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  • Kobayashi meet Touma

    Kobayashi meet Touma

    Teen SYSTEM

    Kobayashi Yui was return back home at Saitama while she bumped into Touma and while she look at him and he had some bruises on his check and she was helping him and clear his wound but he refused for asking for help him.

  • Kobayashi-kun's Incubus adventure

    Kobayashi-kun's Incubus adventure


  • welcome, to your new horny life

    welcome, to your new horny life


    a boy named Kent hentai was killed while trying to help a little girl from getting hit by the legendary truck-kun and met god and put him in another worldanime and games:highschool dxdmiss Kobayashi's maid dragonyarichin kateikyoushi netori houkoku dosukebe kyonyuu oyakodonoku-sama was moto YarimanMinecraftUndertalecreepypasta

  • I pretended to be Death, Yet she never stepped back.

    I pretended to be Death, Yet she never stepped back.


    “My name is Kobayashi Shinsuke, 42 years old. I’m the Head of Financial Section of the Department of Natural Disasters at Marline Insurance. I’ve got a new recruit under me, and I can’t stand her smiles, her glares and carefree attitude. She looks exactly like the crazy woman who went after me yesterday, and now she works here?! That chick… I MUST MAKE HER QUIT!" "My name is Shinohara Hana, 21 years old, and I’m the new recruit. I’ve taken an interest in Mr Kobayashi. For quite a while, in fact... This guy… I MUST MAKE HIM FALL FOR ME!" Or the awkward and misunderstood ennemies-(but not really)-to-lovers relationship in the corporate world of insurance companies?! Hana has known him for a long time, and she got hired in the same company to find him, and to express all her gratitude to him, in spite of his bad personality. But Shinsuke doesn't remember her. Even worse, their first meeting, in his eyes, was horrible! And the young woman doesn't seem to have any remorse, or even remember the facts! But she intends to stand up to him, no matter what. Because she has a debt to settle.... And because, only one thing truly matters for her. ______________ EXTRACTS Yuuto grimaced, and then leaned back to catch a glimpse of Mari. "Hey, Hasami-san?" He said to get her attention. The older woman then leaned back in her seat as well, positioning herself at Hana's side in the same fashion as Yuuto; like two slightly overzealous bodyguards. "Take a look at this," Yuuto said, pointing to the computer screen of the new intern. An intern who, by now, had completely stopped working, and was wondering why she now had two adults leaning over each of her shoulders with a concentrated look aimed at her document. And after a few seconds, Mari winced. "Ouch..." She said, as if what she was seeing was painful, just by looking. She then put her left hand on Hana's shoulder, and shook her head. "Chief Kobayashi is onto you..." She deduced with a sorry voice. "He asked you to return this to him by when?" "Tomorrow morning...?" Hana replied hesitantly. "Ouch..." Yuuto said in turn. "What a piece of..." But the young man quickly paused, looking suspiciously around and turning his head like a prairie dog on guard. Then, seeing that the object of his insults was not walking around the floor - like a vulture hovering in the air looking for a new prey - he whispered sharply to complete his sentence. "What a bastard!" He said in a breath, almost inaudibly. ______________________________________ Cover art by Banae (Instagram: @ba.nae ) English QC : Banae/Maumau

  • The Rainy Day I Met You

    The Rainy Day I Met You

    Eastern Fantasy ROMANCE

    The Rainy Day I met you is about Haru Sasaki. His mother and he got into a car accident which lead him To have to move to a town far from Kyoto where he was originally from, and there he will meet Lilia Albrook, with her he will learn how to love again and live again.

