/ Fantasy / Dual Martial Cultivator: In Multidimensional Apoloclyptic World.

Dual Martial Cultivator: In Multidimensional Apoloclyptic World. Original

Dual Martial Cultivator: In Multidimensional Apoloclyptic World.

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'I have survived, that rebirth cultivation has worked.'
Chen Shu proclaimed...

"I was meant to be the winner, so look martial god, I had still survived here, I will climb back again, and will definitely sleep with your daughter and women again. After all, you are the one to blame, to be not born with the same look as I did, this time I'll sleep with all of your women."

Blessed with the greatest talent...

where Shu's talent for mana turned to be Grade 8 which was Peak A- class, which was a great talent after the apocalypse.

In the world, where suddenly a drift of wormholes, started to appear randomly anywhere, at that period of time, thousand and millions of Zombies, started to pour out of those wormholes like a river.
When the Wormholes would disappear, humanity thought that they have cleared their test, but the mutation of the violent beast in the forest, almost force them to the edge.

Humans then burst out with their maximum potential, they developed a tendency to a new kind of power coming out of the wormholes, that trace of energy was called Mana.

The Mana had many kinds of effects on humans, and the strongest one among, them was to develop the human body, to next-generation or in simple words it was humanity next evolution.

Dual Martial Cultivator: In Multidimensional Apoloclyptic World.

"You will fight and I will sleep, you will struggle and I will win..."

"Three mottoes of my life, to be strongest, wealthiest, and most importantly to be God again."

Journey of the strongest rising back to apex called godhood, see if you can understand this journey to the next level...

My name is Chen Shu, I am a Martial Dual Cultivator, so all those beautiful ladies prepare your bed, a handsome is in your way to become the strongest...

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    This story is fine I guess, maybe because I am fed up with, dual cultivation type novels, but so far it is readable and something new is brewing inside it, I hope I won't be disappointed in the near future...

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    10 reviews from 2 months ago and the novel started 2 months ago, at least mask it better than that. I am so disappointed that I don't know if I should give it a chance or not.

    View 5 Replies

    When, Every, sentence is written, like this, it becomes, unreadable, please don't, treat, commas like, they are, spaces. I can not ANYTHING else a proper score due to the fact it is unreadable to me, Grammarly free edition WILL help you with this, please look into it.

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    For me this has been an average start and I still don't know what to expect from the novel since it is so fresh. I like how it has been structured and I hope this slow start will be a foundation for a great novel. I hope the author won't mind my shameless advice. Most dual cultivation novels don't go far as they are stuck in a quagmire of repeated r rated scenes. Please try to avoid this weakness and solidify the strength of your novel with your own colour. keep working hard!

    View 1 Replies

    it's a good read to kill time it's not the greatest grammar wise but it's ok you got an interesting novel don't give up on it sometimes hard work will pay off only thing I got to say is you need to edit the first couple chapters

    View 0 Replies

    The start was really great. I like the pace of the story. I almost confused myself. after reading the synopsis I knew the story going to fire. Don't drop this or I will kidnap you.

    View 0 Replies

    I'm not familiar with Cultivation novels so it might've worked in favor of yours, but I quite like the concept for now. You've been slowly fleshing out the world while developing the characters in a most interesting way, which is why the score given is high. However, working on the writing itself is a must since it's all over the place. In this case, perhaps finding an editor or someone to proofread might help. Anyhow, it was a great read and I enjoyed most of it. Looking forward to the next chapters!

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    A powerful start with great image created. The plot grows so well throughout the chapters while the picture becomes clearer through those words written. Overall a great read

    View 0 Replies

    This story seems interesting,I had just completed one chapter and It just nice...keep writing..best of luck..[img=recommend].[img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    it's an great novel. so guy pickup your phone and give it a read and if you like it support the book for competition. that's it from me......

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    The protagonist sure has a big goal set! He wants to sleep with all of Martial God's women? This is crazy! And exciting at the same time! I would say it has a lot of potential and the story is good. The thing that needs improvement is grammar and punctuation. It confuses me sometimes. Otherwise, it is a good read!

    View 0 Replies

    5 stars is too much for just 4 chapters, or so people will think, but I personally liked the premise and the starting so much that I would love to see this journey hence 5 star from me, keep writing.

    View 1 Replies

    It is a fine peace since my brother is writing and I think he is working hard on this carrier, so I hope anyone whoever reads this, please support my brother in this carrier, after all, this is his last hope too.

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