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End of the Magic Era

End of the Magic Era

Fantasy Completed 1,472 Chapters 20.9M Views

Author: Zhuang BifanTranslator: Shiraishi, HenyeeEditor: TheAlliance, Henyee


4.07 (1,390 ratings)

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The world that gave birth to the peak of magic civilization is about to be destroyed.
The last survivor returned countless years in the past, that time was the birth of the magic civilization, countless mages were fumbling their ways on that thorny path.
He, who came from the end of the era, was treading toward the Supreme Throne

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    THIS IS AN ACTUAL REVIEW WITH DETAILS AND SUMMARY. READ IT. IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THE REVIEW, SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. First, I would like to say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it currently has. Why? Because several people have left one-star reviews, claiming that the other novel in the "What's Next" section had more reviews. This is not true! Also, the original novel is NOT DROPPED. These rumors have been propagated by one single user who has also been leaving hate comments and abuse. Now, onto business. Overall Summary: I've only read to chapter 10, the latest chapter released, but it seems pretty good so far. The basic premise is that there is a character, named Lin Yun, living during the apocalypse. It's a magic world, but they used up all of the mana, and now there is none left, and their world is ravaged by disasters. The main character is originally from Earth. However, this seems unneeded as it is not relevant to the story in any way as far as I can tell. Lin Yun is struck by a mysterious phenomenon, causing them to transmigrate into the body of one Mafa Merlin, a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice. Mafa belongs to a trading company called the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce, and is very wealthy. However, his father was with their fleet of ships transporting several extremely valuable goods when a storm struck and sunk the fleet, killing his father and bankrupting the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce. Artemis Fowl, anyone? Now, creditors are coming to collect, but Mafa has no money to give them. Lin Yun, however, retains the knowledge of his two past lives, and is aware of several advanced techniques that would not exist for centuries, allowing him to advance into a 1st Rank Mage. And I can't reveal any more without spoilers! Yay! Translation Quality: 5/5: Not much to say here. Good grammar, slightly odd sentence structure, but that could be more due to the original style than the translator's style. Thanks for translating this, Shiraishi! Stability of Updates: 5/5: This one I can't really judge, since we haven't had any updates, but the original mass release (10 chapters) was enough to get a basic idea of the storyline, and apparently there will be 14/Chapters per Week, or 2/Chapters per Day. Thanks for translating, again, Shiraishi! Story Development: 2/5: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give this one a 2/5. Why? Because there's not really a plot. Yes, I am perfectly aware that I have only read 10 chapters and that there is probably an actual plot. Here's the problem. The MC is insanely OP. He's aware of advanced techniques, looks like an alchemy genius, and so forth. That's the problem with so much future knowledge. Additionally, there is so much FACE-SLAPPING! Like, so much of it. It's the equivalent of... let's imagine you're in a technology competition. There's a really rich kid competing with you who has gotten this far on money alone. But now, he has to compete based solely on his skill... and he produces the technology needed to go faster than lightspeed. This is through no fault of your own, the problem is that the kid is from the future and knows how to build stuff that comes in several centuries. Do you see the problem? Now, let's say the... government wants his stuff. Unfortunately, the kid can also build giant mechas, plasma cannons, interstellar ships, and even technology that can stop a nuke. That's what the equivalent of this is. There's not going to be much of a plot because the MC is just THAT OP. Character Design: 4/5: This one's a bit hard to judge, since we've only seen about five different characters, including the MC. The MC himself is not that well-developed so far, but it's sort of funny to watch him drool over really common items since they don't exist far into the future. Going back to our earlier example, it's like the kid drooling over seeing a piece of wood. Maybe trees don't exist in the far future! Then, we have Raymond, the son of the old caretaker/housekeeper. He's a 5th Rank Mage who gets face-slapped by the MC. Then, Raymond is all, OMG, you're amazing, I'm gonna follow you around. He ends up getting amazing (to him) rewards from the MC, but the sad part is that the MC doesn't even notice... next comes the "uncle." Have you ever seen that trope where the family relative tries to take the MC's stuff after the parents die? Yeah. That's him, and he's the main reason that Character Design is losing a star. World Background: 5/5: Again, not much so far, but it's pretty well developed. It's a world called Noscent, and personally, I think the whole, "running out of mana" thing is very interesting. The ranking system goes like this: Magic Apprentice --> Mage --> Great Mage --> High Mage --> Archmage. They have something similar for other jobs as well, like Alchemist. In the beginning, we also get some fun background info about what wrecked the world, and later in the book, about other cities and countries, and so forth. Overall, this is pretty good, but there is likely to be a lot of face-slapping and MC being OP, so if you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it! I can't speak as to romance because we haven't even seen any female characters yet, so I don't know if there is romance. Also, Shiraishi is a very good translator! Thanks! I personally am going to keep reading this. Upvote this comment if you liked it so that more people can get ACTUAL reviews and not just random five-star or one-star reviews.

