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The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution.

Animals turned into terrifying beasts, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of mana awakened the ability to acquire skills by defeating powerful enemies.

The entire planet entered a new era where the old laws fell. The only law was the law of the jungle where the strongest devoured the weakest.

Bai Zemin, an apparently normal college student, turned out to be an unparalleled genius in the path of magic. This caught the attention of a beautiful demoness who would become his partner in this journey to the absolute top.

God, Angel, Demon, Dragon, Vampire, Werewolf; no existence will be worthy of being his enemy!

Disclaimer: The 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all.


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    This actually will be my 1st time writing a review for a book, so pls forgive my shortcomings. Anyways this book is masterpiece, I'm currently at ch205 so I know want I'm saying. It puts all other post-apocalyptic novels I've read to shame. The mc is highly observant and adaptable, I won't outright call him an antihero but more of a free spirited person who would stop at nothing to protect his interests and those he cares about. The author breathes life into the characters by proving time and time again that there's more to them than just occupying spots in the story, even the thoughts of mob characters are fleshed out and easily related to. The world building is steadily progressing, I believe at the end of the novel it would have no words to describe it. PS. I didn't directly talk about events that occur to avoid spoilers #Lilith supremacy

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    Writing Quality: 5 stars for vast use of the English language, correct spelling, punctuation ect. Story Development: This author needs to have this turned into a manga and then have an anime adaptation too it so that I can preorder the digital copy for every season in advance. Plot detail you never expected from a novel. Only gets deeper and more in depth the more you read, won't take long for you to be lost in this story, and you definitely won't want to find your way out. Absolutely outstanding time reading this. Currently up to current date chapter at 740. This author has also mastered the use of Cliffhangers, why spell Cliffhangers with a capital C? Should be obvious once you read this, author makes you sit at the edge of your seat almost the entire time you read with nearly know breaks. You would think you would be exhausted by this but really your just saddened that there's not a few thousand more chapters and you have to wait for a new one to come out. Too Good. Character Design: Where to even begin. Depth to every character simply close to the MC, with mob characters occasionally feeling like they aren't just there to fill space. Which is outstanding for any modern day book as most seem to just pass over mobs as if there background characters that don't really exist. Author doesn't know when to quit and goes to great lengths to make even side characters seem personable. Being able to empathize or relate to a side character in a novel is just crazy cool. Updating Stability: Author knows what he is doing and has a direction that he wants to go. 14 chapters a week and he has been making it happen for months this man is a literature genius/part machine pumping out quality writing day in and day out like it's as easy as breathing. Chapters so good you wish you could pay to read more then 14 chapters a week. World background: If previous chapters haven't convinced you and you aren't already reading the novel already. I sincerely give my condolences and hope that your okay lol. For real this author is currently describing the terrain in certain parts of the book including giving a geographical idea of where the story takes place and at a certain point shows you that this will eventually travel from earth to different planets throughout the universe. I will not be surprised if he gets to the point where he is trying to give a detailed description of the multiverse he creates once the story goes further along. Overall Review: Author isn't Human, He is an AI of the highest order, programmed to make the highest quality novels we have seen. If you miss out, I'm sorry for your loss and hope that you find quite a few hundred dollar bills on the pavement over the course of your life. Cause I would personally give those up to read more of this. Good Luck Readers. Also you need a strong heart for this novel. Every cliff hanger is too good/painful and there's almost too many, but they're so good, I can't say there's to many of them.

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    I think that unless you read blood warlock for yourself you will not appreciate the sheer amount of thought care and love put into this story. I have read to the latest chapter at the time of writing this : chapter 1295. The writing is absolutely gripping to the maxim extent, far more than any other LN/WN that I have read. To watch bz grow and the characters around him continuously evolve with new twists around each corner is spectacular. Each plot device seamlessly flows into one another and it’s honestly quite surprising how much effort and strategy xie puts into the novel. It’s crazy to think BW is still in its development phase, it will be a long time before the final climax however each new arc has much higher yet realistic baselines and standards, the writing is done in a way that each progression bz makes feels like it’s been earned by both bz and the readers (by supporting where possible of course). My only gripe is occasionally updates are inconsistent but what novel isn’t like that…. Also we need some mass releases I beg. If you read BW it’s an investment both in money and time but if your looking for high quality content then I suggest you look no further.

