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  • Thirteen


    Deputy Mark Forrest and Nurse Francis Archer can’t deny the chemistry that arises between them. A chance meeting awakens the idea of something greater than either had ever imagined.<br><br>Mark craves being able to let go, and Francis loves to take him out of his head. But Mark’s past bears a truckload of personal demons that have kept him in the closet and made him lash out at the LGBTQ community in the town he’s come to regard as home.<br><br>Despite finding love and a new purpose in Acker, Francis’s new job might end up being temporary, and he doesn't want to lose the life he's settled into. Can the two of them build a future together despite a bitter past, and diverging paths?

  • Thirteen


    All points are relative. A majestic era of gods that has long turned to dust, a bloody civil war that took place high in the heavens, and a group of companions who explore a strange world. For thousands of years, men and women have fallen into this world from another. Remain hidden in a shadow of mediocrity, rise to the peak of this world... or die. Thousands of years have passed since the First Fall, the first time these people arrived. An extraordinary man, bearing wounds from his previous world, becomes one of these people and falls through the void, into this world. Surprisingly, a man and a woman were expecting his appearance. A journey that concerns all that do and do not exist begins! ..... ..... Very sporadic release rates. Don't hold your breath for the next chapter. Click away if you're looking for a reliable author.




    I was sent to another world.I live in the body of a boy named Threska. ---The man himself doesn't know what was happening and decided to find the answer to the sudden mystery and how can he go back to his own world, and body as well.The man seeking out for answers made the peaceful life of the original owner of the body he's in.Why is that the man was sent to another world and what does Threska has got to do with the strange event?

  • Thirteen



    This is a story about teen depression and the hard life of a teenager the maturity scaler Problem

  • Thirteen Dreams

    Thirteen Dreams

    Each dream poses a challenge. there are 13 dreams, 13 challenges. 13 Nightmares. All to get closer to heaven.

  • Thirteen Exes

    Thirteen Exes

  • Perfect Thirteen

    Perfect Thirteen

  • The Thirteen Answers

    The Thirteen Answers

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE TRAGEDY TAGALOG

    [UNEDITED SINCE 2015] [Tagalog][Short Story] A girl was in the state of dying when she met a guy dying too. Then one day a question came to her mind "Why do love exist?", day had passed and she received the thirteen answers. Does the answer can change her belief; about love?

  • Thirteen But Seventeen

    Thirteen But Seventeen

    Percintaan Fantasi ROMANCE

  • THIRTEEN: The Guardian

    THIRTEEN: The Guardian


    Thirteen, a demon, was assigned to guard his first human, Miura Kei. As expected with a formidable demon, his first week of provoking his human to do nefarious things went very well not until the intervention of Lance, a guardian angel.Thirteen vied against Lance to win the soul of his human. Little did he know that he was about to face an eccentric twist of fate. On the next day he stood on Kei’s side wasn’t about him being a demon guardian but more on a protector which resulted chaos between him, the demons, and the Morningstar.Will Thirteen defy his race and choose the road that no demon had taken? Or will his thirst for power and own greediness bring him to the extent of killing his human?The demon guardian, Thirteen is now ready to step his feet on the mortal world.

  • Domino Thirteen [COMPLETED]

    Domino Thirteen [COMPLETED]



    "How much do you love her?" Tanong ni Pierce kay Wrath.Wrath smirked. "I had her pictures in every corner of my room. That's how." The baritone voice of Wrath was enough to warn him that she was only his. "That's not love." Pierce whispered.This is already a completed story, you can read this at Dreame App. Title: Domino Thirteen by axisixas. Thanks.

  • My Lucky Thirteen

    My Lucky Thirteen

    Amber's mom decided to transfer her to Silver University. She thought it's much better for Amber to live in a new environment while she works abroad to move on from their family's loss. So, she rented an apartment for her to live alone.Meanwhile, Amber got involved with the most mysterious student in class who happened to be one of the richest and eligible bachelors in the university. However, she found rumors about him which always ends up to be a fake facade to keep his image as the sole heir of a powerful company.P.S. Still working. Sorry for the edits. Come back to read. And always be updated.

  • Thirteen Reasons Why

    Thirteen Reasons Why


    Why do some people treat the ones they're supposed to love with callously?Life's lessons can be harsh and misunderstandings can tear us apart. When communication breaks down between two lovers or friends - will they be able to fix the damage they've caused or is the rift too raw, too savage to ever be healed again?"Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't leave you. I trusted you and you broke my heart, you ripped it out and crushed it under your heel..." The last words were choked off by sobs that wracked his body. I watched as my heart broke in front of me. He was right. I fucked up.All I could do was watch as Lan Yibo gently encased him in an embrace - as his disappointed golden brown eyes sliced through me like the chilling winter winds that blew over the Arctic ice caps. "I'm sorr-" "Don't. Just leave."



  • God number Thirteen

    God number Thirteen


    Gaia's children were powerful. They would rise again, and the Olympians needed help.The Oracle foretold that to defeat him, there would arise a new God, who would make up for what the others lacked.This is is saga

  • My thirteen Masks

    My thirteen Masks

  • The Thirteen Objects Of End

    The Thirteen Objects Of End

    Inuzaki Seiji, a high school student that has an extraordinary intelligence and rotten personality suddenly receives a letter from his uncle a few days after he graduated junior high school.The letter contains just a single thing.A notification from his uncle about his new school.Though there’s not a single thing written about the school, but still he accept it because of the reason that he owes his uncle a very large debt, his very own life. If his uncle didn’t take care of him, he’s already gone from the world many years ago.Without knowing the school he’ll enter, he mustered his strength to enter this unknown school.Without knowing that it’s a magic academy.Without knowing that it’s located in a different world.Without knowing that it’ll be the start of his hellish life.Will he change his ways in dealing with these annoying problems?, or use the way he always use?.This is just a normal “guy transferred into another world” kind of story.

  • Magissa - The Thirteen of Zodiac

    Magissa - The Thirteen of Zodiac

    Hera, wanita itu memiliki kebiasaan aneh dengan melupakan hal penting yang sudah ia persiapkan. Namun selalu ada Scarlett, kakak tercintanya yang akan mengingatkannya. Lantas bagaimana jika mereka berdua melupakan sesuatu? Hera hanya melupakan guci yang harusnya ia gunakan untuk mengambil persembahan di Kuil Dewi Eris. Namun, dia tidak tahu bahwa itu akan merubah hidupnya saat kobaran apik melahab desa tempat tinggalnya..Sebuah keharusan bahwa hanya ada 12 Zodiac yang mewakili kelahiran setiap bintang. Lantas bagaimana bisa Zodiac ke 13 ditetapkan? ..Lalu bagaimana dengan janji palsu Asosiasi yang bahkan meruntuhkan sistim kerajaan? Namun justru menjadi kedok besar busuknya sistem pemerintahan.

  • Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

    Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS BEAUTY


    Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer. Hurled into a false marriage, Qiao Anhao treads carefully towards the cold and reclusive Lu Jinnian, but after years of near-missed opportunities and deep misunderstandings, how could their last shot at love possibly run smooth? **"Nation Husband" is a Korean term awarded to a man who is perfect in the eyes of the public - an ideal husband.

  • Shaman and the thirteen evils

    Shaman and the thirteen evils


    Journey of the young shaman Luo Shang and Tan Feng to purify the evil and spread brightness across the world.This is a different type of work you may like it.Light comedy, and little thriller, action, adventure, light romance.