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The Lord of Death is dead and the Abyss is in turmoil. While its most powerful denizens vie for control over Death’s seat, a young reaper named Morgana sees a golden opportunity. She hatches a plan to rise above the ranks of Death’s former servants and travels to the mortal plane in search of the perfect soul to become her accomplice.

Leonardo Dante, the world’s greatest game developer, is dying tonight. As a young man he sold his soul to Death for more time to chase his dream. But as the sun sets on his life for the final time, he meets a strange teenage girl who offers him a choice; be reaped by her and join countless lost souls in the Abyss or help her bring order to Death’s domain by duping foolish mortals called gamers into selling their souls to her.

Despite being conflicted by this fiendish request, Leo’s desire to finish his dream outweighs any guilty conscience, and so the pair forms a strange new partnership. Together they set out to create the ultimate gaming experience!

RELEASE SCHEDULE: Daily Chapter releases at 9 - 10 PM GMT+8

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    Time for the author's shameless self-plugging! 😅 Hi, I'm G.D. Cruz, human scribe of the Fayne (Foolhardies), and now, keeper of stories for the Abyss too. Although my synopsis says it all, I do want to add one tiny little detail... this isn't your typical Lit-RPG story. In fact, I believe you'll agree with me afte you finish reading chapter one. Damn, that Morgana is brutal. My lead, Leo, is every boy's dream... a successful game designer who builds the best games one could play... but then you get a glim**e of his sad tale at the beginning and you may not want to follow in his footste**. All in all, GmofS was a very fun work to write and I barely felt the time pass as I finished a chapter. So I hope to continue it for a long time to come. Cheers! And enjoy! 😁

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    I'm not used to writing reviews, but I'm going to do it here because I really like this story. First of all, the author is experienced, he has already written something good and it shows, the descriptions are well done and the characters have well defined personalities. Then, the world is interesting, a large number of classes seem to be predicted and we can expect great battles against powerful monsters or nasty players. Finally, the update rate, at the beginning I had some reservations, but the author promised to publish more chapter. In short, it is a good novel, I advise you.

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    Okay, this novel is good. Why is that? Warning: Tiny minora spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk. Let me clarify something first in today's novels regarding this genre. Whether they are Japanese, Chinese, or original ones, they have cliches. The repeating happenings that it has becomes predictable and boring. So boring that reading the synopsis or the first chapter will make you lose interest. This one, this novel is a fresh addition because it has new gaming aspects told in a storytelling that will bait people to voluntarily go to the deepest layer of 'the abyss', LOL. Writing Quality: Storytelling factors such as the dialogue and information given in between isn't lacking or excessive. The cliffhanger is really good especially that first chapter. As per the basic requirement every author must learn, "show, not tell", the author has mastered it. It is at the level you would end up engrossed reading the story. The last thing is the fillers. Nope, there's almost no fillers or whatnot, atleast for me. Stability Of Updates: From what I observe, there's unstable updates for this one in the last couple months. But now author is uploading daily chapters. So do not worry fellow reapers. Wow, two chapters per day? With 1500-200 average words? You're a beast man. Story Development: Now, this is what I like about it. Only second to world background. Not too slow and not too fast. The pacing is excellent and far better than any novel out there that get power-ups to one punch any obstacle in the way. If there would be future face slapping events then it will be different. Overall, you wouldn't experience the ypical elements involving the gamers, people, the game master and monsters in the typical litrpg genre. Simpy because of the unique theme and setting where it all took places. Character Design: Fleshed out characters that certainly is an individual. Not some characters that simply follows the wil of their gods. Goals amd motivations, check. Personalities, flaws, addiction, and minor tidbits that makes them a person, check. The main characters arnt't some godly geniuses that knows everything one way or another and will implement everything. Tbh, I have so much to learn from the author, 😭✌ World Background: Now this is what I really liked about this one. The world building. Having some modern element helps the readers connect with the story. Especially the memes.😂 What really is the greatest thing I liked about it is the definition of the abyss, made possible dur to the death of DEATH Himself. What an irony. The embodiment of death dies? Nice. Anyways, I hope this small review will help new readers. Also, check my book, Magic In The Galactic Era.

