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Three years ago Conquest was released, redefining virtual reality and gaming.
‘An entire world on a server. Dive in and play the RPG to end all others; explore, create, conquer. LIVE!’
It became an overnight phenomena worldwide.
Dave Ruster grew up without a family to speak of, he had few friends and fewer prospects. He lives in the same small town where he graduated from high school, and works long hours at a low-paying job that barely pays for rent and the food on his table. He can’t afford college, but at least he is not out on the streets.
His life is going nowhere, stuck on a treadmill.
Until chance, karma, or providence, call it whatever you believe in, intervenes. Suddenly, David’s circumstances change.
Injured and unable to work, he’s about to lose what little he has. His fate balances where crisis and opportunity go hand in hand.
He can risk it all, seizing the opportunity to make circumstances work for him, potentially going further and higher than he ever dreamed. Or he can accept his fate and watch life from the sidelines
Join Dave as he puts all his aspirations and hopes, all that he is, into the game he always wanted to play, Conquest!
It will be a journey of adventure and discovery, victory and loss, as he strives to create a new future for himself, in-the-game and In Real Life.

**** Story is currently being proofed by our Lord Sambraga! (chapters 54+) so please bear with the mediocre quality of writing in the first chaps, it gets much better later on!****

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    Alright. So a new review is needed. Especially since this is now developed into a pay and premium type story. However, of all the VRMMO stories on here, this is among the top worthy of SS. Some may say it’s just an ******* work, but it honestly stands above and apart many of the translated works. Here’s why: (yes it’s long cus it’s honest) 1. The writing quality is excellent in grammar and spelling with tons of modern literature, video game and movie references that fit so smoothly and make the story enjoyable. Instead of being cliche it fits just right in the moment and makes you smile and laugh. The dialogue is not too lengthy as to be boring and yet always adds life to the characters and shows insight into their characteristics, histories and relationships. It is also consistent, even as the characters develop and change/grow the dialogue continues to match. 2. The updates are steady. While there isn’t a bunch of mass releases due to it being written practically live by the author, you get your daily fix and if you are that addicted then go privileged for a good headstart. As a written piece rather than translated piece this is by far the most important quality of the author. It shows dedication and that the story will not be abandoned anytime soon. 3. The story development is unpredictable yet natural, with a good mix of cliffhangers and plot twists. Good luck and bad luck are there in spades without the need for OP MC. Which is a refreshing break from all the rest of the VRMMO novels that are like clones. It has all the great elements of a VRMMO such as NPC realism/comedy, realistic updates/character nerfing (lol. Oh so real for online games) and bug management (because honestly if you are OPing someone game then AI/moderators should be looking at you which is biggest bull**** of most VRMMO), real interaction/consequences between game and life, not too bogged down in stats /game details, struggles both in game and in real life (some of which are beyond the MC control and capability to fix), romance without too over dense characters or super maxed charm and beauty for every character, lots of comedy without having to be overly dependent on face slapping (yes library of heaven path which was written on repeat every chapter), and most of all simultaneous story developments that twist, flashback keep you in a rollercoaster with a mix of pace that is easy to be comfortable with and doesn’t force events/development. 4. The character development is the only one I marked as 4, but that’s only cus the damn author made so many interesting characters that I’m honestly deep in anticipation of their development and future influence. Especially in RL. But of course RL moves slower than game cus RL is always just like that. The game characters however are full paced and well developed with just enough details to make them lovable but with the hidden potential to surprise you and become a plot development. Underestimate nobody. There is no cliche characters so far, although at the beginning it seemed like it might go that way. Honestly, it feels like the author development grew at some point and so did the characters or something. But he avoided potential pitfalls. Character relations also change a lot but in realistic ways as we would with ppl who we consider old/new to our lives. And there is character conflict both large and small. Lol. The scenarios they also end up in with eachother are a smooth flow as well as their reactions. The NPCs are so damn lovable and their is a clear distinction in the feel of the story between the MC with players and NPCs that neither one feels useless and that could be left out. I’m just saying that if you are a big addict to RL development then you may be a little frustrated. Lol. But it’s VRMMO story so that’s what it’s all about and that aspect will develop at a higher pace naturally. 5. I’m out of space. But it’s damn awesome. So get to reading already.