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    Website : qidian china Views : 7.38million Rating : 8.9 (558) Chapters : 1484 Status : completed Word count : 5.06million author level : lv5 No of works : 2 Disscussion : 864 Year started : 2013 Chinese title : 末法王座

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    Hey, Shiraishi here with another fantasy novel. I'm glad the novel is finally out, I've been working on it every since Night Ranger was over, (even if I've been taking it slow, needed some time off after completing a novel). In any case, same as before, if you have any question, don't hesitate. This is a completed novel of about 1400 chapters. Also, for all the NR fans, sorry for the delay, EME should have been released before new year, but some matters delayed it. As always, the discord server is https://discord.gg/j3CuetU and you are all free to join to ask questions, or to notify us if you find a typo. (Yes, typos exists, we are humans after all) Shiraishi~

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    Excuse me wtf why is this one being released first the other one had more votes b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh b r u e h b r u eh

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    Yo uhhh, I would rate this "novel" a 1 star but reviewing in WN requires to evaluate several criteria and since I dont want to be a d.ck i followed them. somehow it ended up a 2.6 rating just because of the good translation quality lmao. this has too much fillers. had a bad start that discouraged me to read further due to disappointment. "some people enjoy the detail" some said, but a sensible reader should know how to draw a line between relevance and detail. This has too much 'detail', but most are just recycled info that was just repeated from a previous paragraph. From chapters 1~7 I immediately had the impression that the author wanted to invoke expectation and nagging from the readers to get to the face slapping part by delaying it through tons and tons of fillers. 1400+ chapters couldve been 500 or less if it focused on the plot more than the descriptions. below average novel honestly...

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    I can't believe I made it through 50 chapters of this story ... The protagonist is dull and uninteresting. He himself is not challenged by anything he encounters, as he has already experienced living in an era after magical culture reached its height. That world may have literally been coming apart at the seams, but it provided the protagonist all the skill and historical knowledge he needs to overcome any and all obstacles he faces. Additionally, the protagonist shows no investment in the setting or other characters. He doesn't care about allies, enemies, or anything happening around him. He simply sets a short-term goal, accomplishes it with little difficulty, and moves on to the next task. Over and over again. The protagonist exhibits no character growth, the setting is never fully explored since the protagonist knows where to find everything he needs, and the plot is flat: the narrative moves from one face slapping to another, with very little pause, and never experiences the rise and fall in energy that a good work demonstrates. In short, this story is bad. It's boring. It's appeal is short-lived: if you read through the first dozen chapters, you've basically read the entire story. You can stop reading at chapter 20 and start again at pretty much any later chapter without feeling like you've missed much. Time for me to shelve this one and move on.

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    I have read all the 1471 chapters mtl. A lack of females caused an imbalance of yin and yang destroying the world. The start of the novel is really bad. 50% of the chapter is just repetitive boosting on how he is the greatest because he is 30000 years from the future. This goes on till about chapter 120, after that it's a decent read and has a good pacing till around chapter 400. Unfortunately the pacing gets super dragged out. I wished the current plotline to finally conclude but everytime it looked liked it's ending some randome things pop up and it gets dragged on for another 50 - 200 chapters. All of Mafa's enemy's are mentally handicapped. This is not a joke. In any other chinese novel those people wouldn't live past three chapters. They are arrogant, unreasonable and ignorant. The only reason they are still alive because their schools will act like you ****ed their mother, sister, wife and daughter in front of them.

