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  • Lovecraft


    Lilith Lovecraft had saw a young man fighting off a monster when she was just a little girl, but had dismissed it as just a dream Seven years later, she moved into America from Japan where she has a hard time fitting in. Until that fateful day where she receives a katana and found out it wasn’t a dream, ultimately becoming a magical girl whose sworn duty is to protect the human race from unworldly monsters from another dimension.

  • Lovecraft University

    Lovecraft University


    School is concealed from mortals throughout the portal like the place the school is called Lovecraft University for the Gifted. Nephthys has to defeat Farka. Then she soon taps into her true power and loses control.

  • Start As A H.P Lovecraft In Douluo Dalu

    Start As A H.P Lovecraft In Douluo Dalu


    Meet He Feng man who awakened in 6 years old child is body. He was outcast of Holy Spirit Village. When Tang San praised by villagers he was looking at them from far. When everyone loved by their parents at least have friends he was alone in corner of orphan. But today all of this over. He got his own golden finger [The Creator Template System]. With [The King Of Horror And Terror], [The God Of Horror Stories], [The Creator Of Cthulhu Myth] The Great [H.P Lovecraft] as his first template He Feng start his journey.Tang San: I have twin martial spirit and Tang Sect is secret art why can’t I defeat him![Emotion Points +100]Dai Mubai: Please get away from me! You monster! You monster![Emotion Points +100]Flender: I don’t want money any more! Please get that gold coins put away from me![Emotion Points +100]He Feng: The everything you done is just a entertainment for me.

  • Coffee With A Side Of Lovecraft

    Coffee With A Side Of Lovecraft


    “Silver Lining: An advantage that comes from a difficult or unpleasant situation.” One failed contract is all it took for Kyori Tenkyuu, “The Repeating Swordsman”, to lose everything. He was left with only a single eye, a scarred psyche, and stripped of his connection to the arcane arts. Out a job, at his wit’s end, and with no other recourse, he relents with rekindling an old hobby of his. Day in and day out, he works to rebuild an abandoned tavern once meant for adventures, thus renovating the establishment into the "Nocturne Victoria" cafe.His first employee? The very same person, if you can call “them” that, responsible for his forced retirement…One can only hope he is not one to carry a grudge against an eldritch horror...

  • Eldritch, Fragments from the Abyss

    Eldritch, Fragments from the Abyss

    A black monolith stands before my eyes, images and letters of all sort are engraved, some normal, other bizarre, many confuse and contort, pictures of beasts and monsters confuse themself in the thin white letters that are all over the monolith, I realize that they are stories, stories on the Eldrich and unknown.This is not a single story but a collection of short stories inspire by H.P. Lovecraft, E.D. Poe and other writers of strange fiction.Read them in every order that you like.

  • The Horror Collection: A Collection Of Horror Stories (Not For The Faint-Hearted)

    The Horror Collection: A Collection Of Horror Stories (Not For The Faint-Hearted)

    A Collection Of Horror Stories. For The Fans Of H.P. Lovecraft and Junji Ito.

  • Monsters of Nowhere

    Monsters of Nowhere

    Everything appeared normal in Port Marbine; the town was bustling as citizens go about their day. Ian is an average person working to make ends meet, finding love, and enjoy life. However, he’s suddenly thrown into a world of chaos as grotesque monsters began invading his hometown. Humanity gains a mysterious summoning power from unknown origins as they attempt to fight back against them. In this apocalyptic scenario, Ian is left to defend himself and face his fears head on to protect the ones he loves. Follow Ian and his friends as they struggle to survive in a seemingly hopeless situation and unravel the mysteries about the sudden monster invasion. -------------------------------------------------- Inspired by Lovecraft novels Feel free to leave a review, good or bad. I would appreciate any criticism on this to develop this story in a positive direction.

  • Pride and Arrogance

    Pride and Arrogance


    Slave to RulerMortal to GodNobody to SomethingThose that know him personally know him as Lovecraft.Those that know of him in stories know him as Pride.And those that have met him a few times know him as an arrogant piece of shite that should die. "I'm not gonna ask you to bow, just die instead.""Why cry, your death shall help me rise feel pride in knowing your death does me good.""I'm not sexist I just believe women were born to serve me and men were meant to be cucked and killed by me."

  • Night Angel The Dead Island

    Night Angel The Dead Island


    Xana Star, the fairy, was raised as a warrior, trained to kill demons and rogue Downworlders along with her best friends, Michael, a werewolf and son of London's Alpha werewolves pack, and Alston, an elf and the prince of Alavara. She didn't know that meeting Jamie, the mundane boy, will have this effect on her life. She has to protect Jamie from her enemies, protect the mundanes from Lovecraft, the warlock who is trying to awaken Lord Anubis to take over the world and do her regular missions at the same time. It's a fantasy adventure with magic, mythical creatures and romance.

  • Technician of the Abyss

    Technician of the Abyss


    When Henry woke up that day, he never expected to find himself on an alternate version of Victorian-Era Earth. Filled with mystical creatures from fantasy and folklore. And eldritch beings straight out of Lovecraft himself. Well, at least he got a nice System out of it.

  • Ink


    Horror&Thriller ACTION SCARY

    Worlds collide, Eldritch abominations meet HP Lovecraft's monsters. Who will give meaning to the meaningless? This tale is about a girl who has seen the light but can't comprehend it. She's been blessed by the light but doesn't know what it means. Her drive is to seek the answers to every question.