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    I absolutely love this book. Bean reading it for almost a year now and I hope to continue reading it for years to come. The characters are well thought ot and developed with thither own personalities. No cookie- cutter character troupes send basic every guy is evil and every girl is beautiful/ in live with the MC. Plot armor is there of course but is not so thick as not ti be ever overcome. The MC is smart, tactful, honest, devious, lucky, but not all powerful. You can honestly feel the roots the MC head to dig himself out from to climb his way towards the top. The In- game aspect of the story is exciting to the point of addiction, and the RL-aspect of the game is a nice and welcome addition to the story that it's both well thought out and necessary. If I could recommend this story directly to a hundred peaple I would ragland it to a thousand. If I could give the story ten stars I would want to give it twenty. If you want a great story, with twist and turns, detailed but easy to follow plot, and manageable info- dumps that don't rant on and on. This is your kind if book.

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    've read this story up till the end. I've gotta say, it's good. it's a top tier webnovel story, and worth a read. it's about an mc trying reach the top of a virtual world with an undead legion. the mc starts from nothing, and manages to reach great heights, but it's all due to his efforts (and some luck, of course). he didn't gain some stupid generic system or hidden powers. he also does not act or feel like a soreborn loser, and there are not harems of course. not only this is a game that feels real, it being just a facet of a virtual reality doesn't mean it'll be less... it manages not to disconnect with the real world and keep it's edge at the same time. unlike some other novels with virtual reality themes that makes reality part seems like a different story, and an unpleasant wake up call from a pleasant dream and another competently written story. the reality part manages to complement everything without ruining it even remotely. the combat is exciting and well written. it being on a virtual world doesn't mean it's not exhilarating at all. since the character would lose almost all of his potential benefits on a single loss... the author somehow also manages to make almost every battle a 'stake it all' fight. which is amazingly competent. as for the characters, they are interesting at least. yes, it's good. yes, you should read it. Now

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    I am very excited for more of this. The novel is certainly not the best, but it’s different. There are many vrmmorpg novels out there, among them I’ve tried quite a few, and this one is different to all I know of, it’s new and fresh. Many aspects are reminiscent to other works, the mc against almost everyone else, even the ‘secret’ race & class have been done before, however in contrast to other I find this one much more developed (note that I’m not omniscient and haven’t read them all). I realize that I’m writing a bit to much, I’m not making a proper reviret and I’ll just round it off by mentioning my favoriter thing about the novel. The hierarchical system that mc is apart of, and how he moves through it it, the different ranks give a feeling of an actual organised force, and that is a big plus, I imagine the mc in the future overwhelming and crushing the weak mortals with a gigantic army of skeletons, it’s truly exhilarating.

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    A very exiting and intriguing start! This novel has already gotten me hooked and looking forward to how the story progresses and new characters get introduced!!! Love your work

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    - - - - 200 chapter review - - - - Take into account: - The novel is written by a guy like you or me, not a Japanese manga team. - The Author gets paid by people’s donations and stones, and with that has written hundreds of chapters. Negatives; - The first part of the novel (up to 56-80ish) is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, often dramatically breaking the feeling of immersion. It gives the impression that the Author was personally just scrapping by with his novel, and not thinking everything through. - The first portion also is pretty cliché in its story, (but would yours be better? 🤷‍♂️). - Lots of the later chapters are premium, but that’s typical with novels now, the chapters also vastly vary in size at that point. Positives: - For being a video game plot, the story elements come across as fresh, even with the cliché under-developed presentations. - Even though typical ‘emotional bait’ was used, I couldn’t help but get really angry and involved in the negative events happening to the MC. Mostly I felt more invested in the MC’s real life than in his game life, which is fine! 👍 - The writing quality of the later chapters really improves and you can’t help but realize that the Author actually has great talent. ((Good job Author)) - I didn’t think this would be another ‘daily addiction’ novel by the time I finished, but I was wrong. —- ((AUTHOR: Don’t take what people say here so seriously, the positive or the negative. You just write the story for yourself and find some irl buds to get your positive feedback from. Humans with the internet’s anonymity will say some awful, hateful things, without thinking twice. Plus, the internet has some mentally messed up people who get angry for no reason. Personally I have some cool friends through board games, there are usually local clubs most places. The goal being finding people who you can relate to without a screen between you.))

