anything that would make a book truly great. there are no people besides for mc and even he's struggling to be someone, anyone else is just an npc. the base class is kinda fun and the restriction on it is good, but mc doesn't use his skill set to even 3 percent of it's limit. Spells and abilities will be gained and then promptly forgotten for the next few weeks, there's no experimenting or theory crafting happening on mcs part until he finds himself in a situation that he cant handle where he then of course figures it out. author also doesn't keep a proper notes doc so names change, tiers change and any other conceivable inconsistentcy you can think of. it's quite apparent that the author is new to writing so many of the mentioned issues will get better as time passes especially since every once in a while you can clearly see that he's attempting to elevate his level by giving backstory or a character arc, both currently lacking in execution but giving hope for the future. As of chapter 27 there has sadly been nothing that would elevate this above typical dungeon stories.

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    Good good good great great the best and most fun ever

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    I really like this story. It has a fast pace feel to it. the Mc progression and developments is nice and description of environment is not bad. Only strong criticism is all other characters beside the mc feels flat or not developed to be support character. a small criticism is mc fights are seeming to straight forward like dragon ball fight and are too reliant on skills and not enough on tactics. would reading so strategy and tactics books help? or some fight styles book? still it's a good book and I'll keep reading it till it's not free.

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    Is there romance in this novel? please no it holds back the MC

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    Great book, best new one I've seen in months. Really unique compared to other books like this, I hope the author doesn't drop it.

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    for some reason, I am not able to remove this story from my library . I have been trying for a couple of weeks, so be aware before you add it.

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    I have to be honest, I was a fan at the start, creative use with skills to make more skills, combining, training, studying, and the combat was not bad. Then when these things stopped happening, 20-40 these is just below average story, predicable plots, and honestly nothing intriguing happens and when I hit the pay wall I was freed, not worth it unless you are going 20 deep and leaving.

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    I would greatly recommend giving this a read, I reached around 130 ish chapters and I enjoyed every single one, the writing could use some improvement but that’s only recognizable if you were genuinely trying to find faults in it, As such, I LIKE IT!!! Have fun reading this and tell me if I am wrong, with reason of course, I am looking forward to anyone’s opinion on the story even though it’s not my work. Alright, have a good day or night whoever’s reading this:)

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    it's a good novel, it's great, and I loved every second of it that I read. until it came to the part when he was cripled by someone from the future, knowledge from the future, reincarnated, whatever you want to call it. In all honestly, it's my own liking that affects the score, not the novel being bad. I just personally believe that someone being reincarnated and messing that badly stuff just for the same of plot is not worth it. I'm sure it will work out eventually, but just to get to that point were it's good will just not be worth it. I would prefer to spend my time doing anything else, which I will. it's a shame though, as I was really liking the novel a lot, and the idea was really good. He also didn't even try to help aiden get his Legendary or Epic class, I don't remember the quality. All in all it's a good novel and if you like those kind of tropes, them give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it.

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    I am enjoying it quite much. I just thought there will be more book reading. XD He had been reading for like a week then totally forgot about it and just do dungeon raids. Also, its kinda hilarious that he will get promoted into that position without any real achievement. :"D Well, even if it makes zero sense in many way, I like it. XD (I read up to 45 chapters)

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    Premise is good though idk if English is a second language or they’re just new to writing a good editor would do wonders for it

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    All I have to say is , I have Read many books about levelling up. And this book right here have some good promise, if the Author keep it consistent.

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    few plotholes but nothing major. Overal good story with great characters

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    I just started reading "Only Wisdom Awakened" and it has a great beginning. The story introduces a young hero who is about to go on an exciting adventure. The first few chapters are very engaging and set up the story well. The main character is brave and curious, and I am already interested in their journey. The author does a good job of making me want to keep reading to find out what happens next.So far, "Only Wisdom Awakened" is off to a good start, and I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

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    The biggest con is that everything goes in the mc way, cant feel any tension, the main idea is good however.

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    Well I'm enjoying this book quite a lot. It's better than the more boring mainstream recycled plots out there. Though the MC has a personality even though everyone else doesn't. That's a bit of the weird part. Other than that it's good. Looking forward to more updates.

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    please get an editor. while i enjoy the book for the most part i find the grammatical errors to be awful

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    The writing quality is a bit off but the plot and story make up for it. The MC has a bit of a bland character with no major side characters. I would recommend reading this in your free time or if you got nothing to read, but it's good. The world building is kind of slow but it's just a 130 chaps I have read, so it makes sense. Anyways, Despite the complaints, I read it and enjoyed it! Good work, author-san!

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    Author Almun_