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  • Birth Of the Sinner Syndicate

    Birth Of the Sinner Syndicate

    a group of teens from different worlds and periods in time are chosen by gods and goddesses to be transported to a new multiverse called Ashia.The group was sent there for no other reason than to entertain the gods. when finding that out a few of them decide to rebel and group up.if rebelling gods is a sin this it would be accurate to call this group a sinner syndicate.This story follows a boy named Everett Hariot who after being neglected and caged in an old basement by his mother kills her and collects her heart marking his first kill among many.

  • Disciples Of Syndicate

    Disciples Of Syndicate


  • The case of the syndicate

    The case of the syndicate


  • The Syndicate of Fantasies

    The Syndicate of Fantasies


  • Code Red Syndicate

    Code Red Syndicate



    They tell me this bracelet means I belong to the crime syndicate.The blood-red color of each link indicates I was chosen to be the future wife of their self proclaimed king -- the Crimelord that is rumored to love death.Today, I protected a stranger from being one more of their body count. Little did I know, I was the one who needed protection. The man I saved was the one we all needed rescuing from.But, as I watched the man I saved efficiently dispatch his enemies, I realized: no good deed goes unpunished. My salvation will also be my curse.------------------------If you like the fantasy/romance genre with a strong female lead and enjoy my writing style, please check out the book I published (AVANIA): now, December 21, until January 11th, I will release 46 chapters. (I.e. 2 chapters per day)Webnovel will contain a more explicit version than Royal Road or Moonquill. I will highlight the explicit chapters in the title so that you may skip them if that does not interest you.

  • Chronicles of The Styx Syndicate

    Chronicles of The Styx Syndicate


    WARNING: This novel is R-18. 'One' was taken in as an orphan by the Master of the House of a Thousand Leaves, and ruthlessly trained. However, the House of a Thousand Leaves is raided and burned to ashes. Among the injustice of him, and his four fellow disciples getting murdered by righteous hypocrites without being able to fight back, his dying prayers are answered. Being reborn in a modern world, he awakens in the body of a dying 16 year old boy. Much to his surprise, his fellow disciples are reborn along with him. Having been reborn together, the fate binding them is the strongest of beliefs. With the help of the Syndicate System, a parting gift from the Goddess, the rise of the Styx Syndicate begins.I am a new author, I appreciate all feedback. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on my discord server

  • Mhaieiyu - Arc 1: The Syndicate

    Mhaieiyu - Arc 1: The Syndicate


    Between the hellish hordes of the blood-thirsty Crimsoneers and the corrupt society within the futuristic Syndicate's reign of tyranny, it's truly a mystery how anybody is expected to keep their head straight when caught between the crossfire of these terrifying menaces as they wreak mayhem to eliminate each other.Join awkward yet intrepid Tokken, a strangely unknowing teenager who's finally getting the reality check he needs, as well as the rowdy and reckless Emris, the alcoholic military mess that sees no grey lines between life and death, as they try to abide by the hailstorm that looms over them. COPYRIGHT 2019-2020, All Rights Reserved.Find this book on RoyalRoad: this book in Spanish on RoyalRoad: this book on FictionPress:

  • Starlight Necromancer

    Starlight Necromancer



    Life had never been easy for Foster. Not when he was abandoned by his family, not when he was taken in by a local crime syndicate, and also not when he suddenly found himself in another world full of magic and mystery. The system saved his life, giving him a second chance to live however he wanted here in this new world. After being taken in by a being that should never logically exist, Foster was given the tools that he needed to achieve his selfish desires.

  • Regressor: Lord of the Demonic Syndicate

    Regressor: Lord of the Demonic Syndicate


    Stabbed, burnt, torn limb by limb. In many ways, had he died. But no matter the brutality he experienced, he never broke. He came back. This time wiser and stronger. But after failing to achieve his goal countless times, he realized there's a limit to what a person can do alone. So, he resolved to find others like him and build an organization—a syndicate formed by the most heinous people throughout history.Also posted on RoyalRoad

  • My Magical System

    My Magical System



    (One of the best stories you can find in this platform!) Yeman Talisman was bullied by his classmates and framed by his best friend in his high school days. One night, an incident occurred, which he rescued his ex-girlfriend from a drug organization syndicate. Too bad with his bad luck he got killed, when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a different world? With a gaming-like system! Let’s find out what will happen to him in this world of fantasy. What if he finds out that his old classmates were the heroes of this new world and their leader was none other than his old best friend who framed him not only once, but twice? They got summoned here through a magic circle unlike him! What will happen when the system and magic clash?!!! (Yeman made a promise to himself, that the next time their path cross, he will teach them true despair.) Together with his pets, he will build his clan and rise to power!

