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The Ultimate Evolution

The Ultimate Evolution

Sci-fi Completed 1,460 Chapters 15.2M Views

Author: Rolling Up SoilsTranslator: Sean88888, Translation_NationEditor: Elkassar1, Translation_Nation


4.49 (1,115 ratings)

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I traverse along the pathway of darkness and imagination…
Entering the realm born by human imaginations…
Challenging Harry Potter’s magic, commanding the great Pirates of the Caribbean
Terminating the Terminator’s strength, tearing apart the Matrix’s Hallucination
Virus is my slave
Endurance my inheritance
Growing and hunting in the boundless universe
Breaking through boundaries in a mysterious space
Desiring evil, conspiracy and betrayer. Who can redeem what was already lost
In a battle of demons who can leave an immortal legacy
A declining Trump card, Ultimate evolution!
I’m… on a journey!
We are one!


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    • World Background

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    Maybe, when you see my review rating(s), you would think that I am just too lazy or just a braindead fan of Ultimate Evolution. But bear with me for a (few) minute(s) because I have a very solid reason for my ratings. First of all, we have read (or at least me) far, far, far too much the usual cliche MC and story. Furthermore, the so called non-Cliche MC (like the calculative cold one and so on) has became another type of cliche MC. This story, in my opinion, choose a different approach to depict the MC. Why? Because our MC is so frikin' normal and act just like how a normal (yet with a decent brain processor) would act in the situation. Not to bash any other review, such as the one who said that the hero lacks any kind of drive whatsoever and have no purpose. Or the one that said that the hero doesn't have any emotion. Oh, how could they be so wrong. Probably, they have read far too many cliche and mainstream LN which usually deliberately spoons all the emotion to the readers mouths. Our hero is sad! Our hero is so heart broken. Our hero has been humiliated! The brow of our MC twitched! It is so disgusting that I barely able to bear with it. Now, to the review proper, let as adjourn! I. Translation Quality 5/5 I have been following UE since the very beginning of the translation. I must say that the translator did a hella good job. Typo is rarely seen. The Translators interact quite well and put some of their opinions in the TN. A solid job, I must say. II. Updating Stability It is nearly reach the stability of World of Cultivation (who has not yet broken the 1 chapter a day for the entire series translated). Expect a few hitch here and there but the translator always pay back the late chapter. III. Story Development This is amazing. Oh my. Just the sheer imagination of the author about "What could have been" to many of the famous stories that we are all familiar with. The story development always conclude nicely, albeit tad slow. The sense of achievement is gradual but real. When you read the usual cultivating LN, we can't even understand how the MC work with his build. They suddenly met an ancient golly holly luck whatever and got a whole different skill set. It is different with our MC in UE. He put a very decent consideration to every stats point and skill point that he got and the most important thing is the stats actually MEANT something, not just some random number the author throws at us just to give a sense of "Oh, our MC has improved". Indeed, our Hero lack the common "Drive" that force him to progress forward, but maybe we have became so numb of all the cultivation novel that we think "Our MC must have a revenge or something". The fact is, he has a drive! Which is to frikin damn survive and have a decent life! He is the epitome of most of us! Imagine yourself to be trapped in an endless game of death. Would you like think "Oh I am going to be so OP and wipe everybody asses". Nope, the story progress really well. Also, the subtle jokes and analogy tho. The author is really good with this. IV. Character Design Our hero, we must say, is bland. But damn he is really smart. It is like we watch detective conan or kindaichi but instead of solving mysteries our MC play a mind game with the enemies!. He is not OP at all. He has a very clear weakness and he understand his shortcomings. But yet from time to time he miscalculate and must pay a dear price for it. There is no sudden power up. The progress is gradual and towards a clear purpose. Our MC make a Tank Build! And he did a decent job at it. V. World Background I must say that the author imagination is wild. ~~Spoiler~~ Like what the hell who would think to bring a zerg queen into avatar world? ~~Spoiler~ So, overall, I love this LN. I do hope that the TL team release more chapter tho.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 16.98 million Rating : 8.7(3625) Chapters : 1507 Status : completed Word count : 4.44 million author rank : lv5

