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  • Telekinesis



    Ketika seorang penerus tahta dianggap lemah, tak mampu untuk bertindak, tak pantas menjadi sebuah simbol negara ternyata memiliki kemampuan dan pemikiran yang luar biasa diluar nakar maka apa yang akan terjadi jika kemampuannya itu ditunjukkannya didepan semua orang.

  • God of telekinesis

    God of telekinesis


    A normal guy gets isekaid, but it doesn't go the way that normal Isekai stories are supposed to go! He makes a few bad decisions and it changes him, For better or for worse, He's set upon this wonderful world!This novel is going to focus on how overpowered telekinesis could be if it was used right, the endless possibilites are amazing, The story telling is probably going to be meh, but that's not really the biggest focus on this story, I'm not gonna put 0 effort into it, but my creative juices are flowing towards the ways you can make telekinesis op. (This is probably gonna get abandoned, just warning you here, so don't get too invested ;) )

  • Telekinesis System

    Telekinesis System

    Fantasy ACTION

  • The Perks of Telekinesis

    The Perks of Telekinesis


    Cody, he's a pretty average guy, he's popular with the girls and even some of the guys,he's also ace.he likes reading novels and anime and is pretty well kept in many communitiesone night he's returning home from the grocery store and sees a little girl out on the streets,he looks behind the girl and sees a speeding truck 'shit' he thinks and runs towards the girl pulling her towards the sidewalk just in time before the truck hits her.after making sure the girl is safe and her mom is there he heads across the street.Truck-kun POV:(how dare he deny the fate of this girl!)(he shall pay with his own life! mwehehe!)VRRRRTHONK_________________________________________________Note:| this fanfic will not have the mc have any harems or love between anyone,any heartwarming moments will just be between friends and no romantic feeling attached (even if characters simp for mc ÔwÔ) if you have any questions pls ask and if I make a grammar mistake please tell me so I can improve my writing and if you do end up reading this then thank you!

  • Telekinesis Cultivator

    Telekinesis Cultivator

    After being assassinated on the front-lines by a friendly soldier, Zeng Xinyue stumbled upon a mysterious golden wheel in purgatory. The wheel spun and landed on a mysterious golden symbol which was imprinted on her soul as "Telekinesis". Then her soul vanished and reincarnated into a place known as the Five Heavens, where cultivation isn't a fantasy.Xinyue was awakened with no parents. She was given average looks and no talent for cultivation. On top of that, the orphanage leader didn't like her and kicked her out as a newborn baby! How bad is this luck?!Will she survive as a newborn baby in civilization fraught with dangers? Will she be abducted by the forces of evil? Will this be another female cultivation love story?Find out in the next episode of Drago- "Wait! That's copyright!"*exhales a sigh of relief*"Close call..."

  • Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

    Back In Time: I Choose To Love You



    # HUSBAND-CHASING Si Mi had been foolish in her past life. She aborted the child she had with her husband just so she could return to her first boyfriend, Fu Xing. Yet, Fu Xing had no intention of reconciling with her, and even ridiculed her for flattering herself. With that, Si Mi felt that she had been abandoned by the world. She wandered the streets dejectedly and was killed by a car that malfunctioned. As her soul floated in midair, she saw her stepsister secretly meeting up with the driver who killed her to give him a large sum of hush money. She even saw her stepmother, who had always doted on her, say, “That girl finally died. At least my efforts weren’t wasted in spoiling her to the point of being brainless and arrogant! My dear daughter, you can finally relax and be with Fu Xing now.” Finally, Si Mi saw her ex-husband attending her funeral, and then took revenge for her death. Her supposedly disfigured husband even removed his mask for the first time before her portrait. The man’s flawless appearance seemed to be a gift from the gods. Every inch of him was meticulously perfect, and he wasn’t as hideous as the rumors painted him to be. Then, Si Mi lost all senses. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed naked while a man rammed into her from above. It was her husband, Fu Zhen! She had just attended her own funeral moments ago as a wandering soul, so why was she in Fu Zhen’s bed now and making love to him? It seems that Si Mi was reborn back to the time when she had just married her husband. During this time, she had yet to abort Fu Zhen’s child, and hadn’t yet fallen into her stepmother and stepsister’s scheme! What perplexed Si Mi even more was that she now possessed the power of telekinesis after being reborn. Splendid! She swore not to be toyed with anymore in this life. She would also take revenge! More importantly… she had to compensate Fu Zhen for what she owed him. She would give her best to this man who once loved her deeply.