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    To those of you who are scrolling in order to decide to read a story, here is a real review. Most of the bad reviews (especially the spammer of bad reviews "reign333" <-- posted multiple bad reviews on same story so a troll) don't really have any backing to them, such as the "He's too op" which can be negated by the fact that the MC is from the future thus having more powerful options. I'd like to see some of these people complain about a barbarian with a stick losing to someone with a gun because that is basically what these people are doing, of course the barbarian is gonna lose. The second reason for a bad review is the "All filler, no plot" point of view. If some of these people spent even half a second reading the synopsis, they would know that their argument is invalid. The MC traveling back in time is not going to automatically go after some enemy since the world ended of natural causes I.E sun dying. If you were a time traveler from a future where you died because there was no resources, would you automatically blame a random person you see on the street for all of that? Of course not. These reviewers think this is full of filler because the author did not pull a ultimate world ending villain out of his but and say the world ended because of him. The MC does not have a overarching goal other than to be stronger for the sake of being stronger. I would consider the story at this point in time to feel more like a slice of life hence some of the bad reviews.

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    Hmm, the novel isn't bad, exactly. It just feels like the author didn't really know which perspective to write from. I read the first 10 chapters and at least four of them were dedicated to one person's POV (point of view), even though that person wasn't the MC. Another thing is that the author makes the MC extremely unrealistic. Lots of MCs are unrealistically powerful, but I think most of them went through a grueling process before getting so OP; like in "Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss," the FL went through a lot before she could get her title as a genius doctor. The MC here just reads a couple of old books and is suddenly able to concoct amazing potions. It isn't a terrible idea, but it definitely isn't great, either, and it certainly doesn't make the novel more interesting. It would have been more interesting if the novel started with the process or something.

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    wow, and i mean wow. this is terrible. first 20 years is enough for mc to know everything when that knowledge is considered worthless? way way too short. second sure he has good control because he was mana starved, but all his spells and techniques require a **** ton of mana or are just flat wasteful. plus the face slapping does not even make sense. sure normally mc get way more agro than they should but this takes it to a new level. the idea is good to have someone go from the end to the beginning but other than that there seems little thought in this. also author should cut some zeros from the costs. sure saying 8000 this 100000 that sounds awesome and cool but as story goes cost for stuff goes up too and 1 million or 100 million just is not practical to carry if it is metallic like gold or silver. just too heavy. but paper currency this work fine. which i hazard a guess that the author is thinking it is like paper currency. i dare any one to try to lug 1 million of any coin from any currency around for a day. now that would be 10000 us dollars if you used us pennies so for poor people like me 100 us dollars or 10000 us pennies should be enough to prove my point.

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    Well... I definitely wasn't expecting a xianxia knockoff. Sprinkle in some magic instead and you have this novel. It's sad, why can't the author write something original instead of slapping the xianxia template into everything. This whole story reeks of passive aggression. A typical face slapping scene dragged ooooonnnnnnn because of that. Face slapping is already a cheap cop out, but this author managed to make it even more unbearable than it has any rights to be. Author, grow some balls please. It's like you want to c*m but keep getting c*ckblocked, and you like that or something. Characters are the typical 1D bland cut outs, cardboard villains, plastic MC, etc. Typical MC with his self-m*sturbat*ry mindset. Author writes like he doesn't knows how people work. MC doesn't care about social stuff, paragraphs on how social conventions works and 1 extra sentence at the back from his lackey agreeing that "yea, he totally don't care." Rolls eye, stop lying to yourself you try hard loser. Like all those beaten to death xianxia template, plot armour is maxed out here. Skipped a whole bunch of unnecessary subpar 'feel-good' scenes. Stop beating this dead horse already, let him die in peace. RIP my 30 minutes.

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    This book is basically composed of 10% of the main character's thoughts, while the other 90% is made up of random side characters speculating on what the mc is doing, commenting on how foolish he is, sucking him off, and thinking about how retarded the current 3 chapter antagonist is for offending him(generally after 3 chapters they're enlightened by previous offenders, and then go on a tirade thinking about how lucky they are to be alive and more dick sucking). It's basically the thoughts of everyone OTHER than the main character. It's annoying. In addition, the mc takes fucking years to shut people up, because it's very important that the insignificant side characters can get their entire thought process and life stories across to the readers before the mc shuts them up.

