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  • The Love of a Lycan

    The Love of a Lycan



    COMPLETED!Snippet:A year ago Raine was discharged from mental institution and had to live in the orphanage. It wasn't the best place. At least not for someone like her.Until one faithful night she met him.***He stopped the car.The clutched on the blanket tightened as Raine wonder if she did something wrong. She could feel it when Torak reached out his hand at her.Will he hit me? Raine shivered with that thought.Torak pulled back the hoodie off her head and gently tucked her hair behind her ear."Don't." He said firmly, "I want to see you, don't hide yourself…"**************“The spirit of the guardian angel will breathe new life into human child. Three guardian angels will be born into terrestrial world once again and the three of you will be their protectors.”“Protectors!!?” Jedrek snapped. In the end, he stopped walking and turned his back to look at the moon goddess from far distance away, his eyes glistening red with anger. His wolf was livid. “Why do you think we will help?” Kace asked while narrowing his black obsidian eyes, his wolf took control of him. He was the youngest among the three and the less temperamental among them.The three of them were cursed by Selene because of their ferocious action to gain supreme power and authority. The moon goddess didn’t bless them with a mate as a punishment of their atrocious way and forced them to involve in this deadly war with the demons.“You will turn us into a slave for those sickly creatures!?” Torak asked incredulously. “Aren’t you afraid that we will snap them into two?”The guardian angel was so fragile and they as lycanthropes didn’t appreciate the weaknesses.“No, you will not.” Selene said patiently. “You will not be their slave nor hurt them, you will cherish them in every way possible.”Jedrek laughed menacingly upon hearing this, they didn’t care about the resurrected of the beast, once they crossed their territory, with or without the guardian angel he would tear their body apart. “I will be the last person they will see, once I find them.” He was referring to both the guardian angel and the demon.But, the next voice from Selene was laced with mirth when she spoke.“You will not hurt your mate.”============================Session 1 (chapter 1 - 394) : Torak Donovan - Raine (completed).Session 2 (chapter 395 - 628) : Kace Donovan - Hope (completed)Session 3 (chapter 629 - 1083) : Jedrek Donovan - Lilac (completed)Session 4 (chapter 1084 - on going) : Side Stories============================This is a werewolf story and of course a fantasy! Since everybody has their own version of the way supernatural life, here I am trying to write mine.If you have read other werewolf stories, you will be aware there are similarities and differences.============================***Caution!English is not my first language, so there is a possibility that you will find grammatical error (I didn't do it intentionally though), if it makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so I can fix it.*You have been warned ^^Any constructive criticisms are very welcome!..........................................................................................##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare##Cover by: @Gisel.artsCheck out my other stories: **PURPLE DAWN TILL DUSK: dearest through the time**THE STORY OF DUSK

  • My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest

    My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest



    WINNER: 3rd Place, 2021 Werewolf Competition [Mature Content] After escaping suicide forest, August Moon finds that she has only gone deeper into the mysteries it holds. Lycans exist. But maybe she is something even stranger... With a clandestine experimental pandemic, a decade-old murder mystery, and a timeless prejudice against strange members within the lycan community all simmering in the periphery of her newfound surroundings, August must fight to discover her own truth alongside a fierce and possessive male who claims to be her mate.

  • Alpha Maximus:The last lycan

    Alpha Maximus:The last lycan

    Alpha Maximus of the Blood Moon pack is the last of his kind, mateless and shunned by the werewolf community and unable to control his Lycan making him a bigger threat to all around him. He is shunned and disliked even by most of his own pack until he is captured which leads to him finding his mate in dire circumstances. He frees his mate from slavery and abuse, escaping their deadly situation together.Due to his mate's magic ability, questions are raised and the werewolf community now fear them both and declare war against them. Hidden secrets about his mate's past are revealed, which leads to his mate fulfilling a deadly prophecy.

  • Putri Lycan

    Putri Lycan



    Caroline dibuang keluarganya hanya karena dia dianggap cacat. Bersama sepupunya Luis, Caroline harus tinggal di asrama khusus.Dia tidak bisa keluar dari tempat itu dan semua orang menatapnya sebelah mata. Tapi semua itu sirna saat wujud serigalanya muncul, bukan wujud serigala biasa melainkan Lycan. Serigala yang lebih kuat dari Werewolf. Dan tanpa dia sadari bahwa dia adalah keturunan terakhir dari Lycan.update setiap hari

  • My Personal Lycan King

    My Personal Lycan King


    Victoria Gibberson, an 18 years old telepathic girl who can read the mind of others whenever she wants. It was a curse more than a giftHer parents died in a car accident, one year back and thus, the first thing she did after completing high school was to change her place of residence.Moving in a small town called Pearly Canines with her aunt, she said goodbye to the old memories wanting to start fresh with her college studies.But there was something wrong with this place. The vibe she was getting was one of creep but luring her in at the same time.The thing that was most strange to her was, she felt an undeniable attraction to this guy called Alexander Hunter. He would stare at her deeply as if knowing her deepest secrets.It didn't help her when one night, he came near her and leaned before whispering seductively in her ears,"Hello, mate. Let's fall in love with each other."