  • Chains of Love

    Chains of Love


    This story is located in Japan, but not the Japan we know. A parallel world.Tanaka Chihiro, a very cute and beautiful girl starts her high school life with an event that changes her whole life. Tanaka Chihiro is in love when she first meet another beauty named Kobayashi Rylie, but meeting her twist her fate and changes her thru her life time. Let us follow the story that changes Tanaka Chihiro and all the event that happens inside her life.Kobayashi Rylie can finally live alone with her brother named Kobayashi Ryan. The dream to leave her other family members have come true. But it is far from it, her family keeps on trying to drag her and Ryan back into the house. She has many secrets and only Ryan keeps the secret safe and protected her.will the life of a psychotic girl connects with her family again? Will Ryan be able to keep all her secret safe?Author's memo:I can upload 1 Chapter every weekdays and I will try to upload 2 Chapter on weekends. 1 Chapter varies from 1,5K words to 2,5K words, I cut each Chapter based on the story so it is varied. Enjoy!

  • J'ai prétendu être la Mort, mais elle m'a tenu tête.

    J'ai prétendu être la Mort, mais elle m'a tenu tête.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FIRSTLOVE

    “Mon nom est Kobayashi Shinsuke, 42 ans. Je suis chef de la Section Finances du Département Catastrophes Naturelles de Marline Insurance. J’ai une nouvelle recrue sous mes ordres, et je ne supporte pas ses sourires, ses regards, et son attitude détachée. Elle ressemble exactement à la folle qui s’en est pris à moi hier, et elle travaille ici maintenant?!Cette fille… JE DOIS LA FAIRE DÉMISSIONNER!""Mon nom est Shinohara Hana, 21 ans, et je suis la nouvelle recrue! Je m’intéresse de près à Mr Kobayashi. Depuis un moment, même… Ce type… JE DOIS LE FAIRE TOMBER AMOUREUX DE MOI!"Ou la relation bizarre et basée sur un malentendu d’ennemis (mais pas vraiment) qui deviennent un couple, dans le monde des sociétés d’assurances!Hana le connaît depuis longtemps, et s'est faite embaucher dans la même entreprise pour le retrouver, et lui exprimer toute sa gratitude, malgré son mauvaix caractère. Mais Shinsuke ne se souvient pas d'elle. Pire, même, leur première rencontre, à ses yeux, était horrible! Et la jeune femme ne semble pas avoir de remords, ni même se souvenir des faits! Mais, elle compte bien lui tenir tête, quoi qu'il arrive. Car elle a une dette à régler... Et parce qu'une seule chose est importante, à ses yeux.__________________EXTRAIT:Yuuto grimaça, et se pencha alors en arrière pour apercevoir Mari.« Hé, Hasami-san ? » Dit-il pour attirer son attention.La femme plus âgée se pencha alors également en arrière sur son siège, elle et Yuuto se positionnant de chaque côté d'Hana comme deux gardes du corps un peu trop zélés.« Jette un œil à ça, » dit Yuuto en pointant du doigt l'écran d'ordinateur de la nouvelle interne.Interne qui, à présent, avait complètement arrêté de travailler, et se demandait pourquoi elle avait à présent deux adultes penchés sur chacune de ses épaules avec un regard concentré braqué sur son document.Et après quelques secondes, Mari grimaça.«Ouch...» Dit-elle, comme si ce qu'elle voyait était douloureux, rien qu'en regardant.Elle mit alors sa main gauche sur l'épaule d'Hana, et secoua la tête.«Le Chef Kobayashi t'as dans le collimateur...» Déduisit-elle avec une voix navrée. «Il t'a demandé de lui rendre ça pour quand ?»«Demain matin... ?» Répondit avec hésitation Hana.«Ouch...» Dit à son tour Yuuto. «Quelle espèce de...»Mais le jeune homme s'interrompit rapidement, regardant avec un regard suspicieux tout autour de lui et tournant la tête comme un chien de prairie sur ses gardes.Puis, voyant que l'objet de ses insultes n'était pas en train de marcher dans l'étage - comme un rapace planerait dans les airs pour chercher une nouvelle proie – il chuchota vivement pour compléter sa phrase.«Quel enfoiré !» Dit-il en un souffle, de façon presque inaudible._________________________________________________Illustration de couverture par Banae (Instagram: @ba.nae )BETA : Nayrroda.

