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Bro, I'm not an Undead!

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Author: Shade_Arjuun

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You wouldn’t believe this!

Everything was normal. Me and my bros doing some mining for mana gems for that old sockethole, Somanda like we always do all day, everyday.

Me, Fractures, Bonet, Mono-socket, Broadbone and the gang.

Then from nowhere, that ungrateful sockethole, Somanda tries to END me! Can you believe that?!

I mean, I have told some questionable stories about him caressing my skull affectionately and deeming me his prized undead, but no need to axe a skeleton for something like that, right?


I managed to escape through one of the most convenient and contrived get-aways in all of undead history, even managing to pull a bony one on the Lich bastard by stealing two of his seemingly important possessions which I find out later to be better than I thought they’d be!

From there it’s a just a SPIRAL of boneshit left and right! I can’t catch a break! What’s with this atrocious luck, bro?!

A voice speaks to me about how I have qualified for something about a something that’s supposedly something’s something!

Then I find myself in a new world that reeks of life and gives my bones a disgusted rattle.

Powerful beasts and men are at every turn, all lining up to be a huge pain in my PELVIS!


Jeez this is happening too fast!

However, even while I’m in the thick of this, the one saving grace is that I got something worth while!

A new path of power!

I can NOT be an undead!

I can be something better than both the Living and the Dead!

Immune to the antics from both sides. Well... most of them!

I’m no longer on the path for Undeath!

Only Lifelessness awaits me!

I’m the one who transcends reality in this tale!


And I’m not an UNDEAD!


[Author’s Answers To Popular Readers’ Questions]

Q: (IHateArjuun77) -Hey author, is your book trash?-

A: (Author) -Haha, screw you dear reader. The answer is NO. The story has elements of comedy, action, magic, adventure and Brutality. Like it gets really dark sometimes. There’s a comprehensive story with characters that I tried my damndest to NOT make generic on top of a cool power system that’s for the most part easy to understand. So its not trash.

Q: (IFreakingHateArjuun56) -Hey author why is your first volume so slow paced and... trash?-

A: (Author) -Haha. It’s how I designed the First Volume to be. It’s a fun setup that doesn’t focus on many things other than the MC’s mentality, powers and route of progression. The next volumes are normal paced, focusing on the world, the villains and general expansion but all while still retaining the book theme and fun experience-

Q: (ShadeIsAPervert001) -Hey author, I instinctively sense that I’ll hate this book, when should I drop?

A: (Author) -Is this the same reader?! Anyway, I’ll give a range. Read a minimum of the first 20 chapters to a max of up to chapter 44 before you decide on anything too rash. I’ll hunt down this reader!



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    i don't review Novels much but for this one I have to the story is amazing you'll get hooked on the first couple of chapters with the awesome plot and hilarious story with plenty of world building and character development I would 100% recommend reading

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    ABSOLUTELY STELLAR NOVEL! everything jn this novel just screams refreshing in the oversaturated cultivation genre. i absolutely love it when MCs can overcome stupendous odds by the slightest margins without obvious plot armor and this novel did a good job of it. the jokes are pretty funny and refreshing. cultivation system is awesome and it can contend with the best of japanese and korean novel's cultivation systems. and the upload frequency and quality is mind boggling. the writer can pump out a lot of originality with a frightening rate. not to mention that the novel has minimal plot holes, and the characters are pretty fleshed out. the only gripe i have is the unrealised potential in the novel. it became obvious that the writer's vision for this novel is extremely vast and would most likely tire out the writer therefore we would eventually see a downgrade in the quality. but i hoped that the author can push on, and i wish that more people would discover this novel and support the author.