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    Hello everyone! I hope you may give Blood Warlock a chance, as you will undoubtedly like it, I can vouch for that! Those who already knows me from my other novel know that everything I write has a deep meaning in it, so I can assure 0 plot holes. Without more to say, let's enjoy this story together!

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    This one is a masterpiece. I'm confident that this is one of the best apocalypse novel on WN. Descriptive and has a smooth progression at the same time. MC is op but still has his own struggles. The story keeps you on edge and there is a hint of mystery and foreshadowing sometimes. Characters with personalities (Lilith:3) The abilities and skills can evolve and it's really interesting to read. This novel has a serious chance to win WSA in my opinion. Update speed needs to be upped 2chs/day;)

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    I rarely write reviews, which already proves that a story worth writing one left a big impression (positive or negative). At this point I read 701 chapters and I don't regret a second of it. Writing quality: A comparrison to the Webnovel standard would just be wrong. In 700 chapters there are barely any gramatical or spelling errors. Updating Stability: 2 daily updates each with at least 2000 words and great quality. In the 2-3 Months since I caught up not a single update was missed. Bonus chapters are rare, which considering the already insane sceddule is not an issue. Character design: The characters are neither the most unique nor generic. What realy makes them great to me is their development and growth. Each main character gets enough spotlight and even sidecharacters are rarely forgotten. The development is rather slow without stagnating, making it natural and considering the slow pacing of the novel in general (not even 4 months after 700 chapters), this totaly makes sence. Another thing I like a lot is that the plotarmor is not too obvious/extreme, nor are the characters stupid for the sake of plot. Story development: As said before, the pacing is realy slow, which I personaly love. While MC becomes one of the strongest realy fast, the story manages to still be balanced and present good chalenges, without feeling forced. World background: A clear defined powersystem, a fantasticaly described world and a intriguing history, which gives room to theorize. All of that without logical errors. The system: Every living being has acces to the system, which is designed to help them, reach a better evolutionary stage. There are few elements to the system, which apear to be based on luck (i.e. loot orbs or skill scroles). Those are minor and not as luckdependent as they apear in the beginning. The community: I have yet to find another community as active and interactive as this one on webnovel, and by now I look foreward not only to the chapters, but the commentsection as well. Overall 6/5 easily the best webnovel I found so far and even my second Favorit book/novel/mange etc. in general.

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    I hope you give it a try to this. If your looking for a apocalyptic fantasy with out cliches, then you luck out finding this Novel! Literally you could find a winning lottery ticket in the floor right now before finding a better apocalyptic story than this. Personally, I'm kind of tired from isekais with lazy writing just putting every stuff every other story has already used, but this? takes it to another Level; With not just the protagonist being really alive, taking dacisions that you love and some that even if you don't like but totally understand why the mc would do think or do that! The writing of the story is god-like making all the scenarios and characters really vivid and easy to remember, and don't even think of the explication of how the world got in such a mess! So Epic! if you have read to this point, and still not sure to read it, i just sincerely hope you give this Novel a try. It will not take you even 4 chapters to love this story from top to bottom like it did to me.

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    LV 11 Badge

    Basically, the main character is flawless. He never loses, never makes mistakes, he has the most beautiful woman in the universe following him for who knows the reason, he is the only one capable of making women fall in love with him. It's all a bit hidden by his personality, but it's deep down there. Btw a personality that he acquired with some skill because the author was too lazy to develop and simply created a skill for all the abrupt change. It's good enough to read when you have nothing to do, but that's it. Nothing new.

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    The storytelling is very amateurish, there's some blatant fan service and casual sexism, but at least the MC is smart and the system mechanics are interesting. Reading up to chapter 36, I find the MC's rational decision making very refreshing. The game mechanic (where leveling up with soul energy sometimes rewards you with an item instead if there's excess) is creative in its own way. However the storytelling itself is amateurish. Small fights that we know the MC or another character will win are described instead of cut, allowing the plot to progress faster. There's also a lot of repetitive descriptions of characters that should also be cut. Tropes: Ice queen tsundere, a lot of hot blooded men, and OP dark lord MC himself. No arrogant young masters (yet). Also, Lilith could totally be cut out of the beginning. She's only there for comedic relief, fanservice, and to inform the MC of "things he would figure out eventually." Lastly, there is definitely some casual sexism, culture shocks, that people might not like.

