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Building a Kingdom and Conquering the World

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Author: Stoicist

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This is a story about a modern man inspired by great conquerors, like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, to conquer another world. And, for that, he will utilize modern knowledge to develop his kingdom and innovative war strategies to conquer everything.

Since he was a child, Henry loved reading about Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, the greatest conquerors of all time. He idolized these important characters that molded humankind history with their own hands. Henry was always amazed by their great war tatics and strategies, that allowed them to conquer the world. He wanted to become someone like that.

Unfortunately, he was born in the modern times and in a place that war was not a common occurence. Alone, he began to play hundreds of strategy games and eventually became a professional player, famous for his crazy and intelligent way of thinking.

However, one day, due to unknown circumstances, Henry died and found himself on the long road to reincarnation, from where he jumped into the Dimensions River and reincarnated as the King of the Stahl Kingdom, a poor and cold nation surrounded by barbarians and wild life.

He was finally in a place where he could conquer and dominate. A place where his brilliant tatics and strategies could dictate the way of the whole world. He wanted to follow the steps of his heroes and become the conqueror of the world.


Note: I will be uploading a minimum of two to three chapters a week. Also, english is not my first language, so if you see any mistakes, please drop a comment on the paragraph.


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    Hey there, author here! So, I am going to rate my own story and leave this review for those who might get interested in giving it a try after reding through the synopsis. Also, please, if you are liking this novel leave your review and slowly move your fingers to that little "vote" button (press it!). HUEHUEHUE *evil laugh* - "Thank you! my dear reader!" Writing Quality – First of all, I would like to emphasize that English is not my first language and I have been studying it for five years. So, I might make a few mistakes here and there. However, I am always proofreading and using softwares to improve the writing. Story Development – I don’t think that the story development is going to deviate much from other novels. However, as a reader, I have always been losing myself when an author drifts too apart from a chronological line of events, so I am going to follow as much as possible an established order. I don’t want to write something confusing. Now, talking about the pace of the story, the start is going to be a bit chaotic, due to the situation that the MC finds himself in. However, the future chapters are going to slowly cement a flow. Character Design – I have always loved characters that are rational, self-centered, somewhat arrogant, and confident. Someone who is always planning and thinking how they can get the most of a situation, but still maintains certain values. This is the MC that I am trying to build. As for the other characters, I will be setting them according to the story’s progression. (I don't have but a few important character planned). Updating Stability – Around 2-3 chapters/week. I may exceed that amount if I have enough free time. World Background – It’s a world filled with different species, where all beings can become stronger through Mana. A world that is in the point of “rupture”. I know it’s a common setting, but I will be adding things up as the chapters are updates. However, I plan on doing a good job on that. (I hope) If you have read the synopsis and this review, and liked it, please consider giving this book a try. "Also, don't forget to leave your vote and a review if you liked this work" - The author wrote, with hopeful eyes, waiting for your response. - "Thank you!"

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    I am so glad that there is a kingdom building story that actually revolves around kingdom building and ain't just there for a tag. I'm already obsessed with whats already out. Can't wait for the future chapters. Thx Author for making this

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    It is an excellent novel, but I believe there are some points to be improved. Most of your audience has the maturity to understand that the world is not just black and white, you don't need to have a moral advantage in every dispute. There is no need to create second-rate villains to justify the MC attitudes, we understand that human beings are complex beings, we are selfish and ambitious, we always want more, the MC enemies are people who want more for their family or people, not necessarily stupid and 'evil', I'm not defending them, they should all be killed with their families, I just ask that you don't insult my intelligence. Another point I noticed is the absence of harem etiquette, I'm not asking to go out collecting pokemons, but looking at the pragmatic side, most alliances at that time are through marriage, especially someone who wants to be emperor, accepting concubines.

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    Author stop trying to add the need to be ethical in the MC's personality, we're not children,we understand that humans are selfish and are driven by ambition,cause at this point it's almost as tho you try label everyone the MC goes up against as 'evil',no is evil,people just have conflicting interests,other than this there's not much to complain about,keep up the good work💯

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    LV 12 Badge

    This review is only 7 chaptors in and this definitely has good potential. Keep up the good work Author-san

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    For god's sake author please remain in medieval setting, don't bring any Advance modern tech into his kingdom. Show us the plot where MC building his kingdom glory with the current resource and good management 😍😍😍 Letsgoooo

    View 0 Replies

    Why have you made such a novel pay to view when it has less than 100 chapters and inconsistent releases This perfectly encompasses everything wrong with this app

    View 14 Replies

    I will leave this review for now and make changes later on. I just want to encourage more authors/writers to make more kingdom building novels and also contribute to get this novel some what attention to a larger audiences.

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    LV 12 Badge

    thanks for the effort author-san keep it up moreeeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeee

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    We. Need. More! Finally some good kingdom building

    View 3 Replies

    An enjoyable Kingdom building novel, that thus far has maintained interesting characters and a good pace without over the top cheats and instant victories, etc.

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    So far the novel's absolutely AMAZING! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! unlike a lot of other novels with the tag 'kingdom building' this on actually focuses on it plus this wasn't some really slow paced novel where the Mc would have took 50 chapters to break the siege of his capital and another 150 or so chapters to finally regain control of his kingdom, all in all this is an absolutely fabulous novel with a very smart Mc who is talented in Kingdom building without a system and I hope you won't drop it. Also can you consider increasing the releasing of chapters or mass-releasing chapters?

    Reveal Spoiler
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    a amazing kingdom building novel without a system for help!!!! But a smart MC

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    Surprisingly it is a masterpiece, this novel is exactly what we expect to see from the war&military genre

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    I really like this story, it has an interesting story and is on the right track, it is not monotonous and always leaves you wanting to read more, I hope it continues to be this great in the future

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    Hi, I want to ask, is this novel your original work or not? If it's original work, I hope it will update quickly because I really like the storyline if it's not your original work... can you tell me the source of this novel.

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    very good story on of my favorite kingdombuilding conquerer novels I'm at ch 46 haven't seen a lot of the novel but it looks promising. hopefully you can continue

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    Keren sii jjjjjjkkkkvhcylstlslysyosodyodyodyodo6sotsoydxylxlyxlhxxldpystpd6pdypdo5dotdoyxoyxypxpyfypfypfpyfpyfypfpydoydoydyodoydyodoyfpyfpufypfpyfoydypxyoxotxotx8rs8rs8tz8t z

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    Till chapter 21 BEST literally BEST. Good writing quality and almost no mistake. This novel actually is focusing on kingdom building😁😁 and not just for tags (like some of the novels really hate them a lot). KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AUTHOR👍👍👍. And hope you don't drop it. (A huge fan of kingdom building novel)

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    This great I love it it’s not your typical fake kingdom building story. The grammar is better than most and I can’t wait to read more 💬💬💬

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    Author Stoicist