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    LV 15 Badge

    One of my favourite reads on WN though I feel like the name of the novel needs to be abbreviated or something (although the name was also the only reason I picked this book up in the first place hahaha). The story is really interesting and I think that the author really shows that he has thought and planned out the plot and direction of the story far in advance. For me, the first part of the story started off pretty slow and I only really got hooked later on as I continued reading. Although this was one of the first web novels that I read, after reading quite a few more, it still stands out as being one that has a strong plot and good world building where the authors forethought really shows. Although I was originally quite concerned that because of Skullius’ circumstances, the story would be unable to allow for any development of side characters I am very glad about the introduction of YuYui and later occurrences in the story that change this otherwise I think this element would have very significantly hindered the quality of the story (at the same time, it takes quite a while before this actually occurs and although the apostles are interesting I didn’t feel like they would be enough to replace the benefit of fleshing out all other side characters). I really enjoy the story and I am very intrigued in the direction it will head towards. I can tell that the author has been introducing pieces to the board all to start connecting them all together. Now to discuss areas of improvement that I think would really help the novel. I think there are 3 core areas of improvement for the story: the grammar, the consistency of the humour and the power creep. While two of them are quite minor, I am personally finding one of them becoming more and more of an issue. Regarding the grammar, although the writing quality such as the vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure or the writing is good, the proofreading is what I found to be lacking for a lot of the first few hundred chapters and still occasionally on the more recent ones. I would really recommend the author just run the finished chapters through some spell checker like Grammarly to correct any accidental mistakes. When I was reading through many of the earlier chapters I found grammatical issues or sentence structure issues that were very minor but served to blemish the quality of the writing. With how nicely written your chapters are, taking that extra step to add that final bit of polish to your writing would really step it to the next level with minimal effort. I can still recall a time where a typo really put me out of the moment when describing the destruction of a city (which shall not be named to avoid spoilers) and reading something along the lines of “three thirds” of it being destroyed. Although it was pretty apparent as to what you meant, small things like that or just typos or repeated sentences reduce the writing quality when the quality is already really good and only diminished by these small but easy to correct mistakes. Next, although not too big of an issue, I personally felt like the degree of humour isn’t really consistently felt in the writing. While the comedic element of the story was never an integral part of the experience for me, I just wanted to point out that the funnier moments don’t feel that consistently spaced out. Although, I understand that this is partially due to their being a heavier focus on the plot. For example, the novel starts with quite a bit of focus on the comedic aspect but we see it drop off quite a bit maybe 100 chapters in, another example would be YuYui where things are more comedic whenever she is involved but suddenly quite lacking when she is gone. Once again, I don’t think this is too big of an issue but I just wanted point that out. I get that a lot of the times it would be pretty hard to make certain scenarios where the plot is developing comedic and honestly, after so many chapters have already been written, a shift towards that would no longer be in the spirit of the story I think. Personally, if you have the time, I would totally recommend giving “A Will Eternal” a read. This was the first webnovel I ever read and it’s a translated Chinese web novel with cultivation themes and although it has its own share of problems (especially during the obvious big changing moment in the story) it is honestly the funniest book I’ve read and is great example of a book that manages to maintain its humour throughout the entire story even in situations you wouldn’t think would be funny or despite being a scenario critical for plot development. I think it would be a really good reference if you were to ever write a new series that was more focused on the comedic element of the story. Finally, on the most critical area of the story that I think could see the most improvement on, the power creep. Although I would say that for the first few hundred chapters this was not a big issue and I was able to easily follow along, I feel that ever since the recent chapters (after Skullius went through a ’perspective’ changing moment hahaha), I have begun having a lot more difficulty following exactly how strong Skullius and other characters are. While I know that a lot of WN series like to use UI systems that provide numerical values to stats and clearly illustrate abilities, it sort of becomes a big problem as characters actuslly start becoming powerful. More recently, I feel like both the attribute statistics as well as the number of abilities themselves have sort of skyrocketed and become pretty hard to follow. I almost feel as if I need to start screenshotting or taking down notes of the most up to date character stats because I literally cannot recall these numbers or find them again to be able to actually compare how one characters fares to another. At this point, it feels like the stats are actually making it harder for me to understand how strong characters actually are. Posting periodic chapters that are clearly named and easy to reference that just dump up to date stats is probably the only thing I can think of that would immediately help reduce this problem. Otherwise, implementing a core strength value would be pretty helpful such as a single stat that generalises someone’s power outside of their rank could also be really helpful. An example of this would be “Vile Evil Hides Under the Veil” totally different type of story that honestly has a really bad start but uses that stat summary method by implementing something called BP (battle power or something?) that generalises their strength based off their other values making it way easier to compare stats without having to deal with all those numbers. Furthermore, aside from this whole stat issue, I feel like the frequency in which Skullius is jumping in power seems to be rising. This also makes it quite a bit harder to follow because it feels like I have to re-remember everything he can do again. I think it would be a lot easier to follow if Skullius’ improvements were more gradually introduced and also at a slower frequency, introducing more and more new powers (while interesting and opening more avenues for combat) also makes things a lot harder to follow as even merging abilities together means I have to remember he has a new ability. I think introducing a smaller number but very flexible abilities might be the solution since you don’t have to keep updating them while still allowing characters to use them for many purposes and simplifying the whole thing. I.e something like “Shadow Slave” where Sunny also gets these sudden introductions of new abilities but at the same time it occurs rarely and doesn’t feel too overwhelming as he doesn’t have that many in total. Overall, Bro I’m Not and Undead is a really good book with a well fleshed out world and plot as well as good writing that I’m glad I managed to stumble upon and I look forward to continue following as it develops. However, I think a critical issue that has begun to emerge and needs to be solved is the power creep that is beginning to really make the story harder to follow. I think the story is beginning to build up to something really big and complex plot wise so simplifying the whole subject regarding the abilities and powers of the characters would be seriously beneficial in preventing any overload of info. Keep up the good work! 👍

