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  • Rebirth of the Villainess: Young Master Lu’s Wicked Wife

    Rebirth of the Villainess: Young Master Lu’s Wicked Wife



    In her past life, Su Xiaofei lost everything when her father’s other daughter came, essentially ruining her life. Only at the end of her life did her half-sister Ye Mingyu, reveal the truth. Su Xiaofei wasn’t her parents’ real child, but an orphan that they chose to adopt when they found out that her adoptive mother couldn’t conceive a child. After losing her adoptive mother and her own life, Su Xiaofei was given a chance to make it right! Returning to the days before the mother and daughter pair ruined her life, Su Xiaofei decided she would no longer be a filial child to her scum of a father, and promised not to love her trash of a husband. Just as she thought her heart had turned cold and immune to love, a certain Young Master Lu decided to profess his undying love for her. In the last moments of her past life, Lu Qingfeng was the only one who held her limp body close and shed tears as she departed from the world of the living. "My mind is already set. Aside from you, I will not marry someone else. Moreover, in this lifetime and the next ones, I will only have you as my wife." In everyone’s eyes, she was the wicked villainess, but for Lu Qingfeng, Su Xiaofei was his personal goddess. As she navigates through her second chance at life, would Su Xiaofei be able to teach her heart not to be swayed by his love? Editor/proofreader: ninaviews Warning for future r18 scenes and themes not appropriate for young audience. Book cover illustration by Snow Le Art Copyright2022 anjeeriku

  • Something Beautiful and Wicked

    Something Beautiful and Wicked



    [18+] A villainous and romantic story about revenge and loathing, of love and intense desire between rivals: Shi Yen is a hard-hearted, wicked, and intelligent heiress of a Business Empire, who had an exceptional and promising future. That was until her parents died with the company on the brink of collapse, and until their rivals—Yuan Bank—took everything from them. Beneath the depths of despair, Shi Yen discovers her father's secret as the faceless and nameless Emperor of the Underworld, running elite criminal organizations across the black society. Shi Yen then succeeds in his role as the Empress, spending years re-establishing herself to take Shi Group back from her enemies' hands. However, a near-fatal confrontation caused Shi Yen to withdraw her role as the Empress, gearing her back to live a normal life. She then meets Yuan Shun, the man she loathed and wanted to be. The hatred is mutual. Yet, despite their rivalry, tension rises every time Shi Yen and Yuan Shun meet. They cannot deny their mutual admiration for each other, their complicated feelings, blooming chemistry, and burning desire. Between banters, competitive games, and encounters, would they ever stop to wonder if their hate blossomed into love? Especially when Yuan Shun may not be as cruel and wicked as Shi Yen initially thought him to be. Would they be able to be together when her dark past follows everywhere they go? - NO EVIL SISTER/MOTHER/EX-BOYFRIEND- NO MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDINGS- NO RAPEMeanwhile, Yuan Shun is the next successor of one of the greatest commercial banks in China, owning other businesses on the side. His family are known as debt collectors with an abundance of wealth, who helps or destroys companies. It's all for business, nothing personal. However, when Yuan Shun stumbles upon Shi Yen, he felt a surge of desire, a fluttering of somersaults in his ice-cold heart. But knowing that out of all his enemies, she loathed him the most. He then attempts to make her fall for him, knowing it would make him win their self-proclaimed long battle. But he wondered why she did not escape his wildest reveries? What made him so drawn to her? What could he do if she was his greatest rival?However, despite their hatred, how long can Shi Yen and Yuan Shun deny their undeniable attraction towards each other after a series of coincidental events?…On the other hand, Shi Ailin had grown up as a wallflower in High Society, living a sheltered life by her parents and her older sister, the ruthless Shi Yen. However, since the ruination of her family, she couldn't forget what happened to them since her parent's mysterious deaths and the company's collapse.Shi Ailin is an innocent, naive, and clueless woman who learns that to survive the cruel world she is thrust in, she must harden her heart. She then finds herself entangled with the Luo brothers, Luo Tian and Luo Wanting. Luo Tian is her ex-boyfriend who dumped her without giving her any reason or closure. Years later, she meets him again along with his older brother, Luo Wanting, a dangerously cunning man she was warned to stay away from, who offers her help to find the truth behind her parent's demise. Who will she choose?Tags: Romance, Underworld, R-18, Mature Content, Enemies-to-lovers, Strong Female Lead, Villains.

