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Chameleon: My True Face

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Author: Piokilek

4.84 (287 ratings)

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The prodigy of mercenary world, the youngest officer in Seven Stars Special Forces.

Betrayed by his partners, people he considered friends.

Sentenced for murder he didn't commit.

Placed in a high-security prison.

Jokes on them.

In the first day, he acquired an ability, able to change his body at will.

In the second day, he met the love of his life, taking her with him on the path to get revenge.

Join Li Wuxing as he claims what's rightfully his.


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    Hey guys! Piokilek here! If you didn't start reading this novel, I suggest you start now. It is definitely something you will enjoy. ;) I think this novel deserves a solid 5. Update Schedule - daily. I still have my main novel Spirit Cultivation to write so I can't write more. Enjoy :)

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    Great novel. Writing quality is very good. Author updates this novel consistently albeit I wish it was a bit faster. Story is very interesting. Good amount of action and romance with the occasional smut chapter. Characters (including each female surrounding the MC) are all very interesting. The powers of the characters are also unique and interesting. Personally prefer this novel over Spirit Cultivation, another more popular novel written by the same author. I just think the plot here is more interesting and unique.

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    So far so good, this prison break arc(1st arc) seems a bit too long(someone call Michael Scofield please), specially with this ability of his, but what the hell... and if the (*) is anything like Sipirt Cultivation you can have all my stones.

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    An amazing story so far. I am glad that I started reading this story definitely a must read and I recommend it to anyone that may come across my review. If you see some one or two star rating it's just a bunch of trolls with nothing better to do than bring an amazing work by an amazing author down.

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    The writing quality I have seen from Piokilek has always been phenomenal and has great attention to detail. I also like the stability with the guarantee of a chapter a day which can be difficult so I appreciate that. The story has been flowing smoothly and had a good beginning where it instantly goes into the prison and not the event which has no meaning as other novels do and just wastes time and adds chapters to make it seem longer so that was a plus. The protagonist also has a nice backstory with something to delve into to make it less shallow and allows the story to have a good foundation to build upon which I enjoy if I think a novel is going to last long or if I want it to last long. The world is built decently but I was kinda confused about it which is why I gave it a five star as it wasn't bad just slightly confusing and I couldn't understand it but I still enjoyed it and the picture that it gave with the background. So all in all I think that this is a very solid beginning to the novel and that it has a lot of potential to go farther.

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    What a great new novel from our Author-san Piokilek! Sorry, but I will only vote for this novel from now on! It's much better than Spirit Cultivation! Don't get me wrong I love both novels, but this one hooked me right away. I will vote all my stones, so we can have another chapter! Thank you author <3

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    LV 12 Badge

    Another great novel by Piokilek - same author of Spirit cultivation. Despite the cliche sounding synopsis of a soldier being wrongly accused and then thrown in prison, the author really takes great time in building the characters - actually the first 50 or so chapters are only with the MC and the main love interest. This shows how much effort is spent on building relatable characters, and despite this, the chapters don't feel like filler chapters or that the plot isn't progressing. Really well written. Yes, the chapters are filled with some xxx stuff, but unlike Spirit Cultivation, where the erotic scenes feel like they are mainly for fan-service, Chameleon uses the scenes to build and further segment the relationship between the MC and love interest. Overall, id highly recommend this novel. So far, there hasn't been much workd development, but the overall plot and end goal of the MC is being pretty well defined. It'll be exciting to see whether Piokilek also chooses the harem route with MC or the more traditional "MC crosses oceans of fire and mountains of blades in order to be with his dream girl" approach.

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    I was enjoying the setting of the story quite a bit, and as a harem novel, despite him seeming faithful to the first love interest, I am not opposed to him finding more. The issue with this is that both of the women he is involved with were forced onto him. The first one was due to him being told to seduce a women or his soul would be consumed, and the second women is a literal succubus who forcefully charmed him and then attempted to erase his memories. Even after that, even after claiming devout loyalty to his first woman, he then plays it off like it's no big deal, with 0 intentions to retaliate or have anger towards this woman. It feels ridiculously forced, and completely fake. Not going to bother reading anything after that

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    The blurb of the story got me hooked and the contents inside the book didn't disappoint me. It will be interesting to see Li Wuxing take revenge on the people who were responsible for putting him in prison. Giving it a full 5-star rating because the book deserves it! It's the kind of plot I haven't read before so will be rooting for it ^_~

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    I would consider this as one of the best novels on webnovel but.. writer can take months without updating the story is so nice af but no matter how nice something is months aren't worth the wait

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    All I can say is the novel is amazing. The world building is good. The characters are well made with great character development making their personalities feel real and not shallow. The story brings many surprises to where it ends up leading to unexpected outcomes making for great story development. The writing quality is superb with not many spelling or grammar mistakes as well as great variety with the way actions or events are described, not ever feeling repetitive or lack of creativity/imagination. Also a plus for the harem personally, though there is going to be some drama considering the characters are a bit more realistic so it would make sense not everyone is 100% ok with it. Sadly with all of these awesome traits the only downside is the update release rate, if not for it being so slow it would have been a solid 5 stars.

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    It was supposed to be a story about adventures of a talented and seasoned mercenary, but it turned into one about a brain-addled, horny teenager. Disappointing.

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    Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever! Best novel ever!

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    More Katherine! Katherine = best girl! Xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp

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    Sounded cool, read up until chapter 66 and he has used his powers maybe twice? Since getting them long ago. Also book has pretty much devolved into a porno as every chapter is MC motor-boating, finger-blasting or banging first female lead

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    LV 12 Badge

    People of Culture, RISE! This potato has been Pio's reader for months now, and I say he doesn't disappoint. He has a very good grasp at characterization and though I find the MC of this story, Li Wuxing, having quite an attitude, it only means that his personality is not flat. World building is decent, which can be seen in the first few chaps. Plot is quite common (yet so addicting), but it's the adventures that are really quite looking forward to. Btw, this review is made after reading Ch10. I enjoy the face-smacks, and do look forward to more sweet revenge moments in the following chaps. Pio's grammar has always been good, and now that he has hired an editor, I say I'm quite enjoying this story a lot.

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    look, there are people who like harem, and people who donโ€™t like harem, Iโ€™m the type who likes it, so I donโ€™t see a problem in this type of story even though at the beginning the protagonist swears to stay with only one girl, but as he has already presented others, of course I would not like him to reject them, they all like the protagonist and among them there is one that I prefer the most, so I would really like it to end in harem, thanks author

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    A great story, MC is level headed, near perfect and very romantic. I like it very much. The story line if i add is very fulfilling with it narrative. My only regret for this novel is the update is very slow but understandable bcs of Spirit Cultivation which i am also reading and also very good with it R18 content. My hope for this novel would be for it to have faster updates or a mass release however unlikely it maybe and i also hope for this novel to have more R18 content seeing as the character have more girls coming to him already. Thanks for the Novel and Dont stop.

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    I love this book so far. This story is great I cant stop myself from reading I find myself staying up so late or I stay up all day until it's time to sleep or it's time to get ready for work

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