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Carnivals: Claimed By The Deranged Alpha Prince [BL]

LGBT+ 82 Chapters 374.4K Views
Author: Bree_Airee

4.9 (14 ratings)

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Jules’ life was picture perfect until his entire family got murdered all of a sudden, with him being the only survivor. A savior swooped In because he was still in immense danger, and that led to Jules taking on a new identity and becoming a completely different person overnight— and enrolling into Carnivals, a prestigious all-boys school for all supernatural beings.

In Carnivals, monsters lurk the dark hallways and the strong preyed on the weak. You either become a predator or a prey… and from one look at Jules— a boy too pretty for his own good, with a slender and petite build, it was obvious that he was gonna be eaten alive by the predators.

Here comes Blaze, a wolf who sends shivers down every predator’s spine in the school, an insanely hot Alpha who was as dangerous and deranged as the rumors claimed.

He took one glance at Jules and decided there and then that Jules belonged to him.


I inched backwards, eyes widening even more as my eyes zeroed in on the smirk tugging at the side of his lips. Blaze never smiled, and whenever he does, it never meant anything good.

My heartbeat quickened as I scrambled backwards even more, breath stuttering to a stop as he began to narrow the distance between us. In no time, my back was plastered against the cold wall and that was when it hit me right in the chest that I was cornered and ensnared, like an actual prey… by none other than Blaze, when I had thought my life couldn’t get any worse.

He towered over me effortlessly, emitting so much dominance and I had to tilt my head backwards for me to be able to meet his dark eyes, and my breath hitched when our eyes locked.

He leaned down and my eyes snapped closed at once as I held my breath, waiting for him to strike. I’ve heard all the horrifying, endless rumors about him. He was an Alpha Prince whose presence someone like me should never be in.

When I felt the tip of his cold nose glide over the length of my throat, my mouth fell open to release a startled gasp. He dragged in a long, audible breath and I felt a shiver rattle down my spine as I grew even stiffer, confusion clouding my mind.

What was happening? Why was he doing this out of nowhere?

Oh my gosh… he really was a deranged alpha like everyone says!


THIS BOOK IS RATED 18+! It contains matured content such as:

- Bullying.
- Drug use.
- Smut [a whole lot of it.]
- Violence.
- Harem [not between the main characters.]

So… proceed with caution, you’ve been warned!

*I don’t own the rights to the cover!

Parental Guidance Suggested


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    Hi everyone! :)) 🎀 I figured I should leave a review since we’re ten chapters in. This is a boy love [b x b] and I believe you’ve gone over the warning I left at the bottom of the book lol! This isn’t a typical cliché high school romance book, this is way darker and once again, I want to urge everyone to brace themselves as they proceed with this book! General warning: Blaze isn’t an angel LOL! Frankly, he is a monster, but an insanely hot one though.😔 And as for Jules, he’s just a baby who needs protecting from everyone, including himself teehee. 🤭 I don’t wanna spoil this book so I’m being as vague as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask away! A happy ending is very guaranteed as well, so fret not! :) Happy reading! xx 🎀✨

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    Each chapter leaves you thirsty and hungry for more and more! This is really crazy to be honest. I’m just ten chapters in and I’m fully HOOKED. Like, I literally cannot wait for the updates cause they’re always so freaking good. Love this book so much and I hope we get quicker updates 🥰🥰

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    I seriously can’t wait for Jules to rise to his full potential, because so far, i can feel that there’s a whole lot more to him. I feel sorry for him cause he went through an intense trauma in a single night. I can’t imagine how much pain he finds himself in whenever he thinks of those memories. This is a very beautiful story and I need more from him and Blaze. 💋

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    I'm hooked the characters especially my baby 🤭❤️ I really can't wait for his interaction with blaze and Taylor is definitely interesting 🤣🤣 and the roommate ( I really don't want to remember his name) you can't just be going up n down blaming people for his situation 😒 and my baby's mom friend am so grateful for him too at least my baby has a listening hear overall am in love with the story line

    View 0 Replies

    Oh my gosh! Where do I even start??!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ First of all, Jules is such a baby and I wanna pick him up and keep him safe in my pockets ahhhhh!!! I love the plot so far, the storyline sounds like it’s gonna be really insane and I really can’t wait to read more.

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    honestly i really love this. first of all, author updates literally everyday, with a few exceptions (not complaining, i think thats amazing already) love the story, wish Jules could stick up for himself more but tbh i would literally be him if i were in that situation. its very well written and i have no complains whatsoever! thanks for the wonderful story author!

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    Okayy! So far into the story, everything is building gradually and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m very curious about Blaze and I’m certain there’s way more to him than what meets the eyes. I seriously can’t wait to get to the part where he and Jules would get down and nasty LOL 😛🤭 I’m certain other readers would agree with me. Good job author and please keep updating frequently 🥰

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    Every character is intriguing. They’re created in a way that you can’t just help but want to know more and more about them. So far, my fave is the protagonist and his new best friends Taylor and Josh. Of course, I’m curious about Nick and I have a feeling that he’s gonna be a great person. I also can’t wait to see pre of Blaze!!! 😆😆❤️

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    This book is great so far, I really appreciate the way the author narrate every single details about this book and the diction is quite simple and easy to understand 😌. My only complaint is the SUSPENSE 😁😁but what a good novel without a suspense lol. I can wait for the journey between Blaze and Jules to unfold like I CAN’T WAIT 😩anyways I’m hooked and thanks author for this wonderful piece

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    Love it!!! I have read 53ch the latest ch I think. I reccomend to read it.

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    It's a bit long, but my honest thoughts. 😁 It's currently still early in this novels development as of Friday, April 12th, 2024 (Why do we Americans write it this way? The more I interact with others from around the world the more I agree we are the ones that make it more difficult but going Month, Day, Year instead of going Day, Month, Year or Year, Month, Day... 😅🤣😂) However, what is written so far has been really good. There are very few mistakes and weather. This author is a true amateur or a seasoned published author with an editor she's still human and is bound to make mistakes, so absolutely zero judgment here, just stating facts. With that said I think some areas I would prefer to have a bit more info on are simply just not addressed yet because the author plans to address or explain it through the story development that will be coming, so I am tey to be patient. I am still a bit skeptical about the ML but I definitely get the feeling there is a Hella lot more to him that what he shows to everyone plus I am not sure if it's all truly him, if you get what I am saying. I will continue to update my review on this novel. As of right now, I do recommend this to others, but be aware it will not be a light-hearted lovely and pure romance but a drama filled one that will take you on a rollercoaster but in a good way! 🎢 No spoilers here. Honestly, the chapters are free for a very good 60+ chapters (I think it's now 70+, but I can't remember exactly, so I am being cautious) are free so other then your time you have nothing to risk to at least try reading this wonderful novel & seeing if it's for you or not. Great job to the author & I can not wait for more updates! 👏👏👏👏👏🫶

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    There’s a lot of mysteries in this book, no one is an open slate, and that’s what I really find fascinating. I genuinely can’t wait to read more. So far, every chapter is perfect and the fact that no part of the story is dragged out is what’s keeping me hooked. It’s like something is always happening in every chapter and that’s literally how it should be. Keep up the good work, author ❤️

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    To be honest, the only negative thing I have to say about this book is the fact that we can’t get more than one chapter at once, but I guess that’s because the story is still free. I’m hoping that once it goes premium, we’ll be getting a lot of privilege chapters because I always want more and more of this book! That’s how obsessed I am 😔

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    Author Bree_Airee