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  • TINWYTTI: Our Story

    TINWYTTI: Our Story


    Well, it all started with a bunch of nonsense: specifically, stolen candies.And oh, may I add the fact that these were said with conviction?"The town's really beautiful, I know", my neighbor from the right house boasted. “It’s peaceful here", my neighbor from the left house assured.Right in front of my face is the epitome of chaos and I just had to remember these words of my neighbors.Gatnicity’s beautiful? More or less, yeah but... who the hell will agree that it's peaceful?! Peaceful, my ass! Even my neighbor wouldn't believe himself if he saw this riot I was seeing!Anyway, this was supposed to be my "destiny", what can I do about it? I can curse that prophecy and prophecy those curses but bottom line, I had to save the day.Anyway, let's get to the point: Join me in my adventure towards greatness![Side note: which I never wanted, at all.]Let's witness how I did this and that and these and those. And uhm, a little request: Please do pardon my mouth. I grew up like this. Blame my parents if you want.kenlensenaldo © 2019A/N: Hello! It's my first time writing on this site so I hope you can criticize me objectively so I'll know my mistakes and fix it immediately. That's all, thank you!

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