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    Top tier humor and writing quality you rarely see on this website. I am very entertained by this novel and will give other novels of this author a try as well.

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    LV 15 Badge

    A rare find. This novel has a refreshing take on system/cultivation themes. Despite its low power ranking, it's easily in the top 10 novels this app has to offer in terms of quality and originality. For me personally it has dethroned Psychic Parasite as the number 1 novel on the app.

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    Sup dear readers.. The first volume of 'Bro, I'm not an Undead' is done. I feel this is right time to give myself an adequate and unbiased critique. Writing Quality: I'd rate it at a 4 as its not perfect but I can guarantee its not hard to navigate through, especially when deep plot points are not being explored. if you see any grammar, or spelling errors, you are free to point them out. Story Development: The first volume might have pace issues for others but I tried to ensure that there was no redundancy when it came to plot threads. If you feel differently do tell me how certain parts made you feel otherwise. Character Design: I made a grand effort to ensure that each character has visualisable (If that's the word) features and distinct traits that make them identifiable from the cluster of characters in the story. Updating Stability: I update on a daily basis a single chapter and four or more over the weekend. World Background: There is an intricate power system which has been hinted and explored at its base in this Volume but I don't think it's hard to understand. As for the world, Volume 2's purpose is to clarify and expand it, giving the MC his next adventure. Volume 2 Details: There will be a lot of fun and distinctive characters that will interact and shape the MC and his powers. The stakes are huge and very personal for the MC and he will face an integral development within it.

    View 21 Replies

    This novel is absolute gold. The characters are amazing, the world is amazing, and most importantly, the plot is engaging. The author takes alot of tropes and uses them in new and exciting ways, bringing elements from many genres to create something refreshing and new. I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good read.

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    Too many useless side character fight and the mc is not participate in it. So many chapter without an increase in mc strenght making it a bit boring for me personally

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    the whole bro this and bro that is so annoying the story idea isn't bad but just can't get past how he talks I have lived in California where the surfers are and even they never said bro that much

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    At the start its interesting, every chapter is good and the plot is moving. Later, Its extremely slow and often boring chapters like Sila's gaining control episode, it took 4/5th of the book for Skullius to get blue core when his decision has been mentioned 200 chapters ago. The writer is making the plot too complex for its own good, Adding unnecessary boring events between interesting plot events.

