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The Herb King

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Author: Malignant

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WPC 274: Cultivation (1st Place Gold Tier)

Leric was a top herbalist and a qualified doctor, but he was already in his twilight years. He had spent his entire life researching herbs and the human body. And because of this reason, he didn’t experience the joys of life. However, a piece of information written in an old book changed his life.

It was a chance at rebirth!

With his knowledge as an herbalist and as a doctor, join Leric as he begins a new life in Falkur, a world ruled by powerhouses called Espers!


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    LV 14 Badge

    After reading this novel I can say this is refreshing. Although there are little ups and down but its worth a shot. Author san is dedicated to his work and updates are stable. I can't ask for more. Cheers to Author. Hope will get mass release once a month 😅

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    The main character is a Mary Sue, he hears of a problem, immediately knows how to fix it, just because, this leads to there being no stakes and a very boring read. I would not recommend it, as it has been written without any conflict. despite having such a good premise, it has been squandered by this author. :(

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    Worth taking the time to read .😃. Worth taking the time to read .😃. Worth taking the time to read .😃. Worth taking the time to read .😃. Worth taking the time to read .😃.

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    Read up to pay for view chapters and dont want to download the app. So the review is up to chapter 44 and the score is based on a novel that wants to earn money. (Its a harsher score then some first time novel writers or fanfics.) Writing 4: No glaring mistakes found here. No big grammar mistakes and the sentences flow. It is written as a very light read. Stability 3: i checked and it isn't very stable. It is released around every 2 to 4 days but you wil be left uncertain exactly how many days there is between each chapter. Story 2: Very old man reincarnates and becomes OP. That is basicly the story. Where i got at chapter 44 you learn a little more and a big plot or arc seems to be coming but for the first 44 chapters there is none. Character 2: The mc is either mentally handicapped or the author has failed in his mission to write about someone who is 80+. The mc sounds more like a 15 to 20 years old who got reincarnated but if he was then all his previous life skill would make no sense. As such i believe the author wrote him as old. The parents are very accepting of everything around the mc to a fault. Furthermore the 3 females introduced are like most harem novels, just plain dumb when it involves the mc. Background 4: Actually enjoy the background and the abilities sounds nice. I do recommend to give it a try if you like a read where it doesnt go in depth. It's good for your casual i dont want to think and just read moments.

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    Frankly it is well written. But it's filled with the typical inconsistency of a generic Chinese novel. The guy, he is three years old but he travels around the empire with his so-called master. Tell me even with Chinese novels which master does this. Usually it's around the age of 10 but hey...Example: I was born in the biggest empire on the continent, a few chapters later we learn that he is barely above average. Basically, you should expect this kind of inconsistency. And also it's the kind of story where every place the protagonist passes, there is a problem that suddenly it's solved by his system so it's the kind of novel that is really average. And even this note is because we can easily find worse.

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    [At chapter 54]. Would have been great if author didn't make main character a 3 year old kid. Introduced parents and then immediately abandoned them.

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    LV 12 Badge

    a fast food type novel .. no real thought as of yet .. but good translation ... and no obvious plotholes except his old herb to new herb bridge . which can be glossed over by the panel ... but its readable ... no obvious brain fade movements ... hope it picks up as the mc is gearing to be op among op's

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    I'm so proud of you mahallllll!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! ily!!!!❤️❤️ I'm so proud of you mahallllll!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! ily!!!!❤️❤️

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    idk but the story is too fast, the system is so confusing and not too detail about the skill. psychologically speaking I think you disregard the parent condition coz a three years old is missing, i know they know that their child is in his master but you destroy the relationship between parent and child psychologically speaking. the story is already a mess and the plot is straight forward without twist. at early story you made him almost godlike.

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    In the last 24 hours I've binge read this. I'm now at chapter 319! Warning this book will suck you in and steal hours of your life! 10/10 would recommend! 😊😊

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    ok I did read few chapters thinking the mistakes author mentioned would be just a few but sorry... the mc is beyond brain dead. I like abilities, skills even though they are not mentioned properly but I can't imagine an old man with great knowledge having that mentality. well I won't even say it's a great novcuz if you came here thinking it's a novel similar to immortal in the magic world than your dead wrong. the system is already kinda no for me anyways if you like a childish mc go for it

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    absolutely stunning work, although it's wild to me that he was already basically a god at 3yo lol

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    read 41 chapters at a time (the chapters are not large) interesting, even though the hero is dumb for his age............................................

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    English is not my mother languaje but here we go, i hope its readable. This is a novel that could have gone big, but became bad. The world in itself seems interesting but... I can understand that you want to make an OP mc. Okey good, but if you do it, do it with logic. Make a progression so the readers can enjoy how he gets OP. The way is done here is too fast, no development at old. Feels rushed. Many cliches used in a bad way, it feels forced and boring. The mc is supposed to be reincarnated from an old man, i cant feel any maturity in his way of thinking. Even with all this issues i congratulate the author for keep going with the novel. Its not my cup but if you enjoy it keep going.

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    the writing quality and story line development made the novel more interesting

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    LV 10 Badge

    I really love the concept Herb King and the focus on that instead of sword fighting, face slapping and killing. The introduction is also really good and makes you want to read the novel. What killed the novel less than 15 chapters in is how the main character is written and his interactions with other people. The MC is not written consistently: take for example the intro: the impression of the MC is that herbs and being a doctor is his passion and he actively seeks rebirth due to his regrets in life. Read the first chapter: the impression of the MC is that he reaches the rebirth tree due to plotarmor(i kid you not: it was mentioned multiple times that he managed to reach the tree with the help of some "mysterious strength". The mysterious strength could have easily been replaced by passion, curiosity, willpower, etc and it would have given a better impression of the MC as that strengthens the intro about him). The MC ate the rebirth fruit without further thought and reason aside from that he saw it and felt a bit hungry. The following chapters are also showing the MC in quite bad or unimpressive light. Another issue is the MC's mental age: Either the MC is an old man or a 3 year old ignorant dumb kid. He can't be either. No real human is both and in the novel the MC constantly switches between these depending on what the plot currently needs. Another thing is the character interactions: The interactions between the MC and parents(dialogue, actions) is too short. It's like the reader is getting a glimpse and then the novel moves on. This glimpse is too short to give the reader a real lasting impression about the MC and his parents.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Cons: Story Development has huge holes which can't be explained by plot armor. To give examples: MC is able to level super fast and has infinit resources but stops leveling without any reason - could be killed any time by some of the hidden forces. MC creates a clone and does not use it. uploads are only one chapter at a time... we have seen better. World background is shallow but Overall setting is good. pros: Charakter Design of the Heros and sidekicks are great. Currently the bad guys are not deeply developed. The just pop up with standard bad guy behaviour. writing quality is good without any fancy wording. Easy to digest for non native speakers.

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    LV 3 Badge

    Easy-going MC, OP, non-thrilling story development, non-sensical storywriting at times. It's not a bad book, it has good grammar, but overall, it's not really that special, it's just not bad.

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    Author Malignant