  • The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective

    The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective



    "Fateful encounter of a cold-blooded assassin and a gentle detective: She wants to avenge her parents’ death, no matter the cost. He wants to redeem her and teach her forgiveness. One of them must give in. Merciless, fierce, vicious, and ruthless were the words that people would associate with her. That's how they would describe her, a living devil. Elle is known as the mysterious and meticulous assassin feared by both the underground syndicates and the government. But she finds herself helpless and at the end of her rope when she meets with despair on one of her missions. Erick, a chief detective, comes just in time to rescue the devil turned damsel. His kindhearted nature had led him to take the cold and aloof girl under his wing. With his protection on the line, Elle couldn't possibly get close to him in fear of being revealed. Can she let him into her walls or will she push him away, like all the others? Can he close his eyes to her crimes or will he punish her?" «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» *Excerpts* "What if I had killed someone? What if I am a criminal, what will you do?" Erick kept silent for a few seconds, thinking. Elle could almost hear her pounding heart amidst the silence of their surrounding. Erick looked into her eyes and met her nervous gaze as he gave her his response. "If that is the case, then I will have to put you in prison," he said in a serious tone. Elle's heart sank when she heard it. She felt like her world fell into pieces. "So... if I ask you to surrender yourself to me, will you do it?" Erick asked her softly as he cupped her troubled face in his two hands. "Will you?... will you marry me Elle?" he added. Elle:"..." Erick took advantage of that chance when Elle was still in a trance as he brought his face closer to her and sealed her lips with a gentle kiss. -------------------------------------------------- COMPLETED [ 530 Chapters ] { Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] } Award: Writing Prompt Contest #93 First Placer- Villainess Female Lead The Devilish Assassin meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter [ Chapter 1-275 (Completed) ] Volume II:Their Paths Crossed Again [ Chapter 276- 530 (Completed) ] Author's Other Book: 1. The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter (Contracted) Award of this Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead 2. Help, Cupid! I'm Falling For You Note* The artwork/illustration/photo in the cover is not mine. If the owner wants it to be replaced, it will be replaced. [The Author is slowly editing all the chapters. Please bear with me if you see grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structures along the way. Only the first 32 Chapters had been edited so far.] Curious about this author? Follow me in Instagram: elle_zar Please like Author Facebook page: @AUTHOR.ELLEZARG18

  • Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18

    Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18

    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Each time you break a rule; I'll claim a part of your body as mine"Forced to marry the heir of the largest mafia syndicate to pay for her parent's debt and her grandmother's hospital bills. "Live with my son for 30 days, if you don't fall in love with him, I'll cancel this contract."Can Malissa live with the handsome, hot and dominating Hayden for 30 days without falling for his charms? However, there are rules to living with this lusty monster and as Malissa breaks them, she learns of pleasures that she never knew existed. As his touches set her on fire, her heart starts to melt. But does the two have a future together when Hayden is in love with someone else and Malissa cannot get over her ex-boyfriend? READ NOW to find out! Follow my Facebook page: Realfantasies AuthorThank you!

  • The Villain and His Sweet Wife

    The Villain and His Sweet Wife



    Shao Lin feared the Underworld. He ruled it. Pampered and coddled her whole life, the sweet and innocent—Shao Lin—heiress of Shao Enterprise, had been raised to be perfect, obedient, and innocent—to listen to what others told her to please her family to meet the expectations of elite high society and to win the hearts of many. That was until she inherited Shao Enterprise upon her late father’s untimely demise. Now, entangled in a web of hidden secrets that he hid, she soon learned that not everything in her life was picturesque. Her father’s death was mysterious. Shady. She then found herself entangled with the secret societies of the Underworld and amongst them, the most dangerous of them all—the Dragon Syndicate and the man that ruled it. She then finds herself torn between what she knows and what she thought she knew. Torn in a web of romance between—Zhong Bai the detective, her childhood friend, helping her solve the case and the man she loathed but desires, Long Yat-sen, her enemy—Shao Lin finds herself conflicted between choosing what she's familiar with and what is dangerous but thrilling for her. **This novel is a short R-18 enemies-to-lovers romance with a marriage of convenience between a sweet woman, with a love of good things and flowers, and her villain. tropes: arranged marriage; enemies to lovers, slow-burn, short-term love triangle, romance and smut.

  • Crimson Instinct

    Crimson Instinct



    [COMPLETED] It's a race against time. But the challenge gets even harder as there is a certain difficulty that they both have to overcome. With Bai Li facing his own inner demons, will their quest for truth spiral out of control? Will he get his honour back? Who is the enemy hiding in the shadows that Xin Lei and Bai Li would have to fight? Along this journey to find their answers, will it also spark the flames of love between them? *** Amidst the booming crack of ear-piercing gunshots, Xin Lei bumped into the ex-army officer, Major Bai Li, who recently got a dishonorable discharge. He was the only hope for her who could help her in digging the truth behind not only that syndicate chasing after her life but also to find about her father and brother who have mysteriously disappeared. Together, they set out to search for the truth, but it shapes into something much darker and sinister as they learn about the case Xin Lei's father was working on - to prove a father innocent of his little daughter's disappearance, plunging them into one of the dangerous worlds, hidden from everybody. --- Scene Excerpt --- My foot was stuck in the pit and I pushed Bai Li away from me who was trying to get me out. There was no time. The sounds of sirens were growing closer and closer. How can I let the police catch him? But my strength wasn't enough. I tugged his shirt. I begged him. 'Please go.' Bai Li grabbed my arms. "Don't push me away, Xin Lei. Soldiers never leave anyone behind. It's either we are caught together or we escape together." Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. "Whatever it is, sticking together is the only option I give you." #WSA2020. Theme - Sweets love. --- Discord - Follow me on Insta - enthu_reader7 --- My other novels : 1. Because I simply love you 2. Because I cannot hurt you 3. The Mafia King's First Love **Novel cover is commissioned. Credit goes to Chainslock**