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    Fabulous. One of the best novels I've read, it's got details, a world, unique characters, and a good story, it's overall just a great and unique read. The only "not great" parts are firstly the information bombs that were dropped in the first few chapters, explaining how everything in the game worked and so on, which at first seems annoying to read, but you don't have to get stuck on it, as it'll all make sense soon enough, don't drop the novel because of it(as some have). The other "bad" thing about this novel, and the reason why it's score dropped a bit for me is it's inconsistent updates, and rather slow updates.. which is really understandable as he's writing the story, and not translating it I believe, and it's much more work than just reading something and writing it down in a different language. Even so, the author's not to blame, it's just that this novel is so good that it leaves me wanting for more, checking daily until finally a new chapter is out, and so I'm trying to get some recognition for the novel by writing this review. Try it out(you may skip the information bombs about the game workings, you'll not enjoy it any less if you find those troublesome, endure it)

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    First of all this review would point out the negative aspects of this novel since there's plenty of positives one already. For the most part Rise of the Undead Legion has a solid foundation with characters and world design. But sadly the quality and story development isn't that great. 1. Writing Quality + Story Development The story development at first 100 ch is pretty enjoyable although it's not a masterpiece it's still a nice morning read that would leave you wanting more. But, after that the story took a massive hit to its quality so much that if i reviewed the later chapter i would rate it as 1/5. The story in the first arc of rebuilding the undead legion is very good. I'm really immersed in how the MC slowly builds up his army and power. His story of roaming around the world collecting strong capable undead are enjoyable. But after it's just meh. For the 100 ++ ch, the story keeps giving more and more obstacle for our MC to solve. The obstacle itself is not a problem since it presents a real trouble that even makes me wonder if our MC could solve it or not. But, the way he solved it are always anticlimatic, every single boss fight at later chapter always leave me saying "That's it?". For example there are 2 major bosses in 200++ ch that is killed with a lucky coincidence and a lucky instant hit kill. There's always a huge build up for each of those bosses but somehow it always ends with our MC getting a 1% instant kill chance or a lucky coincidence negating all of the ******* that the author builds up towards it. Totally unrewarding for the readers. It really boggles my mind when the author decided to kill a boss in a single chapter in a totally anti-climatic way. The boss has been build up as a stalking predator that could assassinate the MC at any time. But, since our MC received a major power up the boss just got used as a punching bag. I mean c'mon you already build up the fight with this boss for 100 chapters! And he got killed in a single chapter. And also it seems like the author is in a rush to finish the story(?).There are a few major arc that just happens. Like for example the story needs our MC to do this 5 task so he just did the 5 task with no actual problem in doing it. And sometime during the fights that are sprinkled in during the quest that absolutely have no ******* at all the author suddenly said "Oh yeah he's at 1% health" to create artificial sense of urgency. Plus some of the power up during later chapter are totally undeserved. For example, there's a problem about the lack of boats. So suddenly our MC has the capability of building boats in the next chapter. And suddenly in the next chapter he's building the best legendary boat since the boatyard coincidentally has the guy that build the legendary boat during his life as a human. Yeah.... that's kinda pushing it That problem above has occurred lots of times during the story. The MC has a problem of reach when he is mounted. So the blacksmith in the next chapter has a legendary glaive that he could buy. Then MC has a problem of obtaining the blood of a lvl 999 monster. Yeah the monster is selling it in exchange for something that the MC is already producing. Wait he doesn't have enough? Worry not the monster accept loans without any interest. 2. Stability of Updates In my experience it's quite stable. 