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  • The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

    The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise


    At long last, Fu Zhi, the mysterious heiress who had developed countless technologies was given two guardians by the country! Initially, the Lu Brothers shut her out when she joined the Lu Family. However, after spending some time with her, they began to warm up to her and took turns showing their brotherly love for her by throwing money at her. Lu Yumo would say, “My sister just came from the countryside, so don’t scare her.” Lu Yushen would say, “My sister is fragile, so don’t bully her.” Lu Yubai would say, “My sister is not good at studying, so don’t laugh at her.” Nevertheless, it soon became clear to them that the little girl from the countryside was not what they had imagined. One day, a reporter took a photo of a professor carrying her purse and having a meal with her. The professor said, “She is my teacher, and I’m her student.” The crowd was surprised. “What?” Another day, a different reporter snapped a photo of a business magnate serving her tea. The business magnate said, “She is my boss, and I’m her employee.” The crowd was shocked. “What?” On a different day, a group of reporters spotted the biggest esports bigwig stepping down from his throne and helping her get rid of a scumbag. The bigwig said, “Stop all this harassment and the rumors. She’s my sponsor.” The netizens asked, “Just how many supporters do you have? The country’s official portal responded, “We’re her strongest supporter.”

  • Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character

    Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character



    Razel, is a reincarnated youth. In his previous life he was a lonely boy who spent his days playing video games. Then one day tragedy came into his life. It all ended for him, was what he thought, until he opened his eyes; to find a fantasy world, where science and magic go hand in hand. That could have been a joy, but that happiness was nipped in the bud, because he reincarnated as the eldest son of a poor family of barons without territory, and, above all, he is uglier than in his previous life. His tragic new life doesn't end there, as he woke up in the last video game he played. An otome game. But not just any otome game, it is one with an RPG theme so it is made up of strong and dangerous enemies. He will have to live his new life as a background character and help from the shadows to the capture objectives and the protagonist to avoid the end of the world and especially, the cruel villainess.

  • The Mysterious Black Magician

    The Mysterious Black Magician



    RPG STYLE NOVEL, MC DOING QUEST, KILLING MONSTERS, LEVELING UP, GAINING SKILL, AND etc... SYSTEM Deity, a newly invented modern gadget that helps humans to breakthrough their limiters. Our protagonist Yman Talisman was a young man, 17 years old, and an orphan. After he found out that he had a Hollow Cell symptom, he rejoiced. Now there was a way for him to cure his ill sister. But on the day of evaluation exams, because of an incident, he was late and only managed to get the weakest magic skill among the rest. How can someone like him fight monster monsters when his magic was the weakest and no use for fighting? No group wanted to let him joined them. In order to cure his sister, he had no choice but to fight monsters alone. When he finds out about a certain item that able to heal any kind of illness, he didn't think twice and embark into a journey. Leaving his ill sister to a trusted friend, he left the city and delves into adventures to search for it. THIS NOVEL IS A HIDDEN GEM!!! YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU REACH CHAPTER 100. MC HAD ALMOST UNLIMITED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! (One of the best stories you can find in this platform!) ---Cover not mine--- Message me at discord if you have questions and suggestions: CloudSky#4375

  • Family Of Ghosts

    Family Of Ghosts



    After a car accident, Cen Pan lost every loved one aside from her younger brother, who was lying in the ICU. Feeling that she was on the verge of suffocating from the burden of medical fees right after graduation, she was visited by her grandmother in her dream. "Darling, I had a friend who really loves the clothes you design. Would you burn one of them for him? He will pay you handsomely." Cen Pan simply found it surreal, but did so anyway so that she could be at ease. The next night, her grandmother gave her an address and a password in her dream. "Here, this is the password of the safe, and his payment is in there." Skeptical, Cen Pan looked for the safe at the address, and found a diamond worth a hundred grand in the safe! After that, her deceased family members kept appearing in her dreams. "Darling, it's going to rain tomorrow—so bring an umbrella." "Darling, I met a hacker who had been dead for a hundred years, and he’s asking if you want to inherit his lost art." "Darling, do you have a boyfriend? I just made a friend who really wants you to marry his grandson!" Marry? Cen Pan immediately shook her head, but was stunned when her grandfather showed the grandson's photo. Why did he resemble her new boss so much?!

