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Celestial Academy of Mystics

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Author: Percy_Seacrest

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What if you wake up on the morning of your fifteenth birthday to discover a system screen floating over your head? It means you are a Mystic, one of the hundred people born each year who have access to the Celestial system and powers of the universe.

What if when you go to get registered as a Mystic at their Academy you discover that all the slots are taken? There are already a hundred mystics in the system. You are a strange anomaly that has never happened in a billion years.

Well, you must be none other than Xavier Xerxes. The weird teenager who was bullied for his strange white skin, long snowy hair and pink eyes is now also a Mystic who shouldn't exist. It couldn't have gotten any worse for him.

Now he has to attend Celestial Academy to get basic training in leveling up and growing into the full potentials of his powers so he can slay demons and battle monsters from real to realm. He has the opportunity to grow from a human to an Immortal, saving the world along the way. Cool, right?

But there's one little problem. Xavier doesn't do anything that could pass off as stressful. No, he prefers to read books in the library. He loves to write stories and poems. He cries through romantic movies. He has never walked farther than a meter in his life. No sporting activity whatsoever. He hates violence.

Now they expect him to carry a sword. He is supposed to turn his body into a weapon of destruction, and his mind into a fortress of power. What the hell?

How is he expected to survive a day at Celestial Academy when he has been home schooled since he was a child? How is he supposed to kill a bloodthirsty troll when he is scared of spiders? Exercise drills, push ups, war games...meditating? Never before in his life!

Right. We all have to wait and see. Hopefully he'll find a way not to die on the first day.

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    Percy Seacrest...you have an amazing story going here. From the MC, to the storyline and character specifications, everything is well thought out and realistic. The world building has a lot of potentials which you could harness as you go on. I would love to know what would happen from here. More updates for me.

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    😮😮WOW!! Wow!! Wow!!! Just Wow!! I love this book too much already. I read the whole thing in one sitting...and can't wait for the next chapter! Its a beautiful story with a lovable male lead. Mystics are among us...a hundred of them ready to save the world from dungeons and beasts. Xavier just happens to be one of them...by accident!😂🤣 More! Give me more!!!

    View 2 Replies

    The story is progressing very nice but I just hope to see improvements in the writing style in some parts of the scenes .And if someone is deciding to read this story then you chose the right thing to do.

    View 1 Replies