  • Wicked Reincarnation

    Wicked Reincarnation



    For countless years, Lia has chased after her unrequited love and even helped him to become the Ghost King yet what awaited her? Nothing but betrayal, the murder of her family, her own sacrifice, tossed into an abyss to die and to be revived over and over again. Her endless love turned into bottomless hatred. Everyone who has wronged her and her family will suffer an unimaginable fate. Revenge against the mightiest being in the immortal world, the Ghost King? No problem, I'll carve a path and become the king myself. I'll raise an army of undead against your army of ghosts. So, rise my loyal followers, march with me into a war full of slaughter, blood and despair. Tear down the Ghost King along with those who dared to harm me and build a throne for me out of their bones and flesh. ------- Yano: Very well, my wifey wants to take on the whole immortal world. I will tear it down for you. Lia: I can do it myself. Just leave. Yano: No!! Wifey!! ------ Updates Monday- Friday Romance is not the main focus of the book, there will be romance later on in the story but more as a subplot. Also, check out the trailer I made for this novel on youtube just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLoQu27FZpM or type in wicked reincarnation- trailer Disclaimer: cover artwork does not belong to me. All credits to the rightful artist.

  • The Wicked.

    The Wicked.


    Taking place a year after the events of The Chosen One, the lonely and bold Zoie takes her place as The Wicked One. Living with the secret of being a mutant, Zoie discovers that the pathetic life she has lived has been nothing more than a lie.

  • Do Not Offend A Reborn Wicked Wife

    Do Not Offend A Reborn Wicked Wife


    A family saga romance with a strong female lead. Longyue, the wilful daughter of a high-ranking minister, is framed by petty villains and banished by her father. Forced to marry into the dirt-poor Li family of Qingshui Village, she vents her resentment on her hapless husband. She and his family are often at each other's throats, and she ends up getting killed in a brawl. When she wakes up again, she finds herself transported back in time. She has just married Li Qingmu and, for the first time, she is moved by his gentle, caring ways. She must savor the moment - and this time, their love is for keeps! Follow her trajectories as she manages the complicated web of family relationships, with her eyes set on one goal. When her husband becomes a government official, all those who wronged her will pay the price!

  • Wicked Mate

    Wicked Mate


    A werewolf Taekook au where revenge lead to a various circumstances. It's a story of two opposite river, revenge, a tale of blind love, hate, misunderstandings, regret, manipulate, trust, destiny and fate. It's a thrilling story of love.

  • Wicked Heroine

    Wicked Heroine


    This is a story about an antagonistic actress who got transported into another world and became the timid and helpless heroine.

  • Pretty Wicked

    Pretty Wicked

    [WARNING - 18+]What would life be like if it was peaceful and full of love? The 20 year old damaged Kalilah had never felt a moment of peace and love. Those were words she would never speak of. Ever. Many problems arrived since she was born and who does she blame? Herself. When Kalilah meets Tobias, the world’s wealthiest, coldest, and handsome man, she makes sure to make it known that she is drawn to him. But what he doesn’t know is that she is also the most known, but in what?-Cover not mine.

  • Wicked Wonderland

    Wicked Wonderland


  • Wicked War

    Wicked War

  • Wicked Inside

    Wicked Inside


    Do you see her as a normal girl passing by.Her eyes is full of emptiness.As what they always say, Don't judge the book by it's cover.It might hiding something more than you would ever know.She is wicked inside.Hiding by her angelic look.You can be fooled by it.Can someone tame her?Who would it be?

