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How could a poor graduate student without any background or connections become successful? With a coaching system? An upgrade? This is not a computer game, but real life we’re talking about!
This will be a fantasy based on reality. Dai Li will fight back against all those who would mock and humiliate him with his astonishing and awe-inspiring training skills. From a nobody he’ll try to become the most illustrious coach in the sports world, so join him in proving to everyone who’s the real master here!

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    Website : qidian china Views : 660thousand Rating : 7.6(115) Chapters : 435 Status : ongoing Word count : 1.14million author level : lv5 No of works : 2 If you are interested, my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes. Please do not reply for this review, as this is an ongoing novel, I would like to update it time to time in my replies. Like is suffice to show your appreciation.

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    sports? no tha.......... *sees system* ok flip the rules flip the regulations flip the judges flip the heavens and flip you fifa SYSTEM-CHAN!!!!!!!!!

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    LV 12 Badge

    refreshing novel. the first sports genre qidian novel I ever read. in chapter 1 the translation is nice and the editing is good, at least for me. cant wait to continue reading this novel. and to those saying its insult to sport lol read the book first before saying anything. if you still insist to doesnt like this novel then i suggest you don't read it

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    My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!

    View 13 Replies

    Okay so I thought I'd be into this, but as someone who works out this novel really underplays the amount of effort and pain that I go through =p not saying it's bad but I just can't read it cus someone telling you "techniques" doesnt enable you to do pull ups if you havent slowly built up the upper body strength.

    View 9 Replies
    LV 6 Badge

    Basically you can skip most of the chapter and you don't miss anything important. The MC is retarded as ****. Gains a scanner of good athletes near 10 meters of him and doesn't abuse it. Has an almighty Wikipedia voice in the head (that is really baby spoon feed basic information like it was a hidden knowledge of the mighty sage) and doesn't ask or test the limits of his answers to plan the most efficient way to use his powers. I already said he is retarded, but why? Well I only read until the chapter 10 but I couldn't stand it anymore. You have a one time buff time for a beginner chest and you want to use it immediately without none to train ? are you stupid? Then, the system tells him numerous times that he can train random people...WHy can't he do it in the spare time he has ? He only trains the fat kids like a part-time job! Use the maximum time of your buff dude !! And then he has a genius (insert meme genius here) idea to say...HEY ! I can train 8 fats kids, if I can train 10.000 kids of high school I can be richhh! Jesus ****...what the **** the author is thinking. Dropped. Don't waste your time. 2 Stars because no harem or horny Chinese idiot.

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    The story breaks the third law of Newton. There's little to no action and a helluvalot reaction. When will this trend die? I feel guilty reading this. It feels like a story meant for the kid who wants everyone to praise him and stroke his ego. Lots of useless stuff that can easily be cut to make the story compact and engaging .

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    LV 11 Badge

    Translation quality is solid, flows fine and has minor grammatical errors (usage of has/have etc). Story is about a guy that gets a system towards coaching, looks to be the typical being amazing and having others witness how amazing the MC is. There's little to no world building yet, but some world building is expected since the MC's system is about coaching and that'll involve international sports at one point. MC is just a blank slate really, and other characters are there to make him look good.

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    TL quality - 4.5/5 - you can perfectly understand the story and the errors can be ignored very easily Update speed 5/5 - good daily updates also some very great mass releases its a fairly new novel to this site and it already has 300+ chapters Story Development 5/5 - its a refreshing story that breaks norms while mc always have something to deal with it aint the normal unreasonable plot that plagues other novels Character Design 5/5 - it has great background characters and the author is really good at coming up with different characters that feel real World background 5/5 - oh good plain old earth, problems that plague chinese authors are racism but in this story the author actually researches about other countries which is great only gripe i have with this novel is that its the type of novel you can only enjoy if you binge it... its very enjoyable having a lot of chapters to read but will leave you wanting more if you read only 1 chapter a day

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    i like the beginning will read it and put it on my reading list d d d d j. j. j. gg. g. h. h. h h h h h h h h h h h h h h hh h h g g g. d

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    Quite a fun story with some face-slapping. MC is a P.E coach with a cheat system in modern times. Characters are mono. Translation is okay. Fun to read. :)

    View 3 Replies

    This novel started out well and had a promising outlook. But there's so many plotlines that were left ignored. Like what the heck happened to his significant other. Literally never heard from again. Worst of all is the last 40 or so chapters, they felt rushed and rather empty (even for this novel). I expected better, only to be disappointed. Granted that happened with most novels, it's rare that the final chapters are worthwhile. Typical Chinese ending in that regard.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    There are currently just 17 chapters, but it has a quite fast pace and no fillers so far. The plot is not about the MC is cheating in sports like another bad review said, but about cheating when it comes to coaching others. Which means they can train faster and better. A good point is also that the MC can’t make people be faster than Usain Bolt if they are fatties, which makes the story a bit more realistic. Pretty good stuff and refreshing without arrogant people killing each other. Hope the story develops well and the other won’t put so many filler chapters like at some other LNs.

