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  • My Husband, the Werebeast Commander

    My Husband, the Werebeast Commander

    In the Federal Empire, any woman who had reached twenty years of age must get married, or be randomly assigned a husband by the System. Thus, on her wedding day, the eve of her 20th birthday, Valerie Sullivan waited anxiously for her betrothed, Isaac Holt, to show up—only to find out that he was not coming after all! Trapped in this desperate situation, she grabbed the first handsome stranger she bumped into and got him to be her stand-in groom. It did not hurt that this mysterious Jonny was just her type—young and innocent-looking, with furry ears and a large fluffy tail. So, what if he seemed a little lost and confused? The wedding went on as planned, and Valerie was saved from public humiliation but only for the moment. After all, her marriage to Isaac was supposed to solidify the business partnership between the Sullivans and the Holts. In addition, her sister, Madeline, did not seem too happy that things turned out well for Valerie. Worst of all, Valerie found out that Jonny was an important, influential figure—Jonathan Gunn—the first commander of the Empire and uncle to the current monarch! Who had Valerie actually married—the sensitive, adorable Jonny, or the formidable, impassive Jonathan? Would this last-second pairing end in true love or divorce?

  • The Werebeast

    The Werebeast


    Liam Hydes, an ordinary teenage boy, is found unconscious in the woods. Not long after, he realizes that he is not ordinary. He finds himself fighting for a cause he never wanted to be a part of. A supernatural cause. He, along with his best friend, must find the perfect balance between his human and supernatural life...

  • Emerald Prep

    Emerald Prep


    Born during the end of a war in the poor kingdom of Draconia. Ash Snowpelt, youngest of three is a Halfbreed along with his two siblings. His mother is a human ex-solder and his father is a werebear. He wasn’t allowed to go to school because he was forced to hide what he truly was. Years later, the war finally ended and Emerald Prep, a school that accepted all species was built to show the peace. For the first time in his life, he can go to school. But, not every student is happy with accepting mages and werebeasts as classmates, especially halfbreeds. Dealing with schoolwork, bullies, love, and a evil being that is hunting down werebeast students. Together with his two best friends, a kind vampire and a sharp-tongue mage, they work together against the hardest challenge of their lives, Freshman year.

  • Isekai’d Into a Realistic Dark Fantasy World with Goddamn WereBeast

    Isekai’d Into a Realistic Dark Fantasy World with Goddamn WereBeast


    What happens when a above average high school student gets transported to a grim and dark fantasy world. A world with completely different culture and language. A place where one small mistake can mean death. Join Clay Denials has he experiences a wish come true, but for him a dark and too realistic fantasy world. Pandoreim a world of monsters, bandits, adventurers, and war.

  • The Goddess' Champion

    The Goddess' Champion


    The world of Sandoria suffers in silence; with the reign of the tyrant God Lucius finished under the might of the Demon Emperor, Hero and Witch Queen... a new Goddess is chosen to take over this deranged world... but, she is not respected or accepted by her citizen. In a sad world where love no longer exists, opulent ladies are criticised for being too slow and inefficient due to their 'bounciness', and handsome men are rejected for being 'too pretty for the battlefield'; The Goddess sighs and looks around, finding the one that shall enforce her will. With her sight set on Constantine de Castile, a retired Conqueror and Great Emperor from a lower world- one that upon his death summoned the wrath of a patron god for reasons and sins he had no idea he committed- she decided, that's the one. The past is the key to locking feelings away as the two beings shall work together to give the world of Sandoria a better future. The path will be difficult, magic abounds, and the wickedness of a world filled with multiple races shall engulf Constantine, and if that wasn't enough, he also has to bear with that silly voice talking in his head. "I don't want to hear you..." [Analizing nutrient...] "I... don't want to hear you..." [Burning spell is useful in this case...] "I'm just boiling water... leave me alone." [You're not as handsome as your attitude depicts you to be, old Emperor.] "At least I have a face..." [I can make a face as well!] "Good, do so and let me slap it!" #Harem, #Romance, #Action, #System, #Comedy, #Fantasy, #Magic, #Vintage, #Adventure, #Worldbuilding, #Reverseworld, #weaktostrong, #GeniusMC, #Gods, #Werebeasts, #Elves, #Demons, #Creatures, #Magic, #ShrewdMC, #StrongtoStronger, #Plotwist ** ** Check up my Discord for Illustrations https://discord.gg/sMXVuQjC

  • The Awakening [BL] - (on hold)

    The Awakening [BL] - (on hold)


    In a world where humans, Elites, and WereBeast are united as one. There are those who lurk within the dark that wish to oppose the unity that took 3 centuries to build. They want nothing more then to overthrow the world into chaos. A young university student awakens his powers and is pushed into a road, of up hill battles so suddenly. Entering a war that hes unsure he wants to fight for or if fight at all. He just wanted to graduate from college, get a regular job, meet the guy of his dreams, marry him, and probably have a kid or two. Yet he couldn't even do that. Taken in by the The Tower Association Bureau Facility he works on controlling his powers while trying to fit in a world far from the normal one he had. Encountering ups and down and even an unexpected love life within a dangerous job surrounded by death at almost every corner. How bad can it get? 4/06/21~

  • Fantasy of Ash and Blood

    Fantasy of Ash and Blood



    War is brewing between the different races in the wildlands continent. The Noble Draakin, fierce Werebeast tribes, cruel harpy clans, and other peoples are feeling increasing hostility from human kingdoms. The Goddess Caphrine has called upon eight heroes from another world to eliminate the impure peoples whose blood is tainted by monsters.What happens when the heroes that come from another world are the antagonists?Donate to support the author: paypalme/JYLewis2016----------Webnovel 2021 Spirity Awards Spring Contest Entry. Please support!Can also be found at Royal Road https://www.royalroad.com/profile/223920/fictions