1 ch/day is enough for this kind of novel. Nothing interesting to review in this part 3. Character Design The novel has tons of unique characters that I think are very interesting to read. Each of them has an unique characteristic and design that I think other novel could take this novel as an example on how to create an interesting character. But during fights the story really struggles in making them look useful, especially the parts that includes the undead army. 4. World Background For the undead world the author did a really great job in creating a believable environment for our skeleton guy to wander around and have an adventure. But sadly some of the times in the living world some places feels like they are just plopped there since they are not that well developed except for the Wild region. ---- End of the review ---- Also the during equipment upgrade part the author really loves copy and pasting the same exact paragraph 5 times. Although it's how an equipment is presented in MMO it's still pretty strange looking at the same exact paragraph 5 times in a row. This problem still exists in the later chapter, quite weird since I think the readers would complain about it already Also the during equipment upgrade part the author really loves copy and pasting the same exact paragraph 5 times. Although it's how an equipment is presented in VRMMO it's still pretty strange looking at the same exact paragraph 5 times in a row. This problem still exists in the later chapter, quite weird since I think the readers would complain about it already Also the during equipment upgrade part the author really loves copy and pasting the same exact paragraph 5 times. Although it's how an equipment is presented in VRMMO it's still pretty strange looking at the same exact paragraph 5 times in a row. This problem still exists in the later chapter, quite weird since I think the readers would complain about it already Also the during equipment upgrade part the author really loves copy and pasting the same exact paragraph 5 times. Although it's how an equipment is presented in VRMMO it's still pretty strange looking at the same exact paragraph 5 times in a row. This problem still exists in the later chapter, quite weird since I think the readers would complain about it already Also the during equipment upgrade part the author really loves copy and pasting the same exact paragraph 5 times. Although it's how an equipment is presented in VRMMO it's still pretty strange looking at the same exact paragraph 5 times in a row. This problem still exists in the later chapter, quite weird since I think the readers would complain about it already

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    I enjoy this story so much. For all those who read this review read this novel. Have some pineapples 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

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    Best book. I've been reading this book from its initial release and kept following it until today with different accounts. Keep up the good work. And would you earn from gifts that came from free SS. I'm kind of poor and cant buy SS with real money. This is the best i can do for you. Thank you

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    Gonna say, this is one of the best VRMMO stories I've had the pleasure if reading, character is relatable and down to earth, but not to the point of being stepped on by others. Not prideful to the degree of tearing down what others build out of spite, and has a strong sense of loyalty to those who've done right by him. Might not sound like much in this context but the author does a great job following his characters adventures in an apathetic uncaring world with few Ray's of light to illuminate his path. Next is story for me. Vaguely as I can without spoiling is that this story is in a well constructed world, both for the characters reality and the virtual reality, there isnt any good or bad people that most writers do their best to polarize and apply, the relationships and people of this book are just as complex and understandable as the main character. Everyone has their own reasons and are bound by their own circumstances, certainly their are a few scattered arrogant thugs but that run around in the story, but it's not all that impactful to the world, main character, or flown of the story, So what I'm saying is that this story is well thought out and is very well constructed, its humorous, its tragic, its thrilling, its tense, it has a lot put into it and is an enjoyable read. If I were to say anything bad about it, story release is chaotic at certain times, sometimes will be one a day or go to one a week. Changes quite a bit xD but I'll give it to the author anyway because the story maintains its quality, atleast to my eye.

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    Great Story. I have read quiet a bit of stories about virtual reality and this one is quiet different. What I like about this one is that even thought the MC is working for the evil faction he does not play it like he some lunatic and is more incline of this is a game and having fun and making money. Keep up the good work.

