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  • Nero, The Legendary Hunter

    Nero, The Legendary Hunter



    Nero was an orphan boy who one day went to sleep like any other day in his apartment. However, what he did not know that the moment he slept, it would be his last day of life... Or at least that was how it should be. Nero's soul wandered between the worlds and ended up entering the body of a girl who was trapped in a human mutation laboratory. While the girl's soul was still alive, he hibernated inside her body. After so many tortures, the girl named "Zero" in the laboratory died. But, it didn't end there, when the girl died, something very strange happened, something took control of the girl's body and that same thing escaped the laboratory. It was when Nero what that was hibernating in the girl's body woke up and realized was completely naked. In addition, he realized that he turned her into a beautiful winged woman with white hair and some pink strands. Discord:

  • Cult Of Nero

    Cult Of Nero


    Some one Build Lesbian Cult. that is all.

  • Galaxy Nero

    Galaxy Nero


    This story is about an alien creature who lives in a spaceship. His name is Nero He has the ability to absorb each Infinite Crystal. They're special items that give each user a supernatural power. Since Nero has the ability, it attracts his archenemy. He plans to capture Nero and use his powers as his own and rule the galaxy. But, as long as Nero has his friends and professor, the galaxy is well protected from him. Ensuring the Nero won't be captured. They also have many adventures in this story, so I hope you enjoy it.

  • Nero, My Existence is Perfect

    Nero, My Existence is Perfect



    Nero begins his new life in a different world, in a body that does not belong to him. Along with a system he still needs to learn and understand it.

  • Nero: Biohazard

    Nero: Biohazard


    Raven who is now known as Nero is one of the last remaining human in a mutated zombie-infested world. Just when he was sure he'd died, he find himself sitting on a broken stone throne surrounded by vegetation. He also obtained the God-King System. He swears to himself that he will live a life that no one can ignore and look down upon. Watch his struggles to survive on this unknown world and his rise into a superior Monarch!

  • Nero-Dimiourgos


    Nero sangat menghormati Dimiourgos. Perintah apapun itu, asal demi Dimiourgos, Nero akan melakukannya. Begitu juga dengan Fos, Erio, Chronos dan Choros. Hingga pada suatu hari...“Fos, Nero, Erio, Chronos dan Choros. Aku memberikan kalian satu tugas. Lakukan apa yang kuperintahkan dan kalian tidak perlu menanyakan alasannya.” perintah Dimiourgos. Saat Nero mendengar perintah ini, ia terdiam dan membeku karena tidak percaya akan apa yang didengarnya. Mungkinkah Dimiourgos kehilangan akal sehatnya?

  • Nero and His Life

    Nero and His Life

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ADVENTURE SYSTEM

    Kehidupan yang berat itu ketika harus kehilangan seseorang yang disayang dan yang menjadi cinta pertama.Nero dia lelaki yang dulunya selalu melindungi perempuan tapi pada akhirnya dia merusak perempuan. Itu semua karna dia memiliki sosok ayah yang menjadi cerminannya. Ayahnya selingkuh dan semua keluarga ayahnya menyalahkan ibunya atas kepergian ayahnya dari rumah. Itu membuat ibunya meninggalkan dunia selamanya. Dari saat itu sosok Nero menjadi perusak, dia bahkan berpikir akan melakukannya kelak ketika dia sudah memiliki istri. Terus bagaimana kelanjutan hidup Nero sesudah memiliki istri? Apakah istrinya kuat bertahan terhadap Nero atau tidak...Jika penasaran baca kuy.....

  • Nero Test Story

    Nero Test Story

  • The Wild Mistress: Sage and Nero

    The Wild Mistress: Sage and Nero

    Sage is a wild woman with a gift people fear. Nero is a hunter who isnt afraid of anything. When the two of them meet and sparks fly, will nero accept sage's gift without question or will he return to what he knows is safe and real?

  • Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!

    Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!



