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  • Outcasts fury

    Outcasts fury


  • Outcasts of Edelvine

    Outcasts of Edelvine

  • The OUTCASTS The beginning

    The OUTCASTS The beginning


  • ~The Outcasts~

    ~The Outcasts~


    Four Teens trying to survive high school, when their worlds came crushing downWill their loyalty to each other change or remain the same⁉️⁉️Stay tuned to find out..........

  • The Legend of Outcasts

    The Legend of Outcasts

    It's about a demon who is summoned to the world of Entailian and leads an 'activist/terrorist' group. After being imprisoned he's released so he can fight off a group of god like beings. To combat this he needs to rebuild the elite group of Outcasts and all while still being treated like a criminal. Why does he try to save this world?It's a fantasy universe setting with some more Modern day advancements with magical reasons thrown in.

  • Outcast of Outcasts

    Outcast of Outcasts

    Shin Feng is a cripple and a person with low talent. Everyone makes fun of him. He one day finds himself a crystal that made him a cripple no longer. The only problem is his talent, but someone's talent is not everything. Shi Feng goes on a journey to go change his destiny and become a god.

  • Tales of the Outcasts

    Tales of the Outcasts


    Hmm, first time at this so let me give it a try. Dtiedro, a Dragonborn, wanted to explore the world to cope with his guilt. What he didn't know was that he'll discover so much more about the world than just the sights. To really sum up the story, it is my cannon story for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I have been planning.

  • The outcasts (on wattpad)

    The outcasts (on wattpad)


    Asami Misumi the boss of the mafia in Japan which is know as the "Red Moon Mafia" Now that Asami is 22 years old, she has to follow in her father's footsteps. When she was only 13 years old she joined the mafia. When she was 15, her father put her in a group with two other boys, Kono Michiya and Koshiro Chiyo, which formed "Triple Death". They were one of the strongest groups in the Red Moon Mafia after her father's team...but there are secrets that people hide and take them to the grave and there are people that are outcasted from their own homes for crimes they didn’t commit themselves.

  • Outer Banks And Outcasts

    Outer Banks And Outcasts


    Brayden Jenkins and Michaela Harris are an unlikely duo of even unlikelier heroes. This cold-blooded jerk and troubled schoolgirl have formed an alliance through a bizarre promise. But the longer they are together, the further Michaela gets dragged into his madness, and the more curious Brayden becomes about her backstory.There’s also a killer on the loose. Two girls are dead. One person goes missing. And someone has deeper connections to the culprit than they’re willing to admit. In the small town of Bearwater, Vermont, no one is safe…

  • Outcasts of Eden Apartment

    Outcasts of Eden Apartment

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

  • Outcasts of Bullets and Fists

    Outcasts of Bullets and Fists

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Alessa and her sister Rebecca have lived their entire lives living and protecting their village of Bonts from the hostile creatures that surround them on a daily basis. They've essentially become the best skilled warriors in the village itself that no one else can compete with them. But even with Alessa's expert marksmanship and acrobatics along with Rebecca's strength and superhuman strength can't defend the village when the Courcen Empire threatens to destroy their home and enslave everyone within. Their only hope of saving their village? Finding the figure known as the Dread Rock's Shadow. Nothing is at it seems as the figure is shrouded in legends and myths, near impossible to truly prove his existence, even more so when those who have heard of him refuse to speak. Time isn't on their side in their quest to save their home, if only to escape it.

  • The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart

    The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart



    The night after her parents death, she's forced and threatened by the Queen at the age of ten to get engaged to the prince whose father is the murderer of all her relatives. Seven years later, she is brought back to the palace to be married to the prince who is now the Emperor. -----------+ Never would innocent Nana have ever imagine her life to become so complicated. Being threatened into a marriage she so despite. She hates him with all her heart and she wish him nothing but death but of course none of her wishes can ever come through, she isn't given a choice. To save her only remaining sibling life and to bring justice to her late parents, she agrees to marry the man she despise so much and one would think it would be easy ..given the fact that the whole kingdom knows that the Emperor is in love with the Outcast ..but no. As Nana entered the palace she receives the worst kind of hatred and wickedness from her husband's mother, brother and sister. The scary part is they want her dead. (PLEASE NOTE (There are no Wolves in this book. Only a few ghosts, Lol. Do take note, this story is rated PG 17+ and there might be scenes that would be uncomfortable for some people but rest assured that I will write a warning on each chapter which contains overly mature contents ..You can choose to read that chapter or skip it to the next one.) The book cover is from Pinterest.

