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  • UnOriginal (Deleted)

    UnOriginal (Deleted)

    Deleted Story (because "plagiarism")

  • An Unoriginal Story

    An Unoriginal Story


  • This Family Is Full Of Broken Psychos! I'm One Of Them.

    This Family Is Full Of Broken Psychos! I'm One Of Them.


    -This is my entry for WPC 254 ‘Overpowered’. Please lend me your CHIKARA! I would REALLY appreciate it- ----- [Please beware of the massive tone shift in Chapter 1. Please pay attention to the tags and I hope you can read the first three chapters before making any RASH decisions] ......... My family is full of A-Holes!Ridiculously powerful A-Holes who have their own views of the world that may lead to ruin. I am the strongest of them all, yet... I'm tired of it all. That’s why I left. Being stuck with those same people for years got really bland. I needed a breath of fresh air, away from the Narcissism, Hedonism, Sadism, Masochism and Asylum vibes that each and every one of them exudes. Six deranged family members hanging on your back all the time gets really annoying after a while. Especially when you are just as insane as they are. Unfortunately, after five long years of bliss, I am being pulled back in. Family Drama to the rescue.A threat that can't be punched has arrived at our doorstep and I'm forced to return to help solve it. But... going back to this again.... ........ "Bald heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I suck em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I slice em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I lick em! Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, I smash em! Heads, heads, heads...." "..." I looked at her as she bobbed her head back and forth singing along to the song playing on the radio with a dumbfounded expression. "I. Wanna. Stomp. Kiss. Kick. Suck. Strangle... Until it All Fades To White~" She sang along with her expressionless face as the car raced forward. I turned off the radio immediately. "What the hell was that?" I asked with a frown. "That was from Betty Green's new album. Balls for Brains. Cool, right?" said Bee. I turned my head and discontinued the conversation. ........ Some of the concepts you'll find in this book are cliche and unoriginal, but the characters and the story will set itself apart from other works as it goes on... Ps. COVER AINT MINE...

  • I Will Aid You

    I Will Aid You

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM

    When he was 3, Arthur saw a window open in front of him, he wondered what it was and the window suddenly changed, he didn't know how to read yet when he tried asking his parents what those words meant, he was simply unable to say anything.After 15 Years, using that Window called 'System', he became a Genius in Cultivation and became the disciple of one of the strongest experts of the world, yet, it was also at that moment that he lost everything and came back stronger than ever.

  • Delete me

    Delete me

    Dropped due to me realizing its unoriginality.

  • Pokemon: Silver

    Pokemon: Silver


    (Disclaimer: if this seems close to anything you've read on here, it probably is, I am unoriginal and new to writing.) Ok so this is Pokémon reincarnation novel Proper synopsis might come

  • The New King Of Hel And Heven

    The New King Of Hel And Heven


    Name is super unoriginal

  • System: World's Collapse

    System: World's Collapse

    Video Games ACTION R18 SYSTEM

    What would you do if you were on a business trip and suddenly you get a message in your head about something called a 'System'?What would you do if Zombies suddenly appeared?Well... this is a story about someone going through all of that and more... far far more.Not sure how this story will go down but it's here, judge away at all my unoriginal ideas and bad writing. I didn't even edit it... lol.

  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not


    “Fuck, it just had to be one I’ve never read before!” Well, that won’t stop her from having fun. Original plot? Pfft don’t even know it, so let’s just screw around. Original pairings? What’s that? Let’s just pair the ones that look pleasing to the eyes together. As an outsider, she enjoys her popcorn and tea while watching the drama unfold. ... I will be posting the new story on a new novel with a new title. For now, I’ll upload every Tues, Thurs, and Sat KST time (Though, this will change if I receive enough love from all of you~). I know how unoriginal the premise is, and I do apologize for that. However, this is MY take on the whole transmigration thing!