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    This review is at about 375 chapters in, and I will say that this is by far the best apocalypse novel on the site, if not the best novel in general. I am a pretty picky reader, but this novel is honestly among the best in practically all aspects. The writing is top quality and only gets better as the story progresses. The stability of updates is fantastic, and if the author does miss a chapter, he usually gives an additional chapter the next day or some time during the week to make up for it. As some people stated, the story development is a slow burn at first, but it establishes a fascinating world, the power system, and a good foundation. Now, the character design, which in my opinion, is the best part of this novel. The characters all have rich personalities of their own, their own ambitions and goals, and their interactions are becoming my favorite aspect of this novel. For the world background, without going into too much to avoid spoilers, for their world, there has been a lot of focus on their starting area and its development. Still, there has been the development of what awaits them later, and with a few recent things added, there will surely be many exciting things to come in the future. I kept it relatively short, but I suggest giving this novel a try, and you will most definitely enjoy it.

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    Currently reviewing at 500 chapters in. I am beyond happy that such novel exists in my life. I’ve read a lot different types of fiction stories and what I believe that separates good from bad, is the quality at which the author describes the story they are trying to convey. Right from the beginning you feel like you are the charcter, you feel like you are immersed on earth where an apocalypse begins. The way the author explains the history of the characters, their goals and most importantly, their thought process is immaculate. The way you can compare the strength of characters to the real world (physics standpoint), the way you can close your eyes and imagine the scenery around the characters, the way you can sympathize with the actions, motives and decisions the characters make is just unreal. I could ramble on about how amazing this novel is, how I wish it was complete, is a waste of your time. You should be reading this book! Of course this is just personal opinion but regardless I hope you give it a try! :)

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    Im not sure why this gets such a high rating. Its perfectly fine to read, dont get me wrong, but I think a 5 is overboard. At least for the first 100 chapters. progression system is nice. fast paced but not lightning. powers are cool and while not entirely unique, are like a 4/5 which is great. Plenty of fighting and mc is very strong. Side characters are replaceable and have no function other than slightly useful damaging units. overarching plot to save the family is out of sight, out of mind. Conflict pops up but often have no emotional impact towards the main character. Definitely not bad overall though

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    This is a relatively well done fantasy apocalypse for the first 175ish chapters that turns into a chuuni power trip that puts a frown on your face. an amazing read for those first 175 chapters with minor annoyances, but after that it takes a lot of copium to stomach the absolute waste of potential this premise had. Writing Quality: The grammar of the story is great compared to most of the novels on here with only occasional minor mistakes. The description of events is often repetitive especially in the case of female characters. Almost every single one is sexual and painted as a "seductress with a hot body" even when they are doing something completely normal it has to be mention that they have a hot body. It kind of takes away from the point of several scenes, but this is still tolerable due to the great set up and delivery of the fights in the story. Story Development: The story development of the novel starts out fantastic. The way that things progress leave you excited with anticipation for what will happen in the next chapter. The build and execution of different arcs in the early part of the story leave you satisfied and wanting to read a few more chapters until the MC decides to put his main motivation for surviving and getting stronger on the side burner because the author seemed to think that wanting to save your family was too boring, and the great story just needed some extra edginess to a story about a calculative brooding blood mage in the apocalypse. Character Design: As far as I have seen in this novel there are 4 characters with any kind of character development. the MC, his succubus partner, the real female lead, and Chen He. Every other character is soon to be annihilated villan of the day, faceless minion number 14, or peerless beauty with a hot seductive body with a bit of innocence that makes her even more irresistible. The MC has actually had a decent amount of character growth, but he goes from cool, calculating, and filled with mistrust to a mix of a chuuni, a young master drunk on power, and "I repay kindness a 1000 fold, and contempt 10000 fold." like it is completely understandable how the character acts and treats others based on the background given all until he suddenly becomes like a chuuni on a power trip. the only character that has had a good character development is Chen He. I thought I was going to hate Chen He, but he is the only character that has development that doesn't ruin their character. World background: This is by far the best world and premise for a apocalypse novel I have seen. The power system is interesting, the mutated animals and higher order creatures are cool and the restrictions placed on modern weapons is nice. Overall: I would recommend this to people want a short fun read, but if you are looking for a new novel to pick up and read with the updates do not waste your coins or fast passes. The fights are fun and it's great until the MC becomes a power hungry despot that has his head so far up his a** he forgot who he was.