  • Obsession: the Lycan king's Human Mate

    Obsession: the Lycan king's Human Mate



    "Wha—" "You're pregnant!" She squealed, "Ah, young love. Don't worry. I will be with you every step of the way-" Adeline tuned her out and was focusing on the pamphlets that were kept on the other side of the room. Those that had the options of pregnancies. She wanted those, she wanted to know what other options did she have. "Can I have those?" she pointed to the papers and the doctor looked at them frowning. The doctor glanced at them and disapproval crossed her face. "Why? You don't need them." She was a wolf. Adeline realised. Shit. "Um," Adeline got up from the bed but the doctor stood in the way. "I need to . . go . . " The doctor gave her a tight-lipped smile. "Honey, you are in no state to leave but don't worry I will let your mate know and he will come here to pick you up." Shit. Shit. Shit. If he knew then her chances were slim. "No need for that!" They both turned to the door and Noah stood there, her protector as he claimed. "I am here to pick her up." He grinned and his eyes narrowed, compelling the woman. "Let's go." He turned to Adeline who ran along as the woman stood frozen. They walked out of the room and she palmed her belly. There was a life inside and now she had to choose. The child or her? But that is not all. Throw in human sacrifices, vampires, siren, voodoo aunts and of course, every supernatural myth coming true. Who was really going to protect her? ***** *Slow-burn*

  • Lycan and His Lover

    Lycan and His Lover

    “Reject me!” She begs. “Reject me now!”His eyes are on the pitiful girl who is on her knees, begging for rejection. Her desperate tone makes his heart ache. He will do anything for this woman. Kiss her, love her and kill anyone for her.But reject?“You are stuck with me, my dear,” his silky voice resonates in her ears. His handsome face leans close, his scarlet eyes locked into hers.“You are mine, Roseanne and I will burn down this world if you go away…”In the kingdom of Ezealyra where supernatural creatures rule over the humans, 18 year old Roseanne Vadimovna is a witch and a slave owned by the Lycan Royal Family. Ruled by the ruthless Lycans, Roseanne is forced to do their bidding until one day she was sold off to an auction for lecherous werewolves. And her world turns upside down when he comes to her life. Dmitri Daskov, the Lycan Duke of Sloria. Her master.Her mate.Elusive, sly and manipulative, Dmitri harbors a dangerous obsession for vengeance against his enemies. When his eyes set on Roseanne, he becomes her new master with a purpose in his mind.Scared by her new circumstances, Roseanne finds herself in a new land with no hope of the future. Yet, she finds herself drawn to the dangerous darkness lurking within Dmitri, a darkness which is about to plunge her into the depths of hell.What will happen when she finds out his true intentions?Can she redeem him? Or will she also drown in his darkness?

  • Princess Lycan

    Princess Lycan



    Caroline was dumped simply because she was deemed disabled. Together with her cousin Luis, Caroline has to live in a special dormitory. She couldn't get out of the place and everyone was staring at him one eye. But all of that disappeared when his wolf form appeared, not an ordinary wolf form but Lycan. Wolves that were stronger than werewofl. And without him knowing that she is the last descendant of the Lycan.

  • The Lycan King

    The Lycan King

    When Sedona and Tala were kidnapped and taken into the heart of a Lycan kingdom, Sedona could only think of one thing: leaving! However, the sleek, handsome, muscular lycan that seemed to be calling all the shots had other ideas. When he chose her to stay behind and be his mate, she was ready to hand him his manly parts on a platter...until he made another offer. An offer for her beautiful little moon, Tala. Sedona was willing to do whatever it took to protect her charge, her little moon...including making a pact with the devil...or worse: a Lycan.

  • Cinta Sang Lycan

    Cinta Sang Lycan



    SEKUEL KEDUA DARI CINTA SANG MONSTER.***************************“Kekuatan jiwa dari para Guardian Angel akan bernafas di kehidupan baru dari anak manusia. Tiga Guardian Angel akan lahir ke dunia terrestrial dan sekali lagi, kalian bertiga akan menjadi pelindung mereka.”“Kau akan membuat kami menjadi budak dari makhluk lemah seperti mereka?!” Torak bertanya dengan tidak percaya. “Tidakkah dirimu takut kalau kami akan mematahkan mereka menjadi dua?” Para Guardian Angel itu sangatlah rapuh dan mereka, sebagai Lycanthropes, sangat tidak mengapresiasi segala bentuk kelemahan. “Tidak, kamu tidak akan melakukan itu.” Selene berkata dengan sangat sabar. “Kalian tidak akan menjadi budak mereka ataupun meyakiti para Guardian Angel, kalian akan menghargai mereka dalam hal apapun.”Tapi, suara Selene selanjutnya di selimuti dengan sebuah kebahagiaan saat dia berbicara.“Kalian tidak akan pernah menyakiti pasangan jiwa kalian.”====Ini adalah cerita werewolf dan Lycanthropes (dan sudah pasti fantasi)! Didalam cerita ini ada beberapa istilah yang merujuk pada dewa dan dewi yunani kuno. Kalau kalian suka membaca tentang fiksi makhluk supernatural pasti ada beberapa istilah yang tidak asing bagi kalian. Pertanyaan mengenai hal yang kurang jelas dan saran dapat ditulis di kolom komentar, sebisa mungkin akan author jawab.************************Update setiap hari Pkl. 13.00 wib.************************Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare

