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A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation Original

A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation

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Author: Artemis099

4.49 (23 ratings)

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Volume 1: From Anomalous to Bizarre New Beginnings

A young man name Rodeo, gets a mysterious package, revealing to be a Killer Queen helmet inside of it. To his curiousity, he wears it, and then gets ended up transporting to the anomalous universe of the SCPs.

Now having the power of Killer Queen on his side, what will he do? Will he be contained or will he be helping the Foundation in protecting their world from complete world annihilation?

Let's just say... it's going to be an explosive ride. (No pun intended)




Volume 2: Anomalous & Bizarre Wars

After Rodeo and his friends' successful defeat of the demons of hell at the city of Las Vegas and the SCP world was now free from danger, the story continues with Rodeo and the rest of his team facing new challenges in the anomalous world of Scps.

While they had defeated a few of their enemies, new threats loom in the horizon for him and his friends as beings and figures powerful and beyond their knowledge... or at least to their knowledge loom in the scp world and beyond the multiverse in a bid to take or annihilate the universe as more problems has now increased. But Rodeo's team has been growing and continues to show their might however will that be enough to face the impending dangers it has to offer?

Rodeo will be tested both physically and mentally with these challenges in this strange dark world. With his friends, can he overcome his mental health and lead this world filled with countless horrors into peace?

While he made many friends and allies, he also made many enemies, some that he has yet to meet.

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At first chapters, everything is quite bad. But I like to think that is because the author is New. (Artemis is author's friend Who published his story for him.) the story get better as the time goes especially after chapter 30 or so. The only problem is that because the characters were introduced to us in a bad way, we cant seem to really 'connect' with the characters if you know what I mean. And all the New added characters doesnt helps the situation either. I know how it feels. For New authors, its like devil whisper ing in your ear. Its your story, where you can literally create universes and add anything you like. But that is a huge mistake because of all the background stuff you gotta do. As a person Who read the entire first arc, I can say that in the recent chapters, everything is quite good quality. But as I Said with my rating in the end of the arc, it currently lacks the push to make the readers go further and read more and wonder what is going to happen in the next chapter. If you can handle some low iq and overly emotional moments in the first chapters, this is not so bad fic. So I suggest for People Who can push through Hardships to read it. I can finish a 150 chapter story in 2 days without breaking a sweat but this took me weeks. Finally done my part. o7

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There is a special category for fanfic but yeah. You can put it here too but there might be some people who can't see it.

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I've already read the Wattad version and let me tell you. At the future events of the story is absolute amazing. At first, the beginning looks a bit boring and you first thought it might be the MC do some hunting SCPs, but no, later there will be a real plot happening. SCP and JoJo isnt the only two series doing crossovers, in the future (Spoiler Alert) there will be also Cyberpunk, Doom, Wolfenstein, TF2, and many others that I've lost count.

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The story and the plot is good. But chapters below 15 are not that good, the cringe drama is kinda unbearable to read, especially the MC is like a manchild, but once you continue to read further, things get interesting and the MC becoming more mature and the development to the way he is is kinda harsh for him. I have read this story for a whole month till to Chapter 170, and i love it Writing quality doesnt seem good at the beginning, but it improves as time goes by. So, in other words, this story has many flaws, the beginning isnt good but the late events of the story is a masterpiece of crossover fanfictions I have ever read So READ IT!

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good job author i love it btw you fic is pretty goood

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I love the story, I have watch all the chapters in the Wattpad and its great, the fights, the character development, and the massive crossovers are so good that it got me hyped. But there is many reviews that complain mostly about the MCs stupidty, especially complaining that the SCP Foundation werent that friendly. Did you guys even watch Tales of the SCP Foundation in YouTube? Of course the SCP Foundation arent that friendly, but those friendly characters of that youtube series are friendly, well, except for Buck but she will have character development in this fanfic. Also, I have read all the chapters of the Wattpad version and its not true that the MC will remain the same with personality similar to deku, no, he gets character development later, not only because of the SCP Universe bombarding him with more problems and traumas, but facing many challenges besides the SCPs and enemies, and you will know he will turn into a person you were looking for, not too edgy but edgy with... VENGEANCE, but he still has his sweet side. Its kinda similar from Jaune in RWBY Volume 1 to Jaune in RWBY Volume 9. And to be honest, those two has very similar traits to each other.