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    the story is fantastic with fun twists and the up dates are very stable the only real issue i have is with the mc while he is highly intelligent he under values his charm/int/spirt stats way to much now im not saying he should focus on them as they are a pain to increase they do provide other bonuses that arnt to be over looked like in the lotr world if he had one or two more points in int the bonus from saurans notes would have been massive the other isue i have is he likes gambling way to much the sealed braclte has a 50% chance of removing a random ability and while the ablity it could grant is very nice he could lose his innate ability tho he wont cause plot armor but he hasn't even inquired whether the curse affect can be removed its things like that bug me about him tho aside from that hes a lovable mc that i cant fault

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    I don't see his people can enjoy this story. I've probably read to many novels and feel that this one is mediocre. The character is so weak that it is frustrating. I personally think that he is always the wrong decision because there are so many better ways to spend his points but somehow he goes and messes it up and it pisses me off when I see waste an opportunity to get so much stronger. As the main character of the story he is not really that impressive.

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    muy buena novela, vale la pena gastar tu tiempo en esto, 100% recomendada, si te gusta el estilo INFINITY, esta es una gran recomendación, el desarrollo de la historia, el personaje principal, todo son muy buenos

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    Hello guys, I'm the translator for The Ultimate Evolution. I hope you enjoy the story, and if you have any issue, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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    There are grammar problems every where. As well as some made up bull **** skills that don't exist in the actual world. Then the author drags out each and every fight scene to the point it take about five chapters for the story to move on. Ultimate evolution more like ultimate let down. Extremely slow story to the power of 100

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    This book is a multiverse fanfic, which isnt allowed to get premium according to the webnovel rules. Yet it still have premium... it all shows the hypocricy of WebNovel ...

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    LV 14 Badge

    I like the story, but my problem is with the paywall sudenly introduced, which goes from almost the start. I understand the you can watch ads, but since there are other sites translating this story, I have to ask. Are you guys insane? I mean I will read the story on other sites, without the need to wait for the ad to finish to read the chapter. This, in my opinion, was a really bad business decision. If you only the last 10 chapter would have been blocked, I wouldn't have complained, but this too much! And btw, removing comments targeting this issues doesn't mean they will go away!

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    LV 11 Badge

    One of the best novels i've read, such a good plot twist, and such genious mc... Can't wait to see the next updates... Thanks for the translation...

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    Very compelling storyline with unexpected twists here and there. Plot is not repetitive at all, the characters have their distinct personalities and wonderful interactions. MC starts rather solo but realizes the importance of team later, great character development. Best thing about this are the movie world development, where the author doesn't follow the movie storyline, but uses different aspect, the histories and secret possibilities of different movies to craft his storyline. Lastly, not only does this story possess game elements, it literally includes portions and units from real games like startcraft, WoW and others. Downside includes the slow start of the first 2 volumes, and MC can be hot headed at the start, but slowly becomes a calculating genious later on. Start also includes quite a lot of info dump, but can understand that the author is trying to set the mechanics of system in the story. Story becomes really amazing in volume 3 onwards. A pity some do not have the patience and judge the story based on its start. Also, the author tends to get extremely descriptive, which causes the story to be slightly slower, but the world building is amazing because of that as well.

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    WTF all chapters are locked ?/?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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    How could anyone like this story. It's so boring so nothing interesting. It's a laughable joke that this would even be this highly rated. You couldn't even tell who the MC was in the first chapter. Not only that the only have 44 chapters free.

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    LV 1 Badge

    The update rate is quite stable although it is always the more the merrier.The translation quality is quite nice with few mistakes every so often but acceptable.The story itself is fantastic and get me hooked up but waiting for an update ruins the thrill which is a problem that is quite hard to avoid. All in all, I will give it a rating of 4.5 stars if it existed in this rating system provided by qidian.

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    Vote powerstone and demand more CHAPTERS !! this novel is one of my favorite.. great plot and twist. the MC have a great deduction ability, great strategy to survive and magnificent innate talent. you will gonna like it guys.. vote for it to get top 10 and demand more chapter.

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    Really have to compliment the translator. He does an amazing job telling this story to it's fullest. He brings out all the character development without missing a beat and even during the pirate arks his adding in pirate lingo into the phrases ****** the character more realistic and painting a better world for the reader.

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    Author Rolling Up Soils

    Translator Sean88888 Translation_Nation

    Editor Elkassar1 Translation_Nation