  • The Mysterious CEO

    The Mysterious CEO



    “I want to rethink your discussion.” “It seems that Miss Lu is questioning my authority.” “I don’t mean that…” “I don’t want to repeat myself, do it or leave.” “What do you want in return?” “Marry Me.” --- Business tycoon Si Li lived two lives. The one was the business world and another one was the leader of the underworld. For the sake of his family, he proposed a contract marriage to a girl whom he loved. Lu Lan for the sake of her dreams agreed for the contract marriage. After marriage, she found that Business tycoon, Si Li had a son around the age of 5 years, Little Champ and there were many mysteries related to him... With the passage of time, Lu Lan found a love for her life, Si Li, and their contract marriage converted into a real marriage and she was having become a joyful and blissful life. However, her happy life seemed to be coming to its end when mysteries related to Little Champ reveal one by one and he was taken away from his biological patients Then, what would happen to Si Li and Lu Lan??? How did Little Champ's mysterious life effect Si Li and Lu Lan? ************* Hello guys, this is my first novel on web novels. There is a mystery, suspense, action, and romance in this novel... I hope you will enjoy this book. ### If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: You can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- You can find us online as well:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Mail:- Telegram Channel:- Discord Channel:-

  • The Profligate Madam of the Family

    The Profligate Madam of the Family


    Leng Rongrong is the eldest daughter of the Leng Family, yet she is abandoned to the countryside when she's little. As she reaches a certain age, her father and his stepmother trick her into returingn home just to marry her to Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family who is supposed to be crippled, poor and ugly. When Leng Rongrong marries Mo Linyuan, she finds that Mo Linyuan is actually a very handsome man seated in a wheelchair. So she decides to take good care of him by becoming an actress to support the family. However, Mo Linyuan is simply pretending to be crippled for the moment, because he is investigating some peculiar affairs happening to his family. Yet as he spends time with Leng Rongrong, he finds her quite interesting and fun, and gradually develops feelings towards her. In the meanwhile, Leng Rongrong also defends herself against other undesirable trouble that keeps coming towards her whilst trying to find out the past of her supposedly deceased mother.

  • The Family Mystery

    The Family Mystery

  • mystery family

    mystery family


    kenapa harus aku yang mengalami nya????.... kenapa tuhan??....sudah cukup. aku harus mencari tahu apa arti sebenarnya dari semua kejadian ini .

  • The Mysterious death of Ladesma family

    The Mysterious death of Ladesma family

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Walang sino man ang may gustong mamatayan diba? Anong gagawin mo kung makita mo na lang bigla ng isang araw na wala ng buhay ang buong pamilya mo? Paano kung sabihin din sayo ng pulis na ikaw ang pumatay sa pamilya mo na nadatnan mo na nga lang wala na silang buhay? Anong gagawin mong plano para malinis ang pangalan mo at mapanagot ang suspek sa pagkamatay ng pamilya mo?

  • Level Up Family

    Level Up Family



    Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary office worker. He is a father of two married to a gorgeous and mysterious wife. Yet, their family though small and poor, are far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability to see stats and level up, blessed with even a special skill that is unable to be utilized in the current world. After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to protect and provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a strange phenomenon, hurling them into the depths of a unique fantasy world. "Father look, I found a strange fire breathing rodent." "Kill it and give it to your mother, we will be eating it for dinner." "Yes, father!" With the rodent of fire, and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, thus, began the adventure of the world's most powerful family. ____ Note: Ypu can find out more details of the 'rewritten brand new version' of this novel in the final chapter's Author Thoughts. Or visit my Patreon, Twitter, and other socials to ask me questions, do take care now. ____ Author Contact: ____ ===Subscribe to my Mailing Lists====

  • The Prince in the Background

    The Prince in the Background


    In this story, there is a scorned female lead who goes back in time after being unjustly killed by the people she once loved and a male lead who loves and supports her through her quest for revenge. And there are villains, of course, the people who had abused the female lead, the ones who had neglected the male lead, the targets of her revenge in this second life. And then there was Prince Rian, a somewhat plain, sickly character who had barely shown up only to be immediately dismissed as non-threatening and then dying an unremarkable death in the epilogue. Well, it took me a few minutes to figure this out - but it turns out that the sickly background character that shows up in 2 sentences of a 300 chapter novel - well that's me.

