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  • I Get Selected For Godhood But I'm the God of Netorase!? [Hiatus]

    I Get Selected For Godhood But I'm the God of Netorase!? [Hiatus]

    Fantasy R18 SYSTEM SMUT

    Warning! R-18 with certain kinks some find distasteful. Cuckolding and Netorase are included so be warned The Universe Reshuffled itself and it was time to select new Gods to rule over various aspects of the universe. I get selected to be the God of Netorase .......... JACKPOT!!!!!

  • Ecchi Domination System

    Ecchi Domination System


    A nymphomaniac beauty Tan Chen is lazying around, while a big fat cock in her mouth, while, another two reserving her pussy and ass. her eyes were rolled in ecstasy, but the today the pleasure overwhelmed her, as she ended up dying in the pose. what can you expect from a cheap whore, even after transmigration in a new body she will begin her lustfull life as a... This cover is not mine i got it from daviant fanart, aziz fanart warning!! HENTAI tags - slut, mind control, slave, domination, netori, netorase, orgy. just some faping material, don't take it seriously. enjoy..

  • the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous

    the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous



    Harutos life isn't going so well.Sisters locked up1 parent dead, 1 in a comaChildhood friend/girlfriend cheated on himBest friend slept with gfHe's single heartbroken but he's a nice guy. He's just wants everyone in his life to be happy.Can he do it without becoming an asshole?NTR protagonists always get robbed. They get the short end of the stick. Forced to lead a life of obsession for something they can't have, but what happens afterward?The nice guy MC always doing the right thing and always gets disrespected and looked down on. The waifu gets dicked down and drowns in pleasure while the cucked MC caters to her. But, what happens when love tries to steal the MC from her?After reading over 100 NTR novels I have achieved NTR-NIRVANA and this is my attempt at a new genre. RNTR!"REGRETORARE".... where the female that was stolen regrets her decision. This isnt about revenge, or the MC seeking justice. Its about a nice guy who was raised to love others AND DAMMIT HE'S GONNA DO IT.(This is my first attempt at writing, beware of incest, horror, trap, and netorare tags. "MOST" NTR happens in flash backs because we are starting after it happened, growth is very slow, the main point is MC didn't break and stopped taking shit from others. I will be making a Satire of every NTR trope. from gyaru-oh DQ's, NTR cheating on special holiday's, NTR blackmail, NTR Shota, NTR deception, NTR trauma..... etc. it will be painful before it gets better.)add: tags"brother/sister, son/mother, blackmail, netorase, hiding-gifts, pregnancy, trap, cannablism, gore, violence, pansexual*I don't use bisexuality tag because MC isn't attracted to trap because of a penis, but because they have a genuine connection.(Cover image is not mine, all credit goes to artist, this just displays the best description of a character)

  • The Tale of the Devil Sword Master

    The Tale of the Devil Sword Master



    Please read tags at the end of the synopsis.## power stones for bonus chapters (read latest chapter to know more)PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END BEFORE STARTING TO READ***He, the proud DEVIL EMPEROR died after being heavily injured in the war. But with the help of his subordinates he was by mistakenly transmigrated as a spirit of the sword.But was that really a mistake?Was he betrayed?Who is acting behind the scenes?What are their motives?Follow Kylo as he unravels all the secrets and rules over all the beings of the Universe.***Author Note 1: Please read "From Author" in Vol 0Author Note 2: The book cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. It will be taken down if requestedAuthor Note 3: Please read my work till chapter 20 in order to decide whether it is worth reading in the future.***ALL TAGS:- R-18| Action| Adventure| Anti-Hero| Badass MC| Dark| Dark Past| Demons| Famous MC| Gods| Harem| Intelligent MC| Loyal Subordinates| MC strong from the start| Multi races| NETORI| NO NETORARE| NO NETORASE| Polygamy| Romance| Ruthless MC| Strong to Stronger| Subordinate gathering| Tragic Past| Tsundere|

  • Return of the Cuck Hero

    Return of the Cuck Hero


    The return of the Cuck Hero in the modern world. Ride along with our NTR hero as he reaches the top of the world.The MC of this story is Evil and the story has the extreme NTR. Don't read if you are easily offended.Kinks: Cuckold, Cleanups, Creampies, Cum play, Piss Play, Rimjobs, Sloppy Seconds, Evil MC, Netorase, Drugs, Violence, Beasts, gangbangs, and much more.I don't post regularly.Amateur Author at work.

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