  • The Dying Girl

    The Dying Girl


    you made flowers grow in my lungs, and although they are beautiful, I can't breathe Hanako Kobayashi Has been living with a disease for six's years .with no cure it seems she'll never have a chance in love. And lives her last days with her grandma Hayden. But that all changes when she meets Lexy, a redhead with piercings. will she finally have a chance? Disclaimer! This is still a draft and is not at its greatest.

  • The boy at the Corner

    The boy at the Corner

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY HAREM

    Kaito Kobayashi is a 17 year old boy. Due to some unforseen circumstances he had to transfer to a new school. He doesn't want to interact with people. But for some reason whenever he is around the Ichinose Kei, he finds himself contradicting with his thoughts. Thus the curtain rises for this unexpected romantic development.

  • Rosas da Escuridão

    Rosas da Escuridão

    Rosas da Escuridão é um romance de vampiros, onde a protagonista é Yumi Kobayashi uma jovem japonesa, que tem muito interesse em rosas e jardins.

  • wearing modern fighting arts in isekai

    wearing modern fighting arts in isekai


    Kobayashi Roy is a high school boy who has a strange dream about himself being a mercenary and he hasn't had time to find out that dream he and his classmates are summoned to another world.

  • The boy in the Corner

    The boy in the Corner


    Kobayashi Kaito, a high school student, had a disturbing experience during his middle school days. After few years, he was made to transfer to Tokyo Metropolitan High School, far away from his old high school, where no one knows of his past. He intends to spend a normal and peaceful high school life, without getting much involved with others. That's why he tries to speak indifferently to try to avoid people. But despite his efforts, a mature beauty with long black hair talks to him on the very first day and not to mention a girl, who he has never seen or met before, drags him out of the classroom for reasons unknown. Although he had wanted to live without getting involved with others, it seems like God has some other plans for him.

  • Withered Cherry Blossoms

    Withered Cherry Blossoms

    Seiichi Kobayashi, aged 15, met a boy of mystery during the time where things were less complicated. That boy opened him up to a world that he didn't know existed. It was entirely overwhelming. To the point where he thought it would be the actual death of him. It all seemed like his world was flipped upside down and without him being able to notice it. ...........✍︎"You have a choice. He goes or she goes."

  • For You

    For You

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ANGST

    Hana Yamazaki is known for being gentle and kind while Yuuki Kobayashi is the complete opposite: cold and a delinquent. Her classmates and teachers would often warn her about the renowned troublemaker but she keeps seeing sides of Yuuki that others seem to miss. As they got to know each other better, they find themselves drawn to each other but Yuuki suddenly dropped out and she had no way of knowing where he could have been.5 years later, Hana has now become a licensed preschool teacher. She accepted the job that was a short distance from her home to be able to help her mom anytime she needs to. It was only a small preschool that was chosen out of convenience but as she was introduced on her first day, her breath hitched on her throat seeing the person she thought she'd never see again -- Yuuki Kobayashi. Fate may bring two destined people together over and over but it can also play the cruelest tricks to test their relationship.

  • Cheat Genius

    Cheat Genius


    Seiki Kobayashi, a dumbhead turned genius by the help of the Goddess Athena. He was transferred into a magical world created by Athena, carrying a mission to cultivate her creation. Athena is the embodiment of wisdom. She envied planet Earth being innovative. The Goddess wants her creation to be her reflection. Thus, Seiki was given a mission of cultivation. Seiki being unable to use magic, relies only on the ability given by the Goddess. Who would have thought that this dumbhead can someday change Athena's world.Ps: I'm a newbie writer. I'm aware that this story of mine is not yet polished. If ever you have suggestions or corrections about the content of the story - feel free to leave a comment. I accept any criticism, I just want to improve at writing. Thank you.