  • Background Noise

    Background Noise


    Luanne is an experienced bartender who takes a vacation to Puerto Rico to visit her deployed boyfriend, while still in the airport she gets hit on by a CEO and stalked by two men. during the short vacation, multiple things go right... but to no one's surprise, multiple things went wrong as well. She narrowly avoided getting kidnapped but for how long can she run? What will she have to lose to be happy and safe? Any resemblance to real-life persons is purely coincidental... Thank you!

  • The Background Character

    The Background Character

  • Pakistan Background

    Pakistan Background

  • background you

    background you

  • Marriage Affairs: Mysterious Family Line.

    Marriage Affairs: Mysterious Family Line.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY SCARY UNDEAD


    MAMFL is an original novel written by me, I hope you all enjoy it. Chan Juan, a weakling, the rebuked illegitimate of the Guo family, all her life was a picture-perfect of the word "unlucky". She was forced to get married into the Shao Family, in her stepsister's place, Guo Daiyu; Who was believed to had gotten kidnapped three days to her wedding, and to save her father's company from bankruptcy she had to marry Shao Jinhai. Shao Jinhai, the first and only son of the Shao Family, and the heir to the Shao Conglomerate, one of the biggest and most influential business cooperation in China, was so uptight about love, he was second to none in being antisocial, but soon enough will love sparkle between the two couples and along the line Chan Juan will find out the most shocking secrets. This is a suspense, horror and romance packed novel, with an iddy-biddy touch of sexual contents to spice up your reading. Hey there, Okay Author here, ◉‿◉I'm a young and aspiring, novice writer, this is my second book though. Still finding a way to exit the cocoon first, so you might find pretty much or little mistakes to start with. You can politely point them out wherever.(•‿•)Warm love.Note: This is a slow-paced novel, you may find it rather uneventful at first, but trust me, it's intriguing as it goes.I don't own the cover photo, all rights reserved to the original artist.

  • Backgrounds


    Contemporary Romance ADVENTURE





    Arianna had no idea that her new life would be loaded with so much baggage, secrets, and horror when she found herself living the life of the affluent and famous. She was alone in a world that was nothing like the one she had known and grown up in. She needed to find a way out, and happily, she was aided by a system that will transform her into an entity that will be worshiped by everybody. Arianna was privileged, pampered, and never lacked anything because she was born into a noble family and was a member of the aristocracy. Others, including her cousin, became envious of her and plotted against her as a result. Arianna will be forced to demonstrate her intelligence as she transforms concepts into genuine wonders in order to defeat her foes, converting her from a pheasant to a phoenix. Arianna will be driven to fight against a power of immense evil in order to battle for what she believes in and for the person she loves so deeply. Will Arianna be able to accomplish the goals she set for herself at the start and become the virtuous wife she was groomed to be? Will she mature and become the person she set out to be? Will she be able to defeat her formidable foe?

  • Married to The Mysterious Prince

    Married to The Mysterious Prince


    Rizelle Verona is the kind-hearted, cheerful, and beloved Princess of the Linolia Kingdom. For the sake of her people and the Kingdom, she accepts to fulfill an alliance marriage proposed by the King of Esriven, their neighboring kingdom in the east. Once a beloved Princess who is sheltered from all kinds of the world's cruelty; now she has to start a new life in a foreign kingdom and even marry a mysterious Prince whom she has never met before! The Princess knows nothing about her mysterious husband-to-be but one thing is enough to dread him even before she met him - the infamous fact that he is a cold-hearted being who is crazy about power! * * * Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights credited to the rightful owner.

  • Harley/Background