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  • I got reincarnated in the Future but my brother is the MC?!

    I got reincarnated in the Future but my brother is the MC?!


    Lillian Ambers wasn't sure what would happen when she finally cultivated to the second boundary on Mordern Earth. Getting hit by a truck and reincarnated as a dragon in Huaxia Galactic Empire in a futuristic cultivation world definitely wasn't her first guess. Now she strives to reach the peak of the Universe...... Wait a minute? Brother is a fallen genius? Exiled by the main clan? Father gone missing on a mission? Why does this sound like a plot of a cliché novel? And why does the Universe seem hellbent on killing her brother and letting someone else take over? Note: On Hiatus, pending finish of other projects, as a kinda realized I need some writing experience first to know where to take it. As soon as I know where to go I'll post announcment about a rewrite.

  • The False God

    The False God


    Generic Chinese manhua with a not so generic op mc.Ren a shy middle schooler from Japan after reincarnates in a mordern china with hidden cultivators.For more context just read itP.S:- English is my third language and this is my first book so please don't be too harsh with the criticism

  • Magic Emperor Living Slow Life in The modern world

    Magic Emperor Living Slow Life in The modern world

    Fantasy ACTION

    Iam the Magic Emperor a master all king of magic in the world. What will happen if the strongest Magic Emperor reincarnated in the modern world where magic is hidden in the eye of the mortal follow him and discover the world of magic in the mordern world that full of fantasy, mystery and magic. where his only goal is to live a slow and wonderful life.

  • Reincarnated as a divine wolf.....?

    Reincarnated as a divine wolf.....?


    Eris really forgot who she was. Getting reincarnated is unfortunate but exciting, like, who knows what's gonna happen? Fantasy world? Mordern? Dog? Fish? Sheep? Rock? ---------------------Thanks for your support on my other books, I'm rebooting my old one which I dropped a few months ago. --------------------No more shall I stay in the shadows. No more shall I be look down upon. No more shall I waste my life. I will avenge those who were my friends.And those. Who take my life and kill my friends. I will return it tenfold.

  • Horror of the Black dragon

    Horror of the Black dragon

    Horror&Thriller ADVENTURE

    In a dark, grayish world of Hell, you could see many types of creatures, from monsters in human forms to crawling bugs with human face. Each and every of them had one thing in common; the plain and lifeless eyes which could scare the shit out of every mordern humans.This story is about the Black dragon, the Demon king of the Hell, which mysteriously came to Human world. Will he chill or kill them? To find out, watch out!

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