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  • Scarred Mate

    Scarred Mate

    Alpha Marc Thierry was used to the North Woods of Minnesota, so his elevation to third on the loup garou council necessitated a move to a Gramacy section of New York City. On Monday nights, his housekeeper is off and Marc doesn’t like casseroles. He orders Chinese and gets a musical voice on the line that calls to him.<br><br>To his delight and surprise, the guy on the phone delivers his food and is his destined mate.<br><br>Unfortunately for Marc, Colin Callahan thinks the only reason Marc could want him is biological -- he has to like his mate. Colin has a scarred face and thinks no-one could love him as he is.<br><br>Can Marc convince him otherwise?

  • Just One Look

    Just One Look

    Ziggy has had a hard life, with her dad coming out of the closet, her closest friend committed suicide. she live in Minnesota with her dad but is forced leave her whole behind to go to New york city and take care of her mother (who has leukemia) and while she is down there, she runs into a hot stranger, but to her own knowledge, hes the son of the CEO of Rose Corporate

  • The Wild King

    The Wild King


    "They're both dead." King states. "Let's wait at front until the Sheriff arrives."I'm a 17 years old Chippewa descendant, a high school senior from Grand Portage, Minnesota.First day of school when I'm going back home, I see someone on the School Bus that I haven't seen in five years. King Thunderbird.The animal attacks start and suddenly three people are brutally killed.Who's the killer?The fourth victim will uncovered the identity of the killer?

  • Familiar Assassins

    Familiar Assassins

    Author: M.J. Swenson has been writing stories since elementary school and earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Besides writing and reading, M.J. also enjoys playing music and video games. I woke up feeling that something had changed. I blinked twice, waiting for my eyes to adjust, and glanced at the clock beside my bed. It read 6:38, as it did every morning. I slid out of bed and moved to my dresser, where I opened the third drawer and pulled out a dark blue V-necked shirt with short sleeves and a dark blue pair of pants. I changed in front of the mirror and examined myself. I looked just as I had the last time I’d looked in the mirror: long, straight, dark brown hair; blue eyes; an absurdly straight and narrow nose; the slight scar at the edge of my eyebrow. The scar whose origin I still couldn’t remember.

  • Snowy kiss

    Snowy kiss

    Christabel Evens is a former law student who moves back to her parents in Minnesota after failing with her made-up dream to built up a hotel from a very old guest house in Louisiana. She feels devastated and doesn't know what to do with her life until she meets her childhood girlfriend's cousin Lars Cove who seems to always know what to say or do to make her laugh and even feel good in the middle of the chaos. That, of course, is until she learns his secret because we all know that secrets tend to crush down any good relationship and theirs aren't an exception either.

  • Pose for me

    Pose for me

    27 years old, Cecilia Cerossa or CeCe, a very know photographer, had a shoot with a known underwear brand with their very hot, and attractive, fresh new male model, and little did she knew, that her peaceful and very secretive life will be turned upside-down, by the time he walked through their studio.28 years old, Xerxes Ryker, a fresh new model from Minnesota, landed a modelling job in New York for an underwear brand. But when he first took a glance at the hot, curvy, plus size photographer, CeCe. He knew he's in a deep shit. And he'll do everything in his power to have her. Secrets and all.Read for more.

  • Feral Minded

    Feral Minded


    Some kids in high school can make an impact along with their name written in stone, others are looked down upon and are forgotten in the shadows. His high school experience has been hell for Luke Howard. Since the first day at Lincoln High, he’s been bullied nonstop, rejected by 3 girls, been publicly embarrassed in front of the school, and his best friend since the 4th grade ditched him. All this changes, when he goes and visits his dad in Minnesota during the summer. He has an encounter that forever changed his life. Now his senior year is starting and Luke must learn to hide his new secret. Can he suppress the hunger that is inside of him?

  • I’m a Namekian??

    I’m a Namekian??


    Hi everyone I’m very excited for this will be my very first time writing for people I don’t know so because of that I’m hoping that all of you will be bored enough to read try and read this and if there’s any gamer issues and such please let me know though you might see a lot of those and I’ll try to fix them if they slip through thanks and enjoy stay safe (the actual synopsis is down there ?)Hi my name is Tristan Salverson I’m 16 I lived in Minnesota I died crossing the street heading to the convince store for some snacks I like swimming staying locked up in my room reading fanfics watching YouTube and I liked hanging out with my friends there you have it my life oh and death, but yeah here we are now.