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    Avarage story. It is not something that I want to spend my ss if it ever go premium It is not my cup of coffie I am waiting for the other novel to be released. I hope that's better than this so so story

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    This novel reminds me of my time on seminar where I would only know one thing from a big topic and I would expand that thing again and again and again until my teacher says time out. The novel is just like that. There are too much B.U.L.L Crap in between, while reading I was screaming inside "GET TO THE POINT". Clearly the author only thought about the word count rather than the story. For the people who had annoying girlfriend in the past who talks constantly about the same damn thing for an hour then don't read this. It will bring out bad memories.

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    I'm not sure if it is just me, but there appear to be no female characters in this story (up to raw ch. 172). No reference to any girls, mothers, sisters, maid, nothing... This story is kind of a sausage fest. As for the story itself, MC is a transmigrator from earth who transmigrates into a dying magic world, just to be transmigrated again back in time before the collapse of the magic world. MC lands into a well off family but has to start from scratch after his father dies from an accident. MC uses the knowledge acquired from the dying magic world to become OP.

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    I'll be frank with you all. I read this novel till 370ch and the novel is a boring repetition of the same scene . A character underestimates the mc, then there is a 2 to 3 chapter long inner monologue of all the characters in the scene and then a chapter or 2 of how mc knocks the sense into the arrogant person. Literally every new character doesn't listen to what mc has to say and start scolding him or in some cases start a fight to show off their strength. Very poor character design. Feels like the author didn't care about the novel at all. And the novel doesn't have a proper ending (read readit).

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    A bit cliche with MC knowing and remembering a vast amount of knowledge that is way ahead of everyone else, but worth a read if you are looking for magic-wizards-alchemy novels. The writing is good even though I wish the author would not keep using all the usual tropes (absent parents, arrogant bullies, face-slapping, underestimated MC, etc.). I was searching for good novels with magical setting (like Warlock of the Magus World, When a Mage Revolts, Advent of the Archmage, Night Ranger), and came across this- it's reasonably good at least up to the current chapter 58.

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    It's very frustrating to see translators releasing one chapter for a month, pathetic translators. If the translator doesn't want to continue, don't give hope. I hate it. 🤬

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    This Novel needs some serious re writing. It is a classic example of someone writing a story synopsis to match a writing competition and still trying to make the synopsis/MC backstory seem relatable and exciting, only to then realize that it was a load of trash and will cripple the progress of their story as they don't know how to properly integrate the components. The author thus has a very thick face, makes many, many contradictory statements and events. MC winds up unrelatable and unrealistic considering his past. Case in point, the back story of the MC does not line up with his actions, he should have barely read anything in that huge library because a) it was huge, B) he was fighting for his life and recources all the time, c) he was a young man. He had neither the time nor mental acuity to digest the library's contents. In the authors own words the MC was average. Other than the bare necessity of Mana cultivation knowledge he should know nothing about alchemy, because a) in his original time there were next to no alchemy resources and thus no need to waste time on 'useless learning' , B) he would have little to no time to practice and experiment, which as even the author states, is absolutely necessary. In short this story is pushed ahead by its release date and general lack of glaring spelling and Grammer errors, thanks to some decent editors. Unfortunately they as well fail in the prime editing directive, which is to do more than just correct spelling and Grammer. A piece of software can do that much, they fail to correct the terrible inconsistencies found in this novel. This novel is a symptom of the worst of webnovel's glamour. And yet simply changing the MC from a 20 year old youth when he died to a 100-200 year old veteran wizard who had the time to absorb decent amounts of misc knowledge from the library turns the whole paradigm on its head. Will it require a lot of rewriting, yes. But it needs to happen nonetheless. In short, if the author want his novel to be anything more than a trashy joke then they need to seriously consider the overall novel balance and scope, otherwise this novel will slowly throttle itself to death in a mire of tangled and increasingly convoluted and contrived plots.

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    Ehh, too much bs and repeating that Mc is soooo OP because he came from the distant future and has bigger knowledge. Also his enemies are d*mb AF. I Jean how many Times will the same guy try to mess with Mc and gets his ass beaten?

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    Author Zhuang Bifan

    Translator Shiraishi Henyee

    Editor TheAlliance Henyee