  • Masuk ke Dunia Demon Slayer

    Masuk ke Dunia Demon Slayer

    Zahra Nansa, seorang murid SMA dari Indonesia, ingin mencoba bermain sebuah game yang dihasilkan dari kerjasama antara Indonesia dengan Jepang yang berjudul LEGEND OF KIMETSU NO YAIBA.Ditengah-tengah ia bermain, tiba-tiba saja sistem miliknya terserang virus, dan membuat seluruh game miliknya error dan berubah menjadi pusaran waktu.Alhasil, ia pun terseret ke pusaran waktu dan tersesat di dunia Demon Slayer/ Kimetsu no Yaiba yang terjadi dalam dunia nyata dan bukan sekedar game biasa.Karena ia berasal dari Indonesia dan tersesat di dunia Jepang masa lalu, demi menghindarkan kecurigaan, ia pun mengubah namanya menjadi Kobayashi Akiko.Bagaimanakah petualangannya agar bisa kembali lagi ke dunianya?

  • Touma is a vampire

    Touma is a vampire


    Touma came to see the New Members who had join the family of Sakurazka46. One Day something strange is going on with his skin is so pale like a dead fish but that not all Kobayashi also worried about Touma health. How all the members reacts to Touma is a bloody vampire who drink fresh human blood and his fangs is getting sharp every time we saw his teeth.

  • The School Angel is my Fiancee

    The School Angel is my Fiancee


    It all started on a rainy day. I was on my way home soaked in water because I forgot my umbrella. It was supposed to be another normal day for me, after going home I'll take a bath, eat and sleep. It really was supposed to be another normal day... So please tell me why is the school's angel in front of my apartment soaking wet too!?!? "You finally came home, I was waiting for you" One day, a high school student named Kashiwagi Haru found out that the infamous Prickly Angel, Kobayashi Kaede was his fiancee. Caught up by the whims of their parents how will their love story unfold!

  • Reborn Into My Hero Academia

    Reborn Into My Hero Academia


    Benjiro Kobayashi, 16, tragically died due to unknown, unforeseen circumstances and will now live out his life as the “entertainment” of a god that has reincarnated him into the world of MHA with a customized gamer system at his disposal to assist him in progressing through the world and help with his task of “entertaining” the god who has given him a second life.-Will attempt a pairing of OC/Momo--NO HAREM-*I have never written a story before, but I have read a few hundred fanfics that I shall try to take inspiration from in order to help my writing progress and help my brain formulate what will hopefully be a solid story for other to enjoy.

  • I Love You Again and Again

    I Love You Again and Again


    •Not a translation. When Saira Aoki was in middle school, everybody did not care about her and liked to tease her because she was a loner and fat. Therefore, lots of people made fun of her. Until she met Katashi Kobayashi in middle school. He is a senior by a year. He was the only one who treated her nicely. Saira fell in love with Katashi, as he treated her nicer than anyone in school. Wherever Katashi goes he would attract everyone’s attention because of his cool aura. He is handsome, from a wealthy family, smart, polite, good at sports, fashionable and cool. He is every girl’s dream lover. Despite being so popular Katashi never had a girlfriend and did not accept any confession in middle school, because he wanted to focus on studying. Saira got motivated and decided to change herself, her way of living, and lose weight, in the hope that her life would get better and hope that Katashi would notice her. Therefore, she aimed to admit to the same high school as Katashi. Saira’s parent is a very outstanding public figure, however, they are divorced. Saira’s mother had to go overseas to work, therefore, Saira’s mother requested her friend to take care of Saira while she is gone but she was about to get married, so she (Saira's mother's friend) suggested her (Saira's mother), her friend from high school days who coincidentally, is Katashi’s mother. At first, Saira did not know so she refused the idea to be in the care of others and she was used to be alone. However, her mother was worried and tried to persuade Saira. At last, Saira agreed and decided to go along with what her mother has planned for her. When Saira got to know that she would be living with Katashi she felt happy and excited. However, when Saira decided to confess her love to Katashi. Katashi brought back his girlfriend to introduce her to everyone?!!!

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