  • Cosmic horror Hunters

    Cosmic horror Hunters


    When a young man, in a normal town discovers a strange creature on the beach. He is pulled into a world of madness, Cosmos, and gods. What will he do and will he be able to survive and keep his sanity sane.Very Important note: This is a Book I created due to my inspiration from H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

  • Mysticum


    Horror&Thriller ACTION MYSTERY SCARY

    Detective Jeremiah Sperry received a letter from an unknown client. The letter told that demonic things were happening at the Wittsend Manor. Dive into a world of insanity as Detective Sperry struggles to solve the case and battle unknown monsters. An H. P. Lovecraft inspired story.

  • Not a Soul

    Not a Soul

    “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion." Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays “I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.” H.P. Lovecraft, The Outsider "By distancing ourselves form our senses we can truly understand our place in this world." Let's follow together our protagonist as he lives his daily life on a far away land, and uncovers the darkest of secrets...

  • Messenger of the Morbid One

    Messenger of the Morbid One


    An archeologist tries to uncover the mysteries lying with the ancient civilizations of the bronze age, when he finds himself in Egypt, discovering horrors one would never even expect. A journey of a sane man, overloading himself with wisdom, and eventually succumbing to madness.A small tribute to the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the Gods he created, and the horrors he unleashed

  • The Piramid

    The Piramid


    Short horror story, based on the style of the great writer Lovecraft.A very curious man by chance finds a map of some islands in an inhospitable part of the world. Over time, his interest in that place becomes more and more intense, this obsession leads him to visit the islands and there he finds something that will definitely lead him to madness.

  • A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park


    Walking alone in the dead of night, sleeping with the door locked, asking questions that ought not to be answered, and other dangerous practices. "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."- H.P. LovecraftA collection of short horror stories. Ongoing as of Nov 21, 2021.

  • The Legacy of Legends: Into the Fictional Abyss.

    The Legacy of Legends: Into the Fictional Abyss.


    A Collection of novels but I'm Only Writing one of them for now.First Book, Art Legend.Main chapter one. The Legend of the Flaming Rider.Chapter Unique TAGS: Six Ages Inspired, J. R. R. Tolkienian Inspired Creatures, Living world, soft magic system, Long Saga, reincarnation, Reset, Experienced Protagonist, Realism.Hook for chapter one: In a world where everything lives, and breaths magic, a child born in a clan of horse, and flames, rises with a soul of a creature from the abyss and a body born of this world, Let us watch him make a legend in this world.Main chapter two.Chapter Unique TAGS:Hollow Knight Inspired, Lovecraft Style Creatures, Insect Inspired Creatures, Soft Magic System, Slow Story, Experienced Protagonist, Reincarnation.

  • Grim World Online

    Grim World Online

    In the year 2076, a Augmented Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or ARMMORPG called GRIM WORLD [ONLINE] was released. It stands out among all other ARMMORPG's due to it's God Tier ability for its nearly limitless character customisation options. After an unheared of 18-year run the game servers are about to be shut down. Within the game exists a famous guild, Lovecraft, it's 34 members (known as "the Pantheon") are credited as the best of the best, hand picked PVP players in the game. However four years after the guilds official founding only 6 of the members remain, the remainder having quit the game. Of those 6 only one, a Dragoniod character named Nyarlathotep, continues to play as the guild leader and maintaining their headquarters, The Eternal Mountain, Voormithadreth. He invites the remaining guild members but of those 6 only one appears and only for a short while before leaving. While saddened by this, he grudgingly accepts the reality that his friends all have their real lives to take care of and decides to stay logged in until the servers shut down while wandering the guilds headquarters reminiscing of better times.However 2 hours before the server shutdown Nyarlathotep discovers a hidden chamber within the eternal Mountain, Voormithadreth that triggers a unheard of final relic weapon quest that changes his life forever.(Disclaimer- The events of the ONGOING STORY are fictional events and are not a representation of any historical battles, locations or people. If there's any correlation between this story and another it is purely coincidental. All images posted are only for visual aid and by no means represent the final design of the characters.All credit for the artwork displayed goes to individual artist that created them.)

  • In the bottom of the Darkness

    In the bottom of the Darkness

    Throughout my life, I was always captivated by all the television shows that consisted of short stories. I always found it pretty clever how they put in fantastic stories, in thirty minutes or an hour. My initial references were "Twilight Zone", "Amazing Stories", "Night Gallery", among others. Of course, over time that continued with current shows like "Black Mirror" and "Room 104".On the literature side, this started with the short stories by Stephen King and Charles Bukowski. That later continued to evolve with other authors such as Lovecraft, Jorge Luis Borges, Clive Barker, among others.Thanks to these influences, I decided to take the step of starting to write my own short stories. These stories were written throughout my life. While I was developing them, little by little, I polished, expanded, or shortened them, depending on the situation warranted, and this is how this compendium of stories was born."In the bottom of the Darkness" is simply a name that occurred to me, since many stories have a dark foundation, concept, and approach. I wanted to find a rhyming title and that's what I came up with.Initially, I wanted to write basic horror stories, but the problem is that I could not come up with original ideas. When I came up with one, I realized that it was quite similar to those of Stephen King or another author. So I started to work in another way, to discover how to make a more authentic story. After some time racking my brain I was able to get it and here is the result.The stories are varied, mainly there is a bit of dark realism, magical realism, horror, fantasy, eroticism (do not worry, it is moderate, it does not become pornographic), among others. Each story touches a different theme, using a different genre, which makes this compendium very varied and dynamic.I hope you enjoy it...