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  • Jasper Wolferine

    Jasper Wolferine

  • The Tales Of Jasper Levit!

    The Tales Of Jasper Levit!

  • The Sweet Wife Of Jasper Frank

    The Sweet Wife Of Jasper Frank


    The sound of church bells, melancholy but resounding, reached the heart of a nearby girl during a sacred marriage in progress. In the middle of the church is a couple of bride and groom saying their vows, the bride's gentle face smiling. The groom is tall and stylish, lightly kissing the bride's cheeks, with a loving expression this scene is so happy, it makes many people dream. However, she was the only person in the lonely and lonely hall, silently mourning and heartbreaking. Can she not be heartbroken the person she loves is getting married, and the bride is not her. Didn't I say I liked you didn't I say I wanted to live with you why did I go to hug another woman after the night of my confession. You say that you like me is cheating, joking, or acting, but how can my heart love you take it back. The beautiful girl's eyes are sparkling transparent tears slowly fall to the music of the wedding, is there any more painful moment like this?..

  • Kisah Istri Bayaran

    Kisah Istri Bayaran


    Gu Qingqing adalah seorang gadis muda yang telah menikah dengan seorang lelaki bernama Leng Sicheng. Namun relasi mereka sangat rumit, karena Gu Qingqing berasal dari keluarga miskin. Leng Sicheng adalah seorang putra dari keluarga kaya, dan juga seorang yang memiliki perusahaan sendiri. Keluarga Gu Qingqing yang sering menyebabkan masalah, setiap kali akan mendapat bantuan dari Leng Sicheng. Tetapi, setiap kali Gu Qingqing memohon Leng Sicheng untuk membantu keluarganya, ia harus membayar hutang dan harus tidur dengan pria tersebut. Leng Sicheng melarang Gu Qingqing untuk keluar dan bekerja karena akan membuat malu dirinya. Tetapi, Gu Qingqing juga sudah merasa cukup dengan memohon kepada Leng Sicheng dan tidak ingin kehilangan harga dirinya lagi.

  • Jasper’s Karma

    Jasper’s Karma

    Evil Jasper has just been transmigrated to a new world after his death. He was the king in his previous life with anything he wanted. He never cared for others lives and killed as he pleased but now in his new body of a young weak boy he must prepare for war. He must survive his new war torn world in the body of a small weak boy. He must also learn how to interact with his new family.

  • The CEO's Savior: Skye and Jasper

    The CEO's Savior: Skye and Jasper

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Jasper Knights was the CEO of the JK Corps. He was drugged by his ex-girlfriend with thioridazine (type of anti-psychotic drug). As a result, he became blind. He was brought to a hotel room which belonged to a young doctor, Skye Zhang, who was vacationing in Switzerland. The young doctor decided to take care of him for the night without knowing his true identity. For the past four years, Jasper Knights desperately wanted to find the young girl who saved his life that night. He didn't know who the young girl was but he still remembered her voice and scent. Skye Zhang was a young cardiac surgeon at St. Gabriel Hospital in Shanghai. She is the second daughter of the rival company's director, CEO Zhang Lu, who was responsible for his father's death. One evening, Jasper was at a night party when a group of gangs crashed into the place causing numerous damages. Unable to see, a mysterious girl saved him from a gunshot wound. Will Jasper be able to accept Skye despite of his painful past and trust Skye?

  • Mavis the quick draw and jasper the peacemaker

    Mavis the quick draw and jasper the peacemaker

  • Inayah's Kismet

    Inayah's Kismet



    The first time they met, he saw her in only her underwear from his glass mansion across her small apartment window. So he said to her, ‘leave’ or ‘sell’ your house to me. The second time they met, he called her an ‘opportunist’ who tried to seduce him. The third time they met, he tried to kiss her because she smelt good. Wait! What is this new development in Jasper Miles? Wasn’t he rumoured to have hatred for women and couldn’t touch women? Why is he always looking out of his window at the small apartment across him just to see the petite girl, then? Why is he trying to covet her by tricking her? The girl said to him one day, ‘‘wait! I am still in high school. I can’t have a boyfriend right now’’ He leaned closer to her and whispered into her ears, '‘is not that you can’t have a boyfriend. Rather, it’s I can only be the one boyfriend that you will have in this life. We are bound together’’ ‘‘Shameless man!’’ the girl said and before she could turn her face away, he held her chin and looked into her eyes. ‘‘Inayah, you can only belong to me in this life and the life to come’’ After her tragic death, Inayah wakes up to find herself back to her 18-year-old self. Back to the beginning where everything started. At 18, she was an ordinary girl living her best life until she met Jasper Miles. The man who made her best friend turn against her. Jasper Miles was rumoured to be ruthless and someone who ‘couldn’t ‘touch’ women because he hated them and had suffered a bad breakup from the past. Waking up to the year her life turned around, Inayah was given a choice. To meet the same man again or to have a new life without that man. But, she decided, she wanted that man and was made to live that life again but with a catch. Now she could see the true colours of everyone. The one she once called her ‘best friend’ became her enemy. The one she once called her ‘enemy’ turned out to be her true friend. Inayah said to herself. ‘‘Now, I must live right this now’’ NB: Cover doesn't belong to me. Credits goes to the owner. If the cover is yours and you would like me to take it off, kindly let me know in the comments section. Thanks! Participating in Spirity 2021. Theme: First Love

