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A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

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Author: Xia WanyingTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


4.5 (3,234 ratings)

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She died in her prime as the Queen of Song.

After being reincarnated, she becomes a simple trainee.

Losing her former glory? It doesn't matter—no one can compete with her voice as a beautiful singer.

Mocked by her lowly birth? It doesn't matter—her true identity is enough to make the whole world tremble.

She owes huge debts? It doesn't matter...

A powerful boss once whispered to her, "Your debt will disappear if you become my woman."

But the proud her would reply, "I'm sorry. I would sell my art, but not myself."
This is the story of the Queen of Song, return to the peak... and an overbearing chairman.

You might have read the comic, but here's the novel that it was adapted from!


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    Website : qidian china Views : 3.05million Rating : NR Chapters : 1438 Status : completed Word count : 2.96million author level : lv5 No of works : 4 Disscussion : 31 Year started : 2015 Chinese title : 重生娱乐圈:天后归来

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    Since the comic take a lot of time to update, I'm so happy finally we can read the novel instead! I support this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have finish writing my thoughts but I need 140 characters to write!!!!! I'm going to type nonsense don't read!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1438 Chapters ~ 😅 so short in contrast to other stories I'm reading. But this is a good read 😆 I'm not that far in reading the raws yet. However, the comics version got me hooked from day one. The story line is pretty stable and unique, there arent any parts that seem like a filler either and the story pretty much progresses quickly. Xia Ling isnt your average savage FL character too.. Because of her past, she is more "withdrawn" and "cold." But her strong personality remains. When you read her past scenes, you want nothing more than for her to move on and live her second life surrounded by actual people who care about her.

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    For me, this book is one of the best reads here in webnovel. I know that Ressurection stories are common but this is the first book that I've read where the main character transfers to a body within the same timeline. The novel is really refreshing. And It also has a very interesting plot, the story gets better and better as the plot gets deeper. You can't help but look forward to what will happen next. I highly suggest that you read the book~ You won't regret!

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    OMG!!! Finally... I read the comic and I fell in love with it. The comic update is 1 chapter/ week. So when I saw it in queue, I spent all of my energy stone to vote this... The plot is awesome. Try the comic if you guys don't believe me. I recommend you guys to read the comic version too cuz the draw is so beatiful.. Thank you dear translator *bow*

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    Hello. I will keep it short. I do not like this novel. Reasons: 1) Main character is far too unstable. She can be a smart person in one situation, but complete idiot in next chapter. She has 0 control over her emotions. In general her portrait is incomplete. 2) Both love interests are psychos. It leads to serious issues with Author's world. It looks like in this world most people has 0 morale, stupid and there is no authorities. Like people with money can kidnap, kill and do other illegal things and they will never be punished by law. 3) Side characters are plain. Most side characters are just useless fillers. Also most of them have complete lack of morale, because they are fine with there boss doing whatever he wishes. Have a nice day!

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    I don't know why people actually thinks this is one of the best novels. From time to time I try to read because of boredom, but rage gets me every time. Rape. Stockholm syndrom. Another rape, justified because the man was angry because the girl mentioned the other rapist's name (Stockholm syndrom) while she was unconcious. This guy even brougth her to his family's place only for that **** to unfold. She was having a trauma, and he raped her. I wonder why people are reading this and even finding the romance. The MC doesn't even have personality.

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    I dropped this book around 200ish chapters in. In the beginning, I really enjoyed reading since the overall concept appealed to me (first 100 chapters were enjoyable to read) Later on it just became worse and worse. First, the male leads are just aghhhh. Li Lei was nice, but honestly just turned into an asshole. For more spoilers: FL falls into a trap by kids which leaves her in the dark; causing FL to have a mental breakdown about Pei Ziheng (y'know, dark solitary confinement and all that jazz) So FL is basically trapped in her mind and isn't sensing or making out what's happening in reality. "Don't leave me! Pei Ziheng! Help!" Here you have Li Lei coming in seeing her in that state. "Oh wait? You're saying another guy's name? Let me try to rape you twice then since I'm jealous!" That basically just makes it worse because now FL is thinking that Li Lei is just like Pei Ziheng. Pei Ziheng? Yeah, everyone can agree that he's a douchebag. He is much nicer and tries to make amends with FL in her other life but he's still just bad. Before even meeting FL in her other life, he would forcefully take girls who remind him of Xia Wei. He really does love her, but he's just so twisted. Also, FL's character is just so random, it's like if you would have mixed in all the personality cliches and just shoved it down her throat. I know that she she's suffering from stockholm, but that doesn't account for her overall "personality" One day she's cold and arrogant, another day she's nice and caring. It's just inconsistent. What really broke the straw for me was the part where Li Lei tries to introduce Xia Wei to his family. Like damn, everything there was just a mess. This, of course, is just my personal opinion. If what mentioned above is what you like reading, by all means, read. Just trying to save the trouble of waiting for updates for this book only to be disappointed with what the story will become.