  • The Familia Head was Reborn as a Wolf in Another World

    The Familia Head was Reborn as a Wolf in Another World


    A leader of an allegedly organized crime syndicate called “Famila” died in a mysterious way, when he woke up, he found himself inside the body of a wolf. Suddenly finding himself alone in a foreign world, the newly awakened wolf carrying the memories of his past life was forced to fight for survival in the harsh environment of a world crawling with monsters.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Weekly Chapter Release:Saturday & Sunday - 8:00 am (GMT+8)Follow me on twitter:

  • Vows and Bullets

    Vows and Bullets



    [Watch "Vows and Bullets" Teaser in IG or Youtube!]The Nation’s Perfect Couple, Kim Ye-Ji and Jeon Eun-Woo, have a little secret—their marriage was a lie, and they both work as secret agents. What’s more, they actually hate each other. __________________________Agent Selene and Agent Helios had always been at each other’s throats competing as the top agent for the secret organization “Mythos”. But that competition would have to stop as they were suddenly called to cooperate for the hardest secret mission there ever was. “Agents, the both of you have been chosen to work together and go undercover to infiltrate the biggest, most dangerous, and longest-running syndicate there is—Kraken….” “Sounds fun. What will be our cover?” “A married couple.” “Oh, a married—WHAT?!” Having no choice but to put a temporary truce on their feud, they set out to complete the mission. However, when the mysteries started completing themselves like a puzzle, their once friendly rivalry just turned into one hell of reality. Driven by the ghost of their pasts, they found themselves pointing the gun toward each other. Between love and vengeance, which path will they choose? Or perhaps, there’s something more that’s carefully hidden in the dark? [WARNING: Some chapters contain mature content] This book comes in 3 Acts, separated into Volumes: Act 1: Operation Upheaval Act 2: Operation Mayhem Act 3: Operation Havoc If you love Vincenzo, My Name, Spy Family, and the likes, you'll love this book. Enjoy reading! __________________________ GIVE ME A TIP: FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram: author_macy_bae Tiktok: macy_bae_writes Facebook Page: Macy_Bae Youtube: Macy_Bae Spotify: Macy Bae Join my Discord Server: __________________________ PS: Art is not mine, and all credits to the owner.

  • I Teach Kendo in Tokyo

    I Teach Kendo in Tokyo


    Tired of the rat race of the 21st century, Wang Jian transmigrates to 1980, hoping to start his life anew and seek his fortune. Now living as Kiryuu Kazuma, he inherits a family dojo in Katsushika District, Tokyo. Blessed with a cute younger sister, a spacious house, and absolute freedom after both of Kazuma's parents died, everything seems to bode well for Kazuma's new life. Soon, however, all kinds of problems start to surface. Unable to recruit any students for the dojo, the Kiryuu siblings find it hard to make ends meet. One day, they are horrified to find a dead rooster hanging outside their door. It is a death threat from a Yakuza syndicate, urging them to sell their dojo cheaply! What should Kazuma do? Please send help. It's urgent! Never mind. Happiness is all that matters. Now then, face the storm! Kazuma with his newfound cheat is invincible!

  • tales of the underworld

    tales of the underworld

  • Re: Tentacles System

    Re: Tentacles System



    The white sinners made the red pact, as the black syndicate unleashed their pale venoms—The Patchers. These agents were gathered from all kinds of timeline and dimensions to fix this peculiar world. They were the seekers and the fixers who worked under the Big Boss—a vibrant tyrant, enshrined in a casually stylish chair. Face the fear, save the inferno! For there shall be both paths for justice and its sinners. In hell, we live—this is the legend of the Big Boss...It will be a long apotheosis, so keep your eyes buttered till the end~! Of course, with the limited package of fun suffering that comes—or not limited to: Survival of the jungle! Finding out why a knight has the word 'Forbidden' in his title! Time-hopping board game! And many more absurdities that one couldn't imagine. But before all of this could happen, an old man got reincarnated with an anatomically wrong vessel. He then saw an amputated limb from a flying kraken had obnoxiously fell from the sky. _______________________ Our lovely individuals who edited this work: @Epitaffy @Binocular _______________________ The cover illustration belongs to its respective creator. It is ready to be taken down anytime.