  • Escaping Alpha

    Escaping Alpha



    Where white wolves are werewolf public enemy number 1, she'll be killed if anybody ever discovers what she is, and yet... Secretly born a white wolf, in the territory of enemy black wolves, Regina has to live under the disguise of a human; acting invisible and unsuspected; in order to avoid being killed if anybody ever discovers this secret. But things go south when the Alpha-heir of the powerful, merciless Blackwolves pack is dangerously close to discovering what she is. And she'd seen him kill before so she harbored no delusion of survival if he were to find out. Every Werebeast in the Unknown World knew that black wolves are shifters to be cautious of, encounters with them often earned you, roses or poppies; forgetting that was a mistake too fatal to be made; so what game was he playing at? . . . My attention warred between his attractive features and the cold chill of his words, "You will do everything I tell you to, otherwise," I already knew the fatal penalty waiting for me if I didn't agree but black wolves weren't merciful creatures, eventually, he was going to kill me anyway; he knew it and I knew it. I also knew I'd find a way to escape him but would my escape come too late? And what terrors will welcome me if I did?

  • Hunter in Rayborn

    Hunter in Rayborn


    In a world where werewolf and human live in peace and werewolf hunts the werebeast in order to maintain that peace, Aileen cross wants to be part of the Spirit bones. But when circumstances veer her away from her goal she is determined on finding the right path in order to achieve it. Roy cambell has his own goals, but when he accidentally meets a stubborn young wolf who won't leave him alone, he does everything he can to shake her off. However, fate has other plans for the two wolfs. past reveals itself and betrayal follows. Will they stay side by side, or break apart in order to get what is rightfully theirs?

  • Leopold Orso and the Case of the Bloody Tree

    Leopold Orso and the Case of the Bloody Tree

    This is a short-story prequel to The Sublime Electricity series. UPON BEING promoted to the rank of detective constable of the New Babylon Police, Leopold Orso had no idea that, from then on, he would have to track down succubae, exorcise poltergeists and hunt for werebeasts. But, even after grappling with the supernatural had become routine, he was still thrown into a trembling fear every time he thought back on his first investigation: The Case of the Bloody Tree. The Second Empire stretches from ocean to ocean. Army dirigibles hum through the heavens, and its waters are furrowed by steamships. But above all else, the power of the state is derived from industry. So one day, when workers start disappearing from a nearby factory, the New Babylon Criminal Investigation Department takes up the case. But, the detectives have no idea what horrors the acrid char of factory smokestacks can awaken...

  • Legends of Ambrosia: The Immortals

    Legends of Ambrosia: The Immortals


    In the land of Ambrosia, there was a legend of a race of unkillable humans. Their blood was unlimited and their bodies do not decay. Werebeasts and Night lurkers cannot kill them. The strongest poison do not affect them.I believed this only to be a child's bedtime story. No knife can pierce your body, no illness can win you over and time is your comrade? Yeah, rubbish. This stems from our inner fear of death, and our inability to accept that our time is finite.So what happens when one is immortal? Would that person be happy? Lonely? Sad? Maybe even arrogant or ecstatic? I'm figuring that out as well. It's hard to seep into the mind of someone who cannot die. It will forever be a mystery for we who can in fact cease to exist.but as I stare in to the depths of what's left of the faint color blue in her eyes, sullen and void, a blade deep into her chest as she grips the knife's handle lightly, I might start to understand

  • The Hunting Vampire (On Hold)

    The Hunting Vampire (On Hold)


    When you think of horror creatures there are many beasts you think of including Zombies, Werewolves and Demons but this story is about another beast a Vampire. Jack was born and raised as a hunter by his dad and mum, he was born in America but moved to England at the age of 8, now he's fifteen, just became a full time hunter (but still has to go to school) but is about to change into a supernatural creature, he loses his family and friends and now the supernatural world will fear him. (I took inspiration from my friend's book The Werebeast, we both have different writing styles and may do crossovers in the future. If you have any input of how to edit my story writing please just ask and I will work on correcting the problem with my writing.)

  • Playing Real Life Civilization In Another World But It's On Deity Difficulty

    Playing Real Life Civilization In Another World But It's On Deity Difficulty

    Short Version: A guy who watches too much science and history memes gets transported to another world to play real-life civilization.Long Version:Nick Arendant, top-achiever university student who fails to find purpose in this world gets transported to another world where dragons, gods, magic and machines simultaneously exist and they constantly wage war on each other for their own goals. Fascinated and excited about this world, he soon realizes that this isn't your typical power fantasy where he gets a harem for existing. Among all the races that exist within this world, humans are the weakest. They can't use magic nor sense magic like the Elves, the strength of a Werebeast nor the technological advantage of the Dwarfs. The only reason humans aren't extinct yet is that they are literally too insignificant to the other races.Now, equipped with the knowledge of science, economics, and history from his original world, Nick Arendant must make humanity great again by fighting corrupt nobles, overthrowing a power-hungry king, solve civil war, hunt dragon and eventually fighting gods! Perhaps with the power of friendship and heavy plot armour, he could lead humanity back to its old glory, where it used to control a whole continent!But the big question remains- Will he be able to turn this story into a rom-com harem one despite all the grimdark settings this story is set in!?Author's Note:Heya, newbie writer here. Go easy on me. My writing style is a bit different, instead of publishing short chapters daily, I write a long chapter and publish them weekly. This gives me more time to review my stories for mistakes. If Chthulu is in a good mood that week, I might even publish two chapters in a week. Thanks for your patience in advance.(Will make a better book cover when I got the time. For now, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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