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  • The Twilight Zone - Volume1

    The Twilight Zone - Volume1


    "Save me..." Upon hearing those words, Keisuke awoke to find himself on a wagon with no memories of where he was or how he had gotten there. With him were others who also remembered little more than their own names. When this group of strangers are suddenly attacked by beast-like creatures, they quickly come to realize that this world they found themselves in was the farthest thing from normal. In order to survive, they are given no choice other than to join the only paying job available for them in this world--the role of a vanguard in the Scouting Legion. Now, Keisuke must learn to fight and survive in this world where life and death was separated only by a thin line. All while seeking answers to the mystery behind it all, and the voice that brought him to this world... (I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.)

  • The Beginning After The End - Early Years

    The Beginning After The End - Early Years


    I never believed in the whole “light at the end of the tunnel” folly where people, after having a near-death experience, would startle awake in a cold sweat exclaiming, “I saw the light!”But there I was, in this so-called “tunnel” facing a glaring light, when the last thing I remembered was sleeping in my room—the royal bed-chamber, as others called it.Had I died? If so, how?King Grey once benefited from unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability, but now finds himself reborn in a society dominated by magic. Given a second chance at life, the once-king strives to understand his role in this new world and the purpose of his reincarnation while correcting the mistakes of his past.Not original credits to owner

  • Elrika


    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    The story of a boy who's dream to venture into the real world is at hand, after 1,000 years when the war against the imperial tsukyomi took place in haraki, Hiro wanted to grow up and travel far and wide to make a guild for himself but as far as he and his friends go, it shall be a journey to remember or cherish

  • Her Sweet Vengeance

    Her Sweet Vengeance

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION R18

    Calissy Seek for Vengeance after she got out of prison for wrong accusations about her twin Sister murdered . She used her Twin Sister Identity in order to caught the Serial killer or the criminal who killed her Twin Sister.Calissy has no other plan in life just to get Revenge she is the Justice by herself.

  • The choices of Origin

    The choices of Origin


    Wait! Let me ask you a question, What will you do if the whole world is destroyed and you alone are left with millions of enemies to fight? Will you give up? Will you fight till the end? Or just run away? This is a story of a world beyond destruction and hope! This is a story where you will enter a new world of fantasy and adventure that you have never seen! The world was created, life was given, wars were fought and peace was established. In this perfectly normal world there are stories and unknown mysteries which are unsolved and yet to come, those very coming stories may change the future of the whole mankind, out of all those stories and mysteries there is one story of Will, a perfectly normal 20-year-old student with unusual white hair and the unfortunate fate of accidents, which will change the whole course of humanity. One day, people were given a choice, a choice to survive, a choice to die the most horrible death, a choice to save, or a choice to kill, The choice which was not a ‘choice’ but must to ‘live’, The choice which staked the whole of humanity's survival. One wrong step and humanity or maybe the whole world may cease to exist. This all happened years ago. ‘They’ told people and ‘Will’ that this was a blessing, while everyone thought it was a curse, only ‘Will’ knew what it was….. “Only Will knew What it was”. The story starts at the end of the world where there is nothing left on ‘this world’ to call this ‘world’ anymore, it cannot be an appropriate cause, how can you call a place where there is no proper life a ‘world’, nothing is left in this world, only flames are burning to further destroy it and things people call ‘monsters’ usually known as some “unknown creatures” which are born just to make this world disappear ragged on this ‘world’ for unknown reasons, it’s not that those reasons are unknown but it is still too soon for you guys to know about this yet. The world was burning and countless unknown creatures roamed around to kill anything which was in their sight but what could they kill? Everyone already died and nothing was left to destroy just waiting for this ‘world’ to slowly burn away…. and that is how our story starts. That's right because even if there was nothing left to call this a ‘world’ there was one small resistance left…. a person… yes that is right just one person… The only person who survived was a human, you may ask what that person is doing if the whole world is destroyed? And Why did he survive? The answer is simple: he was able to survive because of one thing that we humans are best at and that is…. Fight to survive!... Only Fight to survive!

  • Demons and The City of Hell

    Demons and The City of Hell

    A drama genre story that narrates the world of demons and the city of hell the hellingham.

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