  • Mob Z Breaks the Fourth Wall

    Mob Z Breaks the Fourth Wall

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS

    Mob Z, despite being a literal background character had the opportunity to speak the great omnipresent being that wrote the masterpiece of a world she lives in. Join her as she tsukkomi herself while the author narrates the story happening around her. And maybe, just maybe, she gets promoted to being the protagonist of her own story.[Pshhh, not gonna happen. Not with how unoriginal you are.]



    While my last story with thanator B "Methuselah: The ultimate Galaxy" showed a POV of humans trying to survive on the planet this book is supposed to be a full documentary about the planet from the history to the absolute secrets. this book will contain some creatures that do not belong to me but instead has to do with the fact anything can exist on the planet, the OG creations will be highlighted and pointed out so everyone will know and the unoriginal creatures will have highlights pointing to their true origins.

  • The Magic Game

    The Magic Game

    Harry Has Been Beaten For The Last Time, He Has Been Enabled A Power By His Parents Blessings And Now Has Them Helping Him Along The Way.He Can Now Use Powers Randomly Selected From Other Worlds.[Game Start!](I dont own any pictures or Harry Potter, I will probably use some other fanfiction Ideas bc I'm unoriginal.)(Also Note: This Is Heavily Based Off Of Other Harry Potter fan fictions I Think Are Good So Call me a copy if you want I will just say that it's TRUE)(Also Also Note: This May be Based off Other Fanfictions But It Has My Own Twist on it at points soooooo Yea F Off)

  • Mr Villain Please Go Away [Under Heavy Revison]

    Mr Villain Please Go Away [Under Heavy Revison]


    If it wasn't enough that Alicia had to die before she could eat that pizza she ordered, god trollingly reincarnated her into a world where pizza did not exist. "That bastard!" She exclaimed. Yet when she turned age eight and was regularly leaving her home, she realized this world she now lived in was the world of a cliche, fantasy romance novel she'd once read. Which ironically had a game, since the novel had magic and action added into it. "Not only a bastard, but an unoriginal one too!" She snorted. While she lived out her peaceful days with her siblings, not once was she forced to cross paths with the heroine or her main characters. But that meant nothing to her as she sought them out for her own form of entertainment. It was like watching a TV drama, live in person! But, why did Alicia's dragon suddenly bring her a gift in the form of a person? Why did this person look an awful lot like the sub-villain meant to torment the heroine? She looked towards her dragon with a glare. His nose pushed the sub-villain closer as his tail wagged, looking up at her with those damnable puppy dog eyes. How troublesome! ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ "Go away, I'm currently having a four way affair with my bed and this sandwich, and it feels oh so good." "Oh? Shall we make it a five way?" "Bravado will bite you on the butt. Let's do us both a favor dear sir. Kindly close the door and bugger off! There's no room for a fifth in this relationship!" "Mmm, I don't know. I’m really curious how strong bravado bites."~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ Checklist: ✓ Shameless Glutton Main Character. ✓ Shameless Clingy Male Lead. ✓ Supporting Cast with personality. ✓ Dragons and magic. ✓ Light comedy. ✓ Twists and turns with mysterious spice. ✓ Misunderstandings? Only the silly kind. Low-key best kind. ✓ Emotionless slabs of ice melting at the door. ✓ Plot? PLOT?! Oh yes! That comes later.~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~Note this is my, your author [MyKataren]'s ORIGINAL story and not a translation. All rights reserved. Warning, this novel has slight cursing. My Discord Group: Please Go Away Cover ©2020 MyKataren []

  • The Media of Neon City

    The Media of Neon City

    Just so you know before you shit on my bad writing I am just starting and i’m just using a game i’ve played for inspiration so don’t expect much There are much chaos in Neon City (really unoriginal) that many don’t know really what’s happening half of the time so its the media’s job to record and tell you all of the stories of whats happening in the city.many think its a easy job to do this but Its possibility the hardest job out there. The media going out in the middle of important events that are happening in the city that includes shoot outs with the Syndicates and The Watch The Syndicates are a group of criminals under a god father with a currently unknown nameand The Watch is the police force of the city.What will our main character do?

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