  • The Outcasts/追放置

    The Outcasts/追放置


    NOTICE: THIS IS A NOVEL VERSION OF THE MANGA (JAPANESE COMIC) I AM CURRENTLY WRITING. Everyone in this world was blessed with some kind of power, and these three boys are no exception. Since they were young they always dreamed of becoming heroes. Their path hasn’t, and will not be easy, but they will continue to do their job and help others... but where will their journey lead them?

  • The eccentric society of outcasts

    The eccentric society of outcasts


    Min Hua, a witch from the cover 'Silver flame' failed in the test to enter the magic academy, which she had been practising during all her life. After failing in the test, she receives an invitation from a mysterious club, asking her to join them. When she visits the club, she decides to refuse until, Xiang Zhao, the former lover of her was also a member of the society. He promises to get her into the academy as her parents wished. In the hope of getting back to the academy, she joins them, when a huge war broke between witches and werewolves, the members of the club take upin themselves to protect the people and themselves.

  • The Alpha King

    The Alpha King


    SHES MINE, MINE TO HEAL, MINE TO LOVE ***I have problems but don't we all? The difference is, will mine lead to my destruction or resolution?Will it lead me to my soul mate or keep me forever lonely? Will I be able to overcome my misery or welcome it as company?***Victoria Miguel has always been an outcast and she's never understood why. When her mate finally finds her she does not want anything to do with him as she fears he will take one look at her and reject her just like everyone else has but he doesn't, in fact he is possessive, demanding and controlling. Victoria fears the more time she spends with her mate the more she is likely to cave and give in. The fact that her life and his is threatened makes her staying away from him extremely difficult. What will happen? Will she give in? Will he heal her soul?

  • The outcast

    The outcast


    THE OUTCASTWritten by TobilobaIt's all about a Nigerian who left her country to America with her family to take care of her sick grandma.She hopes she will be treated the same way she was treated in Nigeria but will she when she when she meets the notorious Alex? Or when the whole school is against her? Will she ever be happy again or get the life she always had back in Nigeria? Follow me on this journey and let's see how Michelle fights for her self.

  • Imperfect Outcasts of A Perfect Society

    Imperfect Outcasts of A Perfect Society

    Fantasy MAGIC

    Outcasts of a Utopian society defend it, but for what?

  • Outcast Hunter

    Outcast Hunter


    Ever since gates and monsters appeared on Earth so is the people who can fight against them.Leo, a high school graduate didn't took college, instead ventured on becoming a hunter to support his life and his brother's while looking for his dad.But life isn't so great for everyone. Leo who had became a hunter found out that he was a 'defected hunter' who can't level up and was ranked as the weakest hunter.Despite the circumstances, Leo didn't gave up until the opportunity itself came upon him.

  • outcast-


  • Not The Outcast Anymore

    Not The Outcast Anymore



    A MUST READ!!! "One good friend who cares for you is not a bad idea, Sam is one". __Bob(Alex's Dad) ********************** Alexandria Hamilton the popular outcast of Olive High thought school sucked but of course that's what everyone in her shoes would think. After she was betrayed by her ex-bestfriend, Mirabel, she had no friends except a certain hot Sam. What happens when another Sam in the person of Elijah Dolly Samson, Olive High's ladies man comes into her life with a psycho secret admirer in tow? Alex finds out the truth about Sam, Samson, the secret admirer and Mirabel and this truth is no sweet one. A work filled with romance, friendship, betrayal and humour. You're sure to enjoy it. ... Discord–– Mayrhyy#8837

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