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  • Voyage With The Pirate King

    Voyage With The Pirate King



    Ji Yao, the future Pirate King rescued a pitiful boy from the goodness of his heart only to find out that pitiable looking lad was far from the word pitiful. Calling him a wolf pup in sheep's clothing wouldn't be an exaggeration. Like they say watch what you pick up and bring home with you. As they journeyed across the continent slaying creatures and half breeds that stood in their way all the wolf pup could think of was: 'My husband is cute,' Or 'When can we will nightfall come so we can cuddle,' Or 'Husband smells so good. I want to bite him.' Ji Yao who had woken up with a bite mark, "......" Let's Voyage together and witness a relationship designed by fate blossom into a power couple born from powerful Nocru clans. ----‐----------------------------------------------- 200 golden tickets or 1000 power stones = 2 extra chapters per week. With a lot more support I will be motivated to write. Thank you so much.

  • Fallen Chronicles

    Fallen Chronicles



    Renji had many exes. However, these exes were all fictional characters in a post-apocalyptic game. As an absolute devotee of strength, whenever a character became useless in the game, Renji would strip them of their equipment, claim their resources, and relegate them to the background as caretakers, giving the best to new powerful characters. Of course, Renji always insisted that this was temporary, all in the name of advancing in the game and saving this precarious post-apocalyptic world! But... These "Fictional Characters" didn't seem to see it that way. When Renji, with his emphasis on strength and meticulous planning, fulfilled his mission as the "savior," putting an end to the source of Tainted Miasma in the wasteland and becoming the first to achieve a "perfect clearance." He unexpectedly found himself transported to the game's second stage. He had thought he would soar directly, living a carefree life, but Renji realized that things were not quite as he had imagined. ---------------------------- The Cover is mine-And about his Wives and the other important characters he encounters, their illustrations will be posted in Characters Chapter 00. --2-3 daily chapters-- ---------------------------- 2024 Every 1000 power stones = 1+ chapter ---------------------------- Every 50 golden ticket = +1 chapter ----------------------------

  • The Voyage in the Blizzard

    The Voyage in the Blizzard


    First thing you should know before reading this novel. It is BL story. Here, you will find a romance between two male leads. If you are okay with that, keep reading. This story takes place in a cold world which has nothing but a curse and a strong blizzard.Here, on Frosty Mountain Peaks, live only warriors.Their goals are to stay alive as long as possible and protect their lands from the furious beasts.For many centuries, warriors were the only inhabitants of this world.Until one day, the day when the warrior named Longwei creates someone who can change this world and destroy the curse.But before Longwei can fulfill his plans, he must go through a lot of dangers. And also, he is going to find his soulmate in spite of the fact that here, among warriors, to love someone is not permitted.This is the story of suffering, happiness and how it is like to dream and stay alive in the middle of the endless war.

  • The Kronos Chronicles (BL)

    The Kronos Chronicles (BL)


    Persie lived a life of luxury among the gods on Mount Olympus until Venus grew envious of his rumored relationship with Poseidon. The three sons of Lord Titan Kronos—Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus—had vanished without a trace. Many believed that their father, Kronos, was subjecting them to his customary trials and tribulations. However, Venus cunningly framed Persie, resulting in Kronos punishing him. As his sentence, Persie was tasked with traversing various worlds to save lost souls in order to earn forgiveness. Despite encountering countless challenges, Persie remained resolute in fulfilling his mission. Little did he expect to encounter love for the first time, especially with a man who stood as his complete opposite. Persie found himself drawn to the power and control wielded by Hades, the god of the underworld and ruler of the dead. This attraction stemmed from Persie's lifetime of adhering to societal expectations. He embarked on a journey of new experiences, bringing light into Hades's dark realm. How would Persie react upon discovering that he had fallen in love with the very being who governed and dictated the laws of the underworld? Will their love transcend the boundaries of life and death? Volume 1: Hades & Persie Volume 2: Zeus &... Volume 3: Poseidon &... New chapter every day. 3 extra chapters the very next day, for every super gift.