  • Dance With The Wicked

    Dance With The Wicked


    The death of her sister shocked Belle but that didn’t stop her to step into the mystery of her sister’s murder. But what if those murderers aren’t done by a supernatural being? Belle’s sister died the day before her marriage. People claimed she had killed herself but Belle didn’t believe the investigation and decided to take it by herself. Everything comes down when she had no rules, and the only way for her to find the bottom of the mystery was to call up a demon. Except, this demon is a willful, selfish, and as handsome as devilish he was. Extract: In fear, Belle tried to dash but a hand had sneaked out from the black fog, holding tightly to her elbow. What followed the tight grip on her arm was a voice that sounded deep— deep enough to sound as though he hell was shallower compared to him. "Now, now, where are you running, little prey?" Belle didn't know what she had done. She didn't know what force had caused her to activate what she did. She didn't know what had happened either as her mind was slow to grasp her surrounding. But there was one thing she knew after staring back at the bright red eyes across her. She was looking at a demon. She had called a demon.

  • ~Wicked~



    Thirteen people, all different supernatural beings. None of them get along until it's time to get ready for a war with other supernatural creatures. Do they learn to get along? Or does their hatred for each other grow?Book one in the Wicked series.

  • Here Lies The Wicked

    Here Lies The Wicked


    Missing people... Cars mysteriously falling off the Tongjiang Bridge... The world is going mad and it is up to Fang Zheng to prepare himself for it. What will he get himself into? What horrors will he face? Are YOU ready to join Fang Zheng on his journey to hunt the wicked? Ps. Save this one for a lonely midnight.

  • The Wicked Rose

    The Wicked Rose



    Rose Blythe Rockfeller jumped off a building and ended her life, but when she thought everything was over, she suddenly woke up in her bed, 13 years ago.******** Rose was shamed, abandoned, and betrayed. She lost everything and everyone she loved, including her unborn baby. Swallowed by darkness and despair, she learned that death could be the only way out of her wretched life.Yet, when she thought it was all over, she was miraculously brought back in time. Back to the past where everything wasn't going downhill. Back to the life, she had always known to be full of flowers and sunshine.Along with time is change and Rose had indeed changed. Done were the days she was innocent and kind. They made her into someone she doesn't want. They made her into someone who thirsts for vengeance. They made her wicked. She has the knowledge of the future at her own disposal. She has the mistakes of the past to learn to. She has the chance of the present to act and bring about their downfall.But will she change the future when along with revenge came secrets to unravel, mistakes to amend, and truth to unfold?Will Rose be able to attain happiness when what she thought she knew...were all lies?

  • Wicked Attraction

    Wicked Attraction

    On All Hallows Eve, uptight Lianne Perry finds herself drawn to the bright lights of Club Hypnotic. All she wants is a simple drink; what she gets is so much more.<br><br>Ravenna Blake, owner of Club Hypnotic, effortlessly begins to work her charms on Lianne the moment they meet. With Ravenna’s cocky personality, mesmerizing good looks, and audacious behavior, how can Lianne possibly resist?<br><br>But the mysterious Ravenna isn’t what she seems, as Lianne soon comes to learn. Ravenna has her secrets, but Lianne is concealing some of her own. As the night wears on, Lianne isn’t sure what she wants, or even what she believes. Is it possible for these two strangers to make a little magic of their own?

  • The wicked cow

    The wicked cow

  • Wicked Knot

    Wicked Knot


    WIthin the the sunless city of Duskval, Death and misery are dime a dozen within the crumbling walls of this decrepit city. As gangs rise and fall like the waves that crash on the coast, and arcane technology protects the city from supernatural forces. A new crew will form within the cesspool of Duskval. What will this upstart group of misfits make for themselves within the cold and dark world they live in.

  • wicked wolves

    wicked wolves


    Kisa is a member of the sohma clan and is one of the Chinese zodiacs she is the tiger and one day she goes down a alley way and she hears noises and screams and goes to see what it is she sees a male vampire drinking the blood of a young women and she tries to run away and she feels something grab her and is pinned to a wall and sees two wolves.

  • Wicked Paradise❤

    Wicked Paradise❤