  • Telekinesis To The Next Level

    Telekinesis To The Next Level

  • The Art of Telekinesis

    The Art of Telekinesis


    Tired of being 'trash' and be on luck's palm forever. William is now determined to change himself and challenges those who looks down on him.. This world consists of a society divided inyo cities inhabiting people with powers that is unique to each individual. Powerful ones are those at the top looking down and even ignoring those at the bottom. It is clear who is fortunate to live a leisure life on this world.Some parts of the world is still unknown. It is a dream for everyone to be a [Venturer]. The one who will venture out of their maps and discover the beauty behind their power-filled world. Beasts could be seen everywhere and also wields unique powers to themselves. Let us take a look at this world while following the unyielding will of a boy at the bottom who challenge the fortunate ones.

  • A Journey In Life, Plus Telekinesis [Dropped]

    A Journey In Life, Plus Telekinesis [Dropped]


  • Sleeping Glutton: Soul Collector

    Sleeping Glutton: Soul Collector


    In the year 2015, strange portals began to appear across the earth. As despair desolated armies worldwide, humans with abilities started to be catalogued all over the globe. Lukas was born the same year. After his birth, they did a test and discovered two abilities. Telekinesis and Pyrotechnics. Medium strength abilities, but they were two abilities. Two abilities made Lukas special. But even though he was supposed to be "Special", nothing different happened during his entire childhood. He had a quiet life until his teenage. After going to sleep one day after staying up most of the night studying for a test, the first nightmare woke Lukas from his sleep. "A dungeon? But I have never been inside one before. How could I recreate it so perfectly?" Nightmares were strange indeed. After that day, every night was the same: Deaths, monsters, something he had never seen before with his eyes. But it was all there, in his nightmares. And it was all so real. The nightmares went on for weeks until something different from his monotonous routine happened. A "real" nightmare that caused Lukas genuine despair. A cry of despair was followed by a soft, gentle female voice speaking in his mind. [ Congratulations, you have been chosen as a new user of the system. ] [ Welcome to the Glutton System ] **//** If you own the artwork and want me to remove it, please contact me at discord Igor#0001 My discord:

  • Aspectual Multiverse of the Nameless God

    Aspectual Multiverse of the Nameless God


    Another evolutionary stage, now its part of the lore of this Nameless God. Vol 1 and Vol 3 are the special volumes, Vol 2 is just random one shots-------------------------------------------------------------------------The novel where I put my random One Shots in-------------------------------------------------------------------------A New Era has once again came OwO.Hello there new and old readers.Okay, so this was previously God King of Bussy's Genesis but decided to make it like NoNameDeity's Shitpost and digivolve this shit right here and now its the place I put my One Shots in -------------------------------------------------------------------------The tale of a man filled with tragedy and betrayal as he does anything in his way to bring the joy of bussy throughout the Multiverse.AN: Hello there my readers, this will update irregularly and will probably be very short like maybe 1 - 10 chapters. But this is very important for the Multiverse where Final Boss of the Multiverse, MHA: Telekinesis, and Traversing the Infinite Realities reside. That's what I call a certified sigma male move.And special thanks to my boyfriend cuddlesplease for wanting new chapters, I would have stop at chapter 1 but decided to write more chapters for him. But not daily though, maybe once a month or at some random times.And for those who don't understand shit, I am just joking, cuddlesplease is not my boyfriend... yet.

  • Almighty Girl With Strongest Upgrading System

    Almighty Girl With Strongest Upgrading System


    Ye WuXie was trained to be the heir of a mysterious supernatural organization in Italy. She had one of the rarest power - Telekinesis. One sudden day, her base was attacked and she was killed. The next thing she knew was that she had transmigrated into a similar parallel world and was binded with [Strongest Upgrading System]. She had transmigrated into a introverted 18 year old highschool girl who was abused by her own mother who died a month ago. She didn't know who her father was and was all alone. She even had to hide her rare power which followed her.[ Super strong genius FL, High and mighty ML, 35 year old superstar father, a fangirl mother in law]

  • An Esper in XianXia world

    An Esper in XianXia world


    Jiang Jie was a very powerful Esper. He was so powerful that even he himself would be unable to control it sometimes. Telekinesis, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, pyromancy... he has it all. Getting bored of his mundane life, one day he decided to see what exists beyond the fabric of reality surrounding his world. Using his powers, he tore open a hole in reality and traversed through dimensions, only to find himself in a brand new and exciting world.