  • The Rifter: Child of Prophecy

    The Rifter: Child of Prophecy



    The Calamity create a Dimensional Rift that brought aliens and monsters into our world. This catastrophe killed billions of people on Earth but also brought an evolution in some who survive. The Rifter, the heroes who were born with supernatural powers from cosmic energy. They were the ones who fought to defend the world and brought back peace. 500 years have now passed. The entire younger generation are filled with dreams of becoming a Rifter. To be able to protect the earth, gain glory and wealth. Ryo was a simple teenager who lived alone in a small apartment in the corner of Tokyo. He had forgotten the dream when he was sentenced not to have any cosmic energy in his body. But fate said otherwise... On the night of his high school graduation, a Dimensional Rift suddenly appears, and when his life was threatened, Ryo's hidden power finally awakens. [The Heir is in danger, releasing the Seal] [Activating Dark Sovereign] Ryo's boring daily life was completely changed, with a power that can tear dimensions apart, Ryo's adventure to become the strongest Rifter begins! **This is my first ever book. Please be easy on me :"3 **

  • Prophecy: rising of the first hybrid

    Prophecy: rising of the first hybrid



    WARNING WARNING!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. {WSA ENTRY..}Orpheus was once a young vampire, born into a family of vampires who turned him into a werewolf through the use of black magic. This transformation created a battle within him as vampires and werewolves because of a deep-seated enmity towards each other. Orpheus struggled with this duality for thousands of years and eventually learned to live with his newfound self. However, this transformation left him ruthless and cold, instilling fear in people who worked for him. Despite his fearsome reputation, there was one exception - Camilla Grande. Camilla was a young woman in her twenties who lost her parents in a devastating car accident when she was just eighteen. She had to give up her dreams of pursuing a degree and a career in dancing to start working. However, her lack of a degree made it difficult for her to find a job in a regular office. One day, while wandering the streets, she overheard someone talking about a luxurious mansion on the other side of town that needed a housekeeper. The previous staff who worked there either got fired or left on their own accord, and no one could tell a complete story about the mysteries of that house. Camilla was about to dismiss the thought, but when she heard the amount they were offering to pay, she decided to apply. Little did she know that her decision to work at that mansion would change her life forever.

  • Chosen One’s Prophecy

    Chosen One’s Prophecy


    Soulmates… an invisible force that ties the fate of two people together in a strong unbinding love. It is impossible to deny that strong pull let alone hate the person solely made for you.But what happens when you’re despised by the same person who’s supposed to love you? What happens when you’re humiliated by the person who is supposed to accept your flaws? What happens when you’re rejected?Wolves frown at rejection and the act is condemned but what happens when a particular alpha rejects his soulmate? Along her journey of power and emotional distress, she meets a mysterious man in the woods. What does destiny have in store for two wandering souls?What will happen in the life of Adira Wessex, the werewolf chosen by the moon goddess to defeat a force in the future?

  • The Evolution Chronicles

    The Evolution Chronicles



    Arc One: Mian is the castaway of a dying, if not already dead pack of demi-humans. Dumped in the middle of the forest, he is found by the Patriarch of a flourishing band of demi-humans. Unfortunately for him, he just happened to be different from them in almost every way. Mian's senses are weaker than the average demi-human's. Mian's strength is below average, Mian's resistance to illness is below average, Mian's toxins can barely hurt a fly. Worst of it all, Mian just has to look different from the others. The Freak of the pack. One day, a mysterious rock crashes into the outer territories of the pack's lands, prompting a group to be sent out to investigate. Mian is accidentally placed in the group and has to go out. Upon getting there, Mian's life changes, never to be the same ever again, as he gains access to something no one else has - Evolution. --- Silver WPC winner for WPC 206! 30 Power Stones for a bonus chapter! Support me at Join my discord server for updates and advance notices on events!

  • The Chronicles of Cassidy

    The Chronicles of Cassidy

    ID Johnson creates characters you'll want to have as your best friends with antagonists you'll love to hate. Her love for all things princess-y compelled her to write her first medieval romance at fifteen, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Now, her plots are a little more complex, her topics a little more mature, and her romances often more intense, but she's never lost the love she felt the first moment she breathed life into a character over twenty years ago. If you love feisty paranormal heroines, damsels who cause distress, or historical ladies who know how to light up a room, then pull up a seat, get out your eReader, and meet ID Johnson's friends. Soon enough, they'll be your friends, too. Check out her author website at he world isn't the place you think it is. It's dark, it's secretive, and it's dangerous. When my sister returned from a party one night, I knew something was different--something was wrong. I was determined to find out what was wrong, before it was too late. My life as a small town high school student would soon be transformed as I discovered an entirely different world, one where Vampires, Guardians, and Hunters war over humanity. My name is Cassidy Findley, and I’m pretty sure my sister is a vampire, despite her “co-worker” making every effort to brainwash me into believing otherwise. I can only hope that I’m not too late and that I can trust my own memories. Because I’m pretty sure my sister’s friends are coming for me next. The Chronicles of Cassidy is a retelling of The Clandestine Saga specifically for young adult/teen readers told from the perspective of high schooler Cassidy Findley.