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    So it’s that time again I have been force- ahem persuaded to once again drag myself out of my cave and review a story. I would like to say this is based on my opinion so take what I say with a grain of salt. Writing quality- for me five stars it’s clean I didn’t notice any errors that hampered my reading and no spelling mistakes were particularly noticed. Stability of updates- again five stars i would give it more if I could since this is the authors second novel which he is updating with his first. Story development- I gave this category four stars this is mostly due to lack of chapters since ideas differ vastly from execution though I will fully admit I like the presented idea of the novel and it’s current progression hence the four stars. Character design- for me it’s five stars I will say I’m not picky. I don’t even need a design for characters to work in my head, but I know some people are rather particular with getting an image so I encourage you to read it and see if it works for you or not. World building- for this I gave it four stars like story development there just isn’t enough for me to say it is amazing though it is brilliantly mysterious and so far consistent though this might change in the future though I hope it doesn’t. Now with Webnovels categories out of the way it’s time for my thoughts and opinions that didn’t seem to fit in any of them. First whilst I’ve said some very nice things about this novel there are some things that bugs me indefinitely that I can’t gloss over like some other choices. The major gripe I have and that’s the author tells a lot to the readers there is little to no inferring of character traits and characteristics of the cast since it’s told straight up with out any subtly. Which I found personally annoying especially when it’s repeated. Though it doesn’t detract from the story. I also so understand that it could just be a style choice and I’m just not clicking with it particularly. Another thing that is related to the a fore mentioned point is that we are told about character moments and that could be fun and show off the characters of Leo and Morganna especially they get shoved to the side with a couple lines of exposition whilst I suspect that this is due to the author wanting a certain pacing of the novel it still feels like a waste of potential of exploring the characters. Right onto something else that I have a slight distaste for character bipolar disorder whilst a lot of the characters are great they are fun to read about as they explore the new world. There is one character that I don’t sit well with and that’s the main character Leo himself aside from the authors Infamous brand of naming (curse you Cruz) the thing i am against is how he shifts seemingly out of nowhere at first he’s introduced as a self proclaimed bastard of a person he isn’t Voldemort evil but he happily sells away the souls of gamers for the chance of resurrection. The only problem I have with this is that he seems to care too much by the people that jump into his game. There isn’t an arc where he learns the benefits of being nice to people he just seems to suddenly care about the players which In my eyes doesn’t fit his established character of being unscrupulous to achieve his dream. I don’t know maybe it’s just me. In conclusion it’s a very fresh story exploring something mystical with a very fun cast of characters. It’s something I would recommend if you enjoy a more mysterious style with a system that is different to the usual whilst I am at odds with something’s in this novel it doesn’t detract from an entertaining read plus my name makes a cameo so there’s that. Now hopefully the author will remove the gun from my head. Pretty please.

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    I am looking forward to GD's new novel. The author is one of the best authors I know, so readers you won't be disappointed when it comes to writing style and grammar. I look forward to the partnership between Leo and Morgana. Not sure if I should wish for Morgana's success but definitely look forward to how Leo gets himself out of death.

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    I am a fan of the author first book. One of the best story that I've read so far and looking forward to this adventure as well. Grammar is smooth, world building is amazing and updates are stable. Author is good with back and the characters are described to give you an image hehe Really. There are no complaint. Hope u join us and let's enjoy this book together.

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    Chapter 1 is promising! As always, GD delivers a quality story! Who would thought Death would die? Lol! I can't wait for more chapters! Cheers to death!

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    I have been following GD_Cruz since his first novel: The Foolhardies. That one was really good so I know this one will be good too. With only 1 chapter, I am already liking the ML. He is relatable to me as we all want to chase our dreams and not die. Right. Morgana is interesting too but why is she just a girl while ML is already a man. No romance? Excited to find out. Thanks for this author. I am happy to read more!!!

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    I wasnt a fan of fantasy and video games novel, but after being referred to this author's other novel, ive started following his work. Grammar is just perfect and the details of the action scenes are well described. Keep up the good work author. 👍👍👍👏💯💯💯

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    I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go! I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go! I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go! I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go! I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go! I already gave out my review—QuidSevilla. Let's go!

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    The writing style is amazing. English is perfect for me. This is my first time following a gaming novel, but I know it will be good because the author's other novel is also very interesting. This author writes very well action scenes and gives you a good picture of the world through his words. I highly recommend this to everyone!

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    I highly recommend this novel it has not many boring chapters and always get you hooked in it. Give it a try you might also like it. The story development in this good it's not to fast nor it's slow. You can really appreciate every character and how they live because they there own emotions and characteristics of there own.

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    A fan of Cruz here!!! Well, I've read the author first book and all I can is that he's good😍😍😍 Seriously good. I can't wait to venture on this new journey with you and get my mind blown like it did with Foolhardies. Keep up the good work author. I'm sure your books will take you far, because you're really talented. Wish you the best of luck😊😊😊 and hope my fellow readers would give this a shot. I haven't started yet, but I could root for it😎

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    I have only read 15 chapters and I think it is shaping up to be a great novel. I don't read a lot of video game fiction, but, something about this really hooks me. The story is fun without making it too convuluted. Cheers!

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    Updates are daily. The story quality, both writing and development is awesome. The characters all have their own backgrounds and personalities(even the antagonists!) The mc is a good guy that still cares for his players, even though his environment could change him. The denizens (citizens) of the Abyss aren't all evil, and they act just like any chuunibyou worker in a game store. so its all good

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    Ok it was a great book I usually read books with some art but this this is amazing I still have more to read because I fell asleep last night reading it 10/10

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    👍 Saw thid on feature and thought to give it a try. Amazing writing and hope this story gets the attention it needs. The author deserves it. I hope that athena will succeed. I feel for her. Author, try to update more. 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    Im not good with rewies so I only want to say that this is a very good novel and I hope you will at least try it out :) And now I need more than 140 charac

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