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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse

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Author: invayne

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An invasion like no other.
Dragons destroying everything in sight.
A new world rising from the ashes.

Blake lived through it all before he died, but now he was back, back to the time before things had ever happened.

A strange place with a strange girl....

Blake had no idea how it happened, but he suddenly had one of the enemies of mankind, a dragon girl, as his girlfriend.

--Extra Info--
Yuri tag is for his wives. Everyone in the harem will love each other.

Extra tag: NO NTR

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    it's amazing, can't wait for more. I love the authors way of writing and that there's always quality in all their released chapters. would highly recommend giving this book a try. if this one's not your cup of tea I think one of their other books will definitely get you hooked.

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    absolute banger, read up to latest chap, decent pacing and development while the characters all seem to be logical, i can't find anything wrong with it so 5* i guess

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    Shameless Author writing a 5-star review. If you like dragons and them getting jiggy with it you'll like this :p Give it a read. I will try not to disappoint. Also, always willing to take in thoughts on who the next wife should be and what race you want them to be. so feel free to comment with your ideas. Some side notes. The girls' love tag is there because Blake's wives have a sisterly bond. They love each other as sisters, and when mc is not around to curb their frustrations since he can be gone for months at a time, they might join together. But this is condoned by the MC to allow them to have a nice harmonious relationship. So they love each other as a family should. There are no outsiders in their relationship.

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    Honestly an excellent read. Great story, world building, characters, etc. His love interestes are too easily converted for realism, but this is clearly power fantasy, so it's normal. Pretty much the usual harem type set up, but with a better than usual MC. If I had to point out one glaring flaw, it's MCs attitude towards the sisters. It's making him look like a massive hypocrite to me. He literally goes around telling everyone bluntly and to their face that the old world is no more, old laws have no meaning, old values that don't aid personal survival are worthless, etc. Then he turns around and tells the girls they will need to wait until they're of age by modern standards, despite getting approval from literally everyone who matters. Even insisting on waiting the last month despite them practically begging. I understand that this is a story for modern readers and some might not like to accept the new reality that Blake lives in, but their version of Earth proverbially got nuked back to the stone age. Literally in some places, while others are currently hanging on to the medieval ages with some modern weapons. Again, I can understand the initial rejection in case they find someone else, but once they're only a month away and all but forcing themselves on him, he seems hypocritic denying them for that reason alone. Holding something back when all reasons for doing so besides pride are gone is not principles, it's just stubbornness. It's certainly not a deal breaker that will make me stop enjoying the story, but it does leave a bad taste. I sincerely hope that he reveals some future knowledge relevant to this that gives a good reason at the time of their official marriage. Again, other than that, 10/10 magic apocalypse harem!

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    the story is quite good but my only problem is the MC's personality..who in the right mind keeps blabbering that he is a reincarnated individual??you could share it to someone close to you but why would you even share it to someone who you just meet recently (especially from another race)??

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    Will Grace be in the harem, author? I hope not... I really like the book so far, and "Yuri" is not a problem for me. [изображение = обновление]

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    Let me honest, I didn't have much expectations when I started reading the novel but now that I have completed the most recent updates I gotta say this was one of the best novels I had read. MC is neutral neither good nor evil. There is no such thing as system in the novel. Give it a try and you won't regret it.

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    Why does the book have the Yuri Tag when the MC is Male?

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    I read your previous works and I know it's gonna be another amazing book I just have one question about the number of mc's harem girls if you can't say the exact number at least tell me below 10 or more than 10

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    I am just curious about something. I get that all will love eachother, but how does that work really? For me a man's harem should be centered on the man, so my question is, does the Yuri happen behind MC's back? As in, do the girls have relationships and fun with eachother in the absence of MC or only when he is with them? I don't mind Yuri as long as MC is present but when the Man's wives sleep with eachother behind MC's back that's cheating to me. From what i understood, MC is okay with his girls doing whatever they want and thr NTR is only refering to other men. Correct me if i'm wrong...But this way he is just the occasional 3rd wheel.

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    It’s sweet, it’s entertaining, it’s well written and the characters have depth. Simply superb

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    I just read all available chapters and i can only say one thing. Perfection 100%.

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    please answer me this author..will this contain any kind of harem? if so please tell me right now because I don't want to waste time on something am not into. it really is a shame though if this was actually harem because it was so good until somebody's comment made me worry and ruined my mood but if it actually isn't harem then I thank you because this really is a good novel, probably one of the best I've read.

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    Same quality from all the rest of the invayne books out there. Exceptional work, good content, and enjoyable read. Hope that this work can continue on for a while, I feel as though there is a lot of potential.

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    [img=recommend] Just READ, every book made by them are good.

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    Mmm, very well from what I'm wearing, it's not the masterpiece of the century either, but well, the only thing I don't like very much is that Lilia has more relationships than the mc himself and I don't like yuri very much ... it seems that he is more harem than the lilia that from the mc

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    one of the best book on these app.hopes author won't drop it and finish it till the end.😍

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    The story develops pretty quickly, with frequent updates now. Very nice story! Top of my reading list.

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    Nice book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    Author invayne