  • Voyage of the Villainess

    Voyage of the Villainess



    (On HIATUS)This is the tale of how a villainess became the greatest voyager in a world filled with magic and danger. ———————————-Carolle was killed in an explosion on the MVI Queen Liner crew ship to which she was assigned. She transmigrated to the body of Malaya Venizever Marina, the youngest daughter of the Marina Dukedom of the Empire of Sahaya. And the villainess of the novel Fate of the Stars, which she read.She accepted her role and awaited the fated graduation ball to get her doom flag. Where she will be exiled, and from there she will be able to go on her new journey and fulfill her dream! In the new world full of unknowns, she aspired to be the greatest voyager in history."Who cares about the plot?! When you have a whole new world of unknown! You should explore it!" -----------------------Word count: 1000-2000 words per chapter.Update Schedule: 4-5 chapters a week on any particular day. It may change in the future or if some unexpected events occur.Author Notes:1. English is not my first language, so please tell me if there will be grammar errors.2. The story might be slow or fast depending on each arc. 3. All constructive criticisms and reviews are welcome!4. All the best to the story and have fun reading.-------------Volume 1: From chapter 1-44Four Special Chapters: From chapter 45-48Volume 2: From chapter 49 - OngoingI would like to acknowledge my two other friends, @Max for helping me to add more details to the chapters and @Yasi for helping me in editing, the upcoming next chapters for Volume 2 and Volume 3

  • Ocean Survival: Check In to be the Great Voyager

    Ocean Survival: Check In to be the Great Voyager


    A disaster happens with a global flood! When people wake up, everyone is lying on their own small raft. In the middle of the ocean, there are scattered survival supplies. Sharks and sea monsters lurk within. Danger is everywhere. Jack needed to work hard to survive. Surprisingly, he has awakened a check-in system. As long as he checks in every day, he will receive precious survival supplies. After checking in for one day, [System reward: Drink Can x5, Rotten Grass Ball x5, Floating wooden board x5, Easter Egg Package x1!] "Oh my god, there's a box of cola in the Easter Egg Package. When water is scarce, I can even drink the ambrosia of fat otakus!" After checking in for a week, [System reward: Refined Fishing Rod x10, Refined Lance x10, Refined Blow Dart x10, Easter Egg Package x1, Super Backpack x1!] "I thought I wouldn't be able to store so many things. I didn't expect the Super Backpack to have 500 storage slots!" After checking in for a month. [System reward: Fish Skin Clothes x5, Octopus Hat x5, Crocodile Boots x5, Sea God Blessing!] "The Sea God's Gaze? I really want to see what treasures are at the bottom of the sea!" After checking in for a year. [System reward: Patrol Seabird x1000, Mermaid Servant x10, Epic Fleet x1!] At the end of the desolate ocean, countless seabirds circle around an ocean fleet. At the bow of the ship, Jack is surrounded by ten beautiful mermaids. "Oh my god! We haven't even settled our meals yet. Why does he have a fleet?" "Look! Those sexy mermaids with hot bods around Jack look even sweeter than Hollywood stars!" "What? Those seabirds are helping him pick up supplies. Can he leave us with a way out?" Jack's fleet quickly sails past, leaving only the rafts behind. Everyone watches with envy…

  • The Chronicles of the Immortal God

    The Chronicles of the Immortal God



    There are 2 paths to achieve the peak of power, the Tenth Stage.Gain the recognition of Laws and ascend as a God.Or Cultivate thyself as an Immortal.With his Master unparalleled in Energy Manipulation and Space-Time, watch as Fang Lin achieve both!!!Burdened with a master that can shake cities and crush mountains, Fang Lin travels the realm, cleaning up after his master's messes!!!Discord Link:

  • Empyrean Chronicles

    Empyrean Chronicles


    The Empyrean Humans. The Paragon Beasts. The Ancient Faes. The Primal Devils. Each were the Embodiment and Personification of the Four Origin Ordinances. Each wielded power beyond the scope of the Heavens. And each, commanded a portion of the only Founding Realm in all Existence. Now then, what happens when these four overpowered Races decide to house their Bloodlines inside one vessel? It was... a resounding failure. Discarded and thrown into a Lower Realm, it would seem as though Osric, the result of a failed experiment, with no memory of anything prior, would be swept under the tides of the Martial Verse, never to be heard again, until... Until he Awakened. *** Cover is not mine. Found it on Google.