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    The rise of a psychopath murderhobo MC in the apocalypse. Classic Xianxia tropes with "indifferent" and "cold" every other sentence. The worst thing is how the author wants to explain the MC actions as some righteous bulls**t instead of just admitting he is a usual chinese psychopath tyrant mc.

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    Sigh...200-300 chapters in reading this book. Now, I understand the 5* ratings, I really do. Out of all of the books on the website this novel actually deserves the rating it gets. But for me personally, I´ve been on this website for around 2 years. I´ve read so many books that most of them seem the same to me. Sadly, this book is no exception. Because, if you really think about it, all of the popular books on this website all revolve around the premise of an OP MC, a system, basically just nothing unique. Now, the world building, world background and everything is great, but I just can´t enjoy how the story is written, which is the important part of my review. The few books I´ve enjoyed - Age of Adepts, Devil´s Cage, Versatile Mage, Cosmic Professional Gladiator, Soul of Negary All of these not only had an overpowered MC, but a well written story. Now, you might say ¨But this story has a really well written MC too!¨ But the thing is, in the books I listed, whether it was the author, the writing style, whatever - those caused the development of the story to be far better than this one. Now, I´m not saying the book is bad, I´m just a little tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. To new readers, this book would be a great read and even to some experienced readers this book would still be a great read. But it´s different for me. As always, take my review with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own opinions, me included. If you managed to read the whole thing, kudos to you :) Have a good day and thank you for reading.

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    Story is good, i admit and I am still very interested in it but in later chapters, the story is getting stretched, even more then chewing gum, in best novels i read the MC and his/her team already rescued there family and already started building there fortress, made alliance, and here he is still on searching resources. Please change that.

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    Overall good concept and nice interaction between characters. But, plot progression is really slow. A lot of unnecessary chapters which you could skip and not miss anything. A lot of details which feel just the same but with different words.

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    interesting at first, but it become boring when the story start kingdom building (political battle). i thought he will first save his parent then adventure it become similar to the first hunter manwha with wide system functions and world building.

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    (Disclaimer: i only read about 300 something chapters) this novel is meh. It was cool at the beginning, but then it went from a cold mc and his own personal power growth to just army building and nonsense harem most of the time. The power progression of the mc is also absolutely bonkers, he takes forever to make breakthroughs and the requirements to make them are outright ludicrous. what's the point of realms and orders if you can just skip them and kill beyond your order? at first it gave you quite the dopamine rush reading these type of david vs goliath encounters, but then you realize how dumb the power system is. also, never once cared for the whole succubus partner deal, so that was also one of the things that put me off.

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    This story would be one of the best that I have read, such as the apocalypse, if not ... (which I personally did not like) 1. The pace is too slow 2. The fact that Bing Xue is in the author's favorites. How she was able to block the first order zombies, with ease (chapters 20-30, I don't remember exactly). When Bing Xue went to the forest (chapters 91-93) there were a dozen Tier 1 creatures, but she was only attacked by 1 ... how ??? and she handled the snake without a scratch. And the fact that the author overestimates her statistics (so it seemed to me). 3. What is the meaning of evolution ??? the difference between lvl 24 and 26, 4 status points .. All praise towards Mc is pointless. A monster that has not yet been in the universe is nonsense. There is nothing special about Mc that matches Lilith's words. And right in the whole universe, there is no one better or like Mc. It sounds a little silly to me personally! Even with the downsides, the story is good - that's just my pathetic opinion.

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