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    bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    The waiting is finally over😆😆😆. I'm so excited that they finally released this novel. I am sure that this novel is as good and enjoyable to read as to the comics😍. Now all i have to do is to patiently and start to prepare my self for this awaiting novel for i know this novel will be a blast and will be a famous one.😢❤😋😉😍

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    Okay! So I would like to do character summarisation of the story progressed so far. Xiao Ling: So far I didn’t find any problem with the female lead character Xiao Ling. The whole story revolves around Xia Ling. I m happy that her character was not portrait of that of weakling. She's been week and strong at right times and right places of the story. Pie Zheng: For Pie Zheng character I think its all about perceptions. To certain people he may appear as not too bad. This guy is obviously appearing as the villain of the story now but I don’t believe he’s gonna be the main villain by the end of the story. Pie Zheng is madly in love with Xia Ling, so mad that he ended up hurting her because he was too afraid to loose her. Although Pie Zheng might not be the hero that ends up with heroin but he is neither the villain. I also think that Pie Zheng character is slightly more important in the story as compared to Li Lei. Even the poster of the novel features Xia Ling and Pie Zheng but not Li Lei. Li Lei: Li Lei exhibits the character of a ideal hero, the dream guy of every girl. Given his social position, wealth and background, his character is absolutely appropriate. There is nothing extra ordinary in his character like Pie Zheng. Unlike abnormal psychopath Pie Zheng, Li Lei is quite normal though. Wei Shaoyin: I've to admit I personally like Wei Shaoyin's character. So far he has exhibited an interesting personality. I m really looking forward to see what roles he is going to play further in the story. I also doubt what kind of feelings he has towards Xiao Ling. Is he just impressed by her talents and likes/supports her professionally, or there is something else too?! There are two characters that I m really willing to know more about. First, Ye Lingling's sister. I wonder if she’s gonna wake up in the whole story. Second, Feng Kun. Somehow this looks like in favour of Xia Ling. I don’t know if he has any important role to play further in the story. Last but not least, Xia Yu: The character I expect most to appear as the main villain at the end of the story, the one who murdered Xia Ling, poisoned Pei Zheng' fiancé and brainwashed Pei Zheng to give that sort of treatment to Xia Ling. Anyways, lets see what happens next!!

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    Let's start by saying that when this novel was being translated in the beginning, I was very excited- I read the manga version and the premise of the novel seem to be interesting enough. When I first started reading I was under the impression that this was going to be some amazing tale about how this traumatized girl was going to go against all odds and gain her place and sanity back. But this was not the case, and as I continued to read a few problems started to be noticeble. 1. The rape- Xia Ling is raped. In her previous life by Pei Ziheng, and in her current one by Li Lei. I don't know what the author intends to do, but when writing about sensitive topics such as rape, especially since this heinous was done to her by the two people who were supposed to love and cherish her, but this is not the way you go about it. 2. The subtle victim blaming and the blatant "You should feel lucky he even looked at you" speech everyone around her- even her friends!!- seem to give her. What kind of message is that? That it's okay to be raped as long as it's by the person you love? That it's okay as long as it's a person with power and money? Her friends advice her to forgive Li Lei after he raped her just because he presented them with a bit of his puppy eyes. I thought Pei Ziheng was the worst, but seeing how Li Lei completely disregarded Xia Ling's feelings when he knew very well that she was dealing with trauma that she could not even express, I must say that the two are more alike than I would've ever thought. 3. Despite Li Lei's promise to protect Xia Ling, he utterly failed when it mattered the most. I supposed now Xia Ling knows how it is to be tortured by her lovers in both of her lives. I suppose the betrayal was supposed to bring them together as equals, but seeing how things are going that won't happen until the end of the novel. 4. The weird changes in the characters' behaviour. The only one who remained consistent or whose actions actually made sense was- surprisingly- Pei Ziheng. Xia Ling oscillates between smart and crafty to downright stupid. Her stupidity manifests itself by going alone with the dude that tried to kill you in your current life, who tortured and abused you in the last, being disrespectful to other people just because she thinks she's better than them and ultimately having to be rescued by one of the dudes. (This is just a few of the instances) Li Lei is at first presented as this scary beautiful dude that is part of the mafia, only for later to become doting towards her, then he shows his ugly side i.e. showing how possessive he is, and raping her. 4. The unnecessary possessiveness. Okay, we get it dudes. She's amazing and you don't want other people to see her. In small doses possessiveness can be quite endearing (he/she cares). BUT. But to act like little children whose toy was taken is unacceptable. The matter of possessiveness is tied mostly in the fact that one person doesn't trust the other to be faithful. We see that with Pei Ziheng in the flashbacks( he literally imprisons her, she threatens to leave and after Pei Ziheng would rather take the word of a stranger as true rather than that of a person he supposedly loves.) and with Li Lei in her current one. He ALLOWS her to do things, like a dog, a servant, a property. He would rather listen to Su Tang, than Xia Ling. The only things I liked in this novel were the supporting characters. Sister Mai Na, Wei Shaoyin and Feng Kun were truly amazing friends.