  • The Devil's little Villainess

    The Devil's little Villainess



    Jasper is one of the most formidable person of the country. However, no one knows how he looked nor what his real name was… But his last name is enough to send shivers down their spines. It is because in addition to the influence his family has in both the underworld as well as the political world, he is also known for his ruthlessness and genius…. However, on contrary to how the world pictured him, he ‘was' a sweet, kind and generous person with a romantic heart. But that heart belongs to only one woman in his life, whom he loved immensely ever since he was young…. Linda. But Fate had other plans for them and she disappeared without a trace, all of a sudden, taking his heart all along with her… With his heart stolen away from him, he no longer shared the same feelings with anyone else as he had with Linda. But after a long search, he finally discovered where his Linda is… However, it was too late. He came to realize that she is already in love with another person. ….. Linda is a kind, simple girl, with a pure heart but a naïve mind. She is a fallen queen of modeling industry, who willingly sacrificed everything for the person whom she loved. However, she is not destined to have a happy life, even after doing all this for the person she sacrificed for, who never truly loved her. While she was busy planning her happy future with him, that person had continued scheming, wondering how to use her in all the ways he could…. …….. Zhou Biyu, she is the only girl who had managed to become Jasper's close friend, in a little span of the time. Unlike other women who tried to climb on to his bed, she is some of the very few females who did not fall for him as soon as they met…. As time passed, Jasper truly started liking her as his friend and she was probably the only female friend who earned his trust and respect. However, Biyu is not someone who he thought was…. since the first day they met, she has been working with his enemies behind his back. She has been blackstabbing him on the name of friendship and family. She is not the angel he thought her to be… In fact, she is his own personal villainess. By the time she realized her mistakes and ascertained that she is in love with Jasper, the damage was already done and she has already done many unforgivable things. With only one chance to redeem her mistakes, she will deceive her own people and save him from the grave danger they had planned for him. Later, she was murdered by her people for betraying them. But just like their names, they are destined to be together. And she finds herself reincarnated in Linda’s body, the only woman whom Jasper loves the most…. With everything changed, will she redeem herself and take revenge for both herself and Linda….And cherish her time with Jasper? Or, does Fate have another plan for them that might test how true her love for Jasper is? …….. Join the love story of Jasper and Biyu, to find out how the badass villainess redeemed herself into his angel and took the revenge for both herself and his former love Linda. With the exciting mysteries and twists ahead in their future.... Experience the love, familial drama, trust, revenge and fun with this couple…along with unexpected turns. ...... Discord link https://discord.gg/3CC6KgK

  • Angela, jasper, Camilla, Alice, Rita, Carita, Casper, Mizpah, Chadron,

    Angela, jasper, Camilla, Alice, Rita, Carita, Casper, Mizpah, Chadron,

    Angela grew up in the streets where they lived in a tin shack behind the railway line. She lived with her grandmother who had taken care of her since her parents died in an accident when she was barely two years old. The only thing she had left from her parents was a beautiful locket that Angela never removed from her neck. The only person who had ever seen it was her grandmother who insisted that she should never reveal the locket to anyone. When she asked her why, her grandmother told her it was for their safety. The streets had taught her that to survive she had to fight her way through anything she wanted; nothing came easily for people like her. One day she bumped into a rich, handsome greek god who takes her on a journey full of mystery, myth, fairy tales and drama.