    After living as a famous Korean vlogger-slash-mukbanger, Neoma died a (shameful) death and regressed to her tragic first life--- the life where she has to live as a hidden princess with a tyrannical father and a yandere twin brother. She died at the hands of her psycho brother in her first life. But luckily, she charmed her "big brother" this time. Her father remains a sc*mbag, though. But a blessing in disguise happened when her twin brother got "sick." Because of that, she has to pretend as the "Crown Prince," forcing her father to treat her well. She thought she was finally on the road to becoming a lady of leisure. But, despite her laziness, she still ends up completing royal duties that put her closer to the throne than her sick twin brother. The next thing she knew, they already prophesied her to be the first empress of their very patriarchal empire. Now Neoma finds herself in the middle of the succession war she never wanted to be involved in! *** [EXCERPT 1] “Neoma de Moonasterio, the first princess of Moonasterion Empire. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero’s proxy.” [The hell is this psycho saying?] Neoma, despite her confusion, still smiled at her father--- the emperor. “Father, what do you mean by that?” “From now on, assassins sent by my enemies would target Nero,” the emperor explained. “Until he’s strong enough to protect himself, you’ll pose as your twin brother.” Her smile froze, but she still acted innocent. “But Father. If I take my brother’s position, then wouldn’t the assassins mistake me for him and…” She stopped talking when she realized that was exactly what the emperor wanted her to do. [This sc*mbag wants me to be a bait?!] “You’re no longer a princess, Neoma de Moonasterio. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero de Moonasterio,” Emperor Nikolai said coldly while looking down at her with glowing red eyes. “Try to survive until your twin brother comes back to take his rightful place, understood?” Neoma was too shocked to react. [Are you f*cking kidding me, you sc*mbag?!] *** [ORIGINAL BOOK COVER. Artwork commissioned by sola_cola from Artist Michiro.] *** [EXCERPT 2] “I’m so sick of your tyrannical a*s,” Neoma yelled at her father aka the emperor. “I won’t forgive you for hurting Lewis and Tteokbokki!” “What will you do about it then?” Nikolai asked with a smirk. “Kill me?” “Yes! I’ll f*cking kill you, sc*mbag!” “Language,” he warned her, upset that his five-year-old daughter curses like a sailor. “Using vulgar words is unbecoming of the future Crown Prince.” “I’m a princess!” Upon yelling those words, the royal princess’s eye color changed from ash-gray to red. [This is getting serious.] “Stop it, Nero,” Nikolai told her sternly. “If you keep that up, the royal knights will come and–” “I’m not Nero!” Neoma screeched angrily. Then she jumped in the air with her left fist, ready to punch him. “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!” [What…?] And Princess Neoma, pretending as the Crown Prince for her sick twin brother, punched Emperor Nikolai, her father, in the face.

  • Diaries of Nero the Halloween Cat

    Diaries of Nero the Halloween Cat



    The story recounts the new life of Nero Miki, who had died and reincarnated into a new world as a Halloween Cat. Nero finds himself born into poor circumstances and must find his own way to survive in a fantasy themed world filled with magic, monsters, and prejudice.I now also post on RoyalRoad, but I will continue to be posting here (WebNovel) regardless. Any other site hosting this absolutely free Novel is a scraper.

  • Nero's Comet

    Nero's Comet


    Hyakutake, Miku is a beautiful young girl who lived a normal life until a meteor shower crashed into earth and turned people into flesh eating mutants. Her father was a doctor who worked across town and when he got home, he was shocked that his wife has been turned into a monster. Miku was forced to take the gun and shoot her other causing her death. Now they are heading north where her father and Miku took off with their lives, heading to the unknown, and hoping for a chance to survive.