  • The king's Curse

    The king's Curse

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 VAMPIRE

    In a small town of Minnesota .18 year old Riley an weird,unpopular loner girl who didn't have many friends growing up expect one girl name Olivia. Riley and Olivia decided to go to the old abandon castle,to have a sleepover. Riley always felt drawn to that castle for some weird reason and she always felt like she had a purpose but she can't put her fingers on it. Shes hoping to go to that castle not only to have a sleepover but to get answers. Alaric a vampire and emperor of the vampire world who is quite frightening yet oddly handsome and sexy gaint. Who's heart is cold as ice who kills without mercy and because of one mistake he was curse to never have a beloved are so he thought. Will Riley find out her purpose and will Alaric gets one more chance at happiness.

  • A Door to the Heart

    A Door to the Heart

    As Josh Tully returns home from running errands, he stumbles across a handsome man leaving his apartment complex. Distracted by the charming new stranger, Josh spills his groceries across the front stoop. As the new neighbor helps Josh pick up his belongings, a sudden surge of electricity sparks between the two young men.<br><br>When Eddie returns to Josh’s apartment with a fresh gallon of milk, a chance meeting turns into mutual attraction. But a severe case of pneumonia lands Josh in the hospital and Eddie stays at his side, and their budding friendship deepens.<br><br>Eddie is not the nesting type, and he does not stay in one place for long. But as days turn to weeks, something in Josh’s laid-back persona draws Eddie to the small Minnesota town of Gordonville and through the door of Josh’s heart.<br><br>Will Eddie decide to stay this time ... and for how long?

  • Rewriting Memory

    Rewriting Memory

    Author: M.J. Swenson has been writing stories since elementary school and earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Besides writing and reading, M.J. also enjoys playing music and video games. The wind ruffled the red and orange leaves of the half-wire trees, and strangers walked on either side of Lysandra, keeping their heads down, never once casting a glance at her. A perfect day for masquerading. If only every day could be as perfect as this one. Lysandra’s skirts swished around her ankles, and she held them up just slightly with her hands as she ran. She parted the crowds on the street with hardly a motion, and no one even looked up to wonder why she ran when they didn’t. The wind rushed through her long auburn hair, catching it on the breeze just as it caught those leaves on the trees around her, real or not. The wind did not rush through her hair when she sat in the window back at her father’s house—the screen blocked it. And her father’s servants seemed to think it was unbecoming of her to stare dreamily out the window in the first place.

  • Kitsune's Fire

    Kitsune's Fire


    Kimiya and her older sister, Masako have been on the run ever since they were young. After a terrible accident came upon their family, they have been on their own ever since. Hiding in the shadows to hide their identity. An identity that leads to their extinction. The Kitsune Sister. Kitsune are known to be the most dangerous creature in the supernatural realm. Where fire and lightning cause chaos and ruins wherever they go. Kimiya and Masako found a place in Minnesota, where there are fewer people in it and they stay out of people's business of course. Kimiya is only 18 so she has to finish high school and that's what she is going to do while Masako work. Jenkin Senior High School, known to fill with werewolves. Kimiya plan to never speak nor make friends with anyone until the end of high school. But a guy with diamond, blue eyes, however...Not only he will make her talk, but her secrets as well. Can kitsune and werewolves really get along? Time to find out!*BOOK COVER IS ORIGINALLY FROM CANVA, THANK YOU~"

  • The Last Known Survivor

    The Last Known Survivor


    Erin Tessa Sullivan-Mulligan is the last person in North America. She isn't your normal person, she's a werewolf. She knows her family is gone, and possibly forever. Not knowing what to do, she decides to go home to Shadow Falls, Minnesota. Where everything she knows is a safe haven, despite knowing she may the last person on Earth. Ryan Warren O'Rourke is just what an ordinary person is defined as, except for the fact he has no idea who he really is. All he knows is his name and how old he is. He doesn't remember anything about having a family or friends, he doesn't even remember what happened when everyone disappeared. Erin knows how to survive on her own, she's done it before and she'll do it again. What will happen when Erin and Ryan cross paths in Shadow Falls? Will he find out her secret? Or will Erin discover that Ryan was the cause of it all? The problems that she's facing. WIll Erin prolong the feelings she has for Ryan or face them? Will she finally realize that he's the soulmate she's been waiting for her entire life?

