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2 Years of Restarting

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Author: Sorahana

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Yu Yan thought that finding her boyfriend cheat in HER apartment was the worst day on her life.

But the next day she reunited with her first love from high school whom she never confessed to.

This time, he reached out his hand to her.

“First love is not meant to be?”

He smirked. “Bullsh*t! I’ll prove it that no one will treat you better than me!”

8 years had passed since the last time they met. Time had changed them, but how about their feelings?

Now that they reunited once more, would the feelings they once had fade with time or not?

Story set in modern era in fictional country. This story is purely fiction, any similarities with real life's event is purely coincidence.
This is a sequel/the next series after 1 Year of Beginning, so there will be some characters that appear in the first story who will be in the second story too.

Special thanks for CatarinaM2811 for making the cover *insert love emoji*

Word count: 900-1800 words/chapter

Discord: https://discord.gg/pBy2wGB

Thorough the Years' Series:
1. 1 Year of Beginning [complete]
2. 2 Years of Restarting [complete]
3. -Work in Progress-
4. -Work in Progress-
5. -Work in Progress-
6. -Work in Progress-
7. -Work in Progress-

The series are all STANDALONE, meaning you don't have to read the other series in order to be able to follow this story.
You can just read one and you still didn't lose anything.
Each of the series have different main leads but they all happen in the same universe (and similar timeline, some are overlapping but mostly not)

Other novels:

-Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]

- Under the Veil of Night [complete]

- Path of the Lilies: Early Beginning [on long hiatus]

- Villain Lady [complete]

- Science and Fantasy [complete]

- Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going]

- The Quiet Empress [complete]

- Astral Flower [on going]


Note for those who read Sorahana's other novels:
This novel took a different approach compared to my other novels because it focused heavily on romance and also in main lead's perspective.

Parents Strongly Cautioned


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    I don’t usually create a review for my own novel, but I think that I would need it this time. >.< First… THERE’S NO NEED TO READ THE FIRST STORY TO READ THIS ONE! 2 Years of Restarting is the continuation of 1 Year of Beginning. However, the main characters of the two novels are different. (1YOB: Feng Mian, 2YOR: Yu Yan). The two characters interacted with each other, so you can expect that some characters from 1YOB will appear in 2YOR. These two are stories of the same series. (But the series will still take a long time to complete) Each of the series are STANDALONE meaning you don’t have to read the other stories to follow the other one. If you want to read just one story, it’s fine and you won’t lose anything because the characters have different life. And for the events that overlapped with each other, it’ll be told from different perspective. That means, the event might look different depending on which novel you read. Now, the timeline. 2YOR started in the middle of 1YOB. It means that, their timeline is slightly overlapping each other. Some events that had occurred in 1YOB might also happen in 2YOR but the perspective of the one who see it will be different. That way, the exact content will be different in each novel. Those who have read 1YOB might be able to guess a bit of the future events in which the two leads from the two stories will interact with each other. However, the detail of the event will be different. Most of the content will be about the two main leads, so it wouldn’t interfere too much with the events from the first series. Hmm… What else? I think that’s all for now. If there’s anything I would like to add, I might just add some comments below (hopefully it’ll not be drowned, though) . Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the ride! . . . P.S: I make the rating 3 because I still have a lot to learn and improve. Learning is a never ending process~

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    This is a Sorahana styled novel in which the reader never gets bored and can relate to the characters. You also get constant updates. The FL is not perfect, but is not one easily bullied either. She makes mistakes, is willing to acknowledge, work and fix them. Overall, she's a good person. The ML is a bad boy but in a good way, you cannot help but like him. I like what I'm reading so far, this novel will stay in my library

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    There is a saying- ‘A book is a dream that you hold on your hands’. Just like our FL, Yu Yan, hold her dreams and freedom in her hands tightly with the help of our ML, Long Ying. This novel is not only about strong FL and her revenge & love story. It’s about Yu Yan and Long Ying’s character growth and how they learn to fall in love and accept their Present selves as well. Fresh of the heels of a bad break up, Yu Yan’s trying to gather up herself and readied herself to fight with her family for her freedom and justice. In this road, she met her friend Feng Mian and her husband Zhang Liang, who led her to her first love, Long Ying. After so many years both have changed a lot but over time they learned that their love for each other is beyond everything and together they can grow and achieve anything. With the flow of the novel, you’ll also fall for their lovestory. So don’t miss out this lovely and sweet novel with lots of fluffy moments 🥰🥰