  • Nero Smith The Legendary White Tiger

    Nero Smith The Legendary White Tiger


    Not knowing how and why. Nero Smith woke up in a different world and in the body that did not belong to him.Before he could analyze and know exactly what was going on, something unexpected happened...________________________________________________ First mission: [Survival]• Objective: Your current body is infected by the soul-eating worm, if you do not stop it within 30 minutes, you will lose your life. Remaining time: 2/30 Minutes.• Tip: You are on the east side of the nudist beach, go unnoticed to the north and enter the Forest of the Beginners of the Nan Empire and find the Monster Plant: Mandrake; your cry will cause the soul-eating worm to be destroyed.• Warning: The moment you pull the Mandrake Plant off the ground, you have 4 seconds to cover your ears and stay with them covered for at least 1 minute.• Reward: 5 Essence Currency.________________________________________________

  • Señor CEO, malcríame 100%

    Señor CEO, malcríame 100%


    Una muestra de los papeles de divorcio llevó a Xia Xinghe a un estado de miseria. Sin embargo, después de un accidente automovilístico, ella se transformó en una "hacker" profesional con más dinero del que podría gastar. —Todos aquellos que me han menospreciado, intimidado y se han burlado de mí, por favor, hagan una fila, ¡les enseñaré lo que realmente es una bofetada! —Espera, espera, espera. Ese chico allá, el ex-esposo con el que ya no tengo ninguna relación, que no se salte en la fila. —¿Qué? ¿Quieres ayudarme a abofetear a esta gente? —No solo eso, ¡te ayudaré a abofetearme a mí mismo! El hombre terriblemente guapo, con miles de millones de dólares de herencia, levantó su palma para abofetear su propia cara, ¡sin duda alguna! P.D.: Esto es poder femenino, sin trampas, sin malentendidos, sin tabúes; una historia de amor correspondido. También, por favor, espera lo inesperado en términos de la trama, y no te aferres a la estructura típica del romance.

  • El código del dinero

    El código del dinero

    El código del dinero es una obra con un toque espiritual que explica por qué la mayoría de la gente tiene problemas económicos y vive al borde de la ruina, y que muestra el camino para ser rico y libre en esta época tan particular en la que nos ha tocado vivir.

  • Diablo, Dinero, Chapo

    Diablo, Dinero, Chapo

    Wesley is a wealthy gym owner who's is wheel chair ridden, but he doesn't let it hold him down. He always has a big smile on his face, Wesley like to cook and sleep in. he keeps to himself after growing up on the west side of town he made it big owning the only 5 gyms in the city.Chapo is the boss of the Loco Diablo crew and is feared by everyone in the city, but everyone on the East side knows what he looks like. If you piss off Chapo there is nothing to stop him from getting to you, not a gang or building that will stop him from getting to you.These two cross paths when Wesley ended up on the wrong side of town at the wrong time, but nobody can stop this friendship....



    Ese día, mis padres y hermana, que estaban trabajando en el extranjero, de repente me dijeron que yo era un rico de segunda generación con billones de dólares en riqueza. Gerald Crawford:¿soy un rico de segunda generación?

  • Un nacimiento, dos tesoros: el dulce amor del billonario

    Un nacimiento, dos tesoros: el dulce amor del billonario


    Ella aceptó ser una madre subrogada por más de un millón de yuanes (aproximadamente 150.000 dólares americanos). Como el estimado CEO de una de las empresas más poderosas de la capital, él tiene el poder absoluto, mientras que ella es la simple hija adoptiva de una familia de bajo status. Ella aceptó llevar su descendencia en su vientre simplemente porque el negocio de su padre adoptivo estaba quebrando. En el día del parto, el mayor nació sano, pero el menor nació muerto. Habiendo cumplido el contrato, ella desapareció de la vida de él con la astronómica suma de dinero que le correspondía. Seis años después, él sigue siendo el arrogante e importante CEO. Cuando ella accidentalmente se involucra nuevamente con él, como un canario atrapado en su jaula, él se apodera de ella. —Mujer, ¿crees que puedes escapar de mí? Sin embargo, él no espera que un pequeño interfiera. El niño aparece y lo apunta vigorosamente con el dedo, advirtiendo: —Mu Yazhe, ¡será mejor que la dejes! ¡Ella es mía! El hombre se alarmó, simplemente porque las facciones del pequeño eran idénticas a las suyas.

  • ¿el dinero puede con todo?

    ¿el dinero puede con todo?

    Romance histórico ROMANCE COMEDY

    Tras la ida de Leyre a México, su vida dará un giro inesperado cuando descubre dos chicos con personalidades y vidas diferente, sumándose sus conflictos entre ellos.