  • Blue Moon Horizon

    Blue Moon Horizon


    Christian Reyna and Alejandra Rodriguez were born in the same city and grew up as childhood friends in Minnesota and later fell in love as teenagers.Due to the strength of their love, they took a blood oath never to hurt each other in any way or love another person as long as they lived.Unknown to them this oath would bind them, especially Alejandra to Christian for life.Alejandra came from a long lineage of Vampires. Her dad was a Vampire and Mum was a human at the time they gave birth to her. (This was a rare occurrence), and that was why her nature had not revealed itself yet.A few days to her eighteenth birthday, Alejandra and her family suddenly left for New Mexico because her powers would be revealed on that day.They were both heartbroken at this development and tried to resist but couldn'tThey never saw or were allowed to contact each other again.As the years went by, humans became fully aware of the existence of Vampires and saw them as a threat, and sought them out so they could exterminate them.This leads to a vampire revolt and causes a full-blown world war in which Christian and Alejandra are leading agents for their respective races.As the war rages on, after almost ten years apart, Christian and Alejandra run into each other in the course of battle and Camilla can't bring herself to hurt him.They eventually recognize each other and the fire of their love is rekindled once again.They embark on a secret and forbidden love affair between Man and Vampire.

  • Della’s Escape! (Elliot is here, too).

    Della’s Escape! (Elliot is here, too).


    Elliot Rowan was an average youth. Newly eighteen, he had graduated high school with no real plans; all he knew is, he loved escaping to fantastic worlds through video games, where he could be something more than a pale, average, midwestern nerd. Elliot had made a name for himself in the video game community — but was better known by his gamertag, CloudJumperEli. Elliot wanted to seek a career in his passion, but his family believed that he should pursue a “practical” job field, continually mentioning his less than stellar grades throughout his time in school. Amid his few college invitations, one day Elliot receives a letter from Peri-Helix Entertainment — only the greatest, most prestigious game manufacturer in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! “Dear Elliot Rowan -We here at Peri-Helix Entertainment are constantly searching for the best of the best in everything we do. As you must know, Peri-Helix follows all activity among our games to ensure we give the best experiences possible. Elliot, we believe you are a star candidate for a new program we’ve started under our Human Resources department, titled GEAR. We’ve carefully selected smart, skilled, and devoted talent such as yourself to participate. Please respond to this invitation via email; GEAR@perihelix.entertainment.comWe look forward to your answer.”Hooo S#!T, is this real? Of course Elliot accepted! He signed on and shipped out within the week from his home in Minnesota to the head of Peri-Helix Entertainment located in Los Angeles, California. His dreams were being realized! The only question Elliot had: What does GEAR stand for?

  • my half brother fell in love with me?!

    my half brother fell in love with me?!


    I swear these 658 days have not changed sense I was born'It's the usual love stories, where a stunningly beautiful prince has been born in the 6020 Century, and my step brother is that beautiful prince. the beautiful Prince of Evergreen has falling in love with his step sister so deeply that the king himself was in raged of that he put his only children the sentence of death penalty.And look at it now, i reincarnated as the princess from the the book windflower, so I'm princess Salena of Evergreen. ****In my past life, I was only 14 years old and died from suicide, I jumped off my apartment building, In Minnesota from the America's.But I got a second chance to live, maybe the universe didn't liked how my life ended so they decided I should be the main character of the book I once loved as a teen.By the way universe, f4ck you for putting me the the most f4cked up story written.***I'm only 2 years old and when I meet my step brother is when I'm 17, and when he's 20.So I got plenty of time to make sure he doesn't fall in love with me.********(Back story)***The king had many flings when he was the prince, but than he saw a girl, small but big with her words.No one dared to talk to her cause she made everyone feel speechless.Prince (the king) Norchiwn fell in love with duke Caele's daughter, jennie.He asked for the permission to wed his daughter and take her as his queen.The duke agreed and jennie and prince Norchiwn had a child (Salena), queen jennie died in labor. And her last words were to king Norchiwn were 'love our child with the both of our love that we made her with.'The king tried to live up to his queens last words, but it was to difficult for him to because his daughter looked so much like her with her marble glass deep brown eyes. The king was ashamed that it was so difficult for him to look at his only child that he knew of existing. So he asked his servant to take care of his child with as much love they could give her, because he just couldn't be there for his daughter.*******(present time)*** ***author*** ( I hope you all in enjoyed this, I'm going to be uploading more about every week)

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