  • Fire Chronicles

    Fire Chronicles

    Dragons, a curse, feisty women and spicy adventure in another world. Add heartache, love and undeniable courage and then you’ll know you’re in the land of Dragon Fire Chronicles. Get ready to laugh and cry and be carried away. USA TODAY Bestselling Author Holly S Roberts likes to gloss over her exciting past as a homicide detective and make you think she sits at a computer all day writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You’ll find Holly in the mountains on a long hike or at the gym pounding barbells with the boys. She’s a health coach and nutritionist as well as being vegan and proving muscles come from hard work and plant-based foods. When the weather’s too cold for outdoor play, she sneaks into her dark cave and writes until her fingers ache. She’s also followed around by a hundred-pound Rottweiler with anxiety issues and constant need for affection. Each finished chapter gets a dog lick when Holly stays on course.

  • the prophecy of light: chronicles of eldoria

    the prophecy of light: chronicles of eldoria

  • The Goddesses Prophecy of the Alpha

    The Goddesses Prophecy of the Alpha



    Erick didn't even know werewolves existed, let alone that he was one. As he is thrown into that world, he finds himself at the center of both a murder plot and an ancient prophecy. Can he find a way to survive and fulfill the prophecy? Rhian his mate comes crashing into his life while running from her own set of dangers. Will their union derail everything or be the solution they are looking for?  The officer leaned in over the desk towards the intake nurse. They both continued to glance in his direction as they spoke in hushed whispers. An irritated Erick smirked, giving them a slight wave to acknowledge he knew they were staring. Even though they were across the room and attempting to speak quietly, Erick heard every word. He was baffled at this sudden improvement in his hearing; it was as if their voices were magnified. "Yes, we found him wandering out of the woods. He couldn't explain his lack of clothes or what had happened to him." The nurse replied, "Don't you find that suspicious knowing what last night was? Do you think that maybe he was unaware he was changing?'' The officer quickly cut her off, "Of course I suspected it! Why the hell do you think I brought him here instead of Memorial hospital?" The nurse just nodded as she looked down and began to type in her report. "My biggest question is it's as if he has no idea what happened. Does he not know what he is or what he is going through? Please make sure you have security and keep an eye on him. Something just feels off to me." The officer looking directly at Erick noticed how wide his eyes were watching the two of them speak. Could he hear their conversation?     What in the world were these two talking about? The shocking appearance on Erick's face twisted into a confused expression. What is this change they are talking about, and what do they mean what he is? He is a man. What other possibility is there? Feelings of anger and rage began to overwhelm him. He had felt all along that the officer's demeanor was off, like he knew more than he was saying. Erick acknowledges that his explanation for what happened lacked plausibility, but he was just trying to find some reasonable interpretation of the situation. What did that man know? Did he recognize Erick but how? It's not like he ever had a criminal record?     Erick brought his hands up to his temple and put pressure along both sides as he squeezed his eyes closed tightly. His feelings were overwhelming enough, but this stabbing headache was not helping him think clearly. Why did it feel like fire was coursing through his veins? Argh, he screamed internally, overcome with agony. His gripe along his temple tightened, and his eyes snapped open as he felt a trickle of blood where his nails had pierced his skin; like the night before, his vision went black, and he felt himself collapsing to the floor.     The officer who had never taken his eyes off Erick was suddenly running over to him. "Shit!" The officer witnessed the golden glare in his eyes during the brief moment they opened. He knew the fears in their suspicions were correct as he rushed to his side. "Get a gurney and the restraints now!" He roared in the direction of the nurse who was already scrambling to assist him.