  • The Lycan Evolver

    The Lycan Evolver


  • Lycan Queen

    Lycan Queen

    Blakely has always had a calm and normal life. That was until one night when she literally runs into Conrad the Lycan King, turning her world upside down. In that one night, she loses everything she worked so hard for in her human world. But what she doesn't know, is in that same night she gained everything she was destined for as the Lycan Queen. After embracing her pack and queen duties an unexpected, but a life-long rivalry could bring it all to a devastating end.

  • Lycan System

    Lycan System


    After a long day, a young man called Lex found himself barely awake on top of his bed.'What is this place?'Puzzled Lex starts to believe someone kidnapped him, but what really happened?---I hope that you enjoy the chapters as I am rewriting them anyways!Discord Link -

  • Female Lycan

    Female Lycan

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WEREWOLF

  • Lycan Lover

    Lycan Lover

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • Hidden lycan

    Hidden lycan


    The most powerful being who was born in white moon pack seized to exist of what seemed like a thousand years but was just three hundred years.She was believed to wield powers that could destroy the world or one that could make it a better place.Believed to be dead by many and only lives in the heart of few.What happens when that power is felt by the world again? Was she alive all this while and if so, where has she been hiding?..."I had a dream and i saw something Ralia. You are special for your kind. You are not cursed, you don't have to live in fear but be proud of who you are. Many cherish this type of power but the moon goddess gave it to you for a reason which you will find out very soon"

  • Primordial Lycan

    Primordial Lycan


    1000 years ago the ether caves gave the earth what it need to heal, the ether crystal. The next great industrial revolution began! But as we all know, everything comes at a cost...but this cost out weighed most. The planet healing, and the uses for the different types of ether crystals being discovered payment came do 500 years ago when the haze beast attacked; Taking with them a quarter of the worlds population over night!But the blessed decided it was time to reveal themselves to the world, teaching others the powers of the gods! The saint family being the first to step forward and protect the unburdened from the beasts. The beauty of the world began to come back as the haze beast were pushed back enough and giant walls placed around there dwellings, making it easier to deal with their numbers. Half the population of the human race dead.**#**But this isn’t a story about the gods and their blessed! This is a story of myth, the story of the hunted, the story of the damned. This is the story about the things that go bump in the night. This is the story of the families who go back to the time before we drove in cars, before we destroyed the world, the time of dragons and magic, knights and paladins! The stories of those that started at the beginning of time itself. The story of the primordial families, the cursed families. But let’s start with the story of the Blackwaters, the story of Ayden, the story of the Primordial Lycan!

  • The Lycan Academy

    The Lycan Academy


    [WARNING MATURE CONTENTS] Evelyn Carter is a girl gifted with the special ability of being able to predict an impending death through screams, (banshee), However to her strictly religious parents her gifts were seen rather as a curse and madness, despised feared and blacklisted by her very own parents Evelyn is sent to spend the next six years in a psychiatric hospital, upon release on her 17th birthday she is enrolled by her parents into a boarding school, St Donavan Academy, famed with it's notorious and infamous reputation for being the most violent and delinquent populated school across the country, which unknown to the public is inhabited with the most fearsome creatures of the night, the Lycanthropes

  • The Bead of Lycan

    The Bead of Lycan


    As we know. In any history the lycan figure is always told as a half-human and half-wolf beast. They suck human blood. But history seems to have changed with the presence of Prince Alardo who is the youngest prince of Rhoades Castle who actually never wants to suck human blood because his childhood was once helped by a little girl from the human race Since then, Prince Alardo has been looking for the little girl even for a dozen years. As a prince from the Lycan nation, eternal life is an absolute right, unless he is killed with something that is the weakness of the Lycan nation. Duke Carsten who is the king of the lycans of Rhoades Castle dreamed that one day a baby boy from his own descendants would be born who would kill him and burn his castle and other lycans to the ground. Who is the baby boy? Follow the story in THE BEAD of LYCAN @Webnovel. Pen name: Alana_4444 Free cover by Pixabay. Editing Cover by Rising_One

  • Night of Lycan

    Night of Lycan

    Ariella Sabbath is a not so average depressed teen slave to her family. She cooks and cleans and takes care of her family while struggling to get through highschool.Some days are worse than others. Until nighttime that is. Warning: Contains strong language at times and may depict violence, domestic abuse, various assaults, and non politically correct language.

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