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Building a Business Empire with my Technological System

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Author: Faux1231

4.33 (27 ratings)

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Michael Reyes is your typical college student, caught in the relentless cycle of balancing studies and part-time work. As a second-year mechanical engineering student, his days are packed from dawn till dusk. Mornings are dedicated to lectures and coursework, while afternoons are spent at a part-time job that helps him make ends meet. Evenings are his only respite, though often spent more on studying than sleeping, if he gets the chance to rest at all.

His life is a constant juggle, trying to keep up with demanding academic requirements while also contributing financially to his household. He's a hardworking, average student โ€“ not the top of his class, but not at the bottom either.

But Michael's life takes an unexpected turn when he gains access to a mysterious Technological System. This system offers him a glimpse into future technologies, granting him knowledge and tools far beyond his time.

When he realized its potential, his first words are.

"I'm going to be rich!"

Follow as Michael build his own business empire rivaling Apple, Microsoft, even Google.

Disclaimer: 'Building a Business Empire with my Technological System' is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This book may reference real companies and organizations, but these references are for narrative purposes only and are not intended to depict actual conduct or involvement of these entities. The use of these names and references is not meant to harm, defame, or discredit these companies or organizations.

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    I admit I have a soft spot for any type of novel that has something to do with technology and this one is good it really shows how the main character is changing before your eyes from a normal student to a smart and independent man who is willing to earn his money his way without a system giving him all the support and it goes at a steady pace not to slow or to quickly making you really want to read more and not get lost not understanding what's being written ๐Ÿ˜‰ thx author for the good novel and please continue ๐Ÿ‘

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    I will give the bluntest review possible. If you like technology, business, and entrepreneurship/innovation - you may find reading this enjoyable. However, for those who donโ€™t, I do not recommend this novel. The reason? The main character acquires a technology system from an ethereal being (a god) for a reason like โ€œYou interest me because you struggle a lot.โ€ This reason is quite absurd to say the least and there are billions of others that are in his exact situation - nothing made him very special or standout. There was also very little character introduction prior to the question of the system. This system also theoretically gives him the knowledge and ability to create inventions decades ahead of when theyโ€™re supposed to be introduced. However, the main character claims these inventions are his and through his own volition, even going as far as getting mad when โ€œhisโ€ solar panel invention is stolen. Itโ€™s quite infuriating because the MC is basically joyriding and overcomes his โ€œstrugglesโ€ in 5 chapters by proceeding to win 15 million pesos through gambling. An absurd story that you should only read if youโ€™re a tech fanatic, and even then I wouldnโ€™t recommend it.

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    It was good at first but man does this get draged out. I mean 70 chapters in and still he hasnt produced anything. And why does he even need to produce stuff if he could just sit back and let his super advanced Ai do stock trading for him?

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    The problem is that almost all technology stories are in a hurry to use advanced technology. Before this MC was average to the bottom of the class, you can improve your studies, but you cannot become an inventor within 1 month. He makes something that is 4.5 times better than the whole world, which is not compatible with reason. There is also a young rich girl who comes to invest in your card. Among all the technological novels that I have read so far, there was one that did not progress all at once, but slowly progressed, but I have not found another one like it. (Google Translate)

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    Pushover MC.............................

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    Read up to ch 78 and this will be a blunt review. This story is obviously inspired by the โ€œScholarโ€™s Advanced Technological System.โ€ However the difference in quality and understanding of why that story succeeds is not the same. A major issue in this tech type stories is that the author can easily be bogged down writing jargon or a lot of inessential details that do not move the story forward and just make you scroll through the chapter because as a reader you know itโ€™s not important. This is a failure in any book in my opinion. Readers should not feel that they are reading filler and that their time is wasted reading. However, I felt that way so many times reading this story. There were chapters where more than half of it was wasted on a list of inconsequential information that would not even matter one chapter over. The reason SATS succeeded is because the author understood how to temper the info dumps, in that story they are reserved only for techno jargon where there is some competition or tension in the story, making you be invested in the jargon, even if all of it did not make sense to a normal person. Here is just wasted on the specs of a truck, properties, or employee listings. Now onto the story aspects. The system and its inception is super cookie cutter, some generic Goddessโ„ข๏ธ finds pity on this generic dude is โ€œstruggling oh so muchโ€ with the most generic issues. Honestly, the background of the main character would not be that important if it wasnโ€™t so bland. Now the story progress is suffering from the same issue of the info dumps, bogged down by inconsequential content. Oh he has to file for business permits, oh he has to spend four chapters buying a truck to stroke his bruised ego because some guy looked at him funny, oh he has to spend multiple chapters getting a drivers license. Itโ€™s all just so banal and honestly not interesting to read. Which is the worst thing a book can do, bore you. Which is funny considering the most interesting part of this novel are the two female side characters who are investors in his business. They are interesting. I feel like the story would be so much better if a lot of the โ€œfillerโ€ is cut down and the author focuses on moving the story forward instead of meandering on the most mundane aspects of the story.

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    well gonna give u 5star because of ur other work and fellow Filipino and Im gonna stock chapter before I read this anyway goodluck

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    Brilliant author, live the concept. Will be fun watching the MC gain money, power and knowledge. Will also be fun see the cool sci-fi tech and the no doubt human expansion across the stars (and likely wars with aliens). Keep up the good work, don't burn yourself out, go for the long haul. I look forward to the 1000+ chapters ๐Ÿ˜†

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    I enjoyed the story quite a bit until I couldn't read it anymore due to requiring the app. I think that was around chapter 30 or 32. If this is a translation, I couldn't tell. The characters feel relatively real though it has the undertone of the young master feel to it. The system plays an important part but so far it doesn't feel like the driving force. I would definitely continue reading this and recommend the story if I could.

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    Good writing. I know that thereโ€™s a lot of this kind of trope here in webnovel but stil the writing is splendid. Canโ€™t wait for more chapters.

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    I like the technological aspect but this MC sucks in every way possible. such poor business decisions and life decisions. there's nothing relatable or admirable about his character except for his care for his mother. definitely a let down.

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    As of chapter 57 Iโ€™m enjoying the book. I had to stop writing though because of the pay wall. Hoping to pick it back up again next week when I can buy more coins

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    I liked this novel but I didn't like mc because he explains everything to people 1 example is when he was buying a car why would he tell them like he's starting a company or that he wanna show of to a guys I'm mean I can come up with other things he did but yeah overall it was good except how the mc behaves

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    An amazing story 30 chapters in can wait for more

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    En tรฉrminos sencillos.....es inovador, porque este libro oh novela te estรก dando las instrucciones para que veas de como se crea una empresa y las dificultades que tiene. Hay cosas que ni sabรญa y este libro me mostrรณ un mundo totalmente nuevo, me cambio la percepciรณn de la realidad....un poquito.

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    Incredibly similar premise to Scholar's Advanced Technological System. The latter goes more in-depth regarding the specifics of the technology and build-up to produce them. Other than that there are some incredibly cringe moments where mc acts like he's a 5yr old shouting. I can't even definitively call that a face-slapping tag, it's 100% cringe.

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    Good and smart writing. As realistic as it can be. Only concern are the time skips that the story might look too rush. Overall a better read. Good job author. Cheers. Ps. Can you put some more action on the story as the MC might encounter dangerous plots or enemies as he grow his business empire.

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    It's a good start of a good novel can recommend to read.

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    Author Faux1231