  • Misadventures of Fayn

    Misadventures of Fayn


    Fayn. A university student awakens his power in telekinesis and sets off to have strange encounters. He soon discovers that the world around him was not as simple as it seemed.

  • Akademi Herculean: Para Pahlawan Muda

    Akademi Herculean: Para Pahlawan Muda



    “Kakak, tolong aku.” teriak Vera dalam kegelapan. “Vera!” teriak Vin putus asa. Mencari ke sana kemari keberadaan adik perempuannya. Hari yang gerimis seharusnya menjadi hari yang selalu membuat Vera tersenyum. Karena Vera yakin saat gerimis akan datang pelangi. Sayangnya tidak berlaku untuk hari ini. “Kakak, tolong aku.” pekik Vera dengan suara tertahan. Vin, dengan sekuat tenaga mencoba mengendalikan kekuatan yang selama ini dia tutupi, telekinesis. Tapi, mendengar jeritan pilu adik perempuan satu-satnya, Vin tidak punya alasan lagi... “Dasar penjahat, matilah kau!” raung Vin marah. Dan semua benda di sekitar Vin melayang, meluncur lalu menyerbu penjahat bertopeng.

  • Ruler of the Empire

    Ruler of the Empire

    Others have great powers like controling fire, water, wind, earth and metal. Some have telekinesis. Some can control the gravity. But me, I only have my ants.Constructive critism is loved. :)

  • KINESIS : Putri Biru

    KINESIS : Putri Biru


    Tere hidup bersama ibunya, di salah satu kota kecil di Jawa Tengah bernama Wonosobo. Mereka hidup berdua, tanpa ayah dan kerabat lainnya, di rumah yang menyepi cukup jauh dari permukiman lainnya.Hidupnya penuh misteri. Tere menyadari dirinya bisa melakukan sesuatu diluar nalar manusia. Dia bisa mengendalikan benda tanpa menyentuh. Telekinesis.Suatu hari, Tere menemukan sebuah buku usang di kamarnya. Buku tua sederhana yang ditulis dengan mesin ketik. Ia membacanya dan menyadari bahwa buku itu menceritakan kisah dirinya sejak pertama kali tiba di bumi.Suatu malam, seorang pria bersenjata menyusup ke rumah menyerang ibunya. Tere berhasil mengusirnya dengan telekinesis. Hari berikutnya, satu keluarga aneh yang mengaku kerabat mereka datang ke rumahnya. Hari berikutnya lagi, sekelompok orang asing berkemampuan tak masuk akal datang dengan pesawat aneh. Orang-orang menyebutnya UFO. Pesawat itu mengangkut tujuh manusia aneh yang berasal dari negeri kelahiran Tere._______________CERITA SUDAH DIPINDAHKAN KE PLATFORM LAIN

  • My Life on Planet Phlla

    My Life on Planet Phlla

    A little girl gets pulled from her time in 2010 and ends up in 3540. 1530 years later being experimented on by a group of mysterious aliens manifests her dormant powers of telekinesis, instincts related to danger, exceptional strength, and intelligence. The girl named Freya is able to escape and runs into an alien. Will she be able to fit into a completely different world and time?

  • Death God Raziel

    Death God Raziel


    On the day of the coronation of the new Death God, a war erupted in the realm of Gods; in the end, Raziel was killed by his own master, the Death God Azreal for an unknown reason.He was reincarnated as an elf in the mortal realm as the son of a village chief. With a scythe as the spirit weapon and a mysterious eye power that grants him telekinesis; Raziel Aewenys embarks on a journey to become the strongest being in all the realms.

  • The Binding of Lupo

    The Binding of Lupo

    Orphaned by a terrorist attack, Ayden O'Hara thought his life was coming together until the same mysterious entity responsible for his disfigurement resurfaces eighteen years later. After another near-miss with death, he allows himself to be drafted into a governement program which will utilize his gift of telekinesis to combat the terrorists.