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Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

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Author: Colorless Sea


3.6 (16 ratings)

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Wild Savage Ape → Eight-Arms Mad Ape → Primordial Grey Ape......
After Chen Fan and tens of thousands of people had crossed over to the world of Guardian Beasts, he discovered that he could view the evolution paths and methods of evolution for the Guardian Beasts.
The Guardian Beasts he cultivated could assist him in gathering void energy when they killed monsters!
When the Golden Gyrfalcon kills fifteen level 12 two-headed bugs, System Energy +450 points were awarded.
When the Wild Savage Ape kills eight level 11 Wind Wolves, System Energy +166 points were awarded......
Energy can be used to enhance Star Power, increase mental strength, open up meridians, and even......duplicate other Guardian Beasts’ skills!
What skill has your Guardian Beast awoken after breaking through?
Excuse me, I really don't care whether my Guardian Beast has awakened any skills because all of your Guardian Beasts’ skills can become my Guardian Beast’s skills.
From then on, Chen Fan became insanely fond of raising beasts.


In the world of monsters......
Mountains, rivers, and plants can all transform and take shape, and even antique swords can cultivate sword spirits.
Demons, monsters, giants, elves, insect races......have pushed human's living space to the limit.
It was only when the Beastmasters, who could form contracts with monsters, appeared that mankind had a fresh start.
Two thousand years later, Chen Fan made his appearance.
He tilted his head slightly upward, speaking to his Guardian Beast......
Centuries later, if I become a legend, my tale will surely include you.
Centuries later, if you become a legend, I hope that......your tale also includes me.
With me in Tang Country, we are unvanquishable!
With me on Blue Star, even God Demons should flee!


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    Raw: 御兽:我连神魔都能培育!最新章节 What is the meaning of life? I think, therefore I am, and thus I am Woodelf, the meaning of everything. If I claimed to be second beneath the heavens, no one would dare claim first.

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    hayyy~! you can search "Beastmaster : I can cultivate gods and demons" in wtr-lab.com for the free version

    View 2 Replies

    i really like this novel. i hope there is a Harem. No Harem will make novel boring. Harem genre is the Trend.

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    LV 3 Badge

    just like the other novel with the same plot, story and Moron mc the only difference is the MC was kinda smart compared to the other moron mc .

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    Terrible MTL translation, mixed up names, story is good but the translation is just no effort.

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    I love this book this is the first book that has made me use all of my coin that usually save for my other favorite book The Hitting Zone no other book has made me do this and I have over hundred books in my library that I only my freebies on so if you like beast taming stories this is the one you have have in your collection. when my Soso comes in I plan on buying the whole amount of chapters that I haven't yet thats how great this story is.

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    MC is DUMB, show off, egoistical, always talking nonsense, big nose,...........

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    Unless the novel is originally written by an author on webnovel, you can't really expect a decent translation. The webnovel as of now only use a MTL on chinese novels for translation, the quality of this novels which is really good drop off because of bad translation. They just cut and paste then machine translated then post the novel, I'm wondering if they hire some translators?

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    From reading the raws(Google translate butcher it)everyone, including Mc, are shameless asf Mc is on the dumber side of thing

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    I find myself disappointed again. The story was good at first but the moment he could upgrade his cultivation realm by adding point it went from good to bad. As many novels about beast cultivation, beast cultivation become I afterthought. The mc become stronger than his beasts and doesn’t need them to fight anymore. Plus the beasts evolution isn’t clear. Because the beasts might evolve with a level up or next or show sign of evolution. Anyway thinking about dropping it

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Warning: Slow pace story. I got bored as there isn’t much enticing chapters to make me want to continue reading.

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    The story was quite good, unexpectedly so. Though it retains the Chinese typical hatred and biased to certain countries. (which until now I don't understand why something that happened a century ago still influenced the current Chinese society. Did they can't get over the shadow of WW2?). it even say this was another world. but somehow the youngster of new generation retain this hatred and bring it to the new world, hating the yang country which is equivalent to island country in that world. the hatred was unreasonable. fortunately, it did not escalate and stay at the level of hatred 'dislike'. anyway, back to the story, despite some minor defect, others I feel it was pretty good. the background and world setting was immersive. character development was good. even the side character and supporting character got their character development done pretty well. plot progression, pacing and mystery are done in well. among beast taming genre, it was among the best. and for modern setting genre, it was better than decent.

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    Hire some good translators so we enjoy reading

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    Another beast taming novel. good read. waiting for more chapters.

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    I'm loving it. Looking forward to more chapters.

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    This story is so intriguing and fun to read.

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    Author Colorless Sea