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    First, I have read the novel...up to chapter 229 actually, I only created this account to write this review because I cannot remember my other one's password and do not have access to it at this time. First, I will say that you had a great story going for the first 200 chapters or so. Then, you decided that the mc needed a "bump" in the road. I'm all for that, but not when the "bump" destroys literally all 200 chapters before it. LIterally, undead legion...gone...endgame villain...gone...gods we have never heard of or been hinted at...here? I feel that was a poorly planned bump and I feel no motivation to read after he lost the king, the abyssal knights, his original goal, his boyz, everything. At first I thought he would get it back, but then in chapter 213-215 suddenly Zoe isn't even the main love interest anymore. Vanessa, who was only mentioned like twice, is suddenly who he seems to like because he is too stupid to realize Zoe likes him. Nobody is that dumb...come on. Then Mercy even becomes one too? Really? The interesting love interest built up masterfully for 200 chapters no longer seem so to matter. His work is all gone....I'm sorry but even if he gets everything back it will feel fake. A bump is good, but if it destroys everything before it then it was not well done. Sorry but I'm gonna have to quit reading, please enjoy your passion and continue your work.

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    I would like to start with a thank you, the novel is great it has a nice and exciting beginning which I found really interesting. There is something about the novel that keeps me always asking for more, I'm not sure if it the undead thing or the fact that a can imagine the MC getting at the driver and the "bodybuilder" but I really from the bottom of my heart think that this novel could go places . I'm intrigued to see were it'll take me . Keep up the great work .

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    I'm glad I decided to stick with the story, its enjoyable, gave me a few laughs at times but most importantly (for me) its captivating enough to keep me wanting to read more. However, I would strongly advise the author to return to his first chapters (50 or so) and correct the spelling and grammatical errors. The latest chapters are around 95% without errors and fun to read but a new reader won't start from chapter 50 and the vast majority of them won't try to power through like others. So please, even if you have to dedicate 1 or 2 days to do this, revisit your first chapters and clean them up, it will help greatly.

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    Thank you for the novel. The story is good and I like the the army of undead. I think it can be the potential for this novel. I like it. Just keep updating... 😄

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    Read up to 216, everything before that has been absolutely amazing so far. But the drunk thing with zoe and ralph being in the same room naked for a night. No, just no. Im not gonna read some NTR bullsh*t. If it was a joke, most people didnt like it. Clear this sh*t up, say what happened, not all that I dont remember bullsh*t.

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    I enjoyed the story so far more than almost anything I’ve read on this site before. The writing is really good, despite spelling errors I remember from the early chapters. The MC is more than 2-dimensional and the girl in the story is more than just a prop. I like it better than RotSSG from a character point of view. The world building is really good, if you can ignore the idea of actually making money from the game, which seems to be a common, and silly, trope. But given that one impossible, thing, the rest makes sense and is a lot of fun.

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    Can’t remember if I’ve left a review... honestly, the novel was a little bumpy in the start, but it has turned out to be one of the best books I’ve read on this app in my opinion. Biako does an excellent job at making you want more at the end of each chapter. Yeah, there are some grammar errors, but as he says English isn’t his first language. All together, the book has a great story line and amazing imagination. It keeps you guessing. It’s hard to tell what the MC’s next move will be or how he predicts things might turn out. I like how the MC actually runs into problems and it’s nice to see him struggle. PLUS, if you get privilege for this book, he charges ONLY 1 COIN no matter how long the chapter is. I mean come on. That’s awesome!! I haven’t found an author that does that yet. A good book for a small amount of your coins! The update rate is slow, but I think that just makes you want to read it even more! Keep up the awesome work Biako!!

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    Superbly written piece of work, with a unique point of view and a well thought out storyline. A little bit of internal inconsistencies but nothing that spoils the flow.

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    Author Biako