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I have now read over Chapter 180, and gonna tell you that this is one of the best fanfiction stories I've seen this year, in the beginning chapters, I thought the story is trash due to the MC being stupid and immature, and I wondered how in God's name these countless brain cell burning verses all fit together in one fanfiction(Yes, SCP and JoJo aren't the only ones as there are more franchises being crossover in this story), but I'll tell you one thing you nailed it, 10/10! The MC seem have a bad start of course, im starting to like him in the late chapters and the writing quality gotten so much better.I hope you continue writing this story until it ends, because it would be a waste such a one big pile of 💩 but in a shape of a beautiful sculpture which reminds me of the scene from the movie the Iron Giant

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Writing Quality - The early events of the story is poor, but the writing quality gets improved as time passes, I have reach Arc 2 and the writing has now become more improve than ever | Story Development - Not only the story got improve to a great plot, the MC has improve greater from a manchild to a literal man, although he gets harsh situations that worsen his mental health, he has good writing if you ignore the early chapters. | Character design - Being a fanfiction, we all know they're from different franchises and we can search it up to see it. | Update Stability - Its more like 3-5 days a week, its pretty good | World Background - The World background is the most interesting part, the scp isn't the only thing we've seen as there are more things and more lore than we never expect. Spoiler alert, multiple franchises and other fictional films and games were also in the fanfiction.

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The story is great. I like the plot and everything. Keep up the good work

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Genuinely one of the most interesting stories ive read in a while, and while the MC has a terrible start at the beginning, his character growth got better even the writing quality went to 8/10. Really cool concept of a crossover story

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Hello, dear author! I've read your novel and it's really great. Please click on my profile picture, where you can find what you need,I can give you more power stones and comments.` The novel

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question 🖐️🖐️🖐️ Will the protagonist STOP being an idiot? Or are you going to continue with this really annoying comedy? ........................m................... NN .m..........

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actually this is a pretty good story, but unfortunately the MC is stupid and childish (his emotions), even though I read skipping chapters but I'm sure in the end the character of the MC will remain the same. It's a shame that a good story is spoiled by the character of the MC and really doesn't suit the killer stand, should just give him a healing stand.

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I have reached the end of volume 1 of the story, and gotten be honest, I was about to drop this story during the beginning but hearing some of my friends when they read the book, I continue and not going to lie, it's kinda very interesting especially the crossovers of different games and franchises. I'll make another review when reaching the recent ones or the end of Volume 2

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I'm not a professional reviewer or anything. Just someone who thought to give this two-cents about what he thinks about this novel. I've read up to ch. 218, so this review will based on that | (Writing Quality): 4/5 - Originally, I was going to give it 2/5 because of the beginning chapters, but as time passed by, it gets good, when it reach Volume 2 of the story, it became more good and a bit of philosophical. | (Stability of Updates): 5/5 - 3 to 4 chapters a week, well that depends on the author' mood of writing according to him. | (Story Development): 5/5 - The pacing is fine as it is, until it reach Volume 2 that things are kinda change, not in a bad way though, although things are a bit fast and slow during fight scenes, I got a bit hyped up from it. | (Character Development): 5/5 - I'm started to really like the MC (Rodeo is his name), especially the events in Volume as he is growing on me. At first on the beginning chapters, he is stupid (Its the original author's first experience though) and the readers were being hostile to him until his first kill and the horrible things he experienced, which... is kinda good in my opinion. He grows more as a person and yet still manages to stay himself, during Volume 2 where his character growth, although it didn't reach the climax yet, I feel it gotten way better than the first chapters. Not to mention all the other side/supportive characters, they're all fun to read about but other readers weren't liking it as it took away the MC's uniqueness in the story and take away his spotlight, but it isn't entirely true from what I have read. | (World Background): 5/5 - The in-novel world is based on those two SCP series, Tales from the Foundation and NewScapePro. Even though it aint different from our real world, there is anomalous and monsters around. Not only that, there is other franchises beside SCP and JoJo, well some people were dislike that type of trope, but me and most other readers totally like it, especially it gets more multiversal in the recent chapters. | (Overview): Fact is, should you spend your precious time reading this novel or not? I'd say... yeah, give it a shot. Except the beginning chapters are a totally waste of time, but the later ones gets even more exciting to read. I'll admit, its not the greatest novel out there, but it is totally underrated, very fun and entertaining to read. There are some readers who read the Wattpad version (Didn't say the name) and they stated that the War arc, which wasn't written here in Webnovel yet, was the most exciting part of the entire story that got some of them loving the story so much, one of them got fanatical that criticizes some readers who criticized the story (Couldn't blame him though). So yeah, when I get to the War arc like they mention, Ill make another Review to update some new readers who began on reading this novel.

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Among the other SCP fanfics out there, I think this one is my most favorite. Most were just short, one-shot, plots that doesn't suit my interest, but this one is amongst my favorite. The problem is the beginning below Chapter 15 were bad, where the MC seems childish and the writing quality were not that good. However, as a reader who read all 200 chapters, the MC improves, even the writing it remarkable. Its a shame those readers that drop this too soon because of it, they will miss the best and most interesting parts. The ending of Chapter 200 is the most shocking thing I have read and I want y'all look at it yourself.

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I love scp stories and this one is a great scp story

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Like the story author keep up the good work

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Voy en el capitulo 25, hasta ahora el protagonista parece que tiene 7 años.......es muy infantil, no tiene independencia les cuenta todo a los investigadores y a lo primero que pasa se pone triste o llora........Alguien podría decirme si la historia mejora porque ya no puedo más 😟😟😟

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This good but out of all stand why killer queen😤 but it's not bad stand

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