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Farewell My CEO Husband : I Named His Baby 'Revenge'

Urban 296 Chapters 1.1M Views
Author: MerrySweet

5 (12 ratings)

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⟪Complete Novel⟫, ⟪Contains themes that are not suitable for all audiences⟫

Marriage is the start of a new chapter in every woman’s book. What about divorce then?

After five years of marriage, a miscarriage, and the endless blame Cynthia had to endure because of her mother-in-law, life-changing news reaches her ears: Her husband is cheating on her with none other than her best friend!

When Cynthia's heart is broken, she sets out on a mission to get back and get the revenge she deserves.

Can her ex-husband extinguish the fire of her fury? Or were her wounds always meant to be tended to by another man, her first love?



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    Author review here with the top four reasons why you should read this book right now! - If you like Female Leads who start strong and continue to grow from there. - If you like drama, wrapped in action, deep fried in suspense, with lots of romance sprinkled on top! - If you're into satisfying face slapping moments and the emotional rollercoaster revenge rides are all about. -I like my male leads handsome and my babies cute, so there's that as well! Overall, Cynthia is very relatable, she goes through a great deal of unjust and has to juggle all that with motherhood. Her ride is bumpy but the road will bring her all the closure and happiness she deserves. Drop a question or a comment if you want to chat :) And thanks a million for the reviews, the votes, and the gifts. If you are reading my work, then you are giving me the motivation to deliver better stories for you <3

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    Strong to stronger FL, beautiful but not perfect ✔️Tall, handsome ML, smart, supportive, a friend, a guardian , not perfect ✔️Strong , loving, beautiful family and friends ✔️Vindictive, psychopath villain/s ✔️Family love, business challenges, domestic ups and downs ✔️Beautiful, wholesome story with lots of life lessons ✔️✔️✔️🥰💕❤️😍😘Relatable story and deep emotions . Well done author

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    Man, this story is amazing. Emotionally it captures real life problems in a tale that is exaggerated with drama and verbose. BTW I'm TEAM HENRY, lol. But nah in all seriousness the author does a masterful job capturing real human emotion, the illogical aspects and foolishness that so many people in the world take, heart wrenching and painful if you truly understand and value the aspects of family and how the decisions one can make can ruin things so precious. For me as a guy all the male characters are relatable as I've been all those guys in the best and worst forms (except a CEO, not there yet), and as for the MC i can understand her I know women like that who would go that far. Great novel love it recommend reading it.

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    Entertaining , well written , full of surprises ....Love it

    View 2 Replies

    Drama. Drama. DRAMA! First off I want to say that these books aren't usually my cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first several chapters of this. The story is captivating and each line leaves you in anticipation of the next. I felt like I was watching a dramatic sitcom as the author has such a way with descriptive language that keeps the story pumping along. Highlyyyy recommend!!

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    Don't take this one lightly! It's a guidebook for every woman out there and MS never disappoints! Can't wait to see it all over the place

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    haha! I love it!! What can I say? It's quite a juicy story🤣 I really like how you implemented the the thoughts of the MC, because it's quite entertaining in that way. I don't know if it's the way she thinks, or if it's her personality, but I love it!!

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    Wow!!! What a wild ride, I laughed, cried and even smiled at at some point, What an emotional rollercoaster, this book is everything and more.. Thanks author, you did awesome, although I'm not so happy about the end, I fee thatl there's still more you could have said but I'm still happy you gave me a book that was worth my time.. Kudos to you once more, I strongly recommend this book any day any time.. Seasons Greetings, Cheers

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    Wow!! Just wow!! 👏👏 I felt every single emotion Cynthia was feeling and I loved every revenge act she was acting on her ex-husband. It's like a very satisfying novel of karma and return slap. MUAHAHAHA First of all, the writing was extremely well done. There was barely any grammatical errors, the reading flowed really well and the descriptions were top-notch. This is a really great novel! SPOILER ALERT: . . . . I love how this revenge trope turned into a marriage contract trope 🤭.

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    The plot is really intriguing. I read first few chapters and I am looking forward to read more chapters. The character building is also on point. I can't wait to read more of the story in the future

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    This is a female lead that grows as the story continues on, and makes the audience root for her. There's a lot of drama in this story from what I read so far, and it's very intriguing to process.

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    Solid writing quality which makes the story a pleasure to read, and I especially like how animated some of the characters get - Cynthia's anger-filled internal monologues are very entertaining :-). If you're into well-written romance and assertive female leads, this is definitely a story for you!

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    Author MerrySweet