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    FL have strong personality I really love the first chapter when she pour hot water to the cheating couple.. the flow between FL and ML smooth and sweet dreams Let's enjoy this novel you won't be disappointed by sorahana novel 😉 I rarely write a review because I'm weak in English 😛

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    the story is nice FL have strong personality and brave ML totally in love with FL and always support her great character development so far very enjoyable please read 1 years of beginning too you will enjoy it very much

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    i just start reading today. Overall the story is pretty great FL always try to grow stronger i suggest you all to read this novel........//..

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    i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :) i like this novel :)

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    I am just loving it 😍❤. .. I just can't stop reading this book ...it is addictive ...the Yan and Ying were so cute .....keep going Sorahnaa

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    Totally worth the time to read . The ying and yan relationship is soo sweet and shes soo shy. . Ying I will beat ur subordinates if they keep interrupting your chummy time

    Reveal Spoiler
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    omgg u got to read this book if you have read the 1st one u need to read this it's soo cutee and obivo ying and yan relationship is amazing trust me it's a good book. .

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    It's good to see another work of author. I really like 1 year of Beginning and now here other one related to one of couple of that. Author left us in suspense about FL of this new story in that story so now we know lot of it. Even though to read this read one we don't need to read the 1 year of Beginning because story is all clear here but both books are awesome. I got hooked up with it. I want to read it more and more now thank you very much for this great work author. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] Here at end let's cheer for new book's journey with strawberry milk... Hope this book is as Amazing as other books of yours....

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    i wasn't really expecting such a mind blowing novel, i mean I was expecting just another cliche and lame transmigration novel were the main lead is super and all knowing, always right and righteous and always outdoing themselves but to my surprise, it's totally a different kind of exciting novel, am not an action fan but the story always keeps me glued to my screen. The FL is a quiet and cute girl who was a top notch assassin, coincidentally it actually matches the character of the the main soul of her new body who had died. unlike other novels where the lead character has an overall view of the past life and the storyline then tries to change it to favor herself taking advantage of the situation and making the former male lead look like a Vilian for not requiting her love, our cute female lead tries as much as possible not to affect the storyline and not to dominate the story even as she tries to save her loved ones from impending soon as stipulated and predicted by the book when she read it from the modern world. The male lead is a also not the heaven defying, misterious and cold blooded cliche male lead who has already made it and practically controls the female lead's pattern of success and life without her knowing through his hidden forces, Rather our ML is still growing, we watch his growth and he still has one or two shortcomings which makes the story more relatable and imaginable. our very able author did tremendous researches thereby enlightening the readers on deep Chinese cultures. Her constant explanation and reference to these historical data while writing makes us readers not lost as we move on. I could go on and on about how Good this novel is but.... my fingers actually hurt🤧and I don't want to give the novel an over hype. it may not be sooooo interesting but at the same time you don't want to pay with this novel so it's highly recommended 😁

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    hmmm... I read it and I'm reading it. The story is a bit slow paced yet smooth. There was a moment when I felt that something was a bit unreal but it didn't discouraged me to not to read it. With the flow of story I'm also exploring it's characters and their journey. Looking forward to the surprises hidden[img=recommend][img=update]

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    Its good to be back, hello Author how have you been? Looking forward to this book, i know ot will be a blast. Congratulations in advance 🎉🎉

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    Author, thank you for such a wonderful piece. I love the storyline. I will continue to read till the end because I am want to see the end of Yuyan's sister.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Absolutely live this novel! Thank you Sorhana for updating daily. I so waiting for Yuyan to finally gIve into Ying and show her love for him! Would you please consider finishing Path Of the Lilies I love all your work so far but would like to see how You would finish it Thank you. You are very talented!

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    The story is excellent, captivates you until the end. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Author Sorahana