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  • Ye Qiu, Poapasi and the Apocalypse

    Ye Qiu, Poapasi and the Apocalypse

    Fantasy APOCALYPSE

    Disclaimer: The King's Avatar, the characters, and all its wonder belong to the creator, Butterfly Blue. I am writing this story for the TKA fanfic contest even though i have not read the novel until the end. Please bear with me as i am not that good in writing. Ye Que and the Apocalypse Poapasi is just your average user of the webnovel app. He reads when he has time and updates his novels when he can relax and has found inspiration. Although not a fan of TKA because he has limited spirit stones, he plans to read it after his top three favorite novels are completed. Who would have guessed that webnovel would create "Ye Qiu Mobile Assistant". This created a hype for the webnovel app users. Poapasi promised to read "the King's Avatar" after downloading the update. Meanwhile a virus that can turn people into zombies was spread throughout the world using a unique method. Fortunately the virus mutated and evolved a small portion of the population, allowing them to gain special powers. Poapasi was updating his webnovel app to be able to use the "Ye Qiu Mobile Assistant" when he was infected by the virus. What powers did he receive?

  • i can sell anything

    i can sell anything

    i found myself in an alternate world that is about to experience an apocalypse. this apocalypse is different than the stories. alien merchants could be found in villages and cities. monsters drop coins when they die. food can only be obtained from these merchants. nothing is edible in this world. people can only have one power. how to survive in this apocalyptic world? buy weapons and items from these merchants. my power is not an attack or defensive power. its not even support. but with it i can survive in this world.

  • i dont kill monsters

    i dont kill monsters

    peter was a beta player in the newest virtual reality game. his plan is to take advantage of a few bugs he failed to report. that way he will gain lots and lots of money. what he didnt know is that each beta tester has a dedicated a.i. that is reviewing their every action. the a.i. has long since reported the bugs and the main a.i. has already fixed them before launching the game. peter tried his best but he is only an average player who got lucky when he was picked as a beta tester. without the bugs he doesnt have any advantage that he can use to earn money. having sold everything to invest in the game, he is pretty desperate and in a fit of drunken anger he emailed the owner of the game company with a pages of insults. unfortunately for peter the owner has made a special code in the game. he owns an item that can make one player lose a level everytime he kills a monster. and he used this to peter's game character. how can you ever hope to play the game when you lose a level everytime you kill a monster?

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