  • Pirate Chronicles

    Pirate Chronicles



    Arranged marriage? No way.... Controlled by nobility? Certainly not... I will not yield... no one can stop me. I will create my own adventures and no one will dictate the way I live! ***** Meet Lady Editha Allysse Carmen of the house of Pardue, a noblewoman arranged to wed Prince Eric of Beckforth. She refused and ran away. On her voyage to freedom, she was taken by the roguishly handsome Jacob, a pirate and captain of Labyrinth... He calls her Darling... Thus begins her adventure... join her as she chronicle her voyage and got to know the pirates’ secrets and the corruption she never knew existed. ***** Cover by: Emil Valeza and Paul Japon Paloma

  • The Chronicles of the Fallen World

    The Chronicles of the Fallen World


    [ Discord: Name : Merciless Clan]In this dangerous world, I thought that I could trust the people who were in my situation. They were my comrades, my rivals, my best friends, and even my love. They promised to stand by my side always, but when I needed their help the most, they abandoned me. But you know what? That's okay. I've learned that trust is rare in this world. This time, I won't be the one getting hurt. I'll be the one doing the hurting. In this academy where everyone tries to be the hero, I'll embrace the shadows and come out on top. In this fallen world, I'll become the strongest. Against those who chose to stand against me, I will emerge victorious! ×××As always, allow me to provide a brief summary of what lies ahead in this novel. It will feature the enthralling backdrop of school life, with established relationships devoid of the typical harem tropes. Romance will be woven into the narrative, but it will be far from cliché or cringe-worthy. The protagonist, while not a villain, is certainly no conventional hero. I assure you, the main character will not succumb to irrational decisions, as he will possess a sharp intellect. Secrets will envelop the MC, some even eluding the comprehension of the protagonist himself. Expect mind-bending plot twists, intense drama, and moments of vulnerability. Betrayals will test loyalties, and battles will be waged against both monsters and humans, including clashes with entire societies. Finally, let it be known that the hero and the overall story will deviate significantly from the "villain's side of the novel," employing a distinct writing style, narrative approach, and unique goals. Above all, my utmost priority in crafting this novel is to ensure its logical coherence, devoid of any plot holes. It will deviate from the fantastical logic of the novel world and adhere to the rationality of the real world. Every conversation and every action taken by the characters will mirror those of ordinary individuals rather than idealized figures within a story. They will not be perfect, nor will they be foolish; they shall simply embody normalcy.

  • "Stellar Voyager"

    "Stellar Voyager"


    Stellar Voyager is an epic science fiction tale that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the vast depths of space. In a distant future, a crew of intrepid explorers embarks on a mission that leads them to the enigmatic Kepler-186f, a planet teeming with life and secrets. As the crew unravels the mysteries of Kepler-186f, they stumble upon the Cosmic Nexus, a portal to other dimensions and realms of existence. Drawn into a web of time-space disorders, they find themselves thrust into the past, facing unforeseen challenges and encountering beings of immense power. With each chapter, the story unfolds with addictive suspense, weaving a narrative that entangles the crew members in a hidden plot that spans across time and space. They face trials, mysteries, and personal demons, forging unbreakable bonds and uncovering hidden strengths within themselves. Throughout their journey, the crew must confront their fears, doubts, and vulnerabilities, transcending their limitations to become true guardians of the cosmic tapestry. They are tasked with rewriting the fabric of existence itself, ensuring that the harmony of the universe is preserved and the secrets of the hidden plot are revealed. Stellar Voyager is a captivating web novel that combines elements of science fiction, mystery, and adventure, immersing readers in a richly detailed universe filled with vivid landscapes, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking themes. As the crew navigates through the cosmic currents, readers will be enthralled by the twists, turns, and unexpected revelations that lie in wait. Embark on a journey with the crew of the Stellar Voyager, where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance and the quest for truth becomes an odyssey of self-discovery, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.

  • Forsaken Chronicles

    Forsaken Chronicles

    Warning: This story is a dark urban fantasy rife with violence. Reader discretion is advised. Adara has no idea who she is. What she is. That doesn’t stop danger from stalking her. It also does nothing to stem the nightmares. Caught in her dreams of darkness, Adara attracts the attention of a werewolf and a vampire and wonders if she’s losing her mind. They can’t exist, and her mind says…forget. But she wants to remember. However, if she does, will the truth shatter her? Includes: Dreams of Darkness, Awake in Shadows and Kiss of Light. The Forsaken Chronicles was created by Eve Langlais, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.