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A World Worth Protecting

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Author: Er GenTranslator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios


4.52 (974 ratings)

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By the year 3029 CE, Earth's technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation.

At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth.

Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have broken off from it following the collision with the sun and spread across the universe. Many of these shards have landed on various places across Earth.

With the arrival of the bronze sword and its shards, a new unlimited energy source has suddenly appeared on Earth. This energy source has since been named Spirit Qi.

Spirit Qi is like air, thick in some places and thin in others. As the Federation and other factions gather more shards, they discover more information on cultivation, pill refinement, Spirit Stone refinement, and other techniques. The words on the shards have an ancient feel to them, making it a trend for people to use ancient language.

The appearance of Spirit Qi rapidly makes the original energy sources obsolete and has completely changed people's lives. Not only has the Spirit Internet been formed, Spirit Qi has also changed the course of Human Civilization, causing the world to enter a civilization of cultivation. This would later come to be known as the Spirit Inception Era.


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    Editor review. I wanted to call this novel 'A Fatty's Journey', but CK wouldn't let me 😒 A literal translation of the title is Three-Inch World, so you might hear people call it that occasionally. The MC of this feels similar to AWE's MC, but Wang Baole, our MC, has a clearer goal—he wants to be the Federation President, basically the ruler of the world. Aside from being an extremely handsome and moral fatty, Wang Baole is smart and takes no sh*t. His cheat item helps him out at times, but his own hard work plays a bigger part most of the time. Er Gen has come up with a fun world again, and the way he's thought about a modern civilisation that has discovered Spirit Qi is interesting, not dissimilar to FMC. Anyway, hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, message me on Discord (millman97#8008), or join Atlas' Discord server: https://discord.gg/nW3ZHPY

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    Its Er Gen Long time no see 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Words

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    I have read ahead through raws. My views: 1. A good novel. You will know what to expect if you have read Er Gen's previous novels: comedy and world building. No standard arrogant young masters. 2. The title of novel is different in Chinese. I'm guessing translator took heavy liberties as the title is very hard to translate. Also, the chinese synopsis is a poem like structure. It explains about the title of novel. So disappointed that translator skipped it. 3. The MC is a fatty who wishes to become the top dog so that he won't be bullied. After all, the top dog gets the right to bully others. 4. There is really no technology much less sci-fi tech. Pretty much standard xianxia setting except we are on Earth. 5. The humor is really good. The starting jokes are on MC trying to lose weight.

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    Well, it's Er Gen. I simply trust him that much. None of his novels has disappointed us so far. I'm just too excited ... Of course, we'll have to see the quality when it's finally out

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    What is there more to say? It's Er gen, and I have never been disappointed with any of his work so far. I love I Shall Seal the Heaven and A Will Eternal, both have made me feels so much emotions. I had laughed like a maniac, and cry like a baby reading those two. 5/5 stars for me, you go Er Gen.

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    Lots and lots of fake 5 star positive reviews at chapter 0 ... and yet i can't stand the protagonist. The MC is a coward. The dialog is cringe-worthy and unrealistic. The rest of the characters are total idiots including the "magic academy" staff that fall for very bad acting. I couldn't go on. If it was something printed it would end up in the garbage at chapter 4. There are a few fatty protagonists out there that are really likable. Ever read Chaotic Lightning Cultivation? Too bad that was dropped. :( If you disagree with this review please provide some arguments. Does it get better after a few chapters?

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    What? There's Yaoi tags? Fuck this **** I'm out. What? There's Yaoi tags? Fuck this **** I'm out. What? There's Yaoi tags? Fuck this **** I'm out. What? There's Yaoi tags? Fuck this **** I'm out. What? There's Yaoi tags? Fuck this **** I'm out.

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    Again, it a novel that tries to holly Chinese culture and religions. When you read 300 chapter more you will find that the whole universe is under the control of a Chinese emperor that had died 3000 years ago. Who is contoling this website??

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    Those first chapters were so bad that I don't even feel like reading it further. The logic about him being fat, his reasonings, and ffs, what an annoying character.