  • Her Fated Tyrant

    Her Fated Tyrant



    Della Mabel died tragically after being called cursed and transmigrated into Theodore Castillo body, whose death was really mysterious. The real Theodore was more mysterious then she could ever imagine since for others the real Theodore (Theo) was mentally ill. Soon after transmigrating she got tangled with a really cold blooded Prince in an accident. He now doesn't want to leave her and what more, he want to own her??...Slowly she lifted up her eyes and from leg to head stared at every thing and gulped. Jasper was standing in front of her while drying his hair which gave him a more sexy look on his totally naked body.Not even a towel was blocking Theo eyes from reaching Jasper's abdomen and she again gulped and silently turned around to leave.Her heart beating faster and nervousness was written all over on her sweaty face. Jasper grabbed her collar and pulled her back, "Where do you think you are going after having such a nice look at my breathtaking body".Her throat was dry because of the nervousness and she gulped twice and thrice but didn't turned toward him since she could feel his naked body which was touching her back as he kept her from leaving the room."Breathtaking body? Hahaha.." forcefully she smiled.Her body leaning on his and he left her collar and grabbed around her waist, "Are you insulting this prince charming sexy body? Why don't you turn around and have a talk with me in that way you will be able to know how good my body is".It was as if her body left the strength and breath become quicker, "Won't it be good if you wore some clothes before having a talk with me. Don't worry, I won't run away!".He chuckled and his warm breath tickled her nape, bringing his face closer to her nape he took a deep breath as if sniffing her, "Run away? Even if you escape to another world, I will still get you back".She pushed him and looked in his eyes forcefully even though her eyes were dying to avert the direction, "Well, it was my fault that I came from window without telling you"."There is no need for a sorry, if I want to get even with you, I will just put off your clothes until I see you naked and get my revenge," he replied.    

  • The Page Where We Left

    The Page Where We Left



    Nari the girl, whose punches every other guy of her age in her school had tasted. Park Ye Jun, the guy who excessively seemed interested in this tomboy who had entered his life first when she beat the pulp out of his friend. Nari hated Ye Jun but Park Ye Jun never missed a chance of showing his feelings to her. But then why suddenly he left the city and cut ties with everyone, even Nari. Why did he leave Nari alone when she wanted him finally? And what will happen when he finally comes back and Nari hates him again? Join them on the wistful, humourous, and sometimes unpredictable journey of them, The Page Where We Left... The total number of chapters (targeted): 150. Updates: Two chapters daily. The Privileged readers can get access to a sneak peek of further two to four chapters. It's a slow burn so buckle yourself up for A long journey!!!! Catch me on insta: _aislinn_jasper_ or talk to me on discord: Aislinn_Jasper #2125

  • My Possessive Vampires

    My Possessive Vampires

    "Sonja is a down on her luck waitress. Her bills keep climbing and she's stuck in an embarrassing job with no way to escape.She gets a letter from one Jasper Bright. He demands she come to see him that very night. There's only one problem, Sonja has no idea who he is.Her boss has been acting very strange lately. Ever since she received that letter he's been almost possessive, but that couldn't possibly be true, right?But these men are holding a secret of their own and when Sonja stumbles onto it, her normal everyday troubles are over and she's got a whole slew of much more worrisome ones to deal with.Just what are you supposed to do when you find yourself in the center of two possessive vampires?"

  • Are You My Pup's Father?

    Are You My Pup's Father?


    “I knew when I saw you the other night,” Jasper said, his voice tender, “that you were the one.” I blinked and my heart went crazy. “The one, what?” “I knew that you were my mate.” — Adele was told that she can’t bear a child. However, when her lab results come back ‘pregnant’, she’s torn between two potential fathers— her best friend who brought her to her room, or the hunky man she woke up next to. To top it off, her parents just made a deal to marry her to Red Moon Pack’s Alpha without her consent. She scrambles to handle everything while fighting hard to keep her baby. — I don’t know what compelled me to say it, maybe the heat running through me, maybe desire. I added, “So I’m just standing here naked, talking to you.” Damien exhaled sharply, and I could tell I got the rise out of him I’d wanted. “You don’t have to stand there alone, think about me while you’re naked,” he whispered. Are You My Pup's Father is created by Flora Harvey, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Ratu Skandal dan Tuan Sempurna

    Ratu Skandal dan Tuan Sempurna

    Si ratu skandal cantik, Xia Siyu yang di tunggu-tunggu kehadirannya di festival film Jin Ao akhirnya muncul. Semua orang tidak menyangka bahwa dia datang setelah skandal yang menimpanya beberapa hari yang lalu. Bao Yan si artis terkenal yang juga merupakan suami Xia Siyu yang tidak pernah tinggal bersamanya juga hadir. Ketika pembawa acara bertanya kepada Bao Yan selanjutnya dia ingin bekerja sama dengan aktris yang mana, kamera tiba-tiba menunjuk ke Xia Siyu yang duduk jauh darinya, Bao Yan dengan tegas dan tatapan tidak suka berkata bahwa dia tidak ingin bekerja sama dengannya, Xia Siyu yang berwatak blak-blakan langsung berkata seumur hidup dia tidak akan bekerja sama dengannya dengan kesal. Selesai acara, asisten pribadi Xia Siyu, Wei Jingjing memperingatkan Xia Siyu agar memperhatikan tindakannya dan juga jangan mencari masalah dengan Bao Yan, karena pria itu adalah orang yang memiliki banyak beking di dunia hiburan ini. Xia Siyu tidak berani bertindak kelewatan kepada Bao Yan, karena pria itu mengetahui masa lalunya, ketika rumah Xia Siyu di teror orang di siram dengan cat merah, dia tidak memiliki tempat untuk pulang, sehingga mau tidak mau dia kembali ke apartemen milik Bao Yan, tak di sangka Bao Yan yang tidak pernah kembali kerumah itu, malam itu kembali dan menmukan Xia Siyu berbaring di dalam bath tub, karena khawatir Xia Siyu tidak berpikir panjang dan bunuh diri karena tekanan yang menimpanya beberapa hari ini, Bao Yan segera memeriksa keadaan Xia Siyu.