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    great novel with some fresh ideas I kinda like it and finished in a week I can rate it on my top 3 in the competitive sports section of best side character that I liked was blade warrior it made emotional

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    I must say I'm impressed after finishing this novel. Although it started of a bit fast, I still understand nd the novel very well. It's all about coaching, and it's interesting to see the POV of the man behind the famous athletes. It also contains host and system interactions which are not too many and for me, that is okay. If you're looking for a novel to pass the time, here's the novel for you.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Having spent quite a bit of SS, I must admit that it was extremely disappointing reading. I do not recommend read paid chapters anyone. A promising beginning, but then literally everything becomes worse with each chapter - the characters do not develop, the relationship between them ends immediately after the completion of their story, which is repeated arc after arc. At some points, the author demonstrates tremendous ignorance of the issues of which he writes. I constantly found myself thinking that whole paragraphs were added only to increase the words count. By the end of the story, there are so many defects that it is already impossible to ignore them. Everything turns into some kind of absurd farce.

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    LV 15 Badge

    So let me start by saying I have generally enjoyed this novel. It has a different focus and theme than a lot on the platform, and that not only is unique but also refreshing. On other hand I also have a few issues with it as well. (Tldr. Not bad for a quick filler read, but needs improvement) 1. A very forgetful (or stupid MC) This guy would forget where his glasses were right after he put them on. I feel like the shock the author is trying to portray at certain plot events was simply done incorrectly, resulting in a character that can't understand why anything is happening when he was already explained thoroughly before. 2. Pacing feels off I can 200% get behind a novel that doesn't drag its feet, but this feels almost to rushed. Or maybe it is too undetailed? There is just a lot of athletic results before and after training, then face smacking. While information is given about athletics (something the average reader may not know about), I feel like I'm missing the sweat and tears these athletes are putting in, or the work the MC is doing with them. I dont really feel like much is ever happening as time flies by. 3. A very undetailed system Systems are fun and all, and I love myself a good sentient one. But I feel as if there is no proper explanation how or why anything the system is doing happens. Tieing into the previous point, since there is no description of how anything happens, it feels as if everything is normal but results are magically different for no other reason than "because system" The systems usage here feels like the usage of "Magic" in poorly written fantasy novels. It just does whatever helps the plot/MC without proper reasoning or rules. 4. Overly repetative chapters. This is a theme I've noticed in many novels and is honestly my biggest problem with this one. Through half a chapter a series of events will happen, and after someone gets their face slapped they reflect on EVERYTHING that happened. I'm not talking a sad "i regret misjudging them so rashly" comment. I mean a straight up multiparagraph synopsis of everything that went down. It's important to show proper repercussions for actions, especially for antagonists, but damn does it seem like the author is trying to add filler, constantly. It may be due to translations issues but honestly it just feels silly at times. That's about it. All said and done I still enjoy this novel for what it is and plan to keep reading. Will update this review as neccessary. Have a great day/night, and thank you author and translators for your hard work! <3

    Reveal Spoiler
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    There are quite a few problems with the translation. Why's the translator going with first name last name approach? Dai Li should be Li Dai. And please put some notes in places where Pinyin are used. The translator uses lao, which I assume is short for laoshi. I thought it was the guy's surname at first. There are also sentence formation errors, etc. after a few chapters. As for the story, since this is the first sports genre webnovel here, it's quite interesting & feels fresh to read.

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    I'd say that this is a pretty good read if you want something light with a touch of laugh. Yes, story is pretty predictable but it's still a good read all and all. Though I have a slight problem with the way translator swap first & last name. I mean, why fix something that isn't broken you know? CN novels & Chinese in general is surname first & the name itself is infront. It's been like this and it doesn't change. Because of that I'm quite uncomfortable reading the names whenever it comes up. I hope that the translator would fix this problem. (: Thanks for the translation. XOXO

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    Yeah a sports novel! I liked the first chapters. The system seams a bit boring at the moment, but I'm sure that it will be expandet with new functions and stuff.

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    Author Victory General