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    now I really wanted to give this book a good rating but after a long while of reading the story there was certain ups and downs in the quality. to me that would have been fine if it was the only problem but the author then goes on at chapter 375 Raw Insanity to ruin the plot entirely and make all of the mcs progression for naught . it would have been fine if they had made him stronger In a way after that for his loss as the author said in a reply. But sadly his words of truth were nothing but filthy lies with a mask of good intentions. instead he ruins the mc and I could not bear anymore nonsense from the author so I had to drop after 5 -10 chapters past that point because there was no redemption or reason to ruin his plot. that is all.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    unsatisfying. I've now read 250 chapters and while i really want to like this i just don't. the last 150 chapters left me in a perpetual state of annoyance. we have a very cool set up, the first 100 chapters are well written some pacing issues but nothing deal breaking. The mc keeps getting into impossible situation which means he gets absolutely trashed, he does manage to make it out alive but you never really get this satisfying pay off, additional there's no real rest between one catastrophic desaster and the next. As a consequence it often feels like the mc is power less and even in situations where we could get some satisfying comeuppance like with the scamming information merchant we just move on. another peeve i have is that at some point MCs brain goes afk and we have to deal with the consequences for the next 100 chapters. all in all very unsatisfying but sadly not bad enough for me to put away immediately causing me to waste too much time... p.s if you want to read a story with these flaws but on crack give stygian diviner a go you'll hate it

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    Hello dear Reader, Shade here. If you're reading this story, I'm glad and appreciate it. It is a mix of comedy, action, fantasy and some pretty dark stuff. I can't say the concept is entirely original as I'm sure some author out there came up with the same idea and did it better or worse. Nevertheless this book definitely has its own identity with characters that probably won't be too boring to read. The book features undead and many other fantasy creatures, but I advise you not to compare the levels of certain creatures with ones you've read from other stories. Those already reading know why from the context of the book. Thanks for reading.

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    It honestly feels like this whole 700+ chapter story could be condensed in 100-200 chapters. The main character is called the main character for a reason, there is too much focus on the side characters and the lore.

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    The one thing I don't like about this novel is that the second the main character gets strong they have to start a whole entire new arc where they get obliterated I mean bro one gigantic example is Genhuis I mean bro so many people in the premium a royal are so much stronger than him He would probably never be able to compare without fusing with Replicus.alone with that we also do get multiple small training arks well from what I've read he gets two but every single time it's finished they're just has to show up so many flipping people that are stronger than him that they can snap a finger and then he's dead I mean at least get the main character get one arc where they destroy everyone but that has not happened once! it's always at the end of the arc where they get decently strong enough to solo everyone but no no somehow some reason they just go to a new place suddenly everyone there obliterates them!

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Volume 2 is done! The second volume for the book is done and as stated before, its main areas of progress were world expansion and greater stakes for the MC. The plot isn’t moving that much in this volume and that is by design. The setup of the villains, races and organisations in the world is Aigas was the aim and Volume 3 will be packed with plot and more adventures as well as bizarre and unique movements to explore. All the plot threads that seem scattered will be coming together. I hope you stick around for the journey!

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    just 5 star for the synopsis itself i laughed reading it a fresh air from this Chinese names . thanks author hope u have devlop your skills to perfection can't wait wait to read it but after my exams

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    This is a very lighthearted take on what should be a dark story, and not in a bad way. The introductory dialogue gives some idea about the world but could set the stage better. I wonder where you are going with the system. Simply writing that the end goal is for him to become living may be boring. Consider spicing it up (despite being lighthearted.) The grammar is generally quite good. There are a few errors around ellipses, especially in a quotation. You don't need to double ellipses interrupted quotations, nor do you capitalise unless it starts a new sentence or is a proper noun. Please do not use brackets, and this is not an error per see, but you should use appropriate speech tags when someone is exclaiming, don't say: he said, either use an exclamation attribute or do not use speech tags at all. This is just an example. Also, saying dead lived is contradictory; you can't live while dead, lol. You may want to change your wording. Promising start, keep going.

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    LV 4 Badge

    a very good story pros good writing quality good character design original story and not repetitive cons confusing power systembad world backgroundvery slow paced ( I don't mind it, tho but some times it gets very boring)and we need skullius !!!! bro enough with bright storm

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    BROOOOOOOOOOO! Thatsa great and fun read!🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Author Shade_Arjuun