  • The Werewolf CEO That Got Me Pregnant

    The Werewolf CEO That Got Me Pregnant


    Stella Veronica is a beautiful woman who has been married for 7 years with a man named Jasper Kurt. But she often gets bad treatment from her husband. Because her husband was fed up with her. Because she didn't get pregnant right away. However, due to an incident at the hotel where her husband works, Stella, who is drunk, has slept with the handsome CEO. Her husband's boss. And she was pregnant with the child of her husband's superior. So how will this love triangle end? And what will happen if Jasper finds out that the child that is being conceived by Stella is the son of his own boss, a werewolf who is a handsome CEO of a well-known Skin Care company in New York City? [ WSA THEME : WEREWOLF ]

  • kingdoms



    "So this is the way of it? We fight together, we bleed together, and what then do we do with our hearts?""You tell me, Jasper of Moline... You tell me."~~Dive deep into this epic tale of Love, adventure and redemption alongside Hannah and Jasper. A princess who once thought her destiny was to rule alongside a man whom she might not have wanted and a warrior who once wanted nothing to do with love. They both soon find that not everything must be without color, not all flowers must be dead, and not all wars were physical, and that some of them took place right within our very selves.





    [Completed] ~He loved her desperately but sometimes love Can not be enough~ What would you do if you loved someone so much she's your world, however, you can't be with her. Not because you got nothing, but because the forces at play are much greater than you. Scarlett had always believed she was cursed because any man she dates, bad things happen to them. But then, it wasn't just a curse but an entity she didn't believe in. Jasper would do anything to keep Scarlett safe and for them to be together. But what if the problem is that, he's not just the right man for the job? Ben wants nothing but to be free from the daily disturbances from ghosts. They know he's their only shot at having peace and they flock to him; each with their intention. However, what if Ben has to find peace for a certain human too? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Your body is strong enough to house me until I have my revenge!" The ghost disclosed her plans to him. Ben Atticus Alcántara Junior is a world-famous award-winning paranormal author but there was something the world didn't know about him, he's a medium; the bridge between the dead and the living. What happens when he finds out that his best friend is getting married to a woman destined to bring nothing but death to him? What happens when both parties cross paths? Would he turn a blind eye or head in to save the day even if it means breaking the both of them up? Would a heart-stirring romance brew between them in the journey? Note : This isn't your typical story , the MC has a dark side to him hence don't expect a sweet, fluffy romance story because this is a mix of paranormal. Also this is a spin off from the book, " The she-devil and her alphas," Other books : 1: Taming A Billionaire 2: THE SHE-DEVIL AND HER ALPHAS Find me on discord: https://discord.gg/swmysryXAG

  • Twilight: Bloody Hell

    Twilight: Bloody Hell


    Firstly, I only own my own SI character the rest of the characters and story belong to the author to twilight series. Second, it's my first time writing a story so bear with me if it's not too good. Hopefully there won't be any grammar and spelling mistakes. It won't be like other fanfics in which the mc starts his life from 17 then goes to forks school and meets the characters. While the characters will be there the mc won't be affected by most of them. The mc would be joining Volturi and his mate would be Jane(I don't care if she was 13 when she was turned she is a legal loli). The story would start with mc going to Confederate Army, meeting Jasper and then joining Volturi. The image doesn't belong to me I just got it from google.

  • Scoundrel Spy in Lady's Skin

    Scoundrel Spy in Lady's Skin


    As the Crown Princess’ secret spy, Jasper Kilmartin has no qualms about being IN women (in all locations), but this is the first time his soul has ended up in one! And not just any woman - it’s Lady Francessa! His dear sweet Frannie, who happens to be his childhood friend and first love. Who happens to be dead. Can he still be a spy with this body, while looking after her clingy adorable daughter? === “It’s a miracle!” Princess Lenora proclaimed, weeping tears of gratitude. “My best friend has returned from the dead!” “It’s witchcraft!” General Darius declared. “Arrest her!” “Don’t touch my wife!” A voice declares. Jasper turns around only to see his own body staring at him. What on earth is going on?