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    I was obsessed with this novel at the beginning till 100 chapters. However, it has turn into a story with dumb Female lead character which change like the season. The evolving of the story has turn from best to worst. Maybe the author is crazy or something is wrong with him while writing. So much madness, rape and dark traumatic situations was being face by the FL in her both lives. It is not worth reading and wasting your time as well as you SPIRIT STONE. I am dropping this novel. Although I urge you not to waste time reading this novel, it is your wish/decision to read it or not.

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    curious about the continuation of this novel? You can read the MTL version first on : novelraw.blogspot.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Since my Boss Lan is on Hiatus I will focus to this Novel I think I will like it and I....I......I Can't wait for the mass release so I will save it to my library and read next Month

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    The translation quality and pace is good. Sadly, that's the only credit I can give to this disappointing novel. It starts out strong - despite the reincarnation premise, the story feels real and relatable. The heroine is a woman suffering from psychological scars from her past life. You will feel for her and for all that she has endured prior to her death and reincarnation. Despite that, she was relatively level-headed and quickwitted. She won't let people who insult her get away unscathed. And in her journey to self recovery and healing, is the loveable and sweet Big Boss who patiently waits for her to be ready to love again. Sounds good, right? Sadly, the Author is a misanthrope and decrees no one deserves happiness in this world. Said Big Boss actually turns out to be another possessive abuser himself. Remember all the disgusting things the heroine's old lover did to her? Yeah, he does that too. He rapes her while she was having a mental breakdown, and -surprise- punishes her for calling out her old lover's name in her attempt to stop the pain, all this while she was UNCONSCIOUS. And what does she do as soon as she gets away from him? She willingly goes with the old lover who turned her into a doormat in the first place. All the men are douchebags who wants to rape her. Half the female cast are afflicted with internalized mysoginy and wants her dead for daring to exist in the same room as a handsome man. The decent side characters lost all hint of personality right around chapter 200, and has mostly just been existing to insert a break from scenes where the heroine is being manipulated or abused. Honestly, it's been a trainwreck since and only continues to spiral from there. TLDR: save your time and spirit stones, there is no "Queen" to be found here

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    I have actually read 400+chapters. At first it was quite interesting but after it feels like story is not catching up the main target. Some part of story are quite disturbing too harsh from reality and seems like nonsense Female lead A soft heart girl ...Love her sister very much... And man who adopted her at age of 13 .At first it seems like love but it was not she just wanted someone to rely on(in my understanding).After one year imprisonment she suffered from Stockholm syndrome (a state of mind where you give up under the torture of culprit and become submissive ...You refuse to accept reality...And don't go against him even if you know wrong...Sense of trust formed b/w culprit and victim...You started to justify criminal action) which continues to next life. Starting chapters give revenge vibe but at the and she is pitiful girl let them bully Male lead( actual one) After entry of him I felt yeh ! Happy days are coming but not.he is powerful but always late powerful than villain but not powerful then his stepbrother and grandfather...Loves mc but you can't justify his action almost raping her two time and reminding her deep scare ...Truly basterd Villain Adopted fl at 13 .Love her or not can't get it.what I get is for him fl was non other than pet(dog) you keep him...Love him...Spoil him..But when it bits you...You will give hard punishment and shed tears when died soon after you find replacement.thus what exactly he do .He went against family to adopt her .Let her do whatever she wants.becoz of her he tolerates her sister even if she don't love her and he knew about it but still he don't do against her (becoz there was time when fl threatened him if he will harsh on her she will never talk to him) becoz of her he warns everyone including his fiancé not to harm her ...And when she tried escape bound her...Assault..Torture ...Etc then after her death wipe out fiancé family and buried her at ancestral cemetry ....But worst what he did was taking every girl similar to her to bed seriously Bitch sister and her manger are worst

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    Started out interesting, though it was your typical run of the mill transmigration /rebirth story however it soon turned disturbing when we find out that almost every single potential love interest is a psychopath!! This author vexed my spirit continuously with her sensationalist writing (this is not a compliment) - it was almost as if she/he was trying to outdo all previous work by writing the most OUTRAGEOUS plot! Because she found other novels of the same genre bland, she decided to make hers stand out by making all the characters as mentally disturbed and emotionally flawed as possible. There is no healing, no break for the MC - any short moment of respite or positive feelings is quickly eroded away in the following chapters by an antagonist or, even worse, a “close” confidant who’s just out to make the life of the MC miserable. Bad author! Bad, bad author!

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    I had to stop reading after chapter 226. The type of violence against the FL was too much for me. Once I saw on novelupdates that it was THAT type of story I dropped it. Child Abuse, Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Extreme Sexual Abuse, and 2 unredeemable ML made this a pass for me. Many people like those kinds of stories and if so you’ll like this one. Otherwise you should pass on this.

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    I have to drop this story. I just don't like it. I skipped to few chapters to see if there's a change with her character but still the same she's just unstable. The male leads are both psychos. The story is just too dark. I am more into strong independent female protagonist but she's just not it. Thanks for writing it though.

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    Author Xia Wanying

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