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    I really had high hopes for this because Er Gen. Sadly they were misplaced. It seems that even the mighty Er Gen can't prevent himself from falling into the same old tropes, really disheartening to be honest. 10 chapters in and the MC finds his plotarmor, some qi refinement technique or some such thing. Then immediately after "finding out its name". Er Gen launches into multiple paragraphs explaining all this technical **** about this technique. The only probem is, THE MC HAS ONLY FIGURED OUT IT'S NAME, SO WHERE IS THIS FUCKING INFORMATION COMING FROM!?

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    Er Gen+Cultivation+Futuristic Era: Nice!!!!! Other chinese author will most likely made this futuristic cultivation novel reek of chinese supremacy (aka racism), for example by making chinese nation become the best and made other nation stepping stones, but Er Gen made the whole earth become single federation with no different nation that refer to actual nation. This will made international readers more comfortable in reading the novel coz nobody like it if their country become the object of face slapping. Anyway Er Gen was the author that I really look up to since I read ISSTH and Renegade Immortal so I'm really looking forward to this novel.

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    What's that yaoi tag? Seriously? If it's true I have to drop it. Yu Come one man it's a good story. Please don't made it yaoi. If the tag was false please remove it or you will lose more viewers than you can imagine.

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    Oh my god.. a book of Er Gen!!! this got to be good... :) wohoo >.<!! Vote for this NOVEL!!!!! 420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!420!

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    Before chapter 918, it's 4/5 overall. After 918+ some random started uploading MTL chapters. Qidian, dares to even charge money for that? What's wrong with them...

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    Just a bad repeat of the already terrible A Will Eternal. Jdjdjfnforncnfjeowjjshkfofjrbfjfjfjjeidifbnrkwkksnfjfhdjfjfjfjjfjdkekendjfiiridjdjdjdjjekekekeoeeidifigitin

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    Not my type hahahahahhahahahahahagagagagagahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    Pursuit of the Truth, Renagade Immortal, I Shall Seal the Heavens, A Will Eternal. i dont know what to say just add to library. but 2 chp per week dude thats a torture.

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    Don't buy the privileged chapters, they haven't updated anything for almost a month, an this book is most likely getting drop by the T. ffs.

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    This is a great idea, a ok translation, and has stable updates... But are you kidding me? This more unrealistic than the extreme plot armor isekai protags' that are extremely lucky. I have only read 5 chapters and I am regretting reading the summary (I read this so you won't want to read it). First of all no. No one will just go strait to ancient language when a new type of power comes in. Another thing, isn't it questionable how close it is to many korean and chinese novels and beliefs? Also wouldn't the sword, that destroyed the sun, be able to destroy the Earth even if it is a shard? After all, 1,300,000 Earths' can fit inside of the sun and such a sword should be able to destroy the Earth just by tapping the Earth. Also if the shards were smaller than I think the shock waves should be like an extinction bomb and would just vaporize all life of Earth. But hey, what if i'm thinking of it too realistic, after all, it's a fantasy novel made in korea. BUT JESUS IT IS STILL BAD AFTER CHAPTER 4. It just got so boring, after chapter 4, chapter 5 is just filler, and not even ok filler it's really bad! This is the real review: (It is out of 5) Boring (1 is not boring 5 is really boring): 4 Filler (1 is no filler 5 is a lot of filler): 3 Character's Stupidity (Same as the other 2): 5 This world makes sense (1 = a lot of sense, 5 = no sense): 4 After reading this I hope you understand and don't read it unless your like me and would just read it to post a bad review.

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    This is one of Er Gen's masterpieces. I invested a lot of time in reading this novel. Up to chapter 917 everything was just fine but then translation quality just went downhill. What a giant letdown. Absolute disgrace (and webnovel expects you to pay for mtl quality translation). I say no thank you. Who ever let this monstrosity of a translation happen should get fired. This ruined the whole novel for me and there is no way